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What’s the break up story? Chapter 15 Page 6
Hello every One 
one friend of mine has wrote this story and request me to share it with u all, i will post the 1st chapter today and every Sunday/Wednesday ill share the next chapter, please read and review the story!!!

What’s the break up story?

A story about a simple boy Kanish and girl Aananya, who fall in love with each other. But as they say love is not enough, commitment, responsibility and agreement is also there. They break up. Soon the boy finds a friend in Anusha who he was not keen in meeting. Anusha likes Kanish but is it the same with Kanish ? Is he still in love with Aananya his childhood friend? Will they ever patch up? The first part of the story deals with these questions.


Chapter 1

“Hey…Kanish, whats up bro?” a voice from behind called me. I was not interested to even listen and reply back. And thus, I did not reply him.
I was sitting on the bench in a nearby park, mostly around half an hour from the medical college. Damn, I needed a break from the shit life. I hated all the things which were going on right now with me. Just to blame was her, my family, her family , my life , my decision , everyone. Why the hell did I end up here?

“Hey… Kanish?”again the voice popped in from nowhere. But this time it was familiar, a heard voice. Oh! yeah, It was Mayank my schoolmate .I never knew he would be here. He was really close to me, the bestest of the best!
“Hi…you here Mayank?”
Few minutes of silence arose and then eventually as a way of formality he asked how I and all the usual stuffs were. I felt good for few minutes at least talking to him made me forget me my frustration.
As the conversation was going on I saw an obese woman about 20-22 of age heading towards up with one infant mostly 12-13 months. I was not so unhappy watching them heading towards us, but then they came and stood there. I was just their startled and thinking about what just happened. And then ….finally
“Hey, Ansh meet my wife and my one year boy, Adwait.”
“Oh, Hi…I am Kanish , actually Ansh everyone calls me that . I and Mayank are schoolmates. It’s a pleasure meeting both of you.”
“Hi. Same here.”
“Ya…you too can join in our conversation , please sit.” I insisted her . Soon our conversation again got back in its track . I was keen to know how did they get married obviously she was so young and I was also so young . Gross !!! To know about what actual was their love story . I asked ,”So when did you both get married ?” It was obvious I was 23 and he was of my age . He must probably have gotten maried last year or a year head. He already had a kid that also off one year. Several questions arose and I needed the answer anyways. It was not about Mayank which concerned me but it was the feel of commitment at such young age and having a kid and wife so soon . My heart started to sink as Ananya wanted commitment but I was scared and meeting Mayank made me more scared. Holy shit !

