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Actor Sridevi Dies At Age 54 In Dubai
Shocked and saddened to hear the tragic news.. such an amazing actor and graceful human being. My heartfelt condolences to her family, may God give them strength to cope with this massive loss [Image: 1f494.png]
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[Image: 663115-sri-devi.jpg]

Sridevi, the legendary actor who won the hearts of millions, is no more. She was just 54. In her final few moments, the actor was celebrating a wedding in the family. A mother of two, Sridevi was of the few woman actors in the industry who could carry an entire film on her shoulders. 

As news of her death slowly started making the waves, members of Bollywood industry was shocked.
Sridevi's Last Rites and Cremation Details: Body sent for post-mortem

Fans and family to get a last glimpse of the First Female Superstar of Bollywood...

Bollywood's favorite diva, Sridevi left for heavenly abode last night. The actress who was in Dubai, UAE to attend the wedding festivities of Mohit Marwah, succumbed to a massive cardiac arrest.

Her husband Boney Kapoor and younger daughter Khushi Kapoor were by her side when she breathed her last. Brother-in-law, Sanjay Kapoor had just landed in Mumbai when he got the news and he immediately, from the airport itself flew back to Dubai.

As per sources, Sridevi's body will be coming to India today. Her family members, including husband Boney Kapoor, daughter Khushi Kapoor and brother-in-law, Sanjay Kapoor will be getting her back to her residence in Lokhandwala, Mumbai by today.

"Sridevi's mortal remains are expected to reach Mumbai by Cargo or a Private Jet at the Cargo Airport Terminal between 12.00 PM to 3:00 PM as per the Indian Standard Time," says a Mumbai International Airport official.

As per Dubai Law, the body has been sent for a post-mortem, post which the various paper work will be issued and only once the Doctors and Police Officials there clear all the certificates, the family will be handed over the body.

Rajdoot Singh, an official from UAE, said: "The body of the deceased shall reach post 3 PM."

After reaching Mumbai, her body will be kept for her near and dear ones to pay their last homage. Many celebs will be reaching her residence once her body arrives. Post all this, her last rites and cremation ceremony will be held later in the evening at the Hindu Cremation Ground in Juhu.
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Shocking news, SriDevi .. gone. It's like an era is over. Like life turning a new chapter. A beautiful story just ended. An amazing spirit just vanished leaving us with amazing love, memories, and incredible grief.
she was such a beautiful lady, seemed never to age, really very sad news.
may her soul rest in peace.
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[Image: nav_bit.png] Last Pictures Of Sridevi From Mohit Marwah's Wedding In Dubai
We all say good things about the dead. But Sridevi was truly special. Her mere presence could light up the screen like no other actress.

Sridevi started her career as a child actor when she was all of four.

"I knew nothing about acting at that age. I'd do exactly what the director asked me to do. I think I continued doing that in my later years," she once told me.

All our conversations were coordinated by her devoted husband Boney Kapoor. It was always difficult to make Sridevi talk. She was always an actor, not a talker.

I don't think she enjoyed talking about herself. And she was extremely health conscious. No late nights, no partying. Though she avoided eating beyond her dietary regime, Sridevi loved to feed others.

I remember when former actress Asin came to stay in her building, Sridevi would prepare and carry tiffins with South Indian goodies for the younger actress.

Sridevi was shy. But once she talk to you, she was comfortable. She loved having fun and enjoyed going out for meals and shopping with her daughters Jahnvi and Khushi. What made her very uncomfortable were the gawking crowds. She longed for privacy and for uninterrupted time with her precious family.

The craving for private time with the family came from her childhood when baby Sridevi spent hours in and out of studios in Chennai and Hyderabad, playing roles when she should just have been... well, playing.

Her stint as a Bollywood star began in 1978 ith "Solva Sawan", which bombed. She was all but written out of Bollywood for the next three years until she was re-launched in "Himmatwala" in 1981. There was no looking back thereafter.

Jeetendra, who starred with Sridevi in "Himmatwala" and a string of hits in the 1980s, told me of her self-discipline.

"Uss ladki mein ek lagan tha... ek junoon thi. She was determined to make it as big in Hindi cinema as she was in Tamil and Telugu. I've never seen a more hard-working actress."

After her marriage to Bollywood producer Boney Kapoor, Sridevi slowed down her career but returned with a bang in 2012 with "English Vinglish".

Sanjay Leela Bhansali, a huge Sridevi fan, remembers his last meeting with her.

"She came to my special screening of 'Padmaavat' with Boney Kapoor. She loved my film and said she wanted to work with me. That wasn't destined to happen. It will remain a lacuna in my oeuvre. How could she go so suddenly? Sridevi can't die. She's magic.

