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Why Visiting The Beach Frequently Is Good For Your Health
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There seems to be a common mistake when people think about the beach. I’m guilty of it too as I used to think it was for nothing but relaxing. Although that is somewhat true, there are a lot more benefits to visiting the beach frequently and that’s what I will be discussing.
Let’s get the most obvious reason out of the way first. We can all agree lying down on the beach can really help you relax. People who suffer with insomnia understand how frustrating it is to try and find a way to get a better night’s sleep. But going to the beach is a natural cure to this problem. How you ask? Well, insomnia is caused primarily from stress and anxiety but also other factors including your sleeping environment and lifestyle choices. The NHS go into depth on the causes of insomnia with other solutions on how to cure it. Unwinding on the beach can be a real release and can relieve stress allowing you to sleep better at night. Whether you decide to go to sleep on the beach or just enjoy the calming atmosphere of the waves crashing against the sand is up to you. Whilst not a cure by itself the beach can aide in helping you to relax and unwind, providing a better nights sleep.

You may be thinking how on earth can the air on the beach benefit my health? If you live in an urban area, as most of the world’s population does, you will have noticed how bad the air quality can be, particularly in the hot summer days. ‘Scientific tests have revealed many of the irritant oxides in nitrogen gas are created by traffic’. If you happen to live in a city or a town which suffers from a lot of pollution coming from vehicles emitting harmful gases into the air, it might be affecting your health. According to the Standard “The toxins in the air, which can cause breathing disorders, asthma and stroke, are also found in cigarette smoke”. Living in London, I can feel the pollution in this highly populated city is affecting me. Researchers at King’s College, University of London, “found a normal day’s exposure can be the equivalent of smoking 15 cigarettes”. Evidently living in a city that is highly populated and produces a lot of pollution is not good for your health. So why is visiting the beach better for you? Due to the strong winds that come off the sea there is little to no pollution at all depending on where your nearest beach is located. All this fresh air that sweeps in clears any polluted air away and further into the mainland. You’ll notice as soon as you take a step onto the beach you instantly smell and sense how clean the air is.
The sun seems to be the primary reason why people love visiting the beach. But the majority of people don’t know the science behind exposure to the sun’s rays. An average of 10 minutes in the sun is enough for your skin to absorb the sun’s rays and produce a healthy amount of vitamin D. This vitamin is crucial to your health because it’s been scientifically proven to support bone growth, support your immune system, brain and nervous system as well as regulating your insulin levels. So exposing yourself to the sun every day for a little time can impact your life positively. But don’t be mistaken by thinking the longer you are exposed to the sun the more Vitamin D you receive. That’s the furthest from the truth if anyone tells you that. If you want to stay under the sun for longer periods of time then you need UV protection. The sun’s rays do help, but they can also have drastic consequences. Skin cancer is now more common than ever and is caused by the ultraviolet light from the sun. The UV rays damage your skin cells causing harmful skin cancer as well as causing your skin to wrinkle and age quicker. Avoid staying exposed in the sun for more than one hour a day, and carry a lot of sun protection to block the UV rays coming into contact with your skin.
[Image: photo-1443943937287-65ae2193a63f.jpg]
We all used to love building sandcastles when we were younger, and probably still do. But the sand you find on the beach can actually help you physically. Walking up and down the beach has proven to develop stronger muscles in your foot. According to The Company of Biologists, their published study shows that “Walking on sand requires 1.6-2.5 times more mechanical work than does walking on a hard surface”. This proves your muscles and ligaments in your foot are working harder and as they are working harder, it is strengthening your muscles and ligaments over time. They also found out that “Walking on sand requires 2.1-2.7 times more energy expenditure than does walking on a hard surface”. As a result, you could consider walking up and down the beach every day as exercise. So not only does this improve your stress and anxiety levels because you are refreshing yourself by walking on a beach, but it also improves your fitness overtime. If you find walking over the dry sand difficult, try walking on the sand which is more stable and compact nearer the water.
So there you go. Visiting the beach is really beneficial to your health. But if you’re unlucky enough to live far away from your nearest beach, making the trip as often as you can will really help.
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that's why i love the beach and the sea
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