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What’s the break up story? Chapter 15 Page 6
Lovely  Chapter 3,
 It was  a nicely  written chapter , now we got a little  insight to his  life  and love.  True sometimes it is easier to share  things with a perfect  stranger.  I  can see that  he really  is confused in himself...not sure  what he wants all  part of growing up I guess.  Great  progress  keep it up.  Looking forward to  chapter  4 .  Keep writing!
(15-05-2014, 04:50 PM)Vinnie R Wrote: Lovely  Chapter 3,
 It was  a nicely  written chapter , now we got a little  insight to his  life  and love.  True sometimes it is easier to share  things with a perfect  stranger.  I  can see that  he really  is confused in himself...not sure  what he wants all  part of growing up I guess.  Great  progress  keep it up.  Looking forward to  chapter  4 .  Keep writing!
Hello vinnie,
Thanks for reading and reviewing, the writer of this story is so happy reading your review Smile n wanted to thank u for liking it
keep reading n reviewing ..
next week on sunday ill post chapter 4 Smile
Hello every One 

Here is Chapter 4 for you all

Please Note - I did not write this story, I m sharing some one else's story with u all, (the writer is a bit shy to share it on her own name so i m sharing it with u all) so please read and review Smile 

I and Anusha decided to meet up again the following day. I did not want to meet her but eventually she insisted me. As decided we were meeting at Magic Beans, the same time. I reached there and for the first time I looked at Anusha clearly and she was looking beautiful may be she was beautiful.
“Hello”, I said.
“Hi, Kanish. Let’s just go and sit …I want to know about it…,” she implied.
“Like what? You are enjoying it …It’s a break up story and not a love story,” I objected.
“Yes…but I want to know. You relate so much to the male protagonist of all Nicholas Sparks book. I meant you are so romantic and you loved her right and I don’t but it feels like I have known you both beforehand. I want to know just…Will you tell,” she elaborated.
“If you insist I would but the thing is I don’t want to remember about it anymore because it was my mistake and bad things once gone are better off gone,” I said.
“But once you share it to someone you feel better,” she replied.
“You are right. Aananya and I were very happy together, life was just beautiful with her. It did not matter whether the world did not know your name, it did not matter whether people would talk about us and it did not matter anymore because we were in love, too much in love. I loved her but I don’t know what happened between us. Everything fades away…” I told her.
“So what happened that you broke up?” she asked.
“I don’t know and I will never also …It was a mutual decision I guess. It was I guess during the completion of our final 4 and half years of MBBS, things did not go our way. Before internship she had gone back to her home as there was her cousin’s marriage and after that she changed. Everything changed about her the way she acted, the way we talked and the intimacy between us also changed. I used to not even get a single call from her and every plan I would make she would cancel it. I thought she might be exhausted and stressed out due to the heavy work schedule but then it was not that…”
“Maybe she was scared of commitment” Anusha bumped in from nowhere.
“Anyways, I decided I needed to talk to her. I knew she hated it too but I thought she might have any reason for that. I went and confronted her. She did not open but then after I insisted she agreed. She told me that her mother made her meet a boy and she first disagreed but then she eventually added him in facebook and they even talk. Imagine, my girlfriend telling me that she met a boy and she has even added him in facebook and all the time I was a fool thinking about her. I was so irritated. Even I replied to her, “So you can carry the conversation and go ahead with him. I am none right?” 
“Aananya knew that I would have responded the same. But she did not utter a word at that time. I even kept quiet. After few minutes she just said,”But I love you and I am also in love with you.” Those simple words just changed everything what was I thinking and what I had just said. After that I just smiled. Aananya said she was sorry but they were just good friends and nothing else. The reason she was not talking to me because she did not have guts to face me and even I did not try to enquire about it much,” I concluded
“What was the boy’s name? By the way,” Anusha bugged.
“I guess it is not your concern. But he was a doctor and did his medical studies from AIMS (Delhi) and had completed his internship just. I guess his name was Ridhwaan. I don’t know. Ya let me continue after that day everything was fine and we were normal. But then I was not sure though, insecure, to be honest. It was during the last two months left with us. I had nothing planned but Aananya always had a calculative mind. She had decided everything for her life and knew what step she needed next. I was on the other hand a careless person. One day she called me and said she needed to meet me I did not know what it was for so like casual I went and asked her why she wanted to meet. I still remember the conversation so well. Aananya just said that day, “nothing just for some serious decision making.” And thus I knew it was something big.
“We needed to face it Ansh. We have only two months left what’s after that?”  Aananya questioned me.
“I don’t mind for a long distance relationship. I love you right is that not enough? We can manage things, I swear I would not even look at a girl,” I replied.
“After love comes commitment, love. What about that? I just want you say you would marry me that’s it. Nothing else just a word from you would make me happy,” Aananya begged.
“You never wanted to get married  ...and why now? You always wanted to have a stable career and then what is the big deal we will be happy right?” I protested.
Anusha was listening very carefully. I again had a glance at her and she looked beautiful.
“After that Aananya did not tell anything to me. I was not sure either what to say to Aan. I knew this conversation would happen one day and things would turn sour.”
“After that she did not say anything like anything?” Anusha enquired.
“Yes she did reply. She said she did not want to marry but she wanted a word from me and I was scared of what she asked for. How could I commit to her when I knew I could not fulfill the commitment? I tried to explain her but in vain,” I explained.
“So it is that she did not listen to you or you did not try to listen to her?” Anusha asked.
“Both. I guess. “
I remember telling her,”Why do you want commitment Aananya?”
“I want to be with you and you are the one who makes me happy. If you commit then I would be sure that we would get married. I am ready for commitment; I promise I would talk to my mom about this. Shanaya di knows about it and she is fine with it. Talking to mom I would have to convince Rajat but I promise I would try …I love you Kanish,” Aananya had replied.
“Last time you tried even mentioning about me you, your mom made you meet a boy and now if you go and tell her about me then I hope to see you married,” I told her.
“Was it true …?”Anusha bumped in.
“Yes it was true. I knew Aananya could never imagine even mentioning about me too her parents. Shanaya was her sister and she loved her a lot and thus Shanaya had no other choice then agreeing to her. But she liked me too…but the big problem was Rajat her elder brother he would have not agreed to her anyways not at all…he was so damn over protective about her, more than I was and I never liked him. If she tried convincing Rajat it would be like conquering a world war. Her family problems were not enough but there were mine too. Once I even tried telling them that I liked someone else from our caste and the next day my parents asked me to stay back in Kolkata after my studies and work there, whereas I wanted to go to America for my masters. And I completely decided not to mention about that. I wanted to go to USA anyhow and I could not afford anything like that,” I answered.
“Were you not being selfish?”
“I don’t think so. After that I just told Aananya I needed to think about it but I was happy deep inside because why to carry on this relationship further more when it had no hope at all in the near future? Why to even give her commitment when she was not ready to get married so soon and so was I. I never could imagine myself getting married so soon and having kids too, giving commitment meant getting hitched as soon as possible…”
“I still remember Aananya had replied, “Five and a half years of relationship and you still want to think you want me or not? Are you scared of committing to me? Well I also don’t want to get married but I want you to go back and talk to your parents, what if they agree. I will also try because I am so much in love with you…”
Anusha asked with a mixed feeling, “So why did you not want to commit to her?”
