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What’s the break up story? Chapter 15 Page 6
Nice story Ronit ... I just found only one mistake in it ... And that was revealing about time at the last paragraph, at the end of chapter 7 ... That is 1:45 AM instead of 1:45 PM ... Please review ...

Back to his house
It was already very late when I reached home and I could see my mom dad had already slept. 
I checked my phone it was 1:45 pm. I was late, indeed and even tired.
ow i did not notice that one, well i shall tell the writer about it Smile
Thanks for reading n reviewing
(28-05-2014, 06:50 PM)AhSaN Wrote: Nice story Ronit ... I just found only one mistake in it ... And that was revealing about time at the last paragraph, at the end of chapter 7 ... That is 1:45 AM instead of 1:45 PM ... Please review ...

Back to his house
It was already very late when I reached home and I could see my mom dad had already slept. 
I checked my phone it was 1:45 pm. I was late, indeed and even tired.

(28-05-2014, 06:12 PM)Vinnie R Wrote: Nice  chapter,  finally   He  realized  what a  fool  he was being,  but also  that maybe  it is  to late....
  The  situation  has  become a bit complcated, she is  already  thing  Marriage  with   the other guy  and  I  guess  all that  drama would just hurt all.  ( Sounding like  dilwale  dulhaniya  le janenge....LOL)
 Let's see if he will  move on now... good  Job  . 
  Looking forward  to the  next  chapter!!!

I m glad that after all the stress Now the story is getting better, Thank u for the review, em sure the writer will be happy 2 read your review
I got a reply from sara but she was not able to post it here so ill post it on her behalf... hope she will comment after she is done reading 

**actually i started reading the chapters .. i'm at chapter 5 now...i'm reading when i can...i should finish reading all the chapters by monday....those are some really long chapters LOL... then i'll comment ....sorry for the delay again but do tell your friend that it's a wonderful story ...i think she's doing a good job so far and each chapter is an improvement from the previous one ....i'm eagerly waiting to read more about Kanish and Aanaya so tell her to keep up the good work .....**
Hello All,

I m posting chapter 8, Next chapter will be posted Next week because em going to be busy this Wednesday and also the writer did not finish writing chapter 9 and she is busy as well so ... please bear with us ... next chapter will be posted @ 8/6/2014 

Please read and review...

