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Checkmate- Sam-Arj (Aham & Kashmira) FIC, PART 11 UPDATED on 16.3.2018
(14-03-2018, 02:42 PM)sandy Wrote:
(13-03-2018, 07:26 PM)Madhumita Wrote:
(13-03-2018, 02:44 PM)sandy Wrote:
(07-03-2018, 08:16 AM)Madhumita Wrote:
(05-03-2018, 05:38 PM)sandy Wrote: Hi.
An interesting story, I saw everyone reading I decided to read too, Arjun's arrival in Sam's life was well planned, even when he entered the office, immediately noticed the employee in need of help, drew information from him and immediately logged in to learn more about this company
Why is he here?
I'll probably find out later
Neal and Sam's friendship is very fascinating, it's a shame that there are not many friends as if in reality
Very nice
I will continue to read and let you know my opinion

Welcome to "Checkmate" Thread. Everyone's reading?? Really? It's great to know.
A big Thank You for your lovely feedback.
Absolutely, your guess was right. Arjun is here definitely for some mission! To know more, Keep reading.
Great to know that you Neil Sam Friendship.
Thanks again for liking. Will wait to know your opinions.

Thanks dear Madhumita 
for such a wonderful story, I am reading slowly as time permits but as I read I can feel the story going on, the friendship, the mission, the business world, the pre plan marriage, everything is perfect.

if her dad was so good so loving so carting as she claims - he would have never married her to any drunk fellow. he does it, he has some motive behind this idea. 

what that motive is.. I guess upcoming parts will let me know. Smile Smile

Thanks for posting this story on shaanse, I do read but slow as time permits but I try giving honest review as well.


Thank You again Sandy. I am honestly satisfied to post this story here. The reviews indeed are treat to read.
Take your time & Keep reading. Hope I live up to all of your expectations.
No one motive is not clear. All are playing & all are hiding behind masks. But what game? You need to read the upcoming chapters to know.
For any confusion, any loopholes in thriller. Feel free to ask & point out.
Criticism always welcome.

Yes of course
We are glad that you shared with us in such a stunning work, yes, Sam is the most miserable woman in the whole story, because all she wanted was love from her father and her friends to engage in what she loved
Made her life complicated without her will.
life is such, we want to be happy to be simple and people make things difficult, that's life after all

It's just the beginning. Many mystery will be unfold step by step. Yes, Samaira always wanted a simple life. But she is dragged in some mess without her knowledge. Let's see what happens next. Keep reading. Loads of Love.
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(14-03-2018, 02:47 PM)sandy Wrote: After reading part 7 I will  say- life is like that, you never know anything, someday someone your friend tomorrow he could be your biggest enemy
Sam believes her father with her eyes closed
True, she has a problem that she believes everyone, she is so innocent
She thinks everyone is good and no one will hurt her
It is not her fault, there are things that we learn from Father and there are things that are learned from Mother
Her mother wasn't in her life so she could not tell her about the dangers of life

I have a feeling that her mother is alive
Or perhaps she was murdered
But more towards the beast
Where and why
Do not know yet

So far - the question is asked at the end - where Arjun goes and why took a gun with him, how he guessed that she is in some kind of problem, seems like he was following her all the time.

Beautiful so far
I enjoyed very much

Thank You Sandy for the lovely feedback for Part 7. I am glad that you are enjoying & finding the story interesting so far. Lovely analysis on Samaira. Yes, Samaira is innocent & a simple girl. She is practical, trustworthy yet she trust people so easily. She can't think complex.
What happened with her mother, Piyali Khanna, to know about this you need to read the upcoming chapters.
Why Arjun is with gun? Read Chapter 8. I guess many things will get clear there.
Loads of Love for giving Checkmate a chance. Thank You. Hope I live up to your expectations.
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  • Ronit
(14-03-2018, 03:57 PM)Ronit Wrote: part one of chapter 9

interesting progress, dev will never admit, i think yeah he wanted to kill sam but it has more then that, he maybe wanted to enjoy her 1st and then kill, or not kill, just kill her inner woman, by rapping her she will be broken anyway and might marry with him, what will he get by killing her, nothing
but if he rape her and then marry her, he gets it all, he is sent by samrat yes but who wants to get few money
she said no, so he wanted to rape and then she will be forced into marrying him.

good cover story for samrat, i wonder will sam agree to it and will she create issues after knowing the truth.

one last question - who brought dev to arjun's place? were they the backup team came after him or dev himself, did i miss that part?

nice progress so far  Big Grin

Are you Ron????
Thank You for reading "Checkmate" so keenly. It's really a great to treat to read all the feedbacks & replying them.
What was exactly Dev & Samrat's motive? I can't reveal now.
Still, My dear readers, You need to read the upcoming chapters to understand the exact game. It's not that simple. But I am leaving all that to my readers. Please let me know are you all getting satisfied by the progress or not.
About your question, let me clear,
When Arjun came out from his Office to rescue Samaira, he told Bonnie to send back up. Arjun knocked out Dev & Samaira fainted. Arjun carried Samaira to his rented house for treatment & also told Bonnie to send doctor.
& the two men who arrived their as back up, they arrested unconscious Dev & took him to Intelligence Bureau's Office to further Investigation. Later, Arjun arrived in Office & then the conversation happened between Bonnie & HIM written on first part of Page 9.
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(14-03-2018, 04:38 PM)Ronit Wrote: part 2 of chapter 9,
this truth shake her, awake her, that rape attempt, that identity of arjun, that identity of her self, actually all this truth just shake her inside out, well hard thing when you find out you are not what you thought you are, that's a problem.

she will not trust easily even if he now tells her he has feelings, he will have 2 work hard now, won't get her love so easily, she will trust again Not a blind trust this time, maybe then, maybe then it will be a fresh start for their relationship.

so far, well written
continuing reading and will comment after.