“It was not that I did not love her…I did not want to give her any kind of false hopes, I knew I could not utter a word to my parents. Last time when I denied doing engineering my father did not talk to me for a month …and the day I was leaving for Malaysia he talked to me finally. I cannot afford that, all my life what I am and what I would be is because of my dad, he was none and nobody thought he would be and if I tell him that I love girl who is not of my caste and who is indirectly my aunt then he would not talk to me for the rest of my life. He would think that I did medical because of her and now if I am planning to go to America it’s because of her influence and they would think all bad about Aananya and what about our family relationship ?”, I replied.
“I thought you were like the jerks that make girls fall in love with them and when it comes to marrying they forget that the girl who now loved them even exists…” Anusha replied.
“I told you, you don’t know me yet..,” I taunted Anusha.
“I want to know what happened after that what you told her.”
“I am telling you love is not enough, why don’t you understand your brother does not like me and you will try, you even cannot decide what you like and you totally depend on others and you can’t imagine being your father hurt and so what is the use? You know they won’t agree and even if I try and convince my parents then I don’t think they would agree, Aananya. Baby, I cannot try, I am sorry…,” I told Aananya that.
“Did she know about your father and what had happened…,” Anusha asked.
“No. I did not because the time I told her that I had chose medical for her and I wanted be an engineer, the guilt in her lasted for days and she used to say sorry for me and even thought she was the reason why I could not follow my dream. If I had mentioned about what happened between my father and me she would not even talk to me. She regrets a lot and has guilt over every small mistake she does,” I explained.
“Then what can you imagine would happen obviously she lost her temper and it was fine because I was rude. She did not want to talk to me and neither did I not want to explain her why I could not commit to her, yes I was scared of marriage and very much. I wanted to give her all the luxuries she wanted, I wanted her not to regret that she got married soon and I wanted the ambition never to die in her. Her happiness was everything that I wanted but she would not be happy if she would get married to me all time she would have to face humiliation from my parent’s side…just because she was not of our caste. 
Aananya had always known this fact that I was a Marwari and how orthodox my parents were. She also knew that after marriage she would not even be allowed to have the freedom she always had. It would be difficult for her to cope because except her interest in studies she always wished for new pair of heels every month, exotic vacations and extravagant food and wine. How much her parents were strict with her but they never restricted her to do anything in her life; they allowed her to wear clothes what she liked, fulfill all her demands and enjoy her life to the fullest. But I knew Aananya would never be able to lead such a life after marriage. She wanted commitment but I wanted her happiness.”
“Are you really sure what was the reason for your break up?”Anusha taunted.
“For me I always had a big problem of getting married and giving commitment to her meant marrying. She thought they if they would agree about the marriage it would take time but no she ever tried to understand that they wanted to get me married after I return back, this thing I had mentioned to her zillion of times but no it was her will all the time. Not only commitment it was our families too we loved them a lot and I knew it would be the most difficult thing to convince our parents and yes I did care for her because all the time it would be who would be blamed, from my parents and from her too. I never would want her to change at least for me and neither I wanted to have kids at the age of 24-25,” I replied Anusha.
“So after that what happened, you broke up?”
“No. We fought and fought that whole day and did not have any conclusion she needed one thing commitment and I could not. I tried explaining her and she did understand but then her heart always wanted me. So we decided we should just cut down talking and even meeting, she said that when she thought it was the right time to talk she would inform me . After 3 weeks she texted me that she needed to talk to me and thus I had already decided I had to break up with her...”
“So did you meet her that day?”
“Yes. We met that day. I told Aananya,” So what do we want?”
“I want us. Kanish I still want you to try and if they agree we can convince them we would not get married not may be after 2-3 years. I promise you the day I go back I will talk to my parents about you but only if you say you would marry me unless your approval I cannot talk to them…,” Aananya had replied.
“I knew Aan would do anything to work this thing, she would even try to convince her parents although she knew they would never want me. I did not want to say he no because she was trying a lot but it was me.”
I just said, “Don’t know.”
“Not I then your parents would try to meet you few girls after you go and then if it is that so you can tell them about us,” Aananya said. She still was hoping for something good.
“The only difference would be they all would be Marwari and I would easily convince them about going to America after meeting a few girls. But if they know about you they would not even allow to me go anywhere and rather like an emotional fool they would get me married next year and have kids the next to next year,” I explained Aananya.
“So why not getting married to me?  If you tell them about me what if they agree and we would get married right. I don’t mind now I just want us to be together…,” Aananya confronted me.
“You know today I met Mayank and he got married like 2 years back and already has a kid. He now is regretting getting married because he thinks he and his wife are totally immature and are not able to cope up with all the responsibilities. And I am thinking the same would happen to me and you are also encouraging. I never want to get married I want to be stable first in life and then think of getting married. Do you want to get married at 23 and have kids at 25 what about your career?” I bashed at her.
“So you want to be with me or not? I even don’t know Kanish what to expect and what to not because I can’t force you and if you don’t want to try its fine, I can understand.”
“Actually Aananya I love you a lot, but I can’t promise you anything. I don’t want to give you false hope either. I don’t want to be like those boys who would promise you and then leave you. I want you to be happy and I know it would not be possible. You know I won’t be able to convince my parents and thus I don’t want you to regret...”
“Aananya did not say anything after that. She was quiet and I knew deep down even broken from inside. After few minutes she came close to me and hugged me and whispered me,” I love you too Kanish but I guess we should break up. You were correct if you would not keep the promise I would have been more hurt. I would also think of you as those jerks that use girls and then just throw them. But I know you are not that kind of person and I don’t even want you to be one. And one thing more Kanish, promise yourself that you won’t call me and try to even make any kind of communication with me because I might again fall madly,deeply,mentally,truly,totally,spiritually,psychologically,socially in love with you again…,” she told me that and ended everything.
After that Anusha and I, we both kept quiet I did not want to say anything. I had even not shared about my break up to the closest friend I had but today when I spoke about it I felt so weird. It felt as if the thing I was running from all the time came back to reality.
“I don’t know Kanish but I think you were right but I am even feeling bad for both of you. You guys really loved each other…but I guess things never go our way…but you still love her…?” Anusha asked.
“Eight years till now, every day I wake up I always blame myself for everything and just wish that everything could be fine the way it was. But we both have moved on, at least Aananya…,” I told.
“Hmm…Kanish lets be friends at least and by the way I will tell no for marriage. But I guess there is so much similar between us. I want you to go to America and pursue your dream…,” she replied.
“Anusha I like you but nothing more than a friend. Thank you I thought you would agree about marriage. I don’t want to get married but e can still catch up…what’s your plan?” I enquired.
“Umm…I have got a job at Hinduja hospital in Mumbai basically my uncle who is a doctor also wanted me to assist him so. It’s just for six months. I will be leaving next month. Help me no for shopping tomorrow? I know you are free…” 
“I don’t know, I hate shopping but ok its fine. What time then?”
“I will text you don’t worry I will not fall in love with you…and yes about marriage I will convince my parents and make my mom call your mom.”
“Ok…let’s go now and by the way I don’t fall easily in love at least for two years…”
“Ya. Let’s move.”
After today I would never ever want to even share my break up story with anyone else. I finally faced it and I am happy very happy that I at least shared it with someone. Finally I could pour my emotions and I felt good.

