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TepLa (Tej-Chapla) OS..... Updated below
Note: Tej Singh and Chapla were one of the main couples of the show Prem Ya Paheli Chandrakanta. Tej Singh was an aiyyar of male lead Virendra Singh while Chapla was an aiyyara of female lead Chandrakanta. Unfortunately, the show had an incomplete ending. The following OS is the continuation of what happened in last 2 episodes. Many things were shown incomplete and the show ended with cliffhanger ending that also at the point when the main story was about to start. 

What led to the happenings in the below OS?
In the show when ChaVi (Chandrakanta-Virendra) went to some kingdokingdom tk help a new friend reunite with his live, their enemy Shiv Dutt (played by Ankit Arora) launches an attack on Virendra's kingdom with the help of a junglee army as his own army was 3 times lesser than Virendra's army. Even though, Tej Singh and Chapla fought bravely witwith the enemies along with Virendra's army and Chandrakanta's army, Shiv Dutt manages to trick them and imprison the greatest aiyyar Tej Singh by keeping Virendra's mother on his sword point and imprisoning Chandrakanta's father. Chapla saw all this helplessly hiding behind a pillar. After capturing 3 of them, Shiv Dutt along with his wife Shyamala, his friend Kroor Singh and Kroor Singh's 2 aiyyars sets out to look for tilism. In the show, only this much was shown due to incomplete ending.

Virendra Singh- Naugarh
Chandrakanta- Vijaygarh
Shiv Dutt- Chunargarh
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[Image: 2T46Oeq.jpg]

[Image: vAp5PJh.jpg]