“Its been , two years. We had an arranged marriage . You know about our culture Aansh we marwadi get married soon no .”
“Umm…yeah , I know.” I was just not sure what to react . He was also not be blamed niether the culture .
I just congratulated them both and then he shared his mission of visiting Malayasia. He said he was here for a vacation where his wife was busy with the kid . Naina , Adwait’s mother decided to move out as the child was crying a  lot . Irritating kids …Just hate them.
So , I knew it was right time to ask him why did he marry her. I really wanted to know . Mayank was my best friend and we were so cool . I could not digest the fact of him geeting married and having a kid so soon.
“Why so soon , bro?”
“My father died about three ears ago due to heart attack . There was no one to take care of my family and family buisness. I had to step in his shoes anyway. I really got busy with the buisness …my mom decided to hook me as soon as possible as she thought I was being responsible. If I had not taken the charge of my family buisness may be I would not have married . And eventually we are marwadis .” He concluded.
The way he was saying about his marriage I knew he was totally interested in this marriage.
I said , “ya its true yaar …family pressure and all I understand.”
He just smiled though he did not want any kind of sympaty from me . A few seconds we kept quiet .
“So what does Naina do?”
“Just a simple housewife . Nothing much takes care of Adwait and nothing else. Waisey bhi humare culture mein ladkiyon ka job karney dete hai ?”
“Hmm…its true bro . Anyways are you enjoying being a father?”
“Ya..its fine but I could have waited .”
I realized I was interfering a lot in his life but was not sure whether to ask further more about him . I decided to cut down the crap and leave the topic. I knew he was not happy getting married so soon and having a kid so early . It was written all over his face.
“Actually I made a mistake you know . I wanted to study further but circumstances made it impossible . I find it very difficult to cope up with the fact . I am just 23 and 21 . Sometimes I need to teach her so many things and it makes me doubt whether she will be able to take care of my child. It sometimes even scares the shit out of me. But I am trying to keep us all happy.”
After hearing about his feelings I decided not to comment about anything. I kept quiet. I did not want to interfere in his life. As I just decided not to interfere Naina arrived with Adwait. I looked at her too but it was not her fault too she also got married soon. It was actually the mentality. They left saying goodbye. But meeting with Mayank did make me realize a lot of things which I was running from. I was sure that things really needed to end between me and Aananya.
I checked the time it was already late. I needed to rush. Everything changed after meeting Mayank. It was so relatable. The things happening between me and Aan, our whole equation, my thoughts, everything!!! After all I was also ‘Marwari’ and my mother had already lined up girls for me when I return back to India.
I finally made a decision to “break-up” with her. No more off tension from now. Happily ever after does not always exist.
But it was not easy for me just to walk to her and say it’s over. 23 years of friendship, 3 years of infatuation and 5 and half years of relationship. I loved her but love is they say never enough.
“Ansh, we need to talk “, a message popped in my phone. It was of Aan. I knew that she also got to know about what was going to happen. Today I needed to face her and everything, all her questions. I was ready for it.
“Yap, Aan lets meet”, I replied back.

(next chapter will be posted on sunday 11/5/14)
Interesting story so far... he dose not want commitment...but if he is from the same community as his friend I guess he will have to get married soon na? Let's see how he deals with it. Keep it up!.
thanks vinnie for the review Smile
please note - every Sunday/Wednesday ill share the next chapter
Hello All, I m posting the Next chapter 
Please read and review


Three Months Later
Kolkata, India

It’s more than two months I have been here in Kolkata. Everything is the same but the presence of Aan is lacking. But then I decided to be more serious with my life and have focus. I wanted to have a great future ahead. I obviously did not want to stay here in Kolkata because it took 4 and a half years of total pain to be a doctor and one year of the rush internship. I never wanted to be a doctor; it was Aan who wanted me to join medical. It was the thing I hated the most.
Life they say never changes, so was my life too on the same track. My father was a chartered accountant and my mom was simply a housewife. I even had a sister Ruhani who was of no use to me. Our thoughts never matched though she was two years only elder to me. She was one of a kind who always was interested in others life rather than her own. My mom was a bit of a hypocrite because she only pretended to be modern but deep inside she all those cultures and superstitions still prevailed in her. My dad was my best friend. I would never go against him. I truly loved him but respected him the most. For me what I had and what I got was from my mom and dad only and I could never go off them. I really loved them.
“I am just 23 and you want me to get married so soon? “, I was so pissed off what my mother just asked me. Marriage, eh? That isn’t my cup of tea. How could she even think of me getting married? Joke of the decade I guess.
“You are so careless. You don’t even work, do anything and it was you who wanted to be a doctor, “my mom barked at me.
“So…I am trying for MD na?”
“Oh…Trying what about the hospital we wanted to make for you?”
“I had told you beforehand I do not want to stay here.”
“I don’t know what is happening to you. First medical and now when we wanted you to work in the hospital then you are not interested.”
“Mom please give me some time, I promise. I want to go to the U.S.A.”
Ruhani on the other hand was just sitting there and smiling. She was going to get married next year and wanted me to follow her footsteps. If I said no they would obviously kick me out or either compel me to work here. I needed something which would be equal on both the sides.
After half an hour of thinking I decided.
“Ok…I have a condition but “
“And what are those?”
“First I would get married only if you allow me not to stay in Kolkata. Second I would marry my choice of girl but you have to select them. I will only marry her if I crack the MD in U.S. But first the girl you would choose I would say whether I want to meet her but if I say no it’s no.
Thirdly I would only prefer a doctor.”
“But you said only one condition my dear son.”
“It does not matter anymore. If you agree, I agree.”

