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10 Superstars Of Bollywood Who Got Married Before They Became Famous
[Image: article-l-2017824011511342673000.jpg]

Bollywood and those connected with it present a fantasy world to the common people in India. The fans want to know everything about their favourite screen idols, especially their marital status. Often an actor or actress goes on to become a roaring rage with the opposite gender as they gain stardom. And, that is why; some newcomers are advised to hide their marital status, to avoid breaking the hearts of their fans.

But, there are many who did not shy away from accepting their marital status, even before becoming famous. So, here are the leading names who were married before they became stars.

#1. Shah Rukh Khan
[Image: article-201782409423234952000.jpg]
The Badshah of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan’s claim to fame was his movie Deewanareleased in 1992. 
[Image: article-201782409425934979000.jpg]

Despite his earlier work in the TV serials Fauji and Circus, which received mass recognition, he knew he had “arrived” when Deewana got him the Filmfare Best Male Debut Award. But, before he tