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Hello everyone.  

This is to inform you all that our beloved  friend  and  well  known  *Mr. 2017* 
is retiring on the 31st of this month.

His 12  wives, 
52  children  and  
365  grand  childrens will be attending the grand send off on *Sunday the 31st  December  at 23.59* Hrs. 

However, his  family members  asked  me  to  inform  you  that  he  is retiring with  *ALL your  Problems, Sickness, Disappointments, Frustration, Untimely death, Shame, Disgrace, Barrenness, Discouragement, Failure,  and Rejections.*

his  successor - 
*Mr. 2018* 
asked me  to  inform  you that,  he  is  going  to  compensate  you  with : 
*Long Life, Good Health, Abundant Blessings,  Peace, Joy,  Righteousness, Promotion, Uplifting, Breakthrough.*

*Seasons Greetings*

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awe so sweet,

2017 with 12 wives, 52 children and 356 grand children, is ending and will send in 2018 who will be better year

happy new year everyone.
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