Next chapter will be posted on Wednesday  21/5 Smile
Hello  So i finally  read chapter  4. Again  i am confused as  to what this  guy  wants... he  wants a gf but no commitment. He claims  he loves /loved her but  was afraid to get married to her. Then that was not love , because love is  fear of  loosing the person .
 He knew  that in his  community  tradition  it is  the norm for  them to get married  early, he accepted that. So instead of saying alright I  will try  with some one I  like and  I  will  refuse her, obviously she was  starting to get pressure form her parents and expected him to step up and say  I will  marry  you.
 He ran from that, went home a few months later and said   "OK I will marry   a girl you chose  but of my  choice, only  if you agree fro me to go to the us otherwise  I will stay  here as I don't want to do medical dose that even make sense???
 It is  confusing to me...Why  not come out and say  MOM DAD  I do not want to get married   don't even  try....
(18-05-2014, 06:17 PM)Vinnie R Wrote: Hello  So i finally  read chapter  4. Again  i am confused as  to what this  guy  wants... he  wants a gf but no commitment. He claims  he loves /loved her but  was afraid to get married to her. Then that was not love , because love is  fear of  loosing the person .
 He knew  that in his  community  tradition  it is  the norm for  them to get married  early, he accepted that. So instead of saying alright I  will try  with some one I  like and  I  will  refuse her, obviously she was  starting to get pressure form her parents and expected him to step up and say  I will  marry  you.
 He ran from that, went home a few months later and said   "OK I will marry   a girl you chose  but of my  choice, only  if you agree fro me to go to the us otherwise  I will stay  here as I don't want to do medical dose that even make sense???
 It is  confusing to me...Why  not come out and say  MOM DAD  I do not want to get married   don't even  try....

Hello vinnie

Thanks for the review, hope things will be clear soon
wait for the story to unfold ...the writer is happy to read your comments and appreciates it that u also read and review, she says this really makes her write more n more ... so she thanks u for that Smile
About the hero , well let's wait n read
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hello every one 
here is Wednesday again 
sharing with u the next chapter
**please note its not mine story, my friend wrote it and she would love to hear your views and comments