Chapla was sitting in her room thinking how to get Tej Singh out of prison. She was alone as Champa was unwell so she was in Vijaygarh and she is not aware of what's happening here. She recalls the time when he saved her twice from getting killed by Shiv Dutt, when he flirted with her when she disguised herself as Padvika to give CK's letter to V, how he disguised himself as Champa and hugged her, their talk in the secret underground of Vijaygarh palace when she asked him what he will do if he falls in love and his answer, him saving her from the witches and then she saving him before they killing the witches together. Tears comes in her eyes as she wondered in which state Tej would be in prison.
Tej Singh was sitting helpless in one of the darkest prison cell. He recalls about Shiv Dutt controlling Naugarh with deceit and how he captured Maharaj Jaisingh and Maharani Padvika before forcing him to surrender. His mind then went to Chapla. He started getting worried for her as she is alone because Champa is in Vijaygarh due to being unwell. He got worried that she must be having tough time hiding from their enemies to avoid being caught by them. He recalls the time when he saw her for the 1st time in Yaksh Mahal and their small talk, when he catch her disguised as Padvika and flirted with her, him telling her to shut when they were tied as she was getting so much panicked and asking him questions, both of them saving each other from witches before killing them.  As he was lost in thoughts, a pigeon approached him and sat before him while looking at him. She came in her original form who was none other than Chapla.
"Chapla, what are you doing here? asked Tej shockingly.
"To free you from here, replied Chapla controlling her tears.
When she saw him, she felt her eyes moist but she controlled her tears from falling down. She turned into a pigeon to meet Tej in the prison.
"Chapla, you leave from here before anyone sees you, said Tej.
"No Tej, I will not leave you in this state, said Chapla.
"Shiv Dutt and Kroor Singh will not spare you if they see you here, said Tej.
"I don't care about them. I will not leave you alone. Anyways, they are not here, said Chapla.
"What do you mean that they are not here? asked Tej.
"Shiv Dutt, Shyamala, Kroor Singh, Nazim and Zakir have gone somewhere. I saw Nazim showing that tilasm book to others so they have gone to find the way of tilasm. You don't have your ring but still you can do aiyyari as the ring was for your extra magic. So you also come with me in disguise then we will find your ring and rescue everyone, replied Chapla.
"No, if I come with you then anyone find me missing then they will hurt maharaj Jai Singh, maharani Padvika and others. The khunkhaars and junglee army are still around the palace. You somehow release the soldiers and then meet me again, said Tej.
"Okay, said Chapla and continued, "Those jungle gang are supporting Shiv Dutt because he made them believe that he still has their magic wand which is not true as Bawani had burned the real magic wand. Shiv Dutt is simply fooling them. Look, I found the fake magic wand after Shiv Dutt and everyone left the room(showing him the wand which she had hidden).
"Wow great, said Tej happily, "You somehow release maharaj Jai Singh, maharani Padvika and soldiers. After that, come back to me and we will handle everything together.
"Okay, I will leave now but you take care of yourself, said Chapla.
"You also take care of yourself, said Tej.
"Will I be able to do it alone? asked Chapla nervously.
"You will be able to do it as I have faith in you, replied Tej softly.
Chapla is moved by what he said and they stare at each other for a moment before she leaves in pigeon form. After she leaves, Tej has a smile on his face. He felt so nice on talking with her.
"God please protect Chapla and help her, prayed Tej.
Chapla in her pigeon form flies to the prison where all Naugarh soldiers were kept and and dropped a stone which caused smoke in the area making everyone and unable to see anything. Chapla took this opportunity and released all the Naugarh soldiers instructing them to handle khunkhaars and junglee army. After that, she flew to the place where Jai Singh and Padika were tied and came into her original form. She then untied them.
"Chapla, you should go now before anyone sees you, said Padvika.
"Maharani, I have handled that, said Chapla as she told them about her meeting with Tej and what they planned and how she released all the Naugarh soldiers.
"You have a done brave job, Chapla, said Jai Singh with a smile.
"Now, you go and free Tej Singh, said Padvika with a smile.
Chapla left from there. She no longer had to disguise so she went towards Tej's prison as she is. She managed to get key of Tej's cell after killing some guards and unlocked the cell.
"Tej, you are free now, said Chapla with a smile.
"Glad that you are fine, said Tej with a smile.
Tej and Chapla joins Naugarh soldiers in fighting the enemies. Tej shows the fake magic wand to junglee army shocking them while Chapla stands by his side.
"Your magic wand is with us so you better do what we say, ordered Tej.
The entire junglee army including the leader got scared.
"Okay, we will do what you say, said the leader of the junglee army.
"You all fight against khunkhaars and help us in driving them away from Naugarh, ordered Tej.
"As you say, Sir, said the junglee army leader.
"Does anyone knows where is Tej's ring? asked Chapla.
"Its with the senapati of the khunkhaar army, replied leader of the junglee army.
 "You fight with senapati and get the ring, said Chapla,
"Okay, said the junglee gang leader.
The junglee gang leader quickly charged at khunkhaar's senapati and started fighting with him. After some time, he killed the senapati and got the ring from him.
"Here is your ring, Sir, said the junglee gang leader.
"Thank you, said Tej and wore his ring.
The khunkhaars were badly losing due to Naugarh's huge army and junglee gang.
"It will better for you if you leave Naugarh on your own otherwise soon you all will be imprisoned and punished severely as there is no chance of you winning from us now, said Tej.
The khunkhaars who were already worried realized that they should listen to Tej. They ran from the palace quietly knowing that they will not be able to last longer against 2 armies.
Tej turned to junglee gang and said, "You all also leave and go back from where you came. Thanks for helping us. We are very grateful for you people.
"Okay sir, said the junglee gang leader and left the palace.
Tej and Chapla hugged each other in happiness of their victory and felt something for each other.  
"Its good that you did not told them the truth about the fake magic wand otherwise they would have created problems for us, said Chapla as they broke the hug.
Tej nodded in agreement.
"Now lets go and inform maharani Padvika and maharaj Jai Singh that we won, said Chapla.
She turned to leave but she felt a hand holding her from leaving.
"Tej, what are you doing? asked Chapla as she turned to face him.
"I wanted to tell you something from many days. And this is the moment when I will tell you what I feel for you. I want to say that I love you, Chapla, replied Tej still holding her hand.
Chapla is shocked and keeps looking at him.
"I will respect whatever your decision is, said Tej.
"I love you too, Tej, said Chapla.
"Chapla, said Tej not believing what she said.
"I said the truth, Tej. I feel the same for you, said Chapla.
"You don't know how happy you made me, said Tej with a smile.
"No one will believe that Aiyaaron Ka Aiyyar Tej Singh is such a big flirt, said Chapla with a smile.
Tej simply smiled.
The newly turned couple went to Jai Singh and Padvika and informed them of their victory. They got very happy with their victory and praised them for their intelligence and bravery.
"Now we have to leave to find and help yuvraj Virendra and rajkumari Chandrakanta, said Tej.
"You both may leave. We will pray for your safety and success, said Padvika with a smile.
"I will also come with both of you, came a voice.
They all turned aside to see Champa.
"Champa, your health? asked Chapla.
"I am fine now, replied Champa, "Sorry, I reached late here.
"Its okay, Champa. We have won, said Chapla.
"Now, lets leave, said Champa.
The trio took Jai Singh and Padvika's blessings and left the palace on their horses.
"Today, I got 2 good news. 1 is our victory and 2nd is I got a jijaji in Tej Singh. I saw you both confessing to each other and then followed you both to maharani Padvika and maharaj Jai Singh, smiled Champa.
TepLa blushed at her 2nd good news.
"Congratulations to both of you, said Champa with a smile.
"Thank you, said TepLa together with a smile.
"Now, we should find a nice guy for you, said Chapla.
"I am not interested, said Champa.
"Okay, we will not find a guy for you for now but we wish that you get a nice guy soon, said Tej.
"I too wish it happens, said Chapla.
Champa did not know what to say so she simply smiled at them.
"Where to go now? asked Chapla.
"I think we 1st need to inquire about yuvraj and rajkumari in Layapuri, replied Tej.
"Yes, you are right, said Chapla.
TepLa smiled at each other as they kept riding along with Champa. Their smile broke when Champa coughed to tease them leaving them embarrassed for a moment.
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Nice.. ill read tomorrow and share my views Smile
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Will read soon Smile
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hi juhi, i m starting to read
what is - aiyyara  or aiyaar? 
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Hi juhi, 