Thank You again for such a beautiful analysis. I am really jumping in happiness as I got some great readers in this forums who are reading between the lines.
Yes, Samaira is devastated. It's common reaction. So many truths in front of her. Difficult to handle.
Let's see, what happen in their relation. Keep reading.
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  • Ronit
(14-03-2018, 05:06 PM)Ronit Wrote: last part of chapter 9

I wonder who provided dev that poison

so now he has people who work with arjun

seems no one is to be trusted even those who work with arjun. 

lets see what happens next.

looking forward to read chapter 10

thanks madhu for such a wonderful story. i enjoyed so far. 
keep it up

Thank You for the lovely review. It's really treat to read. Hmm, indeed, it's a big question who provided Dev that poison.
Let's see. Keep reading.
Hope I live up to all of your expectation. Thank You again for taking out your precious time & give "Checkmate" a chance.
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  • Ronit
@ Ron,

Today, I am replying your comment that how Arjun doing all this kind of things. It's not common, not regular, tough, But definitely, not impossible. I know the moment Arjun Identity is revealed it's answers many of your queries. But still I want to share some more.
What Arjun is doing or whatever you are going to witness in upcoming parts is not extraordinary acts by Arjun. They are trained in this way.
As you know Intelligence Bureau is India's Internal Intelligence agency, their Officers are also trained in special way.
Their Basic training comprises of intelligence and espionage, Common usages, trade craft techniques and classification of information are taught. Financial and economic analysis, Space Technology, Information Security, Energy Security and Scientific knowledge .
Now, coming to the advance Training for the Field Officer, it's last for one or two years & consists of firsthand experience of what it was to be out in the figurative cold, conducting clandestine operations. During night exercises under realistic conditions, he/she is taught infiltration and exfiltration. He/she is instructed to avoid capture and if caught, how to face interrogation. He/she learns the art of reconnoiter, making contacts, and, the numerous skills of operating an intelligence mission. Before his deployment in the field, he/she is given exhaustive training in the art of self-defence mainly Krav Maga, and the use of technical espionage devices.
So, as a Field Officer in Intelligence Bureau, it's not a big deal for Arjun to create a cover, collect information, hack on the system of Khanna Industries as he was after them for 6 months.
For any of query please feel free to ask. Thank You.
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(14-03-2018, 06:03 PM)Madhumita Wrote:
(13-03-2018, 11:07 PM)Shaina Wrote:
(09-03-2018, 07:16 PM)Madhumita Wrote:
(09-03-2018, 01:25 AM)Shaina Wrote: Someone is reaching new heights of popularity!!!! Laugh

Of course Shai. You are on the height of Popularity in this Forums. VIP is showing in your Profile. I just joined & trying to get some readers for "Checkmate".

I was talking about you!!!!! Clapping

Actually, Thanks to all Forums Members for the warm welcome & accepting me. I am really enjoying here.

aweee  60_y
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  • Madhumita
(14-03-2018, 06:05 PM)Madhumita Wrote:
(14-03-2018, 10:05 AM)Ron Wrote: aab madhu b vip ban gyee Smile
(13-03-2018, 11:07 PM)Shaina Wrote:
(09-03-2018, 07:16 PM)Madhumita Wrote:
(09-03-2018, 01:25 AM)Shaina Wrote: Someone is reaching new heights of popularity!!!! Laugh

Of course Shai. You are on the height of Popularity in this Forums. VIP is showing in your Profile. I just joined & trying to get some readers for "Checkmate".

I was talking about you!!!!! Clapping

Yeah!! Just now noticed the Change. It's showing VIP!!!

and and and ... you got this one added to ur profile
[Image: heBYfh8.png] Smile Smile Smile Smile
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  • Madhumita
(14-03-2018, 06:08 PM)Madhumita Wrote:
(14-03-2018, 11:58 AM)Ron Wrote: Ahan, Part 1 of Chapter 8 is actually interesting and make you think, maybe yes her life is in danger and as was written here by someone that he might look like danger for her but he is trying to save her life, makes you think like he is not here to harm her. 

So he is the boss, has office, has mission
lets' see what happens next.

Yes. According to Arjun's assumption, her life is really in danger. Yes, Arjun is in a mission, he has a motive. Thanks for reading & also for the details feedback.

yeah, its great that he actually came in to save her life and help , in the process he fell in love with her, to early it happened but okay... love happens Smile
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(14-03-2018, 06:11 PM)Madhumita Wrote:
(14-03-2018, 12:24 PM)Ron Wrote: Ahan.. part 2 chapter 8 -

Interesting progress, arjun is smart no doubt, gave 1000 rs to the waiter so can get the info, followed their car, found their car, interesting really .. lets hope samaira is safe not drunk or given drugs, uh scary movement...reading ahead.

Thanks for liking Arjun. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Yes, Study his attitude. He is different from others. You can say him smart. Let's see what happens with Samaira....... Thanks again for details feedback. Heart

yes he is smart, 
an hacker, knows accounts work, knows how to talk with people, sees what others can not, in short smart personality.
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