After that, I decided to stop thinking about Aananya. I guess the more I thought I about her, the more I would take time to forget her. While talking to her she was normal so why I can’t try? May be she was in my hands but never in my fate…
“Damn, I am tired I need to take some rest,” I exclaimed.
Suddenly when I was going to sleep I heard someone calling me up. I went to the living room and it would be no one else then my mom.
“Mom what happened, why the hell are you yelling?” I asked.
“Kanish I know it, you told Anusha to cancel this marriage. May be you have talked non sense and rubbish that is why her mother called up and said Anusha was not interested in you,” my mom yelled at me.
“Mom, Anusha we bonded very well but she told me that she had to wait for two years and now wants to concentrate on her career so may be mom. Leave it na…” I explained.
“Leave it? Oh please you are the best and they also know that. They know you always topped and even won best student award. They can never deserve you but your aunt she insisted so. I will talk to them; you bonded well so I know you like her, no need to feel shy. I will talk; at least you can get engaged now marry after two years Na…” She replied.
“Mom no. If they are not agreeing why the hell are you going after them? “I replied angrily.
I decided not to speak after that she also kept quiet but I knew she would gain insist. Later that day when I had first met Anusha I had already informed my mom that she would be the last one I would be meeting and so may be my mom is trying to hook up her with me. 
“Beta, main kahaan shadi ke liye bol rahi hoon ? After two month’s sagayee karoo and then do saal k baad shadi. I know you also want to further studies but ….I will talk to them,” she bumped in.
I was so pissed off what she just said. I kept quiet and thought for a second.
“Mom they canceled the marriage and you want to go on and request them. That would be so damn insulting. Think about it,” I replied. I knew what actually I had to say.
“Ya, you are right. I will not talk to them and even about your marriage…I am busy you can also go now,” she replied.
“Ok mom I am going to sleep and don’t take tension when I would really want to marry I would inform you.”
The next day
I got a call from Anusha the next day and asked me whether I got to know about her canceling the marriage. She wanted to meet me as she was confused what to take and what not to. She asked me to join her for shopping; I was bored thus eventually I decided to go out with her.
We met at the infinity mall which was nearby. I looked at her and she was looking beautiful, the way she was smiling and approaching towards me made her look more beautiful. She was totally different from what Aananya looked, Aananya never wore traditional clothes and always used to dress casually with shorts and tees but Anusha she I guess preferred kurti and she even looked very beautiful wearing them.
“Hello, Kanish. I am glad you made it…,” she greeted me whereas I could see how happy she was seeing me with her. Her hair was coming on her face and she was tying her hair and her facial expressions made her look more beautiful…I was completely drowned seeing her...
“Kanish, you listening?”
“Huh…ya sorry…Anyways hello and no need to be glad you are my friend and you already have done a lot for me so …,” I told her.
“No it is fine neither I wanted to get married so soon. So my half shopping like the necessities and daily things are done, what more would be needed?” she asked.
“Ya if you are done with them you won’t need anything I guess…so what is the plan now?” I replied.
“Umm ya let’s just talk I mean I love Chinese let’s go to Chinese room?”
“Ya …ok I also like Chinese…,” I replied.
While we were going to the restaurant I saw her murmuring few things, it was like she was talking to herself. I was not listening to her and was just walking when suddenly she said Ridhwaan. I don’t know why the hell she is talking about him. I needed to ask her.
“Anusha how do you know Ridhwaan…?” I asked.
“What…Ridhwaan…you know I love Chinese …,” she changed the topic.
“Anusha please explain,” I taunted her.
“Kanish, please don’t mind. But let us go and talk about it when we reach there…” she replied with a smile.
Within a two more minutes of walk we reached Chinese room. We sat there, but I had no more patience I wanted to know about him and how was he connected to her.
“So now can you tell me,” I yelled.
“Umm…Ridhwaan is my cousin. Actually Kanish I did not know you were talking about him actually. Yes, he studied in Delhi (AIMS) and he is very bright student. He is my aunt I mean my mother’s sister’s son and we bond very well so yesterday he called me up and said he met a girl when he had gone for a trip to Nepal. He said she did not talk to her first but now she is bonding very well….and soon…nothing,” she elaborated.
“Nothing?…I don’t have a problem with whom she is meeting because if she is happy then I don’t have the right anymore to be the reason of her happiness…and I know he also likes her and soon he would even propose her right ?” I replied her back.
“I have already decided to move on now and it is fine. If she is happy, I should also be happy for her and now as he is your cousin I need not worry about her…,” I asserted.
“I am happy to know that you have moved on so fast …I thought you might have felt bad…,” she assured me while playing with the phone in her hand.
She was right, I was feeling bad. So hurt at that time when I got to know about Aananya, I did not want to say Anusha I was feeling bad, very bad but I could not even stop my feelings at that time. I wanted to know about it and why so soon. Was Aananya really over me or was it me who was to be blamed? I guess it was my decision, my mistakes, my ego, my commitment problem and me to have a good woman like you to walk out my life. It’s too late to now even clean up the mess I have made and yes it does bother and haunt me every time I try to close my eyes. My baby is happy, happy that is what she wanted, but it isn’t me who is making her happy. I always want you to know I am sorry, but now it’s late because the flowers again have started to bloom in your life and I don’t want to destroy them. I just wish he buys you flowers every day, holds your hand, gives you all his hours when he has the chance because I know you love dancing…I wish he loves you , like I used to.
“Kanish…I have ordered hope you are fine…,” Anusha bumped in and woke me up from my dreams.
“Ya okay…,” I answered back.
“Hmm…I guess you are not…it take times I know…,” Anusha added.
“Ya…I am what are your plans as in after going to Mumbai?” I asked to change the topic.
“Nothing much just I would be assisting my uncle who is Ridhwaan’s father and nothing much. He lives in Mumbai too and so he is back, but soon would be trying for abroad studies. He says he is attending Aananya’s cousin brother’s wedding and he would go back to Delhi for some work. I guess Aananya is also in Mumbai. Anyways one month I am here only, let’s meet daily na and we can even have the free time being spent easily…” she concluded.
“Umm…ok so you had no let’s go actually I am not feeling well..,” I said.
I wanted to go from there, I was feeling suffocated there. I was already on a shock and did not want my mood to be spoiled further. So we left as soon as possible. As earlier said we decided to meet daily and also may be Anusha could be a distraction for me.

***next chapter will be shared here next week Sunday 25/5
***Sarah - em still waiting 2 hear from uLOL
Hello All..

Here is the next chapter of the story, last chapter got No review, Well b4 reading,.please note... may b this chapter will make u angrier about his actions/behavior  but it will get better Smile,that's what the writer has to say to me when I complainsmile
next chapter will be posted on Wednesday 28/5
please read and review


The same evening

I could still not get over the fact of Aananya was meeting some other boy and getting hooked up. She was the best thing ever happened to me. How could she ever not think about me , how could she forget we had been together for almost six years excluding two years of infatuation, and it took her just five minutes to forget everything. Was it so easy? Did she never love me? Was it just a dream? …Because I am still unable to move on and love…I fall in love with her even harder every day and yes it was a dream for me, the sweetest of all.
I was restless and I wanted to ask her so many things. Many things were just playing on my mind. I loved her so so much and it was immense and pure ….why?
“Should I call her?” I thought but I guess she was the one who had said not to call her or even try to make any kind of contact. Let’s check her facebook profile then. Yes, it is the same the way I imagined it to be. Every picture of hers and everything she posted was liked by him; it even contained his stupid comments and it was vice versa. 
I could not take it anymore. I needed to talk to her …I wanted an answer…
I dialed her number but cancelled all the time, but finally at last I did it. After few seconds she even picked it up…
“Hello, Aananya,” I greeted her nervously…it felt like as if I was getting the answer sheet of the exam which I had spoiled. I was feeling scared and nervous…very nervous actually.
“Umm…Kanish,” she replied and again her voice which I fell in love with. For a moment I forgot I was angry at her. 
“Ya…I need to talk to you…it is important and you have to listen..,” I urged.
“Kanish …what happened…I am not sure whether it would be a great idea…I mean we both talking..,” she calmly replied.
But I guess I had already lost my patience and what pinched me the most was her disapproval towards talking to me.
I rudely answered back,” so now you don’t even want to talk to me?”
She kept quiet for one second.
“Kanish, why do you always misunderstand me always? I said it because our one talk might lead us to same things, it is me who would fall for you again…,” she said.
“Oh…really? I don’t think you even loved me…and yes I have always misunderstood you…”
“Kanish, I don’t want to fight anymore with you because we have nothing much to fight for…,” she asserted.
“I know Aan…but I want to ask you one thing…do you love him?” I said.
“I don’t know …I have moved on but I am unable to forget you…he is the reason why I am being able to forget you…,”she told.
“How do you know I was talking about Ridhwaan?” I asked.
“Because he is the only other boy right now in my life and I don’t even want to know how you knew about him… Ansh, I am trying to move on and now please don’t try to stop me. I have already suffered a lot and now I don’t want to anymore…I know you must have freaked after knowing about Ridhwaan and it is fine completely because you love me…and if it would have been me in your place I would have also called you up and ask for a justification …I want you to move on…,” she concluded but I did notice her voice which was full of pain.
“Aananya, I cannot. I tried but I miss you, very much…,” I replied and now even my voice was shaking, I could not take it anymore…the pain which I had been hiding all this time could not be controlled. She was so calm and composed, the Aananya I knew was very sensitive she never was this…may be I made her this way, sorry baby.
“Kanish…don’t cry…you said you loved me right but why did you leave me then?” she asked with a broken heart.
“Aananya, I needed to…you were right I should have not talked to you…tu cheese badi hai mast mast…sorry but I don’t where this came from…but you were always right…I guess it was me who never realized how much you loved me…and even now I know I can make things work but I won’t…,”I replied.
“You, know Kanish if you want to even try I would not let you because what was the most painful thing all this time was being so close and having so much to share and watching you walk away…,” she said with a sad voice.
“I know Aananya …I am happy for you, I just cannot talk to you anymore because I love you and I might again fall in love with you, and it would be more painful…for both of us because I know you also have fallen for me again…,” I said though I did not want to even utter a word right now.