I knew she would easily agree to ‘my terms and conditions’. And so she did too. But I knew there were only a few Marwari girls who were doctors.
Eventually, she was happy and so was I. My plan was not to like any of the girls and go on rejecting them.

After my yes, everyone got engaged in finding girls. Ruhani too was so excited, truly pissing off. Everyday my mom would bring some random girls pictures but all the time I would reject them. Sometimes I would complain about their looks and sometimes about their education. This turned out to be my daily routine.
One day I needed to go to a nearby mall to buy some necessities. As I was busy shopping someone from back tapped me, I thought it might be an old friend but it was a girl probably of 22-23 years of age having big eyes and whitish in color. She was beautiful.
She said,” Hi, Kanish it’s me Anusha Goel.”
I had never seen her before nor had any knowledge that she would meet me here at the mall. I just stared at her. I knew it was entire my mom and my aunt’s plan. Damn, them!
Totally disinterested and unpleased to meet her I also just said hi.
“Your mom and my mom are good friends. They wanted us to meet and talk. You know why and what for right?”
Bravo! I guessed it right my mom I don’t know what is she up to. I had told her that I would select the girl. This is so frustrating. I had forgotten about Anusha. She still was waiting for an answer. I simply said “no”. I was not being rude but then I was so angry at that time.
“So, you had no idea we were going to meet.”
“How many times shall I tell you that I had no idea about our meeting?”
“Sorry, let’s go to Café Coffee Day then? “
She was telling me to go to CCD? Lol. I stayed here and my house was just 5 minutes from CCD. How would I not know about CCD? I wanted to laugh but I simply nodded.
We reached their and after that we did not bother to talk. We kept quiet for a few seconds and I liked the silence.
She was the one to break the silence and carry the conversation.
“So, what do you do?”
“But I heard you have already completed your internship.”
“I am a doctor too.”
“Great”, saying this I picked up my phone as it was getting really boring.
“Okay. See I am meeting you for the first time and it should be me who should behave like you. I am also not interested in getting married but you know how these mothers are. I am trying to talk to you but you can be nice right? We might end up being friends.
“Sorry, I did not mean to hurt you but actually I freaked out. Kanish Agrawal, 23, a doctor.”
“I know about you. Thank you. Anusha Goel, 23, finished my internship.”
“So, any hobbies?”
“Just video games and watching sports. Actually nothing. I like doing nothing.”
She just smiled and replied, “We have much in common. I like Real Madrid and Virat Kholi but no one can ever be like Sachin, Dravid or Sehwag.”
“Yap it’s true. Legends are legends. Manchester forever by the way.”
“And cars and bikes?”
“No, mobiles and computers interest me a lot.”
“Seriously ?”
“I wanted to be a pilot though but my dad was a doctor so he made me one too.”
“Being doctor was my own choice. Let’s order something.”
“I don’t know I am not a coffee fan. I prefer soft drinks.”
“Same here. I only drink black coffee.”
She smiled.
While this whole conversation was going on I totally forgot about which had been vibrating. I thought it might have been my mom’s phone but when I checked it was from Delhi I guess. I had never seen the number. Usually I never picked any kind of unknown number but this time it was a strange feeling. Again, the phone rang and I excused myself and went to an isolated place and picked the phone.
“Hello, excuse me whose this?”
“Hey Ansh, it’s me Aananya.”
I was like “what”. Why did she call me? Why no it’s been three months we haven’t spoken to each other. No words could express my feeling at that moment. It was the same kind of feeling when I had first proposed her. Many thoughts started playing in my mind. It took me a minute to realize that I had to reply her. I could not say anything but just,”umm...”
