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After Dating Two 'Tall' Actresses Of Bollywood, Sanjay Kapoor Finally Married A 'Tall
[Image: article-l-201811510273437654000.jpg]

Born with one of the best-looking genes and under the flirtatious sun sign of Libra, Sanjay Kapoor is not only a talented actor but also a charming person. Along with a list of movies, he has had his fair share of affairs as well. Sanjay has a thing for tall ladies and this is evident from his love interests.

Sanjay Kapoor's Bollywood love life began the moment he stepped into the entertainment industry. He has dated a few actresses and even married one. Women find it difficult to not fall for this gorgeous looking man who is now seen romancing a young girl in the series, Dil Sambhal Ja Zara. Want to know what made this man finally tie the knot? Keep on reading.
#1. Tabu
[Image: article-20181159455035150000.jpg]
Tabu and Sanjay were casted opposite each other for the movie, Prem. It was Sanjay Kapoor's debut movie in 1995. It took Boney Kapoor six years to finally complete this movie. Though the movie turned out to be a flop, Sanjay and Tabu did grow fond of each other. In a recent candid interview, Sanjay confessed that he had a huge crush on Tabu.

[Image: article-20181159490235342000.jpg]
The two never went on record to accept their relationship but everyone knew what was going on between these two. They were often seen with each other in the public. The two dated for a long time before parting ways. After their breakup, the couple that was so in love with each other, wouldn't even talk to each other. They avoided meeting each other which is one of the reasons why the movie, Prem, got delayed.

#2. Sushmita Sen
[Image: article-20181159491935359000.jpg]
Tall women are Sanjay's weakness. After dating the tall beauty, Tabu, he dated ex-Miss Universe, Sushmita Sen. When both the partners are equally impressive, the attraction is bound to happen.

[Image: article-20181159525535575000.jpg]
Sushmita and Sanjay met while shooting for their movie, Sirf Tum. Though Sanjay ends up with another actress in the movie, he fell in love with Sushmita in real life. Their sizzling song 'Dilbar Dilbar' was extolled by the audience. The couple dated for just a while before the cracks started to appear and they decided to part ways.

#3. Maheep Sandhu
[Image: article-20181159532135601000.jpg]
Sanjay met Maheep Sandhu just after he broke up with Sushmita Sen. Maheep is a tall woman which is something that Sanjay instantly falls for. She worked in one film which failed to impress the audience and the critics. However, Sanjay was awestruck by the personality of this leggy beauty. Maheep is an NRI of Punjabi origin and a famous jewellery designer. She had been living in Australia before she came to India to try her luck in Bollywood.

[Image: article-20181159534935629000.jpg]
What laid the foundation of their love story was the fact that they both have shared respect for their culture. After dating for a while, the couple tied the knot and have two beautiful children together.
Sanjay Kapoor is a romantic person which can, sometimes, get your heart broken. Sanjay has dated beautiful ladies who are tall and elegant but it was the NRI model who became his wife. Maheep and Sanjay make a picture-perfect couple. We wish them a happy life ahead. All you readers, stay tuned with us to know more insights about your favourite celebs that you might not know.
if girls like tall guys why man can't like tall woman.

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