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Thread Contributor: Ronhe will never change. divorce is best for those two.
honestly during episodes of end november this story started being dull and depressing, i didn't complete watching the episodes yet, still after ahana's return from goa and her not feeling sorry in next episode. 
at times people get married and forget each other, 
anant married her, he left her alone let her be depressed and make stupid mistakes, he forgot that he had duties toward his wife, one fight and he let her sleep outside, one fight and he never come to their room, one fight and he didn't call her or ask how she was


all of the sudden, he comes back from dubai, brings her mom home and tells her all is ok
no dear, nothing ok 

one day u decide it is bad, u leave and don't return, 
next day u decide it is going to be good , u return without any notice. 

it is not only your choice, u married someone, ask her what she wants what she likes, what her needs, try to solve your problem , don't force your decisions on others. 

he was reason she went to other guy, his careless behavior, 
ii guess he didn't understand the meaning of marriage, 
in problems u don't start act stupid n leave ur lover alone.

instead of blaming her all the time, blame yourself.

woman has needs and man should fulfill them 
if man has needs and wife doesnt fulfill 
she will be bad wife but if man does it. what to say about him?

I will say one thing, in the state ahana was in, her mistake is not a mistake, yes she has cheated but i think now, next step should be divorce
end this realtionship
don't let them have new kids and destroy their life

because anant is never gonna change
today smiling
tomorrow ull b alone again.

one fight is something that gonna be

you can't leave when u want and return when u want, 
u married her, u don't consider her opinion 
don't talk 2 her, with yamini he had talks and asking her opinion but with ahana, he is thinking 
she has to match his needs do what he wants n done.

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