“Why did you not reply to any of my texts, fb messages, whatssapp and even viber? I have tried contacting you dozens of times. But in vain.”
“I was busy, “I replied.
“Ok.I wanted to get my books and tab back which I had left. I think Sara had given you my belongings to you. This whole time I have been trying to contact you but at last when I was in Delhi you picked up my phone.”
I had completely forgotten about her books and the tab. But I could not make out why I hadn’t I received any calls or messages from her. What the fish! She might be thinking I am knowingly ignoring her …and I did not pick her phone but now when she was in Delhi I picked her phone. This is so irritating.
“Hello …you there Kanish?”
“Yes…I am so sorry. Actually where are you I will parcel you your things.”
“Hmm…actually I will send you the address where I want you to parcel it.”
“Ok. How are…?”
She had already hung up the phone. I was not shocked because I knew it was my fault and why would she even talk to me when it’s already over. But I wanted to meet you and ask her all those things which were happening. I wanted to tell you that finally all those typical Hindi romantic songs started making so much sense. I wanted you and me to watch late night drama series like we used to. I want to sing all your music while you dance to “Purple Rain.” I want to tell you that I was being serious about my life. But I won’t be able to promise me what you had asked for. I know you are hurt too but there is nothing that I can do. I just wish I could carry your smile in my heart but I cannot.
Today, when you called me the part of my heart which was all yours had gotten buried came back to life. I love you, Aananya. After today I might again be in love with you.
All these times thinking about Aananya I had completely forgotten about Anusha. I had already been rude to her and did not want her to feel worse. I rushed back to her.
I had noticed she had already ordered something. I even did not say sorry and just sat down like that. Firstly I wanted to check why the hell I not received any calls or messages from Aan. I started to check my phone and I found that I had blocked her in Whatssapp and Viber, not in Facebook because I wanted to stalk her but I remember now that any kind of messages she would send it would directly be transferred to spam. Oh, ya even calls I had blocked her number too. I remembering doing this because I wanted her to forget me because I knew she would never.
I checked my facebook spam folder. There were more than 20 messages. Few read “I miss you” and few “We can solve this.” But only the first messages read that and then all others were related to the tab and books.
“Damn, WTF!” I shouted.
Everybody was looking at me and so was Anusha. She was confused and even waiting for me to give her an explanation.
I just said, “Sorry.”
“Sorry, Anusha I had an important call. I got busy with that. I am busy right now can you just enjoy the coffee?”
“It’s fine but what’s the break up story?”
“How do you know?”
“It’s written all over your face. I can see how impatient you are and angry at yourself. You are continuously just reading one text message from the same person though I cannot see her name. You are acting a bit impatient and weird and thus your facial expression expresses it all.”
“Her name is Aananya Gupta.”
“I love “love stories” actually.”
“But I am not interested to share you mine and anyone till now does not know about it.”
“It is better I am a stranger and we don’t know what future holds. What if I would turn your friend?”
“It’s not about judging. It’s about my will.”
“You are scared but I promise I won’t be judgmental about you.”
“I am and I guess I’ll share with you know because it’s been three months it’s been with me. I haven’t said it to anyone and now I guess talking to you might make me feel a better.”