"There is nobody else who can do 'Hawa hawaai' and 'Kate nahin katte' the way she can. She had natural-born instincts for the camera, which she sharpened and honed over the years. It is strange to be talking about her in the past tense' I can't believe she's gone," Bhansali added.

[Image: 52D_RS.jpg]
May her soul rest in peace!!! ;cry;

Beautiful and versatile, she brightened up the screen with her presence!!!  clap clap clap

Gone too soon!!!

Absolutely shocking!!!
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Sridevi's first forensic reports are out and it has slammed all the reports that stated she succumbed to cardiac arrest.

The autopsy report has revealed that she died of accidental drowning. There have been traces of alcohol found in her blood and that apparently she fell unconscious and fell in the bathtub and drowned.

Now, the Dubai Police has transferred the case to the Dubai Public Prosecution who will now begin the interrogation. After the investigation is done, the family will be given a green signal.

From the fresh updates that we have received, Boney Kapoor will now be probed. The cell phones have been taken into custody and the call records are being investigated. The hotel staff too will be questioned.

The case will be filed now and Boney Kapoor's statements will be recorded.

Further probe to take place.

This has now led to the delay in sending Sridevi's mortal remains back to India.

The mystery gets deeper. With many theories floating around in the media.

However, question still remains:

The family was sure that it's a cardiac arrest, so "What did the doctor find that they have termed it as a case of accidental drowning?"

While the reports have confirmed that there was a loss of consciousness but what led to it is still not revealed.

While the whole family returned to India, including Boney Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor, why was Sridevi left alone in Dubai?

Why did Boney Kapoor flow down again to Dubai after February 23, 2018? Just to surprise Sridevi or there was some other reason?

Sridevi wasn't fond of hard drinks, so how were traces of alcohol found in her blood?
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[Image: D39_jsri.jpg]

Legendary actress Sridevi's demise has shocked the entire nation. While people are still trying to come over the fact of losing her meanwhile, the forensic reports are yet to handover to the family members. Reportedly, after suffering from cardiac arrest many celebrities from the B-town and her co-stars have been paying the visit to Anil Kapoor's house.

However, just like everyone are shocked her co-star Jeetendra too, is in a state of shock and is trying to come out of it. The actor spoke about the tragedy of Sridevi being no more just when their film Himmatwala (the film that got the duo's career on track after a period of the lull), marked the 35th anniversary.

Speaking to a leading daily, Jeetendra revealed, "We all know how it changed both our fortunes. Not many know that Rekha was the original choice for Himmatwala. But I guess Sridevi was destined to do the film - she bagged the role and the film became one of the biggest grossers of the year. And with it, Bollywood woke up to the magic of Sridevi. Today [February 25] marked the 35th anniversary of the film's release and it's tragic how she passed away just a day before... I was terribly shocked when I heard about her demise."

He further recounted the first time he met the legendary actor. "I first met Sridevi at the 100th-day jubilee function of one of her Tamil films. I walked up to this bright-eyed girl and congratulated her on her performance. Little did I know that we would be working together in a few months' time. I was going through a low phase after Deedar-E-Yaar (1982) - the film suffered heavy losses and brought me back to square one as an actor and producer. Sridevi, too, was coming out of Solva Saawan (1979), her debut film as a full-fledged heroine in Bollywood. The film didn't fare well and almost put her out of the Hindi film industry. So Himmatwala, directed by K Raghavendra Rao, was a turning point for both of us," he said.

Calling Sridevi one of his closest co-stars, Jeetendra added, "Sridevi was one of my closest co-stars and we did 15 movies together. She was an actor par excellence. What was even more admirable about her was her dedication to the craft - she would keep rehearsing a scene until she was fully satisfied with it. I had deep admiration for her discipline towards her work."

He also got nostalgic about how he used to get nervous around her when it came to dancing. "I remember I used to be nervous whenever I would have to dance with Sridevi. She was a fabulous dancer who would get the steps perfectly, right at the first attempt while I had to keep doing rehearsals to match up to her. I have so many beautiful memories of Sridevi. It's still so difficult for me to come to terms with the fact that the woman, who ruled over everyone's hearts with her shy smile and bright eyes, is no more," he added.

Jeetendra's son Tusshar Kapoor posted a heartfelt post on Insta commemorating the 35 years of Himmatwala and mourning the demise of the iconic star. "Ironically, today is also the 35th anniversary of #Himmatwala! Mam u will be missed! Huge loss for the audiences that welcomed her back to films!" he wrote.

However, now it is being all the more shocking as according to the Forensic reports the actress did not die due to heart-attack but, by accidental drowning. It is being said to have that under the influence of alcohol, Sridevi lost her balance and fell into the bathtub and drowned. Currently, now her body has been released for embalming from Dubai.


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i don't know what's going on in this case,
every day new story comes out.
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