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Checkmate- Sam-Arj (Aham & Kashmira) FIC, PART 20 UPDATED on 23.4.2018
(22-04-2018, 02:47 PM)sandy Wrote: Beautiful part 15 .. Dev did not use his office computer to do "crime" they have more then that, maybe he is just a small "player" in this "big" game. so he was controlled by someone else.

Dev is shocked to see his accountant investigating him .. who would think he would be someone else, i didn't

samaira and arjun love story and friendship is written slowly and beautifully

You need to read the upcoming chapters to know more about Dev. He is a small player or big, it's too early to reach in any conclusion.
Glad that you are liking Arjun Samaira's relationship.
Thank You for your lovely feedback.
Keep reading. Loads of Love.
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  • Ronit
(22-04-2018, 03:36 PM)sandy Wrote: part 16 is beautiful, amazing dev arora is actualy someone else

couldnt see that one coming

samaira's phone was broken by them so she can not ask for help, how can a father be so cruel to a daughter he raised .. he might not be her father but even when I raise a dog i fall in love with him, he become our part of family how can he just be so bad person.

nice work so far.

Dev Arora is Debendra Debnath, a juvenile criminal.
More shocking revelations coming up in next parts. It's going to be a roller coaster ride with many twists and turns. Let's see you liked or not.
Samrat Khanna is indeed a cruel person.
Thank You for taking out your precious time to read "Checkmate". Thank You for your awesome reviews.
Glad that you are liking.
Keep reading. Loads of Love.
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  • Ronit

Arjun yawned lazily & tried to stretch his body. But he felt some weight on his chest. He opened his eyes & looked at his side. There Samaira was sleeping, hugging him. Her head was lying on his bare chest. She was looking beautiful & her face had a smile. He lightly kissed her forehead & tucked the hair strand which falling on her face, behind her ear. Arjun looked for his clothes, which was scattered on the floor. He tried to grab his clothes, but the movement woke her up. Samaira opened her eyes. She can find herself very close to Arjun. Remembering the events of last night, a blush appeared on her face. She pulled the blanket more on herself.

Arjun ( with a bright smile)- Good Morning. Well, not only good, but the best morning. I want you to wake up every morning in my arms.
Samaira hide her face on his chest & rubbed her nose.
Arjun ( in a husky tone)- uffs, you are instigating me again Samaira. Want another session now?
Samaira did not said anything, but stopped rubbing her nose. She tried to get up from him, but he hugged her more tightly.
Arjun ( now in a serious tone)- You are fine, right? Did I rushed? You are not regretting, right?
Samaira pinched his arm tightly.
Arjun- ouch! What is it for?
Samaira- For talking nonsense.
Arjun- You are not talking properly. So, I thought, you are upset.
Samaira- Use your brain only when you are in your Office. You may be awesome in Maths, but you have no idea about a woman's feeling.
Arjun- Then, you should be happy naa that you are the first woman in my life.
Samaira- Really? But then, how you know the tricks to wrap a saree? ( raised her eyebrows)
Arjun took a deep breath. He is now in danger zone.
Arjun- Well, I saw saree wraping tricks in films & I am a quick learner.
Samaira- But you said, you don't get enough time to watch movies.
Arjun- Now, I don't get time, but I used to watch movies before.
Samaira- ohh.
Arjun- Can you please drop the topic as I am feeling uncomfortable.
Samaira- You are feeling what?
Arjun- uncomfortable.
Samaira rolled her eyes & muttered "Natunki."
Both remained silent for sometimes.
Arjun- You still did not answered.
Samaira- We did not rushed. It's our mutual decision to take our relation in next level. I am not regretting Arjun.
Arjun- But we did not used protection. So, ...
Samaira- I am in my safe periods. But still, I am going to take pills.
Arjun- hmm, but why you looked so dull when you woke up?
Samaira- dull? Check your eyes Mr. Mehra. I am just feeling shy. ( in a low tone).
Arjun- Accha, I see. So, you are feeling shy after everything happened. Your cheeks colors did not changed that much then. ( in a mischievous tone.)
Samaira pinched his nipple lightly. Arjun closed his eyes & took a sharp breath. Her head was still on his chest. He got up, pushed her back on the bed & the next moment he was on top of her. He put his lips on hers & kissed her deeply & passionately. Her body melded to his with an answering groan. His hand cupped her breast & knees rubbing her naked thighs. Again her moans filled the room. Her breath labored. "Please Arjun, not now." She murmured.
Arjun nodded his head & got up. He sat on the bed. Samaira also sat next to him, resting her head on her shoulder.
Samaira- I was the target last night. Naa?
Arjun hold her hand & lightly kissed it.
Arjun- Trust me, I will never let anything happened to you.
Samaira- Samrat Khanna is responsible. Am I right?
Arjun- May be. I can't reach in any conclusion before investigation.
Samaira- But I know. Why the man is after me? I am not at all interested in Khanna Industries or any of his properties. Just want to live a peaceful life.
Arjun remained silent.
Samaira- I thought I lost you. That man put gun on your head. Arjun please, I don't want to lose you. I am afraid if anything bad happens.
Arjun- Relax Samaira. Nothing is going to happen. It is my duty & I am trained & capable enough to handle this kind of situation.
Samaira- Arjun, you are not understanding.
Arjun noticed tears in her eyes. He gently wiped her tears.
Arjun- Actually nowadays, no one in world is safe dear. Please don't cry. Just trust me. Accha listen, I have some important work. So, need to go. Will you stay here or should I drop you at your place?
Now, Samaira looked at the room. "Where are we?"
"We are in our house dear."
Samaira gave him a confused look. Arjun sighed. "You are in your sasural. Now, you get?"
Samaira- What I am going to do here alone? Drop me in my rented house.
Arjun- Okay.
Arjun grabbed his pant from the floor & wore it. " Leave the shirt." He heard Samaira's voice. Arjun went to the bathroom to freshen up.

