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Checkmate- Sam-Arj (Aham & Kashmira) FIC, PART 20 UPDATED on 23.4.2018
part 11, 
Although he looks so tough- he is a sensitive person he takes care of her and knows she is experiencing such an unpleasant experience.
He seemed to be nearer to her than Neil's best friend
It will take her some time but she will digest it and return to being a good friend of his. but even she is mad at him, she is with him. 
A beautiful chapter
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Part 12, 

You write their love so beautiful, how you create the closeness, she stayed with him she cares for him, she was angry but she realizes that he is here for her

one thing i didn't understand is - 
 tu ne setting kar li iske saath Samie?

what that means?

Sometimes it's good that your best friend knows all about you. It's good that he told Neil Sam's truth.

the ending code. maybe a car number maybe a locker number maybe ....... alright ill read the next update to find out
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(16-04-2018, 10:20 AM)Ronit Wrote:
(02-04-2018, 07:11 PM)Madhumita Wrote:
(28-03-2018, 11:36 AM)Ron Wrote: Part 2 chapter 16-

So nandini pandey hired a man, changed his identity, hired him as a manager in their company, gave him good job new name, if wanted to kill samaira she could do that easily using but they waited for her being 25 and now she can be killed.. but still if you want to kill someone you don't need to be manager or act like one, he could be stranger and kill her off without his name being taken anywhere. 

lets see.

That's what Arjun was interpreting. This was not the way any professional killer works. Killing Samaira is a part of their plan. These people who are behind masks have no idea that they all are under scanner of Intelligence. Let's see, what happens next. Keep reading to unfold more.

maybe they don't know but, in chess they say never underestimate your enemy, you don't know what they actually know. don't think they are not alert, because in this, it seems every time they are 1 step ahead of arjun

Of course, Never underestimate your enemy, that's the must follow rule in every game. I don't think Arjun is underestimating. But till now, he don't have any clear cut idea about what the exact plan or what the exact conspiracy is. He is following the clues. But whoever people are in the opposite idea, they planned everything so cleverly, that's why every time Arjun is meeting dead end. But he is also not losing hope. Let's see, what happens next. Keep Reading.
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(16-04-2018, 11:21 AM)Ronit Wrote: Started reading chapter 17, so sweet she called him and helped him come out of his sad mood, no wonder he lost his mom that day he would not be celebrating the day.

Thank You for reading PART 17 & also for your lovely feedback. Yes, She called him to wish him on his Birthday & also to cheer him up.
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(16-04-2018, 12:20 PM)Ronit Wrote: 2ND part of chapter 17- interesting actually, but playing with the cameras is risky, now a days cameras are not really open to all , sometimes you can not see them where they are located, it can be hidden anywhere and also camera moves from side to side left to right, lets see what happens next. 

arjun is taking huge risk lets see what he finds out

Arjun very well knows the step is indeed risky & dangerous, That's actually is job is. From the day 1, he is tallying the cameras & his this step is not sudden. He very clearly knew that he can't escape one camera, so infrared pointer torch. The laser blinded the camera for some seconds, he get unnoticed by camera without doing anything. Keep reading to know more. Loads of Love.
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(16-04-2018, 12:31 PM)Ronit Wrote: 3rd part of chapter 17 is interesting indeed, now i wonder what did arjun find out, he is not telling us.. oho.

You will get to know soon what Arjun investigated or what he find out. Glad that you find the chapter interesting. Loads of Love.
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(16-04-2018, 12:41 PM)Ronit Wrote: hahaha get ready from the morning .. that's funny  Big Grin  

told you, you write their romance so sweetly and you say you don't know how to Wondering	  ok that scene reminds me of akshay and if im not mistaken priyanka chopra, sweet romance he is helping her wear the saree, sweet

okay i loved this scene, so beautiful and romantic, now tell me who can write it better then this hmm ? 
i just loved this.

you wrote their romance so sweetly, decent and beautiful
lovely chapter 17 

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You for taking out your precious time to read "Checkmate" & also for your lovely reviews.
Glad that you are liking.
It's a treat to read all of your comments here.
You liked the romance section!!! Yipeeee. Now, I am jumping around happily.
Most probably the whole Checkmate, you will get to read many mature scenes. Posting mature scenes is allowed in Shaanse right???
Keep reading. Thanks again. Loads of Love.
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(16-04-2018, 02:00 PM)Rehan Wrote: Chapter 14 Interesting .. How they managed to locate the person by his shirt, an impossible task but well done they succeeded in it
Usually when the rich do something they use the services of the poor, the people who will be the victims of the deeds of the rich.
Sam and Arjun's part is always interesting, women always complain that we men throw a towel on the bed, wonder why it bothers them so much it will dry out afterwards.
An interesting chapter
I'll keep reading

This is how Police investigate blind cases. Blind cases mean where police first have to establish the identity of victim, then find the culprits. I studied some blind cases investigation. Postmortem reports & victim clothes are their first clues to explore. Arjun followed the same tactics, they are lucky that they got success in first attempt.
Glad that you liked Arjun Samaira's part & also happy that I able to make it realistic.
Thank You for your lovely review.
Keep reading.
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  • Ronit
(16-04-2018, 02:07 PM)Rehan Wrote: Chapter 15, this guy is just a criminal who changed his identity. Who else can do anything but the rich?
It seems to me that there is much more to discover, it does not end with the fact that he is not really a big manager but just a criminal

The important thing about a couple is talking, it's nice that you mention it in every chapter, they do not just love each other, they're also connected to one another and are concerned about each other
An interesting chapter

Dev is a criminal. Now, how easily he got this new identity, it's still a mystery.
About knowing Dev, I can just say this is only the beginning. More coming up about him.
Glad that you liked Arjun Samaira's bonding.
Thank You, thank you, thank you for your precious time to read "Checkmate" & also for these awesome reviews.
Happy to know that you all are liking. Keep Reading.
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(16-04-2018, 03:59 PM)sandy Wrote:
(02-04-2018, 07:44 PM)Madhumita Wrote:
(02-04-2018, 11:31 AM)sandy Wrote: part 10 for me was nice .. 

I wonder how this dev managed to do this without outsider help? 
a simple killer won't kill himself just to save somebody else, there is more to it .  Sam is angry with arjun, she keeps distance from him we can understand, who wouldn't.

smart move  leave their home without any drama, or else it would have created big dramas and making samrat alert

Thank You for your lovely feedback. I am glad that you are liking the progress.
It is an act of carelessness from Bonnie & Rajat. They failed to judge Dev. They just checked for any hidden weapons, they thought he is a professional killer. But Dev hide a small lethal pill somewhere in his cloth. He was prepared for any kind of situation.
Keep reading. Loads of Love. Many mysteries will unfold in upcoming chapters.

I dont get how could he hid it if they ask them to change cloths unless they didn't

No, they didn't told Dev to change his clothes. They misjudged Dev only as a professional killer who is most probably following Samrat Khanna's instruction. Usually the police & other Investigation agencies not every time ask every criminal to change their clothes, that's too within few hours of their arrest. It happens when one country handling any criminal to other country's police team & with terrorists.
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