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Vinnie's Creative Corner
(02-03-2018, 09:59 PM)Ron Wrote: [Image: 24648_223992547743352_1050261894_n.jpg?o...e=5B401EB8]

Mother's are always special  Heart Heart
(02-03-2018, 09:57 PM)Ron Wrote: [Image: 10492184_412698745539397_637627148077779...e=5B46A4ED]

wow, your words are your friends, Amazing  Heart Heart
(02-03-2018, 09:58 PM)Ron Wrote: [Image: 10155642_375466485929290_260520915804646...e=5B09E043]

beautiful words for the beautiful snow, now a days allot of snow in the uk  Smile Smile
(02-03-2018, 09:58 PM)Ron Wrote: [Image: 9560_224681261007814_1070200250_n.jpg?oh...e=5B09A4C5]

nothing lasts forever, Nice !!!
thanks everyone, keep on reading ill keep on sharing
(02-03-2018, 09:58 PM)Ron Wrote: [Image: 72761_223996007743006_614208724_n.jpg?oh...e=5B0737EA]

wah !!
(02-03-2018, 09:55 PM)Ron Wrote: [Image: yaol36n.gif][Image: yaol36n.gif]

TRESURE CHEST ....A short story

By  Vinnie  R  and  Vijesh!!!
Once  upon a time  there  was a little  boy   named  Vijesh  who  one  day  found  a treasure map  at  school.   He  showed it  to his  friend  Emile,and  they  both  decided  to  go on  an  adventure  to  find  the  treasure!
They  went to  Sonu ,  the parrot  for  help.  Sonu  told  them  that  the  treasure  was    buried  in   the  Guapo  beach.  So  they  set  off  for  the  beach, and  they  searched  and  searched  and  searched  and  dug  and  dug  and  dug!   Until  finally  they  hit jackpot.  They  found the  treasure  chest.
Indise  the  chest  was all  kinds  of  treasure, jewelry  chocolates, toys  all  kind of  cool   things!!!
However  inside  the  chest  was also   a ghost,  whose  job  it  was  to  guard  treasure.  He  told them  that  they  could  not get it as long  as it  was being  guarded  by  him! And  that it was his  job to  guard   treasure! He  told  them  to  go  away and  find  another  treasure!
The  boys  returned  home  feeling  sad that they  could not get  the  goodies  in the  treasure  chest.  Then  Vijesh had  an  idea.  “ Let  us  fool  that  ghost !We will get his  treasure and give him a fake  one!”  he  said.
“How will we  do  that?”  Emile  asked  him.
“Easy!  We will fix an  old  box  to  look  like a  treasure  chest.!”  So  the  boys   looked around  the  yard  and  finally  found  a box  big  enough.  With some help from daddy  they  made it look  just like  the   treasure  chest  buried on  the  beach!.
“But  how  will we  fool  him?”  Emile  asked again looking at the  empty  box.
“Easy…we will  fill it  with   sand  and  shining  dust, and  we will put my  mummy’s  broken   dishes  and  other  things  in it.”
So  they  gathered  his  mother’s  broken  dishes  and  other  old shiny  stuff and  put it in the  chest. Next  they  went to  the  beach and  dug   a deep   hole in the sand  and  buried the  fake  chest.
Vijesh  said  “Sonu, fly  over to the ghost  and  tell him you  found  a new  treasure  chest with  lots  of  nice  things.”  
Sonu  flew  over  to the   ghost and  told  him  about  the  “new  “ treasure.  Excited  the  Ghost   followed him .
Meanwhile   vijesh  and  emile  waited  in the  buses for the  ghost  to  come .  After he  arrived,  the  waited  until  he  went  into  the  treasure  to  investigate  what  was in  it. .
Then  they  came  out  of  hiding  and  quickly  closed  the  chest  and  buried   him  in  the sand  with  the  new   fake  treasure.
“You  can guard  that  one  now… we will take  the  other  one!”  They  told  the  defeated  ghost!
They  made  their  way  to  the  new  treasure and  took  It  home!
[Image: 10552425_426298370846101_887051512123095...e=5B0626A3]

[Image: yaol36n.gif][Image: yaol36n.gif]

kitne samajhdar bache hai, wah kya kahani hai mein yeh apne bacho ko zarur sunaunga, yeh bache kitne smart hai wah jee wah.

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