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Made to be Seen

Amazing, this video puts the stressful day at work into perspective. Watching the world turn in its utter magnificence just shows how beautifully insignificant our troubles are, in the best way. Such a hypnotic, inspiring and soothing montage of a time-lapse.

Yellowstone, The Rockies, Mirrored-Lakes and the Milky Way, The Arches and Hot Air Balloons – what a wonderful time exploring these areas and make it such a joy for us to watch in our armchairs.

Some of the beautiful views from the video (By Joel Schat):

[Image: Amazing-view.jpg]
[Image: Beautiful-Arch.jpg]
[Image: Beautiful-Sunrise.jpg]
[Image: Beautiful-view.jpg]
[Image: Heavenly-view.jpg]
[Image: Hot-Air-Balloons.jpg]
[Image: Yellow-Stone.jpg]
[Image: Unreal.jpg]
[Image: Sunrise.jpg]
[Image: so-many-stars.jpg]
[Image: See-the-moon.jpg]
[Image: Road-to-the-sky.jpg]
[Image: Red-Sky.jpg]
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  • silverdoll
beautiful amazing places. really loved it.
lovely Sun every were
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  • Ron
mujhe yeh dono best lage

[Image: Amazing-view.jpg]
[Image: Unreal.jpg]
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  • silverdoll

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