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Is it possible?
Beta apni maa sey sharab k nashay Mei sex krray aur subah hosh ahhay Kya possible Hai?
not possible

apni mother ko galat eyes se dekhna gunha hai wrong hai
But sharab k nashay Mei tow kuch bhi ho skta hai
ho sakta hai but still he is drunk
mother is not.
Yeh bhi Hai
Hi sarah, 

Actually this is a stupid question to ask please don't mind, but if a person drinks alcohol, do you think he starts behave badly and rape his own mother, ow dear you are so wrong, people do drink allot but they do not go around rapping people and if someone told you he raped his mom just because he was drunk, don't trust this guy he is lying. 
his mother is not drunk either, she can protect her self and not allow her son fall into such acts. 

alcohol makes you lose control over your brain, yes maybe but it does not turn you into rapist or else no one would have touched this evil thing isn't it.
ek to maa bete ka rishta PAK Hota hai, aise gande khayal head mein ana hi nahi chahiye, maa ko maa ki nazar se dekhna chahiye, aise galat kam, alcohol piya is liye esa kiya he can not say thsi. this is wrong and well mother can protect herself from such a son
Hi sarah, 

I drink too, do I go out rapping my sisters or rapping my mother or other ladies out there, no never, come on, you are drunk not drugged or not forced into such, its all in the head, if I see my  mum in such a way see her in wrong eyes, maybe after a drink ill try do something wrong with her but I don't and I think many men out there don't see their mum in such look. 

I might be drunk, I might talk stupid or dance or laught but would I go do such sin, Never. Yes at times I can feel romantic more but would I go rape girls ? Never. 

this is not me, I have my lover with me still I don't touch her even if I  am drunk
Hello sarah jee

bada hi mushkil sawal poocha hai aapne, mein ek baat kehna pasand karungaa, mein apne sasu jee ke ghar pe rehta hun apne 3 bacho ke saath, to woh mere liye maan saman hai, wo jaise bhi mujhe rakhe dante yaan galiya de jo b hai mein hamesha unka samann karunga karta hun .. chahe mein sharab kyon na piu.

to agar wo meri sas hai aur meh aise gande nigao se nai dekhunga to ek banda apni amma ka rape kaise kar sakta hai.. mana ke sharab kharab hoti hai.. usse anemia hota hai cancer ho sakta hai dil ka problem ho sakta hai dimagh hota hai sust  aise kahi cheeze buri buri cheeze ho sakti hai insan ko k e sharab peena hi nahi chahiye per agar koi sharab ko touch bhi karien to bhi apni amma ko galat akhon se dekhega nahi dekh nai sakta .. aap ko kya lag rah ha sharab ka nasha hone se insan ka dimagh kharab ho jata hai aur wo apni hi mata jee ko aise kuch galat karie

aap movies dekh rehi hogi.. filmo mein hero agar sharab piye to wo kuch nahi karta rota rehta yaan bar me hi behosh hota villain wohi kam karien to wo ladkiyon ko galat akho se dekhta hai aur aap yeh b dekhengi k wo un ladkiyo k drink me kuch mila deta hai k wo ladki khilafat na karien.. agar beta apni maa ko kuch karne jaega to wo maa apne bete ko rokna zarur pasand karegi.. wo aise hi use apne pass ane na dengi.

sochne ki baat hai. 
Ajj kl every relationship mazak bun gya Hai .I know this relation is sacred relation.old age Mei log romantic feel krtay Hai
Supposed maa ka husband ki dead ho ghe Hai aur iss k betay ki shaadi huwi hai then she try to disturb his son privacy
Mother doesn't want that his son come closer to his wife
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