Samaira perfectly wraped the saree watching Youtube video & smiled looking at her image in the mirror. She combed her hair. She heard a knock on the door. She opened the door. Arjun entered with breakfast. Arjun gave her a surprised look.
Arjun- You wore the saree?? How?? I am waiting for your call for help.
Samaira- Technology Arjun. Youtube videos.
Arjun sighed. "One night you spent with me. See, your smartness increased."
Samaira narrowed her eyes. "I don't want to argue with you in the morning. Also don't want to spoil my mood."
Arjun- Okay. But tell me one thing, when will I am getting next chance? ( with a wink).
Samaira- You are turning into a shameless person day by day. ( Her cheeks turned red).
Arjun smiled & gave her a side hug & kissed her cheeks & whispered. "I love this color on your face."

Arjun entered in IB office. Rajat came towards him.
Rajat- Boss, these three have criminal records. They are professional killers. The car they used have no engine chassis number & the number plate is same as Dev Arora's car which we destroyed to proved his disappearance as accident.
Arjun raised his eyebrows.
Rajat- The three are now in Interrogation room & I have a small request, handle them with care. Afterall, your kicks & punches are too much to handle for anyone. ( with a fake tense expression).
Arjun smirked.

Arjun entered in the Interrogation room & sat in front of the three. They clearly looked nervous. Arjun smiled looking at them.
Arjun- hey, Relax. Relax. Afterall, you all are our guest. Feel free.
Arjun put gloves in his hand & took out a gun from the evidence bag & aimed at one of them.
Arjun- well, this is your gun, illegal, which you put on my head from the back. Now, if I shoot you here & bury your dead body somewhere...
That man almost fall on Arjun's feet.
The Man- Saab, trust me. You are not our target.
Arjun- woah, I am feeling so relieved to listen this from you. ( in a sarcastic tone.)
Arjun gave him a cold look & hold the gun on his forehead & his finger on the trigger.
The Man- A lady gave us contract to kill the madam. She paid the advance, gave photo & details of Samaira madam. She also gave us the car.
Arjun showed them the picture of Nandini.
The Man- No, she is not the one. She looks more younger. We don't know anything about her. She never called us. But we remember her face.