Chapter 8

Camp day

After so many days I was going to do some real work. I was excited for this camp thing. 
Anusha said she would pick me up as I did not know the exact place where it was. I was pretty happy for this thing. Anusha arrived but then with a scooty, I kept staring at her, like we both in scooty?
“Come, Kanish…let’s go…,” she called me out. 
“Ya, sure …but I hope you don’t make me fall…,” I shouted while I was approaching towards her. 
I sat on the scooty wishing that she would not make me fall and this whole trip would go well. 
“So, how far it is from here?” I asked.
“May be half an hour from here…it I nothing like a village type but yes it is not developed but the medical conditions over there are improving…,” saying this she gave me a bit of introduction about the place.
And for a few seconds we kept quiet, may be it had been a year or two I had travelled in an open vehicle. The last time I remember was with Aananya, our bike ride which was just beautiful. Though, she was riding the bike and the beautiful weather and all of sudden it started raining. What a beautiful moment it was and then she was speeding her bike and then we reached the Batu Ferringhi Beach…the rain, beautiful scene and just both of us. It was such a beautiful moment and like small kids we played and danced in the rain…and then our first kiss!! Who would have not enjoyed such moment…and then it was one of the best moment of my life.
“Damn, this traffic…,” Anusha yelled.
“Huh…ya,” I was so busy remembering about the moment that I had forgotten currently where was I.
“Let’s take short cut,” Anusha suggested.
“Do you know the way…,” I asked to assure.
“Umm….may be…,” till the time I could have stopped her, she had already changed the direction and taken another route.
The road which she took was so lonely and scary; the whole road trip was turning into a horror movie now.
“Anusha, where the hell are we?” I yelled at her.
She kept quiet for a few seconds and I again asked her the same thing.
“We will reach in five minutes…don’t worry…,” she said and speeded the vehicle.
“Why are you speeding the vehicle?” I asked her, moreover exclaimed.
“Because we are already late, if you could have woke up before from your dream, you could notice we were stuck for ten minutes in the traffic…,” she taunted as if it was my entire fault.
I opted out for keeping quiet. After few minutes also we did not reach that place. I decided better not to speak anything because else Anusha would have again taunted me. So, being silent was the best thing at that moment.
“Kanish, I guess…,” Anusha buzzed in from nowhere.
“And …you guess too, I thought just taunted others…,” I replied with a sarcasm. My words were not only sarcastic but also my smile was too.
“I don’t know where we are…sorry..,” quietly she replied.
“What?” I asked again.
“Umm…I don’t know the way because I had been with a friend of mine last time and she was driving…I am so sorry…,” she said and started getting nervous.
I could notice her, she was feeling nervous and anxious…I guess she thought I would be angry, but such things never made me angry, I was not short tempered. I thought may be I should calm her down.
“Don’t worry Aananya, I will check on my phone, where we are or ask you can ask that friend where the exact location is,” I told to calm her down, because she was getting very nervous and scared.
“I am not panicking, Kanish…wait I will call her…,” she said, stopped the scooter, picked her phone up and went to call her friend.
After few minutes of waiting in the sun, she came back all cool and calmed. May be she got the directions right, I could notice her beautiful smile.
“Thank god! We are going correctly…no worries..,” she looked at me and replied.
“Why were you being nervous?” I asked.
“Because of you, you were buzzing me and this is my first scooty ride, I only know how to drive cars but then today I had to take my sister’s scooty…,” she said.
“Ok. I won’t speak…you can carry on…,” I rudely replied and after that we did not speak.
Finally that weird scooty ride ended up and we reached our destination. It was not a bad place but there was a health post and some knowledge about was only lacking among the people.
I could not see many doctors over there but a group of almost ten people. And when they saw both of us, they warmed us and gave us the information regarding the whole camp and the motto behind conducting this camp.
First, we had a small talk program where I had to assist Anusha and she had to explain those kids about sanitation and how maintaining it is very important.
The talk program started and I thought may be Anusha would not be able to handle it but then I saw a different side of Anusha. She handled the kids so nicely and explained each and everything to them so easily. When they laughed she laughed with them, when the asked her stupid questions she replied bravely and then with them she also turned a kid. Even I joined her few times and enjoyed with the kids a lot. Actually I had completely forgotten what life was like, after going to Malaysia I had lived a life which I had never lived before.
Then, we had the free checkup. The thing which had shocked me the most was that many children had been affected by malnutrition and high number of diarrhea problem was also found. Few kids were really sweet and thought I was like a superhero in their life, and some parents thanked me for helping them out. Aananya always used to tell me the only you can achieve happiness when you become the reason of someone’s happiness. Today, I could feel that, those kids were so happy and were thanking all of us; the whole feeling was just out of this world.
I could even notice Anusha’s face she had a genuine smile and I guess she was enjoying it all. I could have thanked her zillion times for bringing me here! Kudos to her!!!
After the camp got over few kids called us to play football. As I loved football I could not say no but then I remembered Anusha was also very big fan of football and she joined me too. And like those we kids we also started to play football and we enjoyed a lot that was not all at some point we even fought with each other like the whole game was a battle and we were fighting for our lives. The whole game added cherry to the cake; the day went so beautiful and awesome. After so many days I felt what happiness was like.
After the football game ended, Anusha went and sat down under a tree. I could see she was tired and exhausted. I decided to join here, so that she might not feel alone.
“Hi, tired?” I asked.
“Yes, and I guess you are too….,” she said grabbing the bottle which was in my hand.
“Thank you, Anusha,” I told.
“Why are you thanking me?” she asked with a confused looks and her big hazel brown eyes staring at me.
“For bringing me here…I enjoyed a lot, and got to learn many things about you and about life and also about the health conditions of such places…after so many days I enjoyed being myself, after going to Malaysia…,” I replied with a genuine smile.
“No need to be thankful, but I never imagined you to be such kind of person, who would enjoy being a kid, playing with kids and even sympathizing those parents who were crying in front of you…you were so different three to four days ago and I guess today you were different…but…,”
“I was me today…,” I bumped in and waited for her to complete her sentence but she did not. So, again we both chose to be silent may be it was not the time to talk about such things, we both were tired and I was scared this conversation would change the beauty of this day.
Then, after few minutes she said,” What were you all these years, not yourself? I thought Aananya was the one to make you happy.”
I felt offended and it did hurt me. But I did not want to react, and then I thought carefully what she said was relatable and was I really happy with Aananya and why am I relating it with my life now? How but I loved her, and why the hell am I thinking about her right now? 
“I don’t know…,” I responded with a dull and confused face.
“May be Kanish, you did not love her, she you just wanted her as it was love at first sight for you but for her she gave you her six years, all these years it was infatuation may be and was it just a habit of yours to be with her…if you loved her then commitment was not a big thing…Kanish…,” she spoke.
I kept quiet, I was hurt as today my love was being pointed out, I loved Aananya and being with her was not a habit nor I was just attracted to her, ours was a genuine, true, pure, passionate , crazy love story. May be Anusha was going over to the top, I never made any judgments about her and I guess she should have not judged me too.
“Anusha, I did not want to have fight regarding this topic, I may not be physically present with her but mentally and emotionally she rules my heart and commitment was never a big thing. Yes, I wanted to marry her, and even I had imagined about our kids …but not so soon Anusha
I needed some time…,” I told her.
“Kanish, it was never commitment, it was neither your career, looking at you today and your love for your country , you never wanted to go to America and it was either you don’t love her else you still have not faced the truth…,” she yelled and kept on blaming me.
I was listening to her carefully, I was not sure whether what to tell her. May be it was right time for me to talk about it, I had only mentioned about the half truth.
“I guess, even Aananya does not know about it. After my third year exams I had gone back to Kolkata. Everyone was happy to meet me because I had returned after three years. I was happy too. Aananya had changed me; I had become more confident and happy go lucky person. But it was not that only I had started thinking about Aananya more not about my family, which did hurt my family. The year Ruhani’s marriage talks were going on and at the same time I had reached Kolkata. My father was my best friend, the only person I was very close to in my family. But after my decision of becoming a doctor things changed, we started bonding very less. I never blamed Aananya for this, it was not her fault. 