I read it now, it was interesting OS, the magic part was amazing to read, the romance or the lil bit of it was nice, n the photos are nice, looking romantic couple no doubt.

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 Tej Singh and Chapla are amazing,  their chemistry in your OS is amazing, you could feel it the way you wrote it.
her turning into a pigeon to meet Tej in the prison was amazing magic though i saw that in magic stories, this was amazing thing, they show female doing something, helping others and fighting to save her man, amazing thing which is lack now a days in tv stories.
sweet moment of their romance, i never watched that show but your OS made me like them. Good work Juhi.  Angel Big Grin
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(25-02-2018, 11:00 AM)Ron Wrote: hi juhi, i m starting to read
what is - aiyyara  or aiyaar? 

Chandrakanta is notable for introducing the concepts of "Aiyyar" and "Tilism" to Hindi literature.

According to Devaki nandan Khatri, An Aiyyar (male) or Aiyyara (female) is a secret agent cum spy cum fighter. He or she is expert in many arts like:

Fighting skills
Fine arts

Disguise is must (Aiyyar/a may change him/herself into person of same or even of opposite *** but of resembling body built, by makeup).
Fighting skills are also must, for self-defence. An Aiyyar/a always overpowers any small group of ordinary soldiers.
He/she may need to spy for taking out some secrets or for finding some missing persons.
Knowledge of science and fine arts is also necessary, as it may come handy many times.
Medical knowledge, and specially that of anaesthesia is needed for him/her.
Chemical knowledge is also needed.

In a nutshell an Aiyyar is a Jack of all trades. But contrary to common belief, Khatrian Aiyyar/a are unfamiliar with magic and spells. He/she may join into any king's or landlord's service or may remain free.

However in TV shows, it comes across more as magic due to them suddenly changing their appearance.

Also Aiyyari is learnt at a gurukul like an art.
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couldn't be explained better then this, thanks shaina, now i understand.
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(25-02-2018, 11:27 AM)Ron Wrote: Hi juhi, 

I read it now, it was interesting OS, the magic part was amazing to read, the romance or the lil bit of it was nice, n the photos are nice, looking romantic couple no doubt.


They were the 2nd important couple in the novel after the nain leads. They would have got more scenes if the show did not end abruptly. Glad you liked it Smile .
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