next chapter will be posted on 14/5/14 Wednesday      
Hello so chapter two is  here,Rolleyes
 I am  reading the story, and I  hope you  don't mind it feels a little  rushed...I  know you  are going to  a flashback, I  guess  where he tells her about the other girl.
 Yet...they just met and he is going to tell a perfect stranger, when he was not  keen on meeting her. His emotions  are a bit  confusing to me, he broke up  with her cause he did not want to get married , now he agreed to get married  cause he wants to get away  from his parents...according to his plan, if he keeps  refusing them  that is not getting him any  closer to  being  in the US  where he wants to be right?. So the point  is sort of  not to his benefit either ways.
  The story concept is  beautiful...just I would say go into a little more detail, and take your time, develop  the characters....Keep  writing...I am waiting on the next chapter.Rolleyes
Hi vinnie,
thank you for the review, well the writer of this story got mixed reactions for this chapter and your review was accepted with love.
Yes it might look strange that how can he open up in front a girl he hardly knows but u know some times a perfect stranger can make him open up and share the things he kept hiding from him self and his family.
keep reading and you will know why he agreed to marry.
You wrote that it felt bit rushed, that will be explained later,actually the story took leap of 3 months and flashback is on its way in coming chaptersSmile

Thank you so much tumbs up keep reading and reviewing

(12-05-2014, 05:30 PM)Vinnie R Wrote: Hello so chapter two is  here,Rolleyes
 I am  reading the story, and I  hope you  don't mind it feels a little  rushed...I  know you  are going to  a flashback, I  guess  where he tells her about the other girl.
 Yet...they just met and he is going to tell a perfect stranger, when he was not  keen on meeting her. His emotions  are a bit  confusing to me, he broke up  with her cause he did not want to get married , now he agreed to get married  cause he wants to get away  from his parents...according to his plan, if he keeps  refusing them  that is not getting him any  closer to  being  in the US  where he wants to be right?. So the point  is sort of  not to his benefit either ways.
  The story concept is  beautiful...just I would say go into a little more detail, and take your time, develop  the characters....Keep  writing...I am waiting on the next chapter.Rolleyes
Hello every One