And when I was in Kolkata, one night I got drunk and came back home and my father was the only person who knew about it, he did not say anything about it, being drunk was not taught by Aananya though she used to drink but only at some social gatherings. I drank that day due as Karthik and Dev insisted me. I was not out of control but he was my father and he got to know about it, and for the first time I got a slap my father. I could not sleep that day, mom never knew about it neither di because they had gone to Kathmandu, it was me and dad but that slap was the beginning of my relationship with dad getting worse. Things, changed after that day and I guess my dad lost his son. I pleaded, I cried and I apologized to my father and finally he did forgive me. Things had already turned sour, though.
It was just the first thing which had disturbed my relationship with my father but I did not know future had many things for us. It was after two or three days after hat, it was my cousin’s wedding and we had all been busy. I had not known the fact, that my aunt has visited Malaysia and wanted to meet just three months back. When she called me, Aananya had picked the phone and as I was not there she talked to her and kept the phone. I had no idea what they talked and why had she called me, it was not the phone calls, but I did not know how she got to know about Aananya. These aunties have no work and try to interfere in others life, I don’t know how much curiosity they have, and they should try for a detective job. And then during that marriage she met my father, as dad was her cousin brother she went and told him everything. My father did not react neither he mentioned about it to my mother. 
I was on phone at that moment and talking to Aananya, my dad was behind me, he heard everything grabbed my collar and took me to some isolated room. Kal aagayei thi meri…aap toh ek thapar kya, century ki shurwat honey wale thi…,” I told and took a sip of water. Anusha was quietly listening to me. And then I continued.
He just kept staring at me. I could not make any eye contact with him. He was really angry and I was freaking out.
“Stay away from her..,” he shouted at me.
I still did not react and I kept quiet, I thought he always understood me. Whenever I needed something without even informing him, he used to get it for me. He never complained or scolded me when I failed; he was like my best buddy. We used to play football together, watch cricket together and even sometimes play video games. I knew he would be the first person to understand but no he did not, that was painful.
“It is all because of her, that you wanted to be doctor. What about your wish of being an aeronautical engineer? Do you ever think what would happen if your mother knows? She has spent her childhood in their house and you want to spoil it all. Woh ladki teri liye kabhi thik nahi hai, Kanish. Uske maa baap ko jab pata chalega ki woh tujhsey pyaar karti hai, toh woh boolengey ki tune use fasaya hai…tu uske pechey pechey gaya hai…aur tujhey kya lagta hai woh dussre community ki ladki tere liye theek hai….,” he again shouted at me.
I still did not speak anything and I was trembling like a small kid who was getting scolding from his father. It was for the first time, I was so nervous and scared, and it was also my first time when I was getting a scolding from my father.
“Aur who ladki kya hai uskme jo uss ke liye tu aapna sab kuch chodh diya, na maa baap na behen aur dost tujhey yaad atey hai. I guess that girl is the biggest problem, her family I never liked them…I guess she might have influenced you to drink, as she made you a doctor. You might have become like them, a non vegetarian, a girl who only cares about herself, and all. As if I don’t know how that girl is, I have seen her, ladka  jaisey na koi dhang, na koi, hamare culture mein ye saab nahi possible…hai..aur…,”
I could not take it anymore. Now he was pointing out a finger at Aananya, he was my father, my best friend I thought he would understand me but no he did not.
After so much of his bad words for Aananya, I answered back loudly at him,” if you don’t know about her then don’t speak…nonsense, I love her and I guess I will marry her only.”
What would you expect after that? He slapped me but this time very hard, even a drop of tear had fallen down, yet I could not stop myself. I again said, “Dad but I love her, and I hope you would accept this fact.”
He kept quiet, his anger had no bounds, he was so angry that he could have killed me.
“If you want to marry her, forget about me and live on your own, you want to live alone, I will pay for your expenses and all but don’t bother to talk to me and show your face…,” he yelled at me.
I loved a girl and that was the only problem, he had that how could I be in love? It was not only that but he did not like Aananya’s family too, he thought they had different cultures, thoughts, mentality and even norms and traditions. He found Aananya weird, because she used to dress up in western clothes and she was frank and forward. 
I again shouted at him,”Why the hell you always rule me? I played football because of you and whole life I tried impressing you only. And when I ask you one thing you don’t try to understand me.”
He stared at me and kept on.
“You are not a kid anymore that useless things you ask and I give it to you. You need to grow up and marriage? Don’t you dare to think that you would get married to her, that girl is not for you…,” he said.
I thought being rude was no use. Aananya had no fault in this, why was she being blamed? May be my dad thought the reason of all these things was Aananya and he blamed her for coming between us. He thought everything bad was happening because of her, and then to be an aeronautical engineer was his wish. Not mine.
I decided not to talk anymore I started crying and the only thing was left to plead him, plead him because I wanted her so bad. Even he did not hear my cries and plead, because she was just from another community and modern and he lost me because of her. He had not lost me until that day but after that day he did lose me. I was crying so hard so hard, asking him to not to do so. But he did not listen to anything.
I could not control anymore as I was about to leave I shouted at him,” Dad, I regret being your son, you were the best and I thought you would understand me but then you did not. I regret it all, Aananya is not useless, and being your son is useless.”
He did not say anything and I was just leaving the room, crying but when I turned back I saw my father was lying there unconscious. He had a heart attack. I did not know what to do at that time; I called everyone and rushed him to the hospital. Everyone was asking me what had happened and I was standing there numb, nothing to response.
It took him a month to recover and I had to be all the time with him, even classes in Malaysia had already started. I had no choice because he was my father whatever our equation was and what I had told him he was my father. It was not that only, I was going to be a doctor and what would I be called if I could not do anything for my father in the field which I am best at? 
The doctor said not to give any mental tension to him or any kind of stress. One day he called me and said he would not be talking to me anymore, he would just pay for my expenses and if I even bring the same topic of marrying Aananya, I would have to lose my mom and sister too. After that day, we stopped talking and till today he blames Aananya for this. He did not like her from before and now he got a reason to hate her. I had no other options, I had to choose between my family and Aananya and I tried once but I saw my father suffer, and in the future it would be my mom and sister. I did not want that for my family’s happiness I had to lose my own. If I did not leave her my father would have been more critical and my mom would have lost her mental stability, I had to make a choice though I did not have any.
“That is why I don’t like to tell about it to anyone…,” I said and ended my real break up story.
Anusha was listening, and may be she was feeling sorry for me and what she had just said.
“I am sorry, Kanish…I doubted your love and I did not know about this…but have you told about this to Aananya?” she apologized and I could really feel that she was sorry.
“No, It was better I did not tell her, because I told you once when I had mentioned that my father had not talked to me because I had taken medicine as my career, she cried like hell. And she blamed herself for all these things, and even stopped talking to me. Imagine if I had said these all things to her, what would have happened?” I explained her.
“Hmm…Ya…I remember but still you kept the relationship with her for at least two years after that?”
“It was because I wanted her to study for the final year and I had faced a lot, I had lost all my energy and I did not want to be shattered again. Though every day I woke up, I used to feel I was cheating her, betraying her, fooling her and making her an emotional fool so breaking up with her was important. It was for her betterment  ...” I replied.
“I am sorry Kanish, I forgot every story has two sides, which we know and the other we never try to understand. I really believe now that you loved her…a lot…and you are a very nice person, indeed,” she consoled me.
I smiled.
“Listen, I am going Mumbai tomorrow because I have some work over there, meeting up Ridhwaan and all…I will try my best to contact and communicate with you…because I don’t want to lose you…,” she again said.
I was sad to know she was leaving because I had never been so comfortable before with anyone, a person who truly understood me. Aananya was my partner in crime but Anusha was like that pillar in my life which I could always lean on. I already had gotten so emotional at that time; I don’t know from where a voice popped in and said, “Don’t go.”
“I have to Kanish, I will not leave you…,” she said and hugged me. I hugged her back.