“You know Ansh; I love you for this, because you know me so well. Thank you and I also want you to move on…remember life is what we make it and I want you to make your life successful…and yes don’t call me again…,” she told but I could hear her crying…she was in tears and so was I almost.
“Bye. I promise, if you are happy I am happy.”
She cut the phone and thus I guess I had nothing to say. I wanted to ask about Ridhwaan and whether she liked him or not but things shaped differently. I was sad and I knew it was never going to be fine again. I wish I could have just not let her go; life would have been more easy and simple.
After that, I made a decision that it was the last time I called her. No more of her. I was pretending to move on but now I will move on. 
“Hello, dev?” I said. I called my best friend dev. Dev and me were childhood friends. We laughed together; played together, even did our schooling together. He was I guess equally important to me as Aananya was. He was the only one who knew about Aananya, even he liked Aananya. He always used to say Aananya was best for me. His decisions and advices were very important to me because he knows me the best, a bit more than Aananya did.
“Ya…bol. Where are you yaar? We were meeting right and it has been almost a month we have not met…,” he replied.
“Kuch nahi …bas mummy tried hooking me up with a girl…and finally got over that thing …,”I responded.
“So, you cancelled that too? Was she beautiful?” he eagerly asked.
“Ya, I told you I don’t want to marry so soon and by the way why do you care if she was beautiful or not? I told you I got over it…,” I sarcastically replied him.
“Toh…call kyun kiya? Anything important…we can meet and talk,” he said.
“Hmm…it is about Aananya…,” 
 I told him each and everything what happened from the start about Aananya calling me and how I met Anusha. I also mentioned him about Anusha who was warm and beautiful. I even explained him the talk I just had with Aananya and the reason why I needed to move on. I asked him to advice me what should I do.
“Move on…,” he exclaimed.
“I know right but how?” I asked.
“I don’t know…you can try to focus more about your career? Join some hospitals for work experience and then try for America…,” he advised.
“Ya…I can do that. It would make me bys also…but at the end of the day I will remember Aananya, no?” I told.
“Hmm…if she is getting along with Ridhwaan to forget you then you can get along with Anusha …,”he said.
“But Anusha is a nice person and I don’t want to hurt her. What if I really fall for her and she falls for me?”I don’t want that to happen, and yes I cannot give commitment to her also and then what Aananya would think?” 
“That is the problem with you, you still care what Aananya would think. I told you to move on and if you want to move then you need to keep away your mind from Aananya. Find a job, go on a trip all alone or start thinking about Anusha..,” he replied.
“Umm…why Anusha? I don’t know but she is nice and don’t tell me you are thinking of making Aananya jealous, I don’t want to get her back. If I wanted her then I would have never left her…”
“Yaar kya ladkiyon jese baat karta hai. Why to make her jealous…If you are not going to even think about her. See Anusha is pretty, smart, beautiful and even your mother’s choice and even if you date her, your family would have no problem. She is a doctor and she also does not want to get married…so think? You can meet her and be good friends and if you don’t want to date then you just hang out with her. She would not even have problem in future because she already knows about you and Aananya. Just tell her to be your friend and she is going after a month so you can chill with her and us. And tab tak you can try for a job also?” he suggested.
“Hmm…yaar ok …well what you said is correct…I can do that …”
“OK…Kanish; I gotta go…talk to you later”

After thinking a lot about what Dev just suggested I decided I should really meet and talk to Anusha. What he said was right…may be we could be just friends and later it would not even hurt. But, I would clarify these things to Anusha. Should I call her? No I will just text her.
“Let us meet tomorrow, movies?” I texted her. 
“Ok  “was her reply.
I am I guess looking forward for a new beginning. But I would first make Anusha realize what actually I want. 
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I  am  still not understanding  what is  this guy's  problem.  He loves  Anyanya...his parents  are pressuting him to get married,   she still loves  him... I  don't see his parents  having a problem  with  her.... So  why  is he  tourturing himself    and  not just  saying OK   I  made a mistake give me a  second  chance  and  make it up to her.
  She is  not  married to the other guy  yet and  it is because of his  stupidity  she went there any ways...
    Well  lets see how it unfolds.  keep writing.
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The next day at movies

“Damn, I am late…Anusha might be angry..,” I exclaimed. I was just hoping Anusha would not kill me for being late. I could see from far away, I thought she would be furious but then she was smiling at me. Her smile was beautiful and it added more beauty to her pretty face. But today she was looking different also, her new western look did suit her but I like her when she wears traditional clothes.
“Why are you smiling?” I eagerly asked with a smile.
“Umm..Let’s go..We are late…,”she answered again with a smile but this time it felt like she was hiding something from me.
We proceeded towards the hall. I always preferred English movies that also science fiction, but moreover I was fond of reading books. But hopefully it was Amazing Spiderman 2 the movie I had waited for long to release.
There were still a few minutes before the movie had to start. I wanted to know why she was smiling, was I looking like a fool or was she angry. What the hell was happening? 
“Anusha” I called out her name.
“Ya…Kanish… What happened?” she asked and her beautiful hazel eyes staring at me.
“Why did you smile…?” I finally asked her…at least I would not have any kind of doubts and confusion left.
“Actually, I had just arrived a few minutes earlier than you and your facial expressions were as if you were scared of me for being late…honestly, I am very lazy and not at all punctual..,” with  smile on her face she replied.
“Ya, perhaps we are similar in most of the terms…I am also very lazy and when I need to go out, I regret why I made the plan…,”I concluded.
She was so similar to me. Every bit of her matched to me. Her likings and disliking were similar to mine. But on the other hand Aananya was never of my type, she would hate when someone would not reach on time and then punctuality was the thing I hated about her the most. If I used to be late for anything, she would be very angry, for her time was as important as her family. Why do I always start thinking about her? May be I was too much into her!
“Kanish, hey the movie has started…,” Anusha bumped into my thoughts and I woke up from the same dream I always see, Aananya.
After the movies, at the neighborhood café

