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What’s the break up story? Chapter 15 Page 6
Hi all.... Rememeber this story ??
the writer has sent a new chapter for those who were reading it so please check and reply Smile

Last chapter

Three Months Later
It’s been three months since I last met her. Too early? I guess.
That day changed everything in my life; I never knew how much I was crazy, deeply and madly in love with Aananya. But I did not someone else was also equally in love with me. Anusha, yes it was her…
I don’t where to start from but I think she had liked me from the beginning of the day when we met or was it just infatuation at that point? I think both. For me from day one I was in love with Aananya and Anusha was the person who was responsible for healing the broken heart. Don’t get me wrong but I never used her or gave any signs that I had liked her, but love is such a pure feeling that even if you try you not to fall in love , but you fall in love.
Anusha was also lonely, she had never moved on from her previous relationship and meeting her at that point was not my mistake. She also found someone to heal her broken heart. I found a good friend in her but she took me as her lover.
I still remember the day when I had to pick Anusha and Aananya was there too. The face of Anusha had changed when she saw me with Aananya and the silence which was their when we both drove back home.
Next day, I get a call from mom saying,” Kanish I think wedding bells are ringing because Anusha’s mom just called me and informed that you both are ready for the marriage.”
I was stunned. And the next thing I remember is me meeting Anusha with anger and mixed feelings.
“Why the hell did you say that you want to marry me?” I asked Anusha in a completely rude and ill mannered and I did not care at that time how was I talking to her.
“I don’t know but I am sorry, I love you,” was her reply.
I did not speak anything just kept quiet, trying to recollect my senses and calm myself.
“I know you love her, but I promise to give you not the same love but almost close to that. You can ask me how long I would love you. But my answer will always be till the moon and stars remain in the sky…and longer if I can. Just say yes Kanish,” she added.
 I still remain quiet. I knew my answer was No and she also had the idea that I would never say yes. I think that was the reason she involved her family because she knew I could never say no to my family.
I looked at her face, her eyes filled with tears and mine filled with anger. I shivered and finally dared to open my mouth and I just said,” Thank you.”
I moved out of the house and rather decided to go home and stay alone for a while.
That day, I was in dilemma and had no idea what I had done to my life. I thought that day and realized I had made so many blunders in my life. No one was to be blamed but me. Anusha I guess was not completely wrong, I did not like what she did at that time but I think when you are in love it takes everything to let that love grow.
After so much thinking I texted to Anusha:
“Anusha, please try to understand but I never thought of you as anything else but just a good friend. You have helped me in my worst and helped me but I think it is and will always be Aananya. You are like the sweetest friend of mine and let it remain till friendship. I can’t move on so fast…I can’t fall out of love so easily because for me it was the best days of my life and the only time I was so close to happiness. Don’t let your infatuation ruin everything, give it a serious thought. You should have not involved our families because it already hurts to know that my mom’s smile won’t last long. I think ….,”  I waited for her reply …in my life for the first time I tried to act mature and tried to understand someone else’s feelings too.
Word over my head and I know nothing at all…And I will stumble and fall, I am still learning to love….just starting to crawl…say something I am giving up on you…
I still remember this song being played at the restaurant where I was going to meet Anusha. After 10 calls, 20 texts and 25 missed calls I had finally agreed to meet her.
She came I saw her. The same charming face and strong personality stood in front me but the previous day, I liked the charming face and the stunner attitude but now it was all different.
“Hello,” she told.
I gave an awkward smile.
“Kanish, I know you still love Aananya and I can’t change that but I have insecurities like others girls, I don’t want to lose you, I like your presence and I want it for the rest of my life. There are only two people who I was and am so deeply in love with.  Raghav was my childhood love and we dated for eventually ten years from class 7 to my MBBS first year but then he feared commitment like you. We broke up and I never met him again.  I think you are not scared of commitment and you will love me as much as Raghav did. I see my future with you, the same I thought for Raghav…but the thing is Raghav was coward and you are not because you love everyone related to you…,” she told.
I thought and thought, she kept looking for an answer.
“I think you should go and talk to Raghav, you still love him and the reason why you want to be with me is you have guilt, for not trusting Raghav once. You just want to show Raghav that you found someone similar like him but who gave you commitment which Raghav could not,” I finally said.
“Its…umm…not like that,” trembling she said.
“What is it then, Anusha? Face the truth.”
“He is getting married or engaged and I just can’t deal with this fact. If he is getting married then why could he not give me commitment at that time? You know he was not even from my caste but a family friend. I knew my parents won’t accept him but still I never dared to not fall in love with him…He also loved me but what kept him for marrying me?  I think he never loved me. If my love was so strong it could fight all odds but I think it was weak. I think he was scared that his father would not accept me but what kind of love this where there is no trust?” she said with tears rolling down her cheeks.
How relatable with my life I thought. Was Anusha joking or making up a story? She had never mentioned about him earlier but is she trying to tell me something deeper and does it not sound so similar to my life?
“Kanish, get Aananya,” suddenly her voice changed and the tears disappeared.
 Shocked, I asked,”huh?”
“Kanish…Raghav is for real and that I like is also for real but I want to marry you is not. I had asked aunty to call you and say about you and me getting married as I had promised her that when I go to Kolkata I will make her meet your future wife and the girl you like. The day Aananya had joined us while driving back home I could see how much you both loved each other and I and Dev made this whole plan to make you realize how much you love Aananya. Raghav exists, he was my ex and everything I mentioned above actually happened. You know how much it hurts to be so deeply in love and just a small thing ruin it all? I was in such a state after that break up that I almost failed my exams and used to take anti-depressing pills. You know how much it hurts Aananya? I can totally understand and relate the pain she is going through…you know it takes long very long to forget about everything. After years, one month back I met Raghav…he was sorry and he felt really bad for he also loved me. He was sorry for not trusting our love and said wanted me back and promised me to that he would never leave me again. And you were right I always had a guilt for not giving him a chance and trying to talk to him and that day I got to know after our break up he had called me so many times, texted me and even called at home but I had changed my number and ignored every aspect for our communication. He was a fool like you, he still loved me and after that never dated anyone…all the time it was me on his mind and after so many struggle he finally met me and shared his feelings. I think you should also tell Aananya the truth because I know she would understand and don’t you trust your love? If your mom agrees for this marriage and your sister does your dad will eventually agree for it. He will say no once, twice, thrice but the fourth time he will agree Kanish and you are scared your mother would have to face the consequences but I think Kanish moms love their children so much that they would always stand by them at everything. I think aunty would fight against everything for you…trust me…just don’t stop falling in love with Aananya.” Anusha completed.
I listened to every bit and hated myself even more. After so many fluctuations and double thoughts I decided I have to fight it because if I don’t I will always regret it and it isn’t love until you fight for it and earn it.
I stood up hugged Anusha and she hugged me back and for me she was the hero of my break up story. And that day was the day when my inner fears finally had a full stop and the day when love won.
When I recall that day, I thank Anusha for letting me fight my inner fears. I am here back in Kolkata standing outside the Airport with a brave heart and soul which can’t easily be broken and my mind just chanting the words “I LOVE HER AND I WANT HER”.  Maybe next time someone will ask me what’s my love story not the break up story because we might have broken up but our love is still there, safe and secured.
Thank you for sharing the ending to your story. So he ended up with his true love, and got the courage to go for her...
Happy that you are are continuing a second part. Maybe you can call it "the Make up Story!"
Good Luck !
how about "we can learn to love again"

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