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What’s the break up story? Chapter 15 Page 6
hello Vinnie R and AhSaN

Please accept The writer's apologize for being late on her reply to both of you, she read your comments and appreciates them, she thanks you both for reading and commenting and she says that she is trying to improve her writing and she noted all the points you both wrote !!

thank you for your comments, she says it will be much better in the future, hope u keep on reading,

Thanks !!
Chapter  10:  My  review...
 OK  There  is a lot of angst  going  on here...between the  two.  Now   we  see they  both  still have feelings  for each  other.  but some how want to  move on.
 Problem  is  they  still treating  the other  as  though  they  in a relationship ( flirting, her driving his car,  her  yelling at him...) This is  why  some people say  you  can't  be  friends  with   your  ex.
  Now I  am confused about  something  , maybe  because  I  am from the west.  If his  cousin is marrying her cousin and  his  cousin is like a son  to  his  mother...she   did  not have a problem with that  union seeing they  seem  close... So...her  cousin and her would be of the same caste....why  can't  they  work out their  differences???)
 Nice  progress in the  story... on a technical point...some of your  english sentences  structure  are a bit confusing,  ( she  is  not, was not and  will  never  be instead  of   she  is, will never  be  instead  of   She  is, was and will never be.) Just a point  that you can improve on  some of your  grammar use for a better  flow.Smile
 Your  story is shaping up   well.  and Please  keep it up... Let's see what happens.
I have gone through it and I found and felt good in reading Chapter 10 ... Well some girls are always like Aananya ... Short tempered, emotional and possissive ... When a girl learned about her beauty she needs everyone around her to admire and notice her beauty ... She loves Kanish personality, but he is so dumb in taking any decision even in his own practical life ... Kanish seems to be dependant, uncertain and unsure about his future life ... As a man he should act like a brave man ... Kanish could have taken Aananya in his possession but look at him what a pity ... Kanish is letting Aananya go to Ridhwan ... I mean it is not possible for a man to tolerate that his lover, even ex could talk to any other man even if she appears to be her ex girlfried ... This has doubted the trust and faith of Aananya onto Kanish ... Since if Kanish really loves Aananya .. The Kanish would never missed the opportunities ... That time have provided them to spend time together with eachother ... Aananya is just a friend to Ridhwan ... All Aananya trying to see if Kanish really love Aananya ... Aananya wanted to see Kanish should get jealous to see Aananya with Ridhwan ... But look at him Kanish seems to be so comfortabele ... So what Kanish be thinking of Aananya ... ? This what bothers Aananya most in this story ... Is Kanish doing the same to Anusha to make Aananya jealous ... ? But Aananya mind says it negative ... Kanish is so depandant and he could not take even his own life decisions alone ... Kanish have no courage to face the reality and truth ... Aananya looked helpless as Kanish is the man she loved ... Kanish should act like a man ... For Aananya ... Kanish should have kneel down before Aananya and would have proposed the way man always do ... Although Ridhwan is more handsome more brave and strong in his actions with all his romance ... So why Aananya cares about Kanish, Aananya always asked her self this question ... Was Aananya having a one way love ... Was Kanish just liked her as friend nothing more ... Then why Kanish is claiming Kanish love Aananya ... ?

Readers View ...
I feel Kanish is really a coward man ... Although he has grown up but still he is not capable to take any decision and have to compromise before parents ... I think such types of person needs a strong life companion who could nuse such man and lead the family ... When a man gets so confused about dealing his own life ... He makes relationships complexed and repleant ... I don't know what would be the end of story ... But I am sure it would end on a tragedy ... Because a girl needs a real man who could lead her as a family head and makes good decisions ... Kanish have to learn how to act like a man otherwise he may lose Anuksa too with a great regret at the end ...

P.S. Note ... 
I am not an author nor any character in the story ... But as a viewer and reader I made myself step into the story to comment on Aananya's point of view ... I am aware it's story of Kanish and the author is covering it from Kanish angle ... But what I commented on an Aananya's angle ... Because the fault lies in Kanish, in this relationship, in this chapter ... As being as a man Kanish has dropped some tears to show his inability to use man power ... Best Regards ... Readers Review ... AhSaN ...    
wha ahsan !!! kyaa baat kahi
well said
I  just   have to say  Ahsan...I  totally  agree  with you on this  Khansh  character.  you  put it so  eloquent  that  there is  nothing more to  add  except to sat  I  agree 100%. The man  is a coward and a fool!
 Now   let us see how  the  writer  of this  story  deals  with  such a there  are  people like  him  among us!
Hey all, We are sorry for being late in posting the next chapter but what to do the writer was a bit busy and even I did not read the new chapter, so here it is for u all... Enjoy and leave comments  (Vinnie R and AhSaN)