Arjun entered in his cabin & lit a cigarette. " Rajat, make the sketch of the lady. These three remember her face. But make sure, three of them should give the description one by one, not together & continue the Interrogation. What about Ravi Desai? Dam, I want this man as soon as possible in my custody. "
Rajat- we are close boss. By the way, how is Samaira?
Arjun- She is fine. Do you get the CDs?
Rajat- I sent one to collect the CDs.
Arjun- & where is Bonnie?
Rajat- She still not reported. I think, she is still working on Chaudhary's.
Arjun- Call her. I want her here now.
Rajat nodded his head & dialed Bonnie's number. "Arjun, she is not taking calls."
Arjun- What??? Try Again.

(18-04-2018, 10:29 AM)Madhumita Wrote:
(17-04-2018, 01:35 PM)Vishnu Wrote:
(12-04-2018, 07:01 PM)Madhumita Wrote:
(12-04-2018, 01:27 PM)Vishnu Wrote: part 6 padh ke yeh kehna chahunga, ke itni security hone ke bwajud bhi arjun ne dev ke computer ko hack kiya us ko behosh kiya aur itna kuch kiya ke kisi ko pata nahi laga

ek pitaah jo puri life aapse nafrat kare achanak se aapko pyaar de, dall mein kuch kala hai bhai, wo ladki apne pitaah ke pyaar ke liye taras rehi hai wo ye yaqeen kar gayee par samrat khana jo apni beti se baat bhi nai kiya care nahi kiya wo achanak aek din pyaar dena shuru kare .. na mumkin

Thank You Vishnu for taking out your precious time for reading Checkmate & also for your lovely feedback.
Yes, Arjun did it.
Yes, Samrat Khanna is not at all trustworthy. His activities are indeed suspicious. Arjun has full doubt. But Samaira ko kaun samjhaye woh to aapni dil ki sun rahi hai.

jee kyo nahi, yeh kahani achi hai to me waqt nikal kar aa hi jata hun

A Big Thank You Vishnu jee. I am honored. Keep reading & keep sharing your opinions.

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  • Madhumita
(22-04-2018, 07:49 PM)Madhumita Wrote:
(22-04-2018, 10:42 AM)Ronit Wrote: Started reading part 18 

It is nice to see arjun worrying about samaira's feelings, her feelings mater to him, he doesn't want her to feel [i][b]uncomfortable  and that's sweet of him[/i][/b]
sweet marriage proposal , i like their "nok jhok moments"
ha ha ha no drink because not good for job, no smoke because not good for health, well samaira tell him no smoke because not good for marriage  Big Grin

scary moment as someone is following them , her life is at risk but maybe his life too because you never know who knows your secret and who is willing to kill you

Thank You for reading & also another big Thank You for your lovely, inspiring reviews.
Glad that you are liking.
Yes, her feelings, her comfort & her safety all matters to him. In short, he cares for her. Happy to know that you liked Arjun Samaira's scene.
I always try to make it simple. Ha ha, nice one. Smoking not good for your marriage.
Yes, someone following them, but his senses are quite alert.
Let's see what happens. Keep reading. Loads of Love.

I like it as is 
it is beautiful. 
keeping your readers always waiting for the next chapter, lets see who is after them and what happens next.
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  • Madhumita
(22-04-2018, 07:54 PM)Madhumita Wrote:
(22-04-2018, 11:34 AM)Ronit Wrote: Chapter 18 - arjun managed to face those people in a very bravely way, thank GOD he was smart to call help on time.

oww, im seeing here flashback of samaira's childhood, poor child had to face the lose of her mom in a very bad way, her dad also cold for her, such a small girl had to bear that pain.

seems she is in pain, that shock took her back in time, how sad, i hope she will come out of shock soon.

Nice romantic ending of this chapter.  Big Grin Big Grin .

Yes, Arjun beat all of them. He is trained to handle this kind of situation. But Samaira is in shock. She is afraid to see those men & most importantly Arjun in gun point.
That triggered her old childhood memories.
& second italics part is her imagination.
Hope you liked the Romance section though I am not very sure.
Thank You for taking out your precious time to read "Checkmate". Thank You for these lovely comments.
Glad that you are liking.
Keep Reading. Loads of Love.

