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10 messages from people who are better off never using a phone again:
Everyone can screw up on a phone like sending something to the wrong person, confusing someone’s name, or just by saying something stupid. But messages can’t be unsent, leaving some conversations so awkward they’re impossible to forget. And if nothing else, they give us a great reason to laugh.

[Image: 20338860-26221460-2-0-1519812332-1519812...993544.jpg]
[Image: 20338910-26237310-3-0-1519815618-1519815...993544.jpg]
[Image: 20338960-26238310-4-0-1519815793-1519815...993544.jpg]
[Image: 20339010-26274260-5-0-1519819655-1519819...993544.jpg]
[Image: 20339060-26247860-6-0-1519816861-1519816...993544.jpg]
[Image: 20339110-26243910-7-0-1519816505-1519816...993544.jpg]
[Image: 20339160-26246360-8-0-1519816711-1519816...993544.jpg]
[Image: 20339210-26252160-9-0-1519817065-1519817...993544.jpg]
[Image: 20339260-26256610-11-0-1519817594-151981...993544.jpg]
[Image: 20339310-26255460-10-0-1519817512-151981...993544.jpg]
interesting chats thanks for sharing

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