Chapter 11

A new day a new beginning, I thought. But this new day had nothing new in it. The same place, same people and the same life. Though to make it a nice day I planned few things and the first one is visiting Anusha’s uncle, going to have a look at the apartment and finally going back to Kolkata tomorrow.
Anusha had already informed me that she would not be able to meet me today as she had a very hectic schedule for today. I had to meet him all alone, yes I was damn nervous about this meeting!
I was waiting for him outside his clinic; it was big and seemed busy during evening hours. I was feeling very nervous; the very first time I was meeting him so maybe.
He approached towards me, and looking at him I could guess he was almost 60 years old. He looked fit and fine and if he would have been young I guess all the girls would have fallen for him.
“Kanish, is that you?” a voice called out my name.
“Yes, sir…I am Kanish,” I replied back.
Obviously it was uncle who called out my name. 
“Hi, Dr. Ashutosh. Nice to meet you…,” he said.
“Same here…,” nervously I answered.
“Look, whenever you call out your name remember to mention doctor first because being a doctor makes you different from others. You should be proud of what you are doing and what you are…,” he replied.
And the first impression, I got from him was that he was very strict which made me feel more nervous and all this time either I was sweating or shivering.
“Yes, sir,” I replied back.
“Oh, thank you I prefer sir but no need to worry I am not so rude and scary the way you are thinking, I was just scaring you a bit. I don’t mind if you call me sir or Ashutosh, I am fine with all, young lad…,” he said it in a very friendly tone.
I guess he got to know I was scared and nervous or he was really trying to be friendly.
“See, Anusha did mention about you…are you her boyfriend?” he asked with no clue of asking the question.
“No” I exclaimed.
“I mean sir we are friends, her mother and my mom are friends, don’t get me wrong but we are friends, only friends…,” I tried to explain him the equation between us.
“Oh I get it …no need to worry, but Anusha is like my daughter and I really don’t mind if you are her boy friend. Anyways, you want to take radiology for future? My son never wanted though he is a topper,” he told me.
“Hmm...I am not sure but may be I like it or I would prefer to be psychiatrist…,” I answered.
“That is good but you must be too good in this field, my son wants to be cardiologist…Ridhwaan do you know him?” he asked.
I am sure he is Ridhwaan’s dad and Aananya’s would be father in law. I always turn out to be some kind of a fool whose life forcefully revolves around her. I made a wrong decision but I guess it should not affect me, because I am earning money which is important.
“Yes, she has mentioned about him.”
“He is my son.”
Ya how would I not know he is your son, the person who I have hated more than anything. How would I not know about him? 
“Sir are you really taking me?” I asked because still I was not sure if he was really interested me working with him.
“Yes, Anusha has given all the details about you and I guess you want to learn from me and I needed a hand to help because it’s getting tough and difficult here…,” he cleared all my doubts.
“I want to learn and then have a bit of experience…,” I replied.
“You will get both…and you can join from next week and I won’t be here after one month so I will teach you and you can continue it…,” he said.
“Thank you sir, I will try my best to learn the best from you…,” I replied.
“I know you will..,” saying this he tapped my back, which did make me feel proud.
We discussed about almost everything regarding this job. Slowly I was getting to know he was not actually faking it but genuinely he is friendly. I even got to know a lot about Ridhwaan, personally I did not like him but after hearing a bit from his dad I got to know he belonged to the same species which Aananya belonged to. Both were restless, smart, hardworking, adventurous, having the same goals in life. I thank god I am very different from her because I believe in “opposite attract.”
“Where will you be heading to?” Uncle asked me.
“Umm…my dad has got an apartment here so going to visit it and just checking out things over there…,” I said.
“Ok…where is it?” he tried to enquire about it.
“I guess Navi Mumbai…yet I don’t know the exact place,” I replied.
“I also live there …may be I should tell my son to help you out…,” he proposed for his help.
“No, sir I will find it by myself…he will just have tension in helping me out…,” I tried to convince him.
But he did not agree he called him up and informed him to help me out. Damn, what the fuck! 
I was waiting for Ridhwaan just near a coffee shop. It had already been five minutes. 
After waiting for two more minutes he came. I was already pissed off and now he added cherry to the cake by being late. 
“Hi, Kanish,” I greeted him.
“Hi, we have met right?” he asked, thank god he did remember me.
“Yes, few days back with Anusha…,” I replied back.
“Oh, you are Kanish Agrawal?” he again asked.
“By the way do you know the society where you have your apartment…?” Ridhwaan questioned me.
“Obviously, it is Golden heights building. I guess five minutes from here, I just checked through GPS…,” I answered him.