Hello  So I  read  chapter  8,
 Glad to see the  story  moving  a little forward and  we  see why  he  broke up with  her.  Good  job   keep writing!
hello all

Thank u for liking the story so far, Our writer is reading the comments so even if u have negative comments / complains about the story or the way its going .. do write it..

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here comes chapter 9 .. please read and review


Anusha left the next day, I did miss her but she had not become so close to me that I would every day, every moment and every second remember her as I used to remember Aananya. 
We used to talk once in a day, talk about how she is and what was the work load and all but never did we mention about Aananya and our past. She was turning into my good friend, and I used to enjoy talking to her. Due to her insistence I even started preparing for MD exams and even for the licensing exam. 

“Ya, Anusha…bolo…mein so raha tha…sorry…I did see your missed calls…,” I said. 
“No, nothing…just I wanted to tell you that if you want for time being you can work here an intern or something just for four months, in my uncle’s clinic. He is a radiologist and I work in that hospital, so it will easy for you no. I did not assist him, as I did not like radiology, so I told you na about this…so…I wanted to ask about it…and you will have work experience also…,” she kept on insisting.
“Why would I join? I won’t have time to prepare for exams…and what would I do there like stay and all?” I questioned her idea.
“Umm…it is like for clinic and it would be just for two…hours and you can study during day hours…I am just saying because you wanted be a radiologist or cardiologist, and my uncle is one of the best radiologist you will get to know a lot from him…,” she explained, but her voice said that she wanted something else.
“Ok… will think about it…I mean…ok…I have to decide…,” I replied with confusion.
“Hmm… okay… so din bhar shrif soye rahe … ya fir kuch padha bhi?” she asked.
“No…I was studying till late night yesterday…actually till 5am so..I slept…and now I woke up…,” I told the truth.
“Ansh…where are you? Come here I need to talk to you…,” while she was just going to complete her sentence my mother shouting my name all over the house and I even don’t know why the hell she was calling me.
“Listen, I am going…ma is calling…,” I interrupted her.
I kept the phone and went to the living room, to know what my mother was up to.
“Kya Hua?  I was busy…I told you…,” I stated with a loud voice.
“Speak properly…kuch nahi do din k baad we are leaving for Mumbai, I told you Montu is getting married when you had returned from Malaysia, and you might have not remembered it is next week…so we need to go early else tumahri mausi gus hogayeegi…,” she informed me about Montu’s marriage.
I so hated these cousin’s marriage and reunion thing, I still remember what had happened last time. Montu he was one fat person I knew, who never cared about anything except food and money. I hated them all…god save me…
“Did you say anything..?” my mother asked.
May be I was thinking aloud so or just a hallucination may be.
“No, but I won’t go. I don’t like him and I hate such gatherings and marriages…,” I replied.
I could notice my father staring at me and I did not care whether he stared, or even smiled at me because I was for name only his son.
“What do you think? Who are you? Look at that Montu, he is earning so well and even has a car and you don’t even work, nor do anything…srif apney baap k paisey aur apna time waste kartey ho…,” my mother started comparing me with Montu…as if Montu was her own son.
“I won’t go and it is final,” I shouted.
“Your father is not going and you would have to go because Ruhani is also not going, and if you don’t come, I will make you meet more girls…,” she threatened me.
Why does she always do this? The best way she can torture me. I had to agree after that because what my mom says she really means it. Why me always? First dad then Aananya and now my mom, is also trying to make things more complicated.
“Ok...I will go…”
I had completely forgotten that Anusha was in Mumbai too and we could catch up with her and even meet her uncle. May be I should take this job away from home also I would have some money. 
I decided to call up Anusha, may be I would just inform her about my arrival.
I called her.
“Hi, Anusha…I need to talk to you…,” I told her.
“We just talked Kanish, by the way what happened?” she replied.
“Umm…I am coming to Mumbai, this week probably after two days…I just wanted to inform that so we could meet…,” I told.
“Well…that is just great Kanish…Sure, we will catch up…the day you come…I am so happy we are meeting…,” she said in such a way that she was genuinely happy.
“I decided about your proposal, I am planning of taking it…I wanted to tell you about that…,” I informed her.
“Wow…Really?” she exclaimed and sounded happier.
“Ya…I will talk to my mom about it…if she agrees…I will let you know…,” I told her.
“Bye…Talk to you later…” I said and again kept the phone.
I went and talked to my mother about this whole thing, but I did not mention about Anusha, I just told her that I got to assist some doctor and he was a very famous radiologist. Surprisingly, she was happy for me and totally agreed about it…may be because she wanted me to earn money and gift her car like Montu. 
I even noticed my father he was smiling and was happy for me. I looked at him and smiled back but he turned away. I feel like why do I even try, when he does not care about me? He makes me feel like I am useless and good for nothing because I just tried to explain what I wanted in my life. My whole life revolved around him but when someone was making me revolve around him he could not take it. 
I went away from that room and did not give a damn because he is my father and if has said not to talk to him, then it is fine. But still staying there was a big deal like house and also whether his uncle agreed or not. So many things were playing on my mind.
My mom came at the same moment.
“Kanish, don’t worry about staying there…I talked to your father…he said he had bought a flat long back, over there…I guess you were in Malaysia, so you can stay there, I mean it is your only…,” she told me.
I was happy that I would have no problem but if really cared about me he would have tried to understand me.
“Tell him thank you…I will let you know about everything later…just don’t take tension and go and take rest..,” I told.
“Why don’t you talk to him and what happened that day?” she again asked the same question.
“Mom, like always I am not interested, so please don’t talk about it…,” I told my mom and left the topic and with a frown on her face she left the room.
After that I got a text message from Anusha, saying that uncle had agreed about it and after two weeks it would be better if I would join him. I was happy about it, may be I could know new things and bit of exposure too.
After two days @Mumbai

