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Today's reality
[Image: 29792879_1694794857270197_83636708019990...e=5B6B92E0]
[Image: 29694770_1694794890603527_72957582836295...e=5B66F1B0]
[Image: 29791772_1694794913936858_27591046871607...e=5B2C94C5]
[Image: 29791506_1694794933936856_50235713760268...e=5B656A9E]
[Image: 30124523_1694794960603520_44150837997124...e=5B6AC438]
[Image: 29695559_1694794980603518_65018928938824...e=5B73193E]
[Image: 29595239_1694795000603516_71058045503492...e=5B2B4DC9]
[Image: 29790747_1694795030603513_75148693725249...e=5B64F5AD]
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  • Vishnu
People don't have big houses!!!

Mostly they have a box like apartment!!!!

Less or more income, no one has peace of mind!!!
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Big homes woh to rich logo ke pass hote hain ... time hoa hai aap bus time dena nahi chahte to kehte hain nahi
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  • Ronit
yeah who has big house anyway
emotions ka mazakh bana ke rakha hua hai, aap kisi ko dil se pyar karo to aapka mazakh uraya jata hai aapke pyaar ko gali di jati hai aap ko galat words sunaye jate hai dil se dua do to zalil karte hai logh
no time - no one is actually busy, they actually take time for what they love to do.
true love ho bhi to log isko mazakh samajhte hai
peace of mind ho bhi to log isko  khatam karne mein tule hue hote hai

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