“Technology has made it easier else it would have been difficult for you. Let’s go then…,” he said.
As I had my car we drove to the building and reached the apartment. Thank god I had the keys; I did not know why he was even here. I could do it all by myself, it was just my boss who forced me.
“It’s nice, the apartment…,” he said immediately after entering the apartment.
“We just entered, right?” I taunted.
“Yes but see the view from here…it’s beautiful…,” he replied.
“Yes, indeed”
We looked at the place carefully and I quite liked the place. Once in my life I felt like appreciating my dad’s choice. He was clever enough to buy this place.
I checked the time, it was 5’o clock already and I now remembered there was a match between Manchester United and Real Madrid. I so wanted to watch this match.
“WTH,” I exclaimed.
“What happened?” he asked
“Match…,” I replied again in an excited way.
“Yes, I was going to tell you that…but I thought you might not watch or like football…,” he answered.
“No, it is the one thing I love the most…,” I explained him.
“Same here,” he replied.
“Damn, it will take one hour to reach my place from here…,” I said.
“You will miss the whole thing then. You can join me my house is just two minutes from here…,” he proposed.
“Umm but we hardly know each other,” I awkwardly replied.
“We will get to know each other and it is about watching football right together?” he replied.
“But what about sir and madam…,” I asked.
“They won’t be here; they have a conference and dad left from clinic only.” He said.
I guess I had no option left to go watch match with him in his house because it was football one thing I really love.
We reached his place in two minutes and he took no time to open the television. For a second I forgot he was the person I hated. Somehow I did start liking him, the negativity was soon going.
“Hmm…coffee?” he asked.
“No, I don’t like coffee and please don’t try to be formal…,” I replied.
We watched the match after that small conversation. He was also cheering Real Madrid which made him more appealing.
“Anusha has mentioned about you many times…,” he said after twenty minutes of gap and silence.
“It has not been long that we have actually met, and she is very good friend of mine…,” I said.
“I know that, she mentioned it about being friends. I know about you and Aananya too and budd I really don’t care about it…,” he replied in a very easy way.
“I got the feeling you know about me and Aananya,” I told him the truth.
“Yes, she told me and the same relation we have like you have with Anusha, she is being helped by me to forget you,” he said.
“I guess we all have the same equation, I don’t have a problem with you…,” I replied trying to be a bit genuine.
“I guess we should give ourselves time and it will surely help. But for now on let us give time to the match…,” he laughingly replied.
Finally the match got over and it had already been very late. During all this time we bonded really well, talked about football, medical and once or twice we mentioned about Anusha and Aananya. He was not the same I thought him to be, he was very diplomatic and he was not like me. I was not so smart and I really need to study very hard to make it but he was born intelligent. I guess we should not judge people so soon but still he never mentioned anything clearly about Aananya and his relationship with her. I was still not sure about him
“You can help Aananya in forgetting me,” with a stone on my heart I said while leaving from his place.
He kept quiet for few seconds but after a while he said,” I guess I cannot because she still loves you and you also love her, I don’t know why but I feel you should get her back.”
I never expected him to answer me this, but I guess I know I love her and she loves me too. But it is not about her and me only. I might seem wrong to many people and mostly Aananya, but I never have a choice and I will never have. I don’t want my mom and sister to go away from me or myself to be the reason of my father’s bad health. Yes, there are days I pretend I am okay but it is fake, everything is fake, only my love for Aananya was true. Breaking up with her, trying to move on, pretending to be alright was false, because these decisions never were taken from my heart.
“I wish I could…but now let it be the way it is…,” I said.
“I will try to…,” he replied.
“Bye. Meet you after one week.”
Let me ask a question to all How to imagine the characters to be in reality?
Overview of the Chapter !!
I have gone through chapter 11 of the Break Up Story and the story is moving with its pace in a very dramatic flow ... Rich people often concerned about securities and ask too many personal questions in knowing the relationships between sub ordinates and the place they live and status they enjoy ... Dr Ashutosh appeared to be like them ... In first meeting he judged about the relationship Kanish have with Anusha ... He also knew about Ananya and Kanish affairs and Ridhwan his son helping her ... So he tried to enguage his son to see his living place and environment and aslo show Kanish Ridhwan living standard as rich people always have that compititions to show they are higher in status ... 