I reached Mumbai by ten in the morning, and we directly reached Montu’s wedding destination. I could notice so many aunties and uncles over there, and their kids too who had no work. The whole scenario was so boring, that watching it only made me fall asleep.
I checked my phone and dear Anusha had called me nine times. I could see her excitement, may be she might have been alone and wanted a company or may be I was just simply awesome.
I called her up.
“Hi…I have reached already…why you called me so many times, I told you I would have informed you when I reach and I did also…,”I told her.
“I just wanted to know whether you reached or not, anyways I am busy today I have some plans let us meet after two three days, uncle will be back too and we can discuss with him also…,” she sounded low and upset.
“Umm are you fine? Something serious happened today?” I asked her to know the reason of her being sad.
“I am fine, just new so need to hear a lot from seniors, and I don’t want to tell you any lie Ridhwaan is going to come here so don’t mind…his presence please…,” she told.
“Why would I mind? Even if you make me meet him, I won’t react, there were no such problems between me and Aan that I would be feeling bad…and all you know…,” I bravely replied to her.
“No, that is the problem you don’t hate her…so…leave it…let’s talk late I gotta go…,” she said but this time her voice was more cheerful and it seemed she was getting normal.
“Don’t worry…I will call you after wards…and yes smile because it really suits you…byee..,” I said to cheer her up.
“Ok, Bye…,” she said, though I could notice she was laughing.
I had not realized it until now but my mom d been noticing me since the time we were talking. I could see that she was suspecting me; I knew know what was going to happen now.
“Kanish, who were you talking to, any girlfriend, Marwari?” a bunch of questions started to rise from my mother’s mouth.
“Mom, I told you I don’t have any girl friend and also stop dreaming, ok…aap ahaan pe Montu ki shaadi mein aaye ho, ya meri shadi karwaney…,”
“I would like to know, about my son’s choice…no…so..,” she cleverly replied.
“Mom, look Seema mausiji is calling you…,” I lied to change the topic.
“Over there…,” I showed her the direction and she left. 
Thank god she left; else she would have asked me about the whole history and even imagined her grand sons and daughters.
One day later

“Anusha, I am reaching just give five minutes, I am new to this place and traffic you know,” I informed Anusha.
Anusha and I had decided to meet up the next days as it was Friday and she was free also. But the feeling was the same like the first day we me, unexpected meeting with her and I did not know we would even turn friends. But I would prefer just both of us to limit ourselves to friendship.
I finally reached the mall, she had called me for shopping, how much does she need to shop but she said someone was joining us too. I hope it would not be Ridhwaan, still I am hoping it would be uncle who I would be meeting today.
I entered searching for Anusha; I noticed her she was standing just few meters away from me. I tapped her.
“Anusha, sorry…,” I apologized, for being late. 
“It is fine, finally we met, it is nice to meet you after so many days,” she replied with a smile, her smile, her everlasting beautiful smile.
I nodded. We were just wondering around and she was checking some clothes, I was getting bored. I used to get bored too, when I used to get Aananya, how could I forget the time when she spent more than $650 dollars for a dress she had eyed on. Damn, I was so angry at her. 
“I did babysitting for this dress, damn you..,” Aananya had exclaimed when I had told her it was one of the worst thing she had done.
“Do you think it is worth? You can do so much with that money…,” I tried to explain her but I knew it would be in vain.
“I loved it, but I even worked for it, baby sit kids for one hour daily till 3 months so…don’t be angry this is the last thing I bought expensive, I swear never ever I am going to buy something so expensive…,” she tried to explain me but moreover trying to console her heart and mine too !
I did not say anything just recorded the last part and whenever she wanted to buy something expensive I would make her listen that. First she would yell and try to convince me but later she started understanding the importance of money and stopped splurging. 
I was waiting outside the shop, as Anusha was busy with a call, but I suddenly saw Aananya , I guess brown hair color, tall , wearing shorts and crop tee, which I had gifted her and she had not worn it once also and the tattoo on her leg, it was her. I have stayed with her and I know it was her, the way she was walking and carrying a water bottle in her hand, the tattoo of a girl dancing on her legs it was obviously her. But I thought she has returned already, was she the person Anusha wanted me to meet? 