I liked everything in this chapter, 

you keep great balance b/w romance and thriller which is great thing, it did make sense their romance after all that happening and it was beautifully written.
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  • Madhumita

Arjun anxiously pacing in his cabin & constantly calling Bonnie, but she is not picking up the phone. Rajat entered in his cabin.

Rajat- Boss, her cell phone location is her home.
Arjun- Then, why she is not picking up?
Rajat- Is she is in any danger?
Arjun looked confused. "Is it possible to track down Bonnie so easily? Well, I am not taking any chance. I am going to her home. Rajat, make the sketch of that lady. I want it soon".
Rajat- But...
Arjun- I will manage & will not let anything happen to Bonnie. But still, prepare back up team for any emergency. Just relax & do as I said.
Rajat nodded his head.

Arjun parked his bike outside Bonnie's Apartment. He climbed up the stairs & knocked at her door three times in his style. But getting no response, he became more tensed. This time he pushed the door applying pressure. But without much struggle, he able to open the door. He cautiously stepped inside, holding his gun. There is no one in the room, but there is also no sign of struggle in the room. Everything looks perfect. Arjun went towards bedroom. He slowly opened the bedroom door. He was startled to see Bonnie standing there holding a big chocolate cake. A smell of sensual rose room fragrance hit his nose. He looked at the room decorated with flowers & candles. Arjun looked visibly confused. He is still standing holding his gun. Bonnie came closer to him. The muzzle of his gun touching her bare chest as she is wearing a strapless black gown. Arjun put his gun down & keep it in holster which is hidden by his jacket.
"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Arjun, Happy Birthday to you... Now, cut the cake. You are already late."
Arjun frowned. " What nonsense is this Bonnie?"
Bonnie- This is not nonsense Arjun. I really wanted to celebrate your birthday. I expected you last night, but you did not came. I cried, I felt someone stabbed in my heart.
Arjun- Bonnie, I don't have time to waste.
Bonnie- Arjun please, listen... ( She hold his hand.)
Bonnie- But see you came for me. I know, you are late, but still, you came. You care for me.
Arjun- Yes, I care for you. I care for Rajat & I care for each & every Officer working in my team. As a Senior Officer, it is my duty. As I am not been able to contact with you. So, I came to check. It's as simple as that.
Bonnie- No, you are lying.
Arjun- Why should I lie? By the way, I am not getting the reason of your irresponsible behavior.
Bonnie looked at him. Her face fell.
Arjun- Why you are here now? Did I sanction you leave? Why the hell you are not picking up the phone? Don't you know that out of contact means you are in danger in our profession? I never expected this kind of irresponsible act from you. This is my last warning to you.
Arjun turned to leave. But Bonnie hugged him from behind. Arjun froze.
Bonnie- I love You AM. When I first saw you, I fall in love with you. I love everything about you. AM, I know I behaved like a fool. I just wanted to share my feeling with you. Scold me, but please don't go.
Arjun gasped. He stood there like a statue. Bonnie again pulled his hand.
Bonnie ( Almost whispering)- I really Love You AM. Why are you silent?
Arjun- What to say Bonnie? I am speechless seeing your doltishness.
Bonnie- doltishness?
Arjun- Yes. Now, listen carefully Bonnie, I am committed & I am very serious about my relation with her. So, for you, It's a NO from my side.
Bonnie (hissed)- You are rejecting me for Samaira?
Arjun- ohh, so, you know about my relationship with Samaira? Obviously, why not You? Everyone in our team knows. Though I did not Officially declared, but did not conceal also. But still, you created this drama & made a awkward situation for both of us?
Bonnie- She came between us.
Arjun- "us" ? Really Bonnie? I am not even aware of this "us" existence. There was never a single moment when I felt, we could be together. So, don't blame Samaira. I love her & I don't want to hear anything about her.
Bonnie ( now crying)- Then, why about me Arjun?
Arjun- I can't control your thoughts & feelings. But I cleared mine. It's a No, Bonnie & it will remain forever a No. I don't think, I ever gave you any hints or any hope. So, there is no point of saying Sorry. You are mature enough to understand. That's it.
Arjun jerked her hand. He felt so suffocated inside & rushed outside. He took a deep breath in fresh air.