Kanish himself admited and confessed that he is not smart as Ridhwan appeared to be born inteligent and he checked the relationship between Ananya and Kanish and did not asked about Anusha ... This shows Ridhwan's interest in Ananya over Anusha ... Ridhwan appeared to be very diplomatic and well versed in his actions which even Kanish felt it ... And after hiring Kanish into Dr Ashutosh clinic, he might feel more inferority complex and under the infulence and comand of them ... Sometimes money does not matter than a pride but taking a help from Anusha, Kanish has dropped his dignity and respect and has compromised on money ...

Readers Review ... 
The story has been going so well as there are limited characters on whom the story is moving on so there is no confusion at all ... Some people are so lucky that they gets the girls like Ananya to fall in love with him ... Yet they do not know how to handle and maintain that love ... Thus they just waste the opportunity and makes another wrong decision by chosing Anusha ... Kanish might think that he has no right to love anyone since he does not want to make his family upset ... Well I must comment nothing is impossible and where there is a will there is a way if one strongly believe in it and try in this regards ... Lets see next chapter and hope for the best ... With readers review ... AhSaN ... 

(22-06-2014, 09:54 AM)Aani_Sherlocked Wrote: Let me ask a question to all How to imagine the characters to be in reality?
It is very easy but you have to be some kind of imaginative and little dramatic to absorb any character and starts viewing to perform as one in the story ... Just relax and leave yourself onto the author to make your body moves and you just watch your performance by looking at your next moves as how you are been moved ... Grab the essence of life from the story note down your reservations and observations ... If you think the author has made you performed well serve appreciation ... If you think you might have performed better than that give suggestions ... And if you are not satisfied the way you have been made performed ... State your objections and reservations ... And if you feel author has missed something that have to be projected and promoted give your honest comments ... Thats how you can imagine a character in reality and help ... Best regards ... AhSaN ...
Just  finished  chapter 11...very  nice  progress.  Now   Kansh and Ridhwan  have finally  met face to  face and  it is  all in the  open.   Despite   telling himself  he   hates  him , he  could not  help but  like him seeing he is  not such  a bad  guy.
 Ridhwan   proved to  be a caring  person,  who even  advised him to  give his relationship another  chance.  How ever   Again  Khansh  is   stopping himself  this  with  his  father and  family. 
 Here  is what I  don't   get,  seriously  I  can not  connect with...The family  opposing  is  one thing, but  he is not doing it with  any  joy because he  is  always  arguing with  his mother, his father  and  him are on hardly  talking  terms...what is  the point  if  no one is happy.  Are the parents  getting happiness seeing  their son  miserable. He will sacrifice  his  love, and turn bitter towards  his  parents....*Sigh*
 Lets  see  where it goes.!
(22-06-2014, 02:25 PM)Vinnie R Wrote: Just  finished  chapter 11...very  nice  progress.  Now   Kansh and Ridhwan  have finally  met face to  face and  it is  all in the  open.   Despite   telling himself  he   hates  him , he  could not  help but  like him seeing he is  not such  a bad  guy.
 Ridhwan   proved to  be a caring  person,  who even  advised him to  give his relationship another  chance.  How ever   Again  Khansh  is   stopping himself  this  with  his  father and  family. 
 Here  is what I  don't   get,  seriously  I  can not  connect with...The family  opposing  is  one thing, but  he is not doing it with  any  joy because he  is  always  arguing with  his mother, his father  and  him are on hardly  talking  terms...what is  the point  if  no one is happy.  Are the parents  getting happiness seeing  their son  miserable. He will sacrifice  his  love, and turn bitter towards  his  parents....*Sigh*
 Lets  see  where it goes.!

Well Vinnie ... This is our culture in which parents cares lot about their sons ... It's a home to home story ( "gher gher kahani" ) that parents match many things besides girls physical appearance ... The wedding is always done more like a trade in which they expect that the girls family could give as much as they could to bring comforts and fortunes to thier home ... So they start growing up their sons depandant and make them accept parents decisions ... The male when grows up have no courage to take any decision of his own ... This is our family system unfortunately ... But loving some person is something beyond mind and control ... Ananya appeared to be modern and she loves freedom ... Even if she marries Kansih, she can not tolerate his family interference ... On the other hand parents will try to make her bow her head before them ... Ananya decision appeared to be sencible because she knews that Kanish will always force her to obey parents rules and surrender her liberty ... And if Ananya refuses ... The breakup is quite obvious even before marriage or later on having this relationship ... But she also lovs Kanish ... So having a such an excelent option, which a girl could always dreamth off ... Ananya loves Kanish ... This is love and it has its own attraction and line of control beside this their is a FATE too ... Which provides events to face each other even one tries to avoid ... This is a bitter truth that females in powers always deal females badly ... Where male interference could not be tolerated in society ... Mostly 90% break ups results of the family interference, presure and involvements ... The couples often have no personal issues of their own ... Lets see how the author deals with it and what would be the end of this break up ... AhSaN ...

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