“Anusha, where are you?” I called Anusha to know who she wanted me to meet.
“Sorry, I was busy, I told you someone was coming too, he came Mumbai yesterday only and wanted to meet me so, I called him today, I hope you are fine with it…he said he will take time…,” she informed me.
I was happy the person was a he. May be it was just hallucination, or Aananya was really here or her twin, there were many possibilities and probabilities too.
“Ok, but who is that he?” I asked her.
“Ridhwaan” she replied very fast.
“What? Why did you call me here? To again remember Aananya and be jealous?” I shouted at her.
First she calls me here in Mumbai, to do a job, and decides to meet me and then wants me to meet my ex girlfriend’s honey wala pati? What was she thinking all the time?
“I am sorry, Kanish, it was not planned he decided to meet me, I don’t but I guess you will like him, too, I am so sorry Kanish, but i could not deny him…,” she replied.
“It is fine, but this would be the last time, I guess…,” I replied after calming down.
“Thank you for understanding me, I am really sorry,” she replied with a regretful voice.
“So, when is he coming?”
“He just texted me, that he would be downstairs, so we need to go downstairs…,” she said.
“Why down, can’t he come up?” I asked her.
“Kanish, stop thinking much,” she said.
We went down and were just waiting for him. I don’t know why the hell I was even here. I just hope he does not know about me and Aananya. 
“Five minutes gone, he has not yet arrived,” I taunted Anusha.
She looked worried and I guess tried to ignore what I was saying. We were still waiting when suddenly a girl was approaching towards us; she was far away so I could not see clearly who she was also she was wearing aviators, which made her looks more confusing. But I had already got a sense, a sixth sense indeed. It was Aananya. 
“Holy shit!” I exclaimed not with joy.
“What happened?” asked Anusha.
“Nothing, the girl you see over there wearing shorts and crop tee, with a tattoo on her left leg below the knee, having worn aviators and carrying  a bottle of mineral water is my ex girlfriend, Dr. Aananya Raj Gupta…,” I replied with an irritating tone.
“What? She Aananya, I cannot believe it how do you know? She is far away from my imagination, I thought..,” she also exclaimed.
“What we think, might not be according to the reality…I told you, only one side of hers, but there is lot to it…,” I said.
While we were discussing about Aananya, she had already approached us. She did not react seeing me, she I guess did not even notice me, whether it was intentionally or not intentionally. She went clearly to Anusha and asked, “Hello, Ridhwaan’s sister right?”
“Yes, I am and you are Aananya, you are so different and not the way I thought, I have got to know about you so much, you look so different, I thought you were…so I m so happy I am meeting you…,” Anusha replied with over to the top excitement, and spoke more than needed.
All I could notice was Aananya, I wanted to move out of that place, but I wanted to hug her and ask how she was. I guess she now noticed me and the thing was she looked at me for five minutes, and I was sure she was not feeling the same way I was.
“Anusha, wait ok…give me one second…,” Aananya said and came over to me.
“Hi, Kanish…,” she said and hugged me. 
This was the same reaction I was expecting from her, she was so cool about this thing all the time, and I knew it.
“Hi, Aananya…How are you by the way?” I asked.
Anusha was almost in a shock by looking at us greet so well, Aananya was my best friend moreover, so may be the love was buried but the friendship never died.
“I am fine, so you here with Anusha? “She questioned me.
“Yes, she is my friend…we met just couple of days back…and I thought you had gone back?”  I asked.
“No, just for few more days and would be back but most probably trying to stay here, only have some work…,” she said.
I just smiled at her as I saw Anusha was getting bored.
“Anusha, where is your brother? “ I asked Anusha because she was feeling left out.
“I don’t know, he said he would be here, but I guess Aananya knows about it…,” she answered.
Aananya was busy on her phone and we three were standing there like an idiot just in the middle of the mall, I was waiting when I and Aananya would confront each other.
And then his happened she inboxed me in facebook.
“I did not want to make it awkward, so I hope you are not feeling weird, I had seen you already before and I was feeling shy to meet you, I know we are no more together but I wanted to meet you so badly, so I could not stop…let us be friends we can be that? chai k saath jaisey biscuit free, phone ke sath jaisey camera free aur mere sath meri dosti free…,” she had send this, I knew she would send some stuffs like this.
Long back, when we were in 4th semester I remember we had a fight and we did not talk for days. The same lines she had used to patch up with me, and there was no reason I could not say no to her. She had no ego when it was not her mistake, if it was not her mistake she would never say sorry but when it is hers, she says.
This time it was me who had to be blamed but then I knew it was our friendship that she was missing not our love. The habit of me being near her had changed, I guess but the moments of fun we shared had never changed, and it will never be. She is no more in love with me!
I just replied,” You were and will always be my best friend, I hope this time it remains to friendship only.”
She looked at me and smiled. Anusha was not able to figure out what was happening between us. I was still thinking was even friendship worth it? I don’t have such a strong heart to not fall in love with her, again!
Anusha called Aananya and decided to just wait at the food court for Ridhwaan. Ridhwaan had to go for some work and he had said Aananya to go and meet Anusha. I don’t know how much they have known each other that whatever he is saying she is like a good girl doing it all…Why the hell was I thinking? I am going mad, I decided to forget Aananya, but no technically she came back and now I am not forgetting her, what? I am so confused why do people say we cannot be friends with our ex’s and then why, it is fine between me and Aananya, but the day we broke up, we decided not to meet and talk, now we became friends, so what is the point? May be she has moved on with Ridhwaan and so it does not make it a difference seeing me that also with Anusha, the jealously. If probably Ridhwaan would be here I would have been burst out of jealousy. What the hell is happening?
“What would you like to have?” Anusha asked Aananya.
“I am on diet I won’t have anything, but let me ask you hope you don’t mind …how do you know Kanish?” Aananya replied, may be she was jealous or not.
“We met couple of days back in Kolkata and we turned out to be good friends…nothing much but I want to confess I know everything about you, it is not Ridhwaan has mentioned everything about but Kanish did. I hope you are fine with it, and I am very excited to meet you…,” she answered Aananya.
I know Aananya would not mind about this thing.
“No, I don’t have a problem, because you are now going to be family, so…,” Aananya replied her with a smile.
I was not listening to what they were saying but I did hear what the last sentence was. I was in a shock that she has already planned about marriage, sorry not only marriage, but their marriage. I could no longer think about anything, what the hell!!! I was about to move out from that place but then Mr.Ridhwaan arrived.
Obviously, looking at him he was far better than me in looks, smartness and personality. I was a nerdy, was shy, and had very less confidence. But may be I was not so good, that is why she chose him.
He talked with them, both Anusha and Aananya. He even tried talking to me but my mood had already been spoiled I did not reply much to him. I was neither listening to him nor trying to even figure out what they were talking. I just wanted some time on my own, and so I walked out of that place without saying a word and Anusha came after me.
“Kanish, where are you going…,” she called me.
“Nowhere, my mom texted me and I need to go…,” I replied to her.
“No, Kanish it is fine, I know it difficult for you but then you need to show her you are fine, and she is very nice as a person…I talked to her and she is so frank and nice…so if it is all well between you too…why are you behaving like you still care?”
“I need to go, I cannot fake it the way she is faking it. I am sorry…,” I said.