“So, the movie was good? Anusha asked.
“Ya, I don’t like watching movies much…I only prefer sci-fi …but I love reading books..,” I stated the truth.
“How can we be so similar? I prefer books and sci-fi…I go out to watch movies very rarely…and I watch few English movies…,” she replied.
I thought may be she was lying to me or trying to match up things with me. How can we be so similar in taste…like how?
“May be a coincidence then?” faking a smile I said.
“Umm, may be… I need to talk to you..,” she replied.
I really hate when someone says “I need to talk to you”; it makes me feel like I have committed a big mistake. The whole sentence leads to intensive talk and then I always try to run away from such talks.
“I am sorry Kanish, but I wanted to talk about it before hand, but I could not. I agreed meeting you because I had to move on…and I thought may be meeting you I would have forgotten my ex-bf, Samar. But then when you said you did not want to marry and about Aananya, I had already decided to not take our meetings and talks further. Honestly, I was also planning to say no to you because I wanted to work out things with Samar, but then he never wanted me back so I decided to meet you. After meeting you, I found you were a nice person and I wanted to meet you more often not because I liked you but I wanted to move on. You would help me so, I did not want to hurt you but I thought we could be friends…,” she informed.
I don’t know but again, I was planning of saying her truth but then she confronted before me. I was not in a shock but then I was happy because I would not have any trouble to explain her same thing. I would not like to tell her a lie, if she told me the truth, I can also tell her mine.
“Anusha, I also needed to tell you something. Actually after yesterday I thought of not meting you…but yesterday after knowing Aananya had moved on, I lost my mind. I also wanted but you know I was on the same track where I had left her. Every day I used to wake up, I used to remember her smile which would brighten up my day and every night I used to sleep I used to again remember that smile which would always end up day. But I forgot they were no more in my life. I could not think anything else, all the time it was Aananya on my mind and heart playing the strings of my life. I had to move on Anusha but meeting you was never a choice, it happened unwillingly. I never wanted Aananya out of mind but after sharing you my story I wanted to move on. The reason I called you today was I wanted to spend more time with you, so I could forget Aananya. I could have not ….,” I spoke my heart out. I am happy now, at least we I will not have any guilty feeling and I hope this would lead to a better friendship.
“You know Kanish, I am glad we both shared our feelings, else we would have regretted. I met you because I wanted to forget Samar but I never thought we would carry our friendship along because you wanted to forget Aananya, I thought you had already moved on. But I hope we don’t fall in love, let’s be friends only ..,” she replied.
“Anusha, you spoke my mind. I want us to be friends because I don’t want to fall in love in again, never ever again. I want us to be friends, do things we like and don’t care about anything. This way it would be easy to forget our lost love. It will be just friendship…from me…,” 
She smiled and did not reply. May be she also wanted that only. It was not so late, so we decided to stay for few more minutes but after that we did not talk. I think she might me feeling awkward …I was not. 
“You are right, Kanish. Even if we become friends, we can marry each other at least we can fall in love after that. I meant even if we don’t find anyone good for us, we can still have an option and we both have same dreams, but I want to live in India and we have time also…,” she bumped in.
What the hell she was thinking, marriage again? It is so not my thing. But then what she said did have sense. I thought, ya it did have sense. May be she was right.
“Ya I thought about it and you were right…so our equation will be only till friends Na?” I asked to get insurance.
“Ya…even I don’t want to fall in love and at this current moment I want to focus more on my career, once I finish this job I would like to save money and start my own clinic…” she said.
“True, I also want to focus on my career right now, and then plan my future…”
“Can you tell me about Aananya?” Anusha asked.
I was not sure whether I wanted to tell her about Aananya and why was she asking about her. I had mentioned everything to her.
“You told me about your story and from that I got to know how kind of person you are but I never got to know how she was in person…,” she again replied due to my silence may be.
“I don’t want to talk about her…let me forget her…,” I suggested her.
“Ok. If you have a problem, I wanted to know because …nothing…anyways let’s go. I have some work…,” she said again with a smile.
“Because what Anusha?” I yelled at her.
“Because Ridhwaan really likes her and they get along very well …and I wanted to know about her because Ridhwaan is my best friend…he knows about you but I have never mentioned that Aananya knows you…Ridhwaan is such a nice person and I don’t want to …you know..,” she said.
I don’t know, but obviously I was irritated like how can they get along so well and why the hell ha she already mentioned about me to her brother. Damn, I find her nice sometimes but then sometimes she acts so irrelevant.
“So, tell me how is Ridhwaan, I also want to know about him…,” I taunted her. I did not want to ask her all the stuffs which were playing on my mind…but then I was so pissed off and then I did not want to piss myself more.
“He is one kind of person that every girl would love to have in her life. He is handsome and highly intelligent, and very smart. I never bond with any other cousin of mine but Ridhwaan is very close to me and that is why we are best of friends. He is rich but then he is a scholar too, even in medical he got scholarship; he always wanted to be doctor though. But then he is never act likes nerdy guys who study day and night, but he likes travelling and partying hard. He says he is in love with his life. That is the best thing I like about him…,” she went on boasting about him.
What was she making me jealous? I know I was nerdy and was not so smart but then I was not so boring too. Was she trying to mean that Ridhwaan was best choice for Aan? But if she was talking about studies I was not bad either, I also got a scholarship and even I used to top my exams. May be he was her brother, so she needed to boast about him.
“Let’s go, Kanish…I am late..,” she called me.
“Ya…So when are we meeting next…let’s meet after few days…I have to meet my few friends too…,” I said.
“Umm…Today is Sunday, so may be next week only, I have joined this camp like free check up for underprivileged kids, so I would be busy…it is for just one day but I am really trying to make this camp a successful one so…I guess I won’t be able to give much time, I hope you are fine with this…,” she said.
“It’s fine, then next week? When are you leaving?” I asked.
“Two more weeks to go, anyways you can also join the camp?”
“I will think about it…,” I replied but to be honest I always wanted to be part of such camps, it was not that I loved children but it would help in future.