Here is Chapter 3

Sara being lazy to reply unhappy

any ways ... please read and review


“Aananya Gupta, an ambitious, beautiful, smart and totally aggressive person was my childhood friend. She was not my neighbor or we studied together but things were much complicated and they still are. We were never very fond of each other, my maternal house was in Kathmandu and every year during summer vacations we used to go and stay there. She was our neighbor. We used to play when we were small me, Ruhani and her. Good old days you know. Soon we grew up and obviously awkwardness was there in us. We at least me and her stopped talking. She and Ruhani used to talk, but me and her we never bonded well. But indirectly she was my aunt as she used to call my mom her sister.”
“Really?” she was in a shock.
“No, I am joking. As if she was my own aunt. Ya hen what is the problem. But she was of my age. Just five months smaller to me,” I defended myself.
“Then, may I know when you started talking to each other?” she asked me with keen interest.
“Through internet or mainly yahoo I guess. At that time around 7 years back having a yahoo id was so cool and also the first step of using social networking sites. Actually I had also created a yahoo id that year only and so did she. First, Aananya gave her id to Ruhani and in return Ruhani also gave my id to her. Though we added ourselves but we did not talk. I guess it was the time of our boards when we talked. She was also from CBSE board and wanted to ask me few question and that’s when our story got started.”
“This is funny. I have read modern type of stories regarding falling love through internet but you both have changed it all. From so early internet love?” she said. 
But I knew she was being sarcastic.
“No, you don’t know”, I told her.
“So? What should I think?” she defended herself.
“Actually we used to simply talk. Nothing else, the thing was I got attracted towards her. She was beautiful and very bold unlike me very introvert and nerdy. May be she was my teenage love too. I really started liking talking to her. Her thoughts were very strange and bold; sometimes even she would share her secrets with me. I started getting used to her. Talking to her day and night and being so close, I used to know when she would suffer from PMS’s. It was obvious, she would change without any reason : aggressive and angry. But then I always knew her actually what was she though she never tried thinking about me anytime. Just as a close friend and nothing else”, I told her. 
She just replied,” Continue…I am listening.”
“OK. I was not sure what she used to think about me. I always thought there were good looking people like me and any one could have fallen for her. But the only thing which gave me hope was her parents. She was very scared of them and respected them a lot. She would never go against them. Her mother always kept her away from boys and her mother even had a problem her talking to me few times. So I knew she would not date someone until she is surrounded by her dear ones. She was that kind of person who could easily indulge herself with anyone. She used to tell me everything and about everyone she mattered. I just wanted to wait,” I told Anusha.
“OK. But like how did you both like I mean you know what I mean?”
She sounded very confused. I just nodded. She asked me to continue my story but to be honest I did not want to. How can I tell her everything?  But then she kept on insisting.
“She had taken science and I also took science in higher secondary. My parents wanted me to be an engineer. But then I got so mesmerized and obsessed with Aananya that I could not think anything else. Our talks were not just limited to the internet but soon phone calls started happening too. Though it was expensive and mobile was a new thing for us we did not care. She was also getting used to m because whenever she needed help, she used to remember me. I had always liked her; it was also due to the fact that she was the first girl I had gotten so much attention from. It was not only limited to phone calls and internet but I met her too when I had gone to meet my grandparents. She was a charmer for me, when I met her liking had completely turned into something else. And after our school life completely got over I decided I wanted her. I was not alone thinking this but Aananya had also started liking me; more than a friend but less than a boyfriend. She had got a scholarship in Malaysian College of Medical Sciences and I also got one. It was all her fault she compelled me too apply for that scholarship. When I told my parents about this they were completely against it but what shocked them was my interest in this thing. “
She interrupted and said, “But you told me you wanted be an aeronautical engineer right?”
I was so thirsty because I had continuously been speaking. If I had mentioned about it before why the hell was she asking, so much into others life. 
“Ya. But I guess you should stop being so concerned about me; first my love story and second about my life. I guess we just met,” I answered back.
She smiled just and just stated,” I should know about my future husband …and if I know about his past know I would not have a problem about it later.”
I was so fu*#in% pissed off with what she said. Like yes she was pretty but how could she even think so soon …such an irritating person was she. I wanted to just leave at that moment but I thought she might feel bad so I just gave her a bad look.
She was I guess embarrassed or feeling guilty. She apologized and said sorry, also she mentioned she was joking and wanted me took have a laugh. But she did not know things like these have always irritated me.
She pleaded and asked, “Please continue …I want to know. “
I nodded.
“I wanted to be with her now. There was no looking back. I was not sure about being an engineer but I did well in bio so I thought why not be a doctor? Aananya was totally happy. She always wanted to me to be with her and I also always wanted to be with her. I don’t know at that time I could not think anything else but it was all the time Aananya. I had gotten so obsessed with her, all the time she used to rule my mind and heart. After twelve before flying to Malaysia we used to daily talk on the phone and spend nights chatting, even when nobody was in her house we used to video call. One day she even mentioned that she had started liking me and few feelings had even started developing in her. I had never told her I was in love with her but she always knew that I was in love with her. It was all the emotions I guess, I used to get jealous when someone would talk to her in Orkut, I used to get possessive over the things she would wear and also would hate it when she would tease me with some other person. After she told me she liked me main toh asmaan mein tha…aur phir raat din phela nasha gana apney iPod mein suntey rehta tha…”