“How do you know she is faking it, she is reacting very normally, talking properly and smiling all the time. It is natural but you seem so artificial, yes faking it, I guess, do you think, I did not know Aananya would be here and the reason I called you was that you could face her. But you lost it, she was so cool all the time…all this time you want to not move on, you know you will never get her so the best thing you can do is to move on…,” she explained.
I thought for a while and decided to go back. I know every bit what Anusha spoke was absolutely correct and I should have not walked away and yes I was a fake!
I went there and apologized saying that I had to take up a call. We all were sitting quietly because I had made it awkward. 
“So, what is the plan next…,” Anusha asked.
“Umm…I have to go now only…I have some work…and it is urgent so cannot skip that…,” Ridhwaan informed, while Aananya was busy texting someone.
And mere maan mein toh ladoo hi foot rahey thein…I wanted to talk to her and I hope I would get a chance.
Ridhwaan left the place and Anusha and Aananya got busy talking to each other. I became all alone, they were talking about weight loss and all I was sitting there playing candy crush.
Anusha in the middle of the conversation asked,” What would you like to have Aananya?”
We both called out together “diet coke.”
We stared at each other and eventually smiled, whereas Anusha knew that it was not coincidence. When Aananya is on diet she follows it strictly and if she goes out she prefers only diet coke only.
“And you Kanish?” Anusha asked.
I replied, “Black coffee.”
“With less sugar,” Aananya added.
Anusha left the place and it was just both of us. We kept quiet for a while as we were still deciding who would take the first step to talk. 
“Aananya, I am sorry, don’t be mad but Anusha is jus my friend…,” I said because I know she was mad at me.
“Kanish, I know I am mad, but yes the thing is we had a break up and I tried forgetting you but you were a part of my heart and I just cannot remove you because you said so, it took time and at some time I wanted you back, so hard but “move on” is what I did. I am happy you met her and it is fine, completely else you know meeting you I would have a problem…,” she replied nicely.
“I know, but Aananya, I never thought we would meet again. Why would we? How can you take it so easily me meeting you? You know I walked away because I hated Ridhwaan!”
“How would I not know…but it is high time I have moved on, yes it did hurt when you stopped caring, when you never were beside me and when little things of life never mattered anymore. But I moved on, I cannot like other girls just cry over such matters…I enjoy my life and it did hinder my relationship with life. You know I am carefree, mad and wild person and I just cannot sit there and think over so many things, I want you to move on Kanish….,” she confronted me.
“I am trying….,” I said.
“Stop acting like girls, and move on Kanish, it would take time…but that is the reason I call you Kanisha… and it is not that I did not try to convince you but you did not try that was the problem, and being friends with me would make you get over it, because this time it will only be friendship Kanish…,” she said.
I nodded and smiled. I knew it was and will be till friendship because there was, there is and there will never be a choice.
Anusha came and this time we three talked to each other, just normal one.
We decided to leave as I had to go back for Montu’s wedding; mom had been calling me all the time. Aananya said she would drop Anusha, but Anusha did not know she would regret it later on.
“Come on, Anusha…,” Aananya called.
Anusha was in a shock for a while, because Aananya was riding a bike, I guess it was her cousin’s bike, and Aananya loved bikes. There was no weird thing which Aananya did.
“She rides a bike?” Anusha asked.
“Yes, you don’t know her yet…,” I replied.
“She is so weird…,” 
“Indeed…,” I said and left the place
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Ok  my  honest  opinion  on  the  story  is  that   this chapter felt  superficial and  forced,  No offense to  the  writer. 
 but  it lacks a  certain  maturity  in  the story,  they  all sound  like  a bunch  of  teenagers  and  not  young  Dr's.
 All I  am  getting  is  he  moved on , he has  not moved  on,  Anusha  is  testing to see if he did or not... calling him at the  Mall to  meet   her cousin  and  his  ex  was  LOW  and  no friend  would   put their friend in such  an  uncomfortable  position.  Then  act like  they  don't understand  why  he wants to leave.
 Ananya well  in the beginning   I  thought  she  sounded like a sweet  girl , here  she just sounds  heartless  like she  dose not care  about  his feelings , or like she had  non  for him. 
  I  would suggest that  you explore   the  emotions  more of these people more.  Keep   writing,   I  know  life  is sometimes  not predictable and things like this happen. 
 P.S.  I   hope   I  have  not  offended  you.
Well on going through and reading chapter 9 ... My views are quite different ... The beauty of the story is we are getting the access of the individual as how he feels and thinks about ... Indeed its a modern family and environment as fashion glamour and way of living reveals that its like and type of a burger family ... Where males are so confused and use mobile phones to call and inform every action they are going to make ... In particular socities girls are also confused about associating themselves with anyone ... As every individual is so dominant handsome and dumb ... Girls also have lack of decision power so they always tends to step forward and move back to view the relationship lock ... In order to be so sure they often provide a chance to male friend to meet his ex GF so inorder to see its just a friendship or relationship of love ... So I think the story is moving very close to the reality where Kanish has a strong feelings of being rejected by Aananya thats makes hm inferority complex ... Moreover Ridhwan appeared to be more smart and handsome that attracted Aananya away from him ... So the human jealousy of being a loser is more obvious in this chapter ... Kanish always avoid gatherings people and parties because he knows he is not capable of handling girls ... Anusha appeared to be a real friend and trying to help Kanish to come out from the spell of Aananya ... She provides chance to let them meet again and again to resolve back their issues ... Because she loves Ridhwan and wanted to save his life too ... But Ridhwan loves Aananya who remained ex girl friend of Kanish ... Anusha is a modern girl too yet she can not share Kanish with Aananya ... And thats why sometimes she came near to Kanish and sometimes she repells out in giving him time to froget his past ... Anusha needs Kanish to be with him and spend more time with her thats why she created a job for Kanish to make things work out in thier relationship ... Maybe that way Kanish could replace Aananya with Aunsha ... The written has written a beautiful description of a modern youth facing complications in relationships being caught and fall out in a triangular love ... Woman seek full attention, dedication and security of love in relationships and man needs an unlimited attention faith and confidence with satisfaction that admires his ability of perfection in all her appreciations ... So the writter successfully focus from different angels to show the complications in youth relationships; where as a student they wanted to concentrate only on their professional studies and to limit relationship towards just being friends only ... But they never knows when they fall in love with each other and how to handle thier loved ones ... It's very close to reality ... A woman now a days is like that especially in a modern society ... The fashion is the only way to attract males but what they think about her is what she really confused about it ... So asking personal questions again and again makes her feel where she stands in his life ... Man too fall pray of girls from their looks fashion and styles ... They just need to have a friendship with girls yet later the stories as such takes place ... I really loved the covering of the story and the superficial forces Miss Vinnie R has described in it is a part of attraction and repultions of forces applies within one soul ... No one wants to be unwanted yet Kanish must proceed forward without looking at back if he wanted Aanusha in his life ... Aanusha can give all his life and open all her love for him but before that Kanish has to leave his past as a dream and step into a new era to start his new life with Aanusha ... As no one loves a divided person ...

