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Strange thing happening around
karta hoga but majburan
(17-01-2018, 11:14 AM)princess.sarah Wrote: Real man always stay in promise.khandani admi ki nishani zaban dayta Hai tow pura krta hai
(16-01-2018, 01:44 PM)Ron Wrote: agar kisi ko wada karo k us se shadi karo to usi se shadi karo
yeh kisi aur ko chahna and then want other girl. kamal h

waise agar kisi aur se love ho jae to leave the 1st one, don't ruin her life or his life, let them go. tell them u love someone else.

q ki, u might fulfill your promise and marry A, but after marrying A you are still in love with B. what u do.. u start cheating on A having an affiar with B. 3 lives are ruined, yours and those A and B's

so better, if happens
you promised some body that ull marry him / her, go to him / her, tell him  / her that, i wanted to marry u and was about to marry u but things happened and i like someone else. please forgive i can not marry with u.

better truth comes out now, she / he get hurt but it is better then cheating after marriage, isn't it.?

App Js sey pyaar krro woh app sey pyaar nnhe krta it's a punish
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Hi Sarah
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