The same day

“I am interested in coming to your party, you know I am reserved kind of person, and I don’t like partying and all, woh to Aananya thi toh thora drink and parties me chala jata tha…and waisey bhi mujhey ye shor sharaba and loud places acha nahi lagta hai…,”  I told Dev. He invited me for a party at his house…I don’t even know what was the party for but then I hated going to such parties, I like peaceful places. 

“What the hell man, mujhey pata hai tu drink toh karta hai…waisey bhi yaar it is a small party…zada log nahi hoongey…yaar phir Karthik, Sarthak bhi toh aar rahe hai…abbey Aananya had changed you, you always used to be happy and jab Kolkata aata that toh party karta hey tha…abhi kya hua tujhey, champa?,” he replied sarcastically…as if I cared.
“Yaar tu kyun har baaar Aananya ko kyun le aata hai? Aur small party? And tujhey kya lagta my world revolved around Aananya only? Ya she had changed me but I was in love with her, so I always wanted to her to be happy and if you she was happy seeing change in me, it was always enough…I was in love Dev but now the love is fading away…Dev try and understand…,” I first yelled and then confronted him. Why does it come back to square one always? Why does everything lead to her only?
“Sorry…Kanish, I thought if you would have come here it would make you feel better…I am sorry, I did not intend to hurt you…,” he apologized with a sad voice.
“No, bro it is fine …I don’t want to seriously come…sorry…,” I told him.
“May be you will enjoy and then I know it takes time, but then if you don’t give yourself a chance then don’t have guilt anymore…you did not marry her because you had something in mind…and she understood and she was fine, stop blaming I would be waiting for you..,” he again insisted me but this time I guess h was right. I had the guilt, everyone thinks I loved her but still I did not marry her, but they never knew was it was for her good only.
I said,” I will try” and hung up the phone.
I still did not want to go and meet new people. I preferred sitting alone in my room reading books. 


“Kanish, come here…,” mom called me.
“What happened?” I asked her.
“My friends are coming so I want you to stay at home…,” she informed me about this little gathering that she was going to have.
“Mom, but today is Dev’s birthday…and I gotta I won’t be able to and might even come late night…,” I lied because if I did not want those aunties and my mom to plan my wedding nether did I wanted to go to the party but it was a better option than staying with those aunties.
“But ok…go…,” she replied. I was for a moment in a shock because for the first time she did not force me to stay with her may be she finally got to know I was no more a kid.
At dev’s house

I could see how many people were there; it was a freaking crowded place. I know how much I hated these places. 
“Hi…Ansh…yaar tu kahaan tha…?,”  Karthik asked me and along with him was Sarthak. Karthik and Sarthak are my school mates. I, Dev, Karthik and Sarthak were from childhood very close friends and during childhood my life revolved around them only. But Dev and I were more close to each other. 
“Where else I would be? Here only…and so when did you come back from Delhi …,” 
“Just for weekends…tomorrow I will go…and tu baata…you here …I still cannot believe you came…,” he said as if he really cared about my presence in this party.
“Ya” I said and faked a smile.
I did not at all like that place, so many people having nothing to do…I just decided to go out to in the verandah and stay there.