P.S... The views I stated here are truely based on my own likings and judgements ... I am not taking anyones side or complimenting on some honourable members ... I always have a differnt honest view and I mean no offene to the writter and author of story NOR I intend to make anyones views wrong ... I am fully aware that a readers have thier own ways of conciving the story ... Best Regards ... AhSaN ...          
Hello every One !!!
Sara ,  Aani_Sherlocked , Vinnie R , AhSaN
Thank you for waiting, actually the writer was busy and she could not write, Sorry for being Late ... here I m posting the 10th chapter 
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enjoy the next chapter, Thankx....

Chapter 10


I wanted to call Anusha to the wedding but I did not because it was my cousin’s marriage. Even after meeting Aananya, I met Anusha because now it did not affect me anymore. Her presence or her absence does not bother me anymore. 
I was obviously not very interested in this whole marriage because Montu was one cousin whom I never ever liked. 
Everything was prepared, all the functions had already been completed and now the boring wedding was only left. 
The guests had already arrived and the rituals were going on. I was sitting in the corner. I don’t want to be seen because I don’ think they would even try to understand me. There was no botheration who was present or absence, I was enjoying the alone time with myself.
And then Aananya arrived in the wedding, I was not shocked I knew she would be here after all she was from the girl’s side. Tanya was aananya’s maternal aunt’s brother’s  daughter, she had mentioned once about her. I did not try to ignore her, I just smiled at her and so she also smiled back. 
The rituals were going on; Aananya was sitting behind Tanya but I could see her getting bored. Her aunt was only with her and I could no one see from her family. And suddenly our eyes met and I kept on looking at those eyes! The eye contact lasted for almost thirty seconds when she stood up and approached towards me. 
“Ansh…,” she said.
I looked at her and kept on looking at her. She was like always looking stunning and I could not stop looking at her.
“Aananya…I know you are not enjoying this..,” I replied with a smile.
“No, just tell me where are Montu’s shoes?” she asked.
“I don’t know, I am not interested either in such things…and you? I thought you were never interested…,” I told Aananya.
“May be but sometimes we need to be…,” she said.
I smiled at her and she sat beside me. We kept quiet for a while. I was busy using my phone and texting Anusha and she seemed lost.
“You will not get the shoes, babes…,” I buzzed after few more seconds of silence.
She grabbed the plastic bag which was just kept about half a meter away from me and shouted ,” I have already found them love…,”
I knew the plastic with the shoes was kept besides me; even I had got the duty to protect them. I had already got the hint that Aananya had come for the shoes…because I had already noticed them talking about it. 
She had texted me exactly one hour ago before coming to this wedding. Aananya had mentioned that the bride who was getting married was the same Tanya who was her cousin and she also got to know I was present in this wedding. I had already mentioned everything about the shoes to her before hand and thus there was cheating but it was fair, it was there right to get the shoes back. 
Aananya winked at me and I smiled at her.
The wedding was almost over, many people had already left. It was already very late but my mom did not give a damn about the time or me, for her Montu was the real son. 
Even Aananya had not left yet but her aunt had already. She was standing just opposite to me. 
Finally the wedding got over and everyone was departing. I asked my mom what to do now but she said she had to wait for one more hour but asked me to leave.
While I was about to leave I saw Aananya, she was looking worried. I wanted to ask her what happened. But she only approached me.
“Can you drop me?” she asked.
“Umm…why did you not go with your aunt?” I questioned.
“If you don’t want to drop its fine because aunty was not feeling well…and the driver is not willing to come at this time and the only person I know right now is you…,” she started yelling at me.
“I should have not asked you…ok…I will drop you…I don’t have any problem in dropping you…,” I replied.
“Yes, you always need to be sarcastic…and speak what is not required…like always..,” she taunted.
“Obviously…,” I remarked.
I brought the car as she was already waiting outside.
“Let me drive…,” she said.
“Fine…here take the keys…I don’t want to argue…,” I replied but with a sarcasm.
We sat down and we did not talk for a few minutes. It was awkward but we both could not help it. We both were trying to cope up and act normal but no we were not able to at all.
“I still love you Kanish…,” a small voice raised, it was not that audible but yet I was able to hear it.
I did not know what to react, I also wanted to say the same but circumstances would never allow me.
“But are you in love with me?” I asked. I knew she would not like it but I did not want this talk to go on, let her hate me for this but this is the thing only I can do.
“I think you know about it…I don’t need to repeat it,” she answered.
“Aananya, I am sorry but I cannot help it…,” after a pause I replied.
“Why not me but Anusha…,” she contended.
“I don’t know…,” I said but now I slowly I was losing all my patience and strength to handle this situation. 
“Ah, the same you trying to run away from things...just because she is of your caste and a doctor…?” she said and thus her temper was increasing and soon it would burst out.
“No, it is not that baby, I still love you but you know I cannot promise you anything,” I told her.
“You can promise Anusha, the same thing but not me? The thing was about commitment right? And you are ready to get married to her? What about the eight and half years of liking and five and half years of love mean to you? For me ‘you’ meant ‘everything’…,” she said while her face was turning red.
“I haven’t promised Anusha anything, we are not getting married and even she is not serious. And I never said that I did not love you but I am sorry, I am really sorry because I just can’t stop loving you and make thing work. Anusha is, was, and will never be an option. The only thing is she will be able to cope up staying in Kolkata and working there but you might not be able to…,” I said.
“You said Anusha will never be an option and still you are comparing mine and her compatibility…why would I not be jealous now? It is fine I don’t want to talk about it; few things should remain the way they are…The only problem with you is you never think or act, it is always you who is correct…,” she bellowed.
I wish at that time I could tell her the truth but no I did not. I had promised my dad, he was my dad and I did not want to break his trust.
“Aananya, try to understand I know you love me and I love you but things what we want we usually don’t get it. I told you I don’t want to give you any fake or false promises, my parents they will never understand and you said move on. So, Aananya move on…I am really sorry…but I also want us to be together but all the time I would be faking it…,” I told her with full regrets.
“You will be faking it and I am faking it, trying to cope up and be normal. I am fine, just sometimes I get drowned by the beautiful memories we had and the love we shared. Aananya will move on Kanish…,” she said.
I kept quiet after that I wanted to ask about Ridhwaan but I did not. When Aananya gets emotional she speaks all nonsense. I wanted to give her some time because the way she was feeling I was also feeling the same. I wanted to grab her and say,” I love you and I will marry you.” 
For a moment I thought I should forget about my father and go back to her but what would be the use? It would be like me playing with her feelings. Later on it might be more difficult to be separated but it was better off now. Time will heal everything, I hope. I want Aananya to be happy and I know she is not an emotional full like me who would not be able to handle herself, brave is what defines her.
“Stop crying now, here take a tissue..,” Aananya said.
I had not noticed but a drop of tear had already fallen down. 
“Thanks,” I said.
“I am fine Kanish, no need to worry, I wanted to ask few things and I did. It does not take much time to recover. Thank you for letting me drive, I have reached. I will try to be friends with you. And don’t be sorry until you really feel it…,” she replied, gave me the car keys and left.
Aananya was hurt but so was Kanish. But there was nothing I could ever do, my hands were locked and the keys seemed nowhere to be found. Without her the days were turning cold and nights hotter. My body was like a hollow shell and she was the pearl of my soul. How could I not want her and she also wanted me badly. The last thing she said was again a false statement, Aananya you might not take much time to recover or even try not to be friends with me but I will always worry about you. 

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