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Devil Reloaded, An FF, PART 3 UPDATED
(17-04-2018, 09:41 AM)Ron Wrote: Oh sad, I started reading chapter 1, it seems like this woman is going to leave her baby and go, so sad that mother has to do this, she does love him it seems but she can't have him, sad that she is leaving him to the world to have him without thinking who will have him who will take care of him, sad thing but sad reality.

Yes, the woman is leaving her child. Why? still a mystery. Her new born baby is most precious to her, but she has no other to protect him. So, she left him. The Italics part is the past.Thank You for reading & also for your lovely feedback.
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(17-04-2018, 10:51 AM)Ron Wrote: I am a bit confused who is mitali, she called saptarshi her brother and she is daughter of aditiya, does it mean vrinda is step mother of hers?

Interesting, now it feels like this going to be journey story and i love journey movies and stories so it will be fun to walk with those characters during their journey.

Ahm Ahm, indrani and saptarshi 1st meeting, both lost in each other beauty, wah wah.

Okay, let's clear out the confusion.
Nalin & Vrinda Parekh's only child is Saptarshi.
Vrinda's brother is Aditya Singh. This Aditya is also the business partner of Nalin.
Aditya's daughter is Mitali, who lives with Vrinda & Saptarshi as her father is not much fond with her.
Glad that you liked Saptarshi & Indrani's first meeting.
Thank You for reading & also for your lovely feedback.
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(17-04-2018, 11:16 AM)Ron Wrote: Now i m getting it, indrani and saptarshi come from different places, she come to explore he come to work here.. actually in prolouge it was bit confusing as they come from same place.. now when reading this chapter it seems they are coming from different places and meet here.

some times we meet people we feel like we met b4, it happens and i do believe it happens. 

lovely meeting of saptarshi and indrani (untill i get used to their names, tough names)

Saptarshi is a police officer & he came in Kamalpura because of his posting. Indrani is a Research Associate in Archaeological Survey of India, who came to research about the history & mystery of Kamalpura.
Now, In Kamalpura they are feeling like they know this place.
Glad that you liked their first meeting.
Hope I able to clear confusions.
Keep reading. Loads of Love.
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(17-04-2018, 11:27 AM)Ron Wrote: Okay this chapter 1 is interesting beginning, who is that woman in the end, is she a ghost who is here for revenge.  let's see. 

indrani and saptarshi  never met b4 but you never know, maybe they share a past  life together

since they came in here they started seeing flashbacks. lets see. what happens next..

finally i read chapter 1, ill move to 2nd one so ill b up to date with the updates  Shy Dodgy Angel

This is just the beginning. Keep reading to know who is the woman. But definitely she has some issues with Saptarshi & Indrani.
Lines written in Italics are flashbacks.
Thank you for taking out your precious time for reading. Hope you are liking. Thanks again for your beautiful reviews. Loads of Love.
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(17-04-2018, 11:51 AM)Ronit Wrote: chapter 2, im reading Interesting start of meeting of Ranvijay & Sandhya. let see what this has to do with indrani and saptrashi.

Nice morning start meeting of indrani and saptrashi,  she is photographer and also explorer, lets see how those two will solve this mystery 

May be, Ranvijay, Sandhya & Saptarshi , Indrani are same. Ranvijay & Sandhya Reincarnated as Saptarshi & Indrani to complete their story.
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(17-04-2018, 12:07 PM)Ronit Wrote: Police won't believe demons are actually the one who do all those murders, normal person wouldn't believe until they see it but they are in our world, those who don't believe will eventually meet those some how  Big Grin  

Good to see indrani and saptrashi meeting and somehow they act something they don't knw how, he and even she seeing flashbacks and now her tune which he recognized and she forgot what was it.. strange things are happening in this place. 

What will happen tonight is a mystery in it self.

Nice chapter 2, So finally i read this story as well and now up to date with it. 

Your story is interesting, slowly slowly I am learning your characters and liking the progress.

I hope those two will work together somehow and will explore the happenings in this place. 

Nice story so far, keep it up

Actually, after reading your this comment, I am slightly relieved that slowly the confusion in the story is getting clear.
The story is about Punar janam, Reincarnation.
The lines written in italics will be flashback.
Saptarshi unable to believe the existence of demoness. But the people of Kamalpura & also the local police of Kamalpura believes in demoness.
Let's see, what happens tonight. Keep reading to know.
Thank You for liking Devil Reloaded also. Thank You for reading. Thank You for your lovely, inspiring reviews.
Glad that slowly you are liking.
Loads of Love.
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(17-04-2018, 01:34 PM)Vishnu Wrote: Maine pehla aur dusra part padha hai 

kuch kuch samaj aya kuch kuch samaj nai paa rah hun 

jab kahani indrani aur saptarshi   ki hai   

to wo dono kon hai ? achanak kahani main wo log kyon,  

aur wo bhootni kon hai jo sabse badla lene aayee hai

mushkil hai parr mein samajhne ki koshish karungaa..