I was just sitting there peacefully when someone called my name. I turned back to look, who actually was that person, it was Sarthak. Sarthak and I were in the same group but we really did not bonded well. He was close to Dev only and most of the time he used to keep quiet, while we preferred doing strange things he liked to stay out of it. We sometime used to talk and often play cricket together but nothing else was a common factor between us.
“Hi…Ansh..,” he said with a smile.
“Hi…Sarthak…long time…how is life…,” I asked.
“Ya…probably since you left…but we never were so close either…and then you are a doctor now…,” he replied.
“Yes…so how have you been? I am not sure what to talk …,” I replied but I guess he could see the awkwardness between us. I was the only one who did not bond well with him because Karthik and he did engineering together and Dev was always close to him. I never got a chance to talk to him.
“I am fine…I know it is awkward but I needed to tell you so…,” he said.
“What do you need to tell me? Why now?” I exclaimed because I was shocked that what was so important that he took out time from such a happening party for just me.
“Umm…you know Shriti right?” he asked. 
I knew who Shriti was because Dev had told me about her. She was our schoolmate and Sarthak had liked her since school times only. Dev had even mentioned that they had started dating but after that I did not know what had happened with her.
“I know her…what happened?” I said.
“I and Shriti dated for ten years and it was the same with me …I never wanted to commit to her i.e. marry her, she said she always wanted us to be together but Kanish I loved her a lot and I knew my parents would not agree for our marriage because they were orthodox and strict. I thought after getting job and when I settle I would talk about marriage but the day never came when I could talk to my parents. I thought a little more of my bachelorhood and earning money. Even she waited but then how long would she wait?” he shared.
“Umm…what happened?”
“She is no more Kanish, her whole family died in an accident. I was scared and I only thought of excuses because I did not want to marry at young age…but now it is too late. May be I could have talked to my parents about earlier and tried to convince them, they would have said no first and then again no but at the end of the day, they would have agreed because Shriti was not a bad girl. The difference between us is just that I had promised her that I would talk to my parents about you but at least you were courageous enough to say Aananya that you did not want to hurt her, you made things clear with her and thus she now is not hurt. But all the time Shriti was hurt and I gave her false hopes. I know how much u love Aananya, Dev had mentioned about you both to me…,”he said.
I did not have any words to explain what I was feeling at that moment. I was feeling sorry for him but then I was not sure what to respond.
“I am sorry, Sarthak. But I think what I did was not right…,” I told.
“What you did was fine but what you are doing is not fine, I know you still love her then don’t leave her. Remember her and all those moments you had spent with her may be you would realize how important she was. I know it would take time to make your parents understand but then they will, at least you can try…” he explained me.
“I know but they won’t understand me…they never do.” I said.
“At least you can try…”
“What if they don’t agree? Would Aananya not be hurt?” I told.
“It would be better because she would think you tried and be hurt for a while and then deal with the fact. And you would have no regrets that you did not try…,” he implied.
“I don’t know, she has already moved on and she is happy…but I guess I would never ever go and talk to my parents about her…they don’t like her family I mean my father does not …and then she is happy now and may be talking to me would again make her sad…I really don’t know but thank you Sarthak…I did not expect any suggestions from you…,” I said.
“Well, what was in my heart I shared it with you, you are a nice person and let the world know about it. Just remember her and the good days…you would realize then…I gotta go…now…Bye…,” he said and left the place.
I never thought Sarthak would try to explain me anything. He really cared about me was the thing which struck me the most. May be sometimes people near you cannot understand your feeling but then people you expect a least from understand you.
He said remember Aananya. But why would I remember her? What would happen if I remembered her?
Aananya was not different from all girls but she even had something those others girls did not have. She never cared what about others would think about her, and she never cared about herself too, all she thought was about others. How much she enjoyed living her life, she never cared about what the results would be and even she could not do well she never blamed anyone for that but only herself. I don’t know but she was weird too; she loved studying and I could see she could go on reading course books for nights. It was not only course books which interest her but partying and dancing did too. Because of her, I also had started partying and drinking a bit. Yes, she used to drink but only on few occasions. 
The thing which I hated the most about her was Aananya times used to be rude and did not think before what she told others. What was on her mind whether it was good or bad she would speak them out which made others irritated at times. Then it also brought the best part about Aananya, she would take no moment to realize she was wrong and would do anything to get that person back. She never hated anyone, she neither liked them all but if she did not like that person she tried to maintain a distance from them. For her “hate” was a very big word and “sorry” a small word.
And then, she was wild, tried many new things. How could I forget she took me to do bungee jumping once when she knew I was so fucking scared of heights but it was not once she made me do it…next month also she took me again so I could completely get rid of my fear? Not only this but I remember her getting dressed as a boy just to enter the boy’s hostel to wish me luck for my practical’s the next day. The only thing she feared was spiders and lizards. How could I forget how adventurous she was whereas I never liked going different places just the mountains…I love them. She never liked mountains but she loved trekking and she had already climbed a mountain I just forgot the name. 
Then, it was not her nature which attracted me but it was her awesome dressing sense too. For her fashion was everything and she only wanted to earn money was to spent it on Gucci, Channel, Louis Vuitton and etc. Damn, her list never ended but her love for shoes and bags never ended. She hated wearing any kind of traditional clothes but as I liked them she used to wear it for me. She was never a typical girlfriend but moreover my best friend she was, I could call up her even at 3 am just to tell her that Real Madrid won the game. The only thing which was similar in us was our liking towards football and cricket. I miss her, the way she used to handle me at my best and worst, the days when I wanted to share anything she was there which made her my friend, when I was sad and needed a shoulder to cry, she was there and she never cared when whether she was best but she wanted me to be the best. She brought out the best in me that is why I loved her.
She was yes, a fun and a lover of life, who always thought about living her life to the fullest. But when it came to her family she loved them and was a family person. Going against them was a no no. She loved everyone, and then she kept everyone one step down from her family as she believed in love, the love which she had got from her family. But she used to have problem with her father because he never tried to understand her and their thoughts never matched at all. Though, understanding might not be there but love was immense because she always mentioned that her father although having old thoughts allowed her and her sister to do what they liked and what they would wear. But for her brother Rajat and her mother was the gem of her life. Ever decision was made by them and if they said no then she would not utter a word to go against them. Rajat was the reason I was really scared of marrying her. He loved her so much and equally hated me, we never bonded well. Damn, him. 
Aananya was not just a smart, brave and intellectual girl but also the best part about her was she loved me, loved me a lot. If I was wrong, I was wrong and if I was correct, I was correct. May be it’s a dream now, because the truth is all thing have ended between us and I just don’t have any choice.
“Damn, Aananya, I miss you…,” I shouted. Though, there was no one who could hear me.
Was Sarthak correct? May be he was right remembering her and all the good time spent with her, I may want her back. He was right; my parents would not agree at first but afterwards if I try may be they would. I should confront Aananya know.
I dialed Aananya’s number but she was not picking it up.
“Where the hell is she??”
May be she had already left Mumbai, I dialed her other number too but she was not picking up that too. May be she might have checked her viber and watss app too but she had not checked them since last two days…where was she? I even checked her facebook but nothing new updates I had got from her…oh wait…she has a picture with Ridhwaan, another picture also with Ridhwaan, and another picture with Ridhwaan again. She did move on so soon and what? Ridhwaan has his relationship status as “In a relationship”. WTF. 
I was late, late again to realize how much she was important to me. Right now I am not in a shock but then guilt was killing me. Sarthak was right and meeting him was an omen, a sign which totally said how foolish was I?
Now, it is no use of confronting her, she is happy with someone else who I hope loves her more than I did. I can only wish now, because wishes never come true.
“I gotta go, Dev,” I informed Dev. 
I had it enough for today, I needed some time alone to think about what I want from my life, and now my total focus was on my career.
“Why so fast? Stay na for few more minutes…,” he requested.
“No…Dev...I am tired…,” I told him.
“Have you seen Sarthak?” I asked.
“Why?” he exclaimed.
“I have some work…,” I said that much only.
“Umm…he is there…”
“Thanks and Bye.”
I went towards Sarthak because I wanted to thank him, for making me realize how stupid I was but then it was of no use at the end of the day.
“Thank you, Sarthak,” I told Sarthak with a smile on my face.
“You need not thank me, but you understood what I meant, that was enough…I hope you would get her back…,” he said.
“I am late already, she is happy with someone else…”
“Oh, sorry…”
I said “bye” and left that place and today I understood that how important it is to understand relationships whether it is friendship or any other relationship. Words when spoken cannot be taken, people say and they were correct. I could have understood the fact, that Aananya was the only person who could love me truly but may be now I just don’t want to try. I am not saying that I like the way it is, but some things are better the way they were.
Back to his house

It was already very late when I reached home and I could see my mom dad had already slept. 
I checked my phone it was 1:45 pm. I was late, indeed and even tired. But I was waiting for tomorrow, a new beginning may be and it is only my career from tomorrow I would think about.
A text from Anusha popped in from nowhere. It was so late and I thought it might have been important.
“Kanish, will you join the camp, one doctor is also needed…I will be waiting for your reply…but please inform me asap   .” The text read.
I wanted to join the camp and may be it would help me also, and then I would get to know Anusha also. So I agreed going to the camp. I hope it does bring out something good in me.
Nice  chapter,  finally   He  realized  what a  fool  he was being,  but also  that maybe  it is  to late....
  The  situation  has  become a bit complcated, she is  already  thing  Marriage  with   the other guy  and  I  guess  all that  drama would just hurt all.  ( Sounding like  dilwale  dulhaniya  le janenge....LOL)
 Let's see if he will  move on now... good  Job  . 
  Looking forward  to the  next  chapter!!!

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