Anusha bumped in and said, “But she did not love you.”
“But she liked me and the world runs on hope,” I replied.
Anusha smiled.
“We finally got admission in Malaysia. She was happy and I was happy for her. She used to just study day and night which was really annoying. Damn, like who studies so much? Aananya was very ambitious about her life and did not like failing. We used to do our studies together and prepare for the practicals too. One semester just passed away this way studying. Her roommates and my friends used to think we were together but they did not know I was only in a relationship with her not she. Aananya liked me but did not give me any hint she loved me. I never even dared to propose her too because I thought I might lose my friendship. As we were getting closer I think Aananya also did fall for me. She would now be jealous of any girl coming closer to me, be very possessive about me and would call me all the time just to know whether I was fine or not.”
Anusha exclaimed with excitement, “finally.”
I gave her a very confused look.
“But she never mentioned me that she loved me,” I cleared the fact.
“When did you propose her?”
“I guess it was on her birth day. It was in front of a huge crowd at the movies. During interval I went and proposed her in front of everyone. I had given every person sitting in the hall one-one gift and they gave her all the gifts. I went in the middle of the hall and just said
        “I may not always love you 
       But as long there are stars above you
            You never need to doubt it
   I’ll make you so sure about it 
 Because it’s you has the key of my heart.”
                      I LOVE YOU!!!
“She was in a shock and did not know what to respond. She accepted my proposal but was more over in a state of shock…”
Even Anusha was shocked while hearing all this. I guess she never thought me to be such a romantic person.
I Continued.
“From that day, she was officially my girlfriend and I was on cloud 9. But the best thing was nothing had changed, just our friendship got deeper. Her problems were now mine, the reason of her smile was me and I would always stand by her. But her love was like a wind to me I could not see it but could always feel it. She never demanded or asked for anything neither she was like every girlfriend …she was my best friend at the end of the day. And the best and sweetest thing was of her knowing everything about me not just because I had mentioned her but because she paid attention. “
“You’re cute,” she said.
“I know. What? I exclaimed.”
“No, I meant you really loved her. I never thought you would be such a caring person because you were very cold to me.”
“I take time to get close to people,” I defended myself.
I saw my phone and noticed I had 10 missed calls from my house. I even saw 5 new text messages which were of Ruhani. She informed me that her in laws were coming and mom wanted me to reach home as soon as possible. 
“Listen, I need to go …We will continue this tomorrow. Same time, Magic Beans.? But sorry Anusha I gotta go now,” I coaxed.
“It’s fine Kanish. It was great meeting you,” she replied.
“Bye. Meet you tomorrow. I guess you have my number too.”
I reached home and there was still time for Ruhani’s’ in law to come. The first thing I did was I went and searched for her books and tab. After half an hour of the search mission, I found them in a carton which had all the things related to Malaysia.
“Finally”, I shouted. I had forgotten I was alone in the room. I wanted to use her tab because I knew it occupied may memories of my life. I even knew what the password was but then I did not switch on the tab. I decided to keep all her belongings aside. While I was keeping her books in a proper place I found out a picture; it was of me and her during our trip to Penang and thus it took only one second to bring about all the memories we had being together.
It reminded me each and everything we shared. Our trip to Penang, the beautiful visits to the beaches, our first annual fest in the college, the evening time when we used to go and have the street food, our first kiss during our trek to Cameron highlands, the weekends we used to spend, just everything flashed. A picture can hold so many memories!
I decided I needed to call Aananya because I was missing her and wanted to talk to her. But she had mentioned to not call her until anything was important. So, I just texted her that I had found her books and tab.
After ten minutes she also texted me back the address, it was of Mumbai and she even mentioned me to keep the tab back which I had gifted her. I did not want to argue so I did not reply.
I don’t know why I am feeling very alone and sad. So much has changed between us. We loved each other but it was my decision to end it all. It was today only I was feeling that I was all out of love and I was so lost without her. But we both had moved on, big time.

next chapter will be posted on sunday 18/5/2014 
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Nice love story ... I only managed to read the third chapter ... And its story and contents are very natural ... Overall the story is narrated in a story so its not like reading a novel or a book ... It is felt of haring the story as a third person beside Anuksha ... So thanks to Anuksha for letting the story flows ... Nice projection by Ronshaan ...
(14-05-2014, 12:12 PM)AhSaN Wrote: Nice love story ... I only managed to read the third chapter ... And its story and contents are very natural ... Overall the story is narrated in a story so its not like reading a novel or a book ... It is felt of haring the story as a third person beside Anuksha ... So thanks to Anuksha for letting the story flows ... Nice projection by Ronshaan ...

please note , I did not write this story, I shared my friend's story she wrote it and i share it, she was shy to share it so she requested me to do it Smile

any ways ... i can read u read only the 3rd chapter , what about the 1st and 2nd chapters
please read all the chapters and review Smile
1st and 2nd chapter are on the top of this page

waiting to hear from u

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