waise rehan ne bhi padha hai jawab bus diya nahi usi se poochtaa hun 

Okay. Let me try to clear out your confusion.
This story is about punar janam.
The lines written in italics are flashbacks.
Ranvijay & Sandhya take rebirth as Saptarshi & Indrani to complete their incomplete love story & also for revenge.
Kamalpura is a mysterious place where the local people believes ki there resides a demoness.
Now, Saptarshi & Indrani want to solve the mystery which is somehow most probably connected with their past.
That's all I can say now.
Thanks for taking out your precious time in reading.
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(17-04-2018, 03:13 PM)Rehan Wrote: Hey, that's right. I read and did not have time to respond but here I am responding yo
Chapters 1 and 2 are very fascinating, I like the way the two characters meet in both

 the first part and the second part, the guy who prays to the sun, in 2 cases it looks like first love you see someone and just your heart goes out, you're just in love and it happens
In 2 cases the attraction b/w those 2 characters was written nicely. 
I wonder what will happen next
The story is very fascinating
Thank you, I enjoyed reading

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Rehan for taking out your precious time for reading & also for your lovely, inspiring feedback.
I am super happy that you are liking. it.
Hope there is no confusion. Keep reading to know more about the characters & also the mystery.
Thanks again.
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Ramesh parked the car at a distance from the temple. Saptarshi & Indrani got down from the car. They saw many villagers are going towards temple with puja thali in their hands. They also came near the temple. Both felt tension in the whole atmosphere, whereas village festivals are full of joy & happiness. Saptarshi stopped at his track as soon as he heard a tune. He looked here & there & noticed a middle aged lady playing an instrument sitting in the stairs of temple. Indrani looked at him.

Indrani- What happened?
Saptarshi pointed his finger towards that lady. "That instrument..."
Indrani- ohh, that instrument is Ravanhatta, ancient form of violin, very much popular in Rajasthan & Gujarat as folk instrument.
Saptarshi- You were than humming this tune.
Indrani- really?? May be. I don't remember. Actually, I heard people playing Ravanhatta before, when I visited in Rajasthan. I felt so nice & enchanted that I brought one piece from them.
Saptarshi ( in a low tone)- Yes, it is a nice piece. Those who collects folk items, it's a must buy thing for them.
Indrani- Not only that, this instrument has mythological importance. Ravana did musical offering to Lord Shiva using this instrument & according to folk lore, people believes that playing this instrument they can attract evil souls.
Saptarshi- What??? ( His face became serious). Indrani just stay with me. Please don't get anywhere. The place is unknown & the puja is not giving me any good vibes. By the way, why anyone want to invite evil souls by playing music? ( in a fun tone)
Indrani- obviously, to destroy them. The tune is pure, blessing of Lord Shiva, so evils lost their most powers hearing this tune.
Saptarshi- hmmm.

But he himself is feeling a strange pull towards the tune & he wants to shut his ears as his concentration is breaking. Now, they both removed their shoes & entered into the temple. There is an idol of Maa Durga, she has ten hands & she is killing Mahisasur with her trishul. The pandit is enchanting some holy hymns. Suddenly, the lady, Phooli, came in front of the idol & started playing a tune in Ravanhatta. Some village girls started dancing. They are doing some classical steps. Indrani murmured "Tandava". Saptarshi looked at her. He felt she is not in herself & to his surprise, she joined with the girls & started dancing. Indrani saw flashes of a man playing Ravanhatta & a woman sitting in front of him, keenly listening him with a looking of admiration on her face. Soon, the woman got up & started dancing. The man looking at her & his eyes full of desire. Soon, he stopped playing & came near her. His hand brushed lightly on her cheeks, thumbs running along the curve of her cheekbone leaving a trial of goosebumps. Her eyes closed in apparent pleasure. She felt his hand encircle her. He pulled her against him, her bosom touched his muscular chest & brushed her lips with his. Her lips parted, offering him free access to the delighted heat within, she also felt his warmth sipped into her.
Indrani taking rounds & rounds. She is breathless & she felt her legs giving up, drops of sweat covered her forehead. Saptarshi is also in a hypnotic state. His heart shuttered to stop in his chest. His mouth parched into dryness. He noticed that Indrani may fall down any moment. He composed himself & held her hand & pulled her towards him. Indrani looked at him. Her hands on his chest, she can feel his heart beats. Her face drained of all energy. Saptarshi hold her more tightly. Indrani closed her eyes in submission, a droplets of tear escaped from her eyes & in a low tone, she murmured "Ranvijay"!!!! Saptarshi felt a strange sensation within him. His hand held her tear drop. But soon, his trance got broken as he noticed the gaze of Phooli on him.

Tandava- It is a  divine dance performed by the Hindu god Shiva. Shiva's Tandava is described as a vigorous dance that is the source of the cycle of creation, preservation and dissolution.


PICTURE OF the Instrument Ravanhatta


Picture of the Character Phooli

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