Arjun opened the door of his cabin. Rajat rushed towards him.
Rajat- Where is Bonnie?
Arjun- She is fine. ( Quite rudely)
Rajat- But...
Arjun( cut his words)- Rajat, you just inform her that I am giving her time till tomorrow morning to report in duty with all details which I told her to collect. Else, I am going to take strict action against her.
Arjun closed the door with a bang.

At evening, Rajat knocked at the door of Arjun's cabin. " Come in", Rajat entered when he heard Arjun's voice from inside.
Rajat- Sketches of the lady. Three of them gave same description.
Arjun looked at the sketches. "Now, who is she? Why the hell she hired the killers to kill Samaira? Do you checked our criminal database?"
Rajat- Well, I checked. But she is not our database. But I found her profile in NCRB's missing person record & also in Zipnet.
Arjun- Say in details.
Rajat- Her name is Puja Chabra, originally belongs from Dehradun. A bright student, doing PG from this city. It's almost a month she is missing from her College Hostel. Her old parents filed missing complains. Whatever, I get to know from the Investigation Officer of this case, that the girl became a drug addict before going missing. She was demanding too much money which her father denied to give. Police is still clueless about her whereabouts.
Arjun is lost in thoughts.
Arjun- Track Ravi Desai as soon as possible.
Rajat- Arjun, what happened?
Arjun- nothing. Just tired. Need some rest. See you tomorrow Rajat.

Samaira closed her laptop & collected all the papers scattered on bed in a file & yawned. Her phone started ringing. Arjun Calling.
Samaira( with a big smile)- Hey Arjun.
Arjun- I am standing outside. Open the door.
Samaira- huh?
Arjun- arre, open the door.
Samaira opened the door & Arjun walked inside. He put his bike keys & mobile on the side table. He removed his jacket & sat on the bed. He is wearing his casual track pant & black T Shirt.
Arjun- Sorry for coming so late. Actually missing you.
Samaira- It's okay. Don't say sorry.
Arjun silently sat there & Samaira keenly noticing him.
Samaira- What happened Arjun? You looked dull.
Arjun- Nothing.
Samaira- hmm. You ate?
Arjun- Yes. Feeling sleepy.
Samaira only nodded her head. She came opposite side. Both lay down without any talking. Samaira switched off the light. But she could not sleep, as Arjun tossing & turning restlessly beside her.
Arjun (in his mind)- Why Bonnie? Why the hell you gave this complex twist in my simple life? This confession will surely hamper the good professional atmosphere in our team. Don't know why I am feeling this much uncomfortable? I am very clear about my feeling. I Love Samaira. Should I say this to Samaira? No No, Never. Bonnie is a close chapter. Really? Is it so? She is a member of my team, a fellow Officer, Friend. No, Friendship over. We are not friends any more. She broke it. She must be feeling jealous, angry. Am I be able to trust her again completely?
Samaira came closer to him & put her hand around him. "Relax Arjun & sleep. "
Arjun also came closer to her. He sighed & inhaled her scent. He can feel her warmth &she is hugging him. He closed his eyes. Samaira too closed her eyes peacefully when she felt Arjun's deep & even breathing.

Author's Note

Thank You for accepting & liking "Checkmate". Posted two back to back updates. Enjoy.
Next update most probably gonna to coming up next week.
A small Information about Zipnet. 
ZIPNet (Zonal Integrated Police Network) was introduced in the year 2004. The main objective of the Project is to share Crime and Criminal Information in real-time. Project is approved by the MHA, INDIA. The information published on it, relates to Public Interest. Prior to ZIPNET, the information use to circulate through offline modes like Papers, TPM, Wireless Communication. It provides Search Engines to match information from Central repository in Online environment. Initially, it was brought forward with the collaborative efforts of Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan Police. Subsequently, in the year 2008, Punjab and Chandigarh Police also joined it. Uttrakhand Police has also joined it in the month of October, 2008. Himachal Pradesh Police joined the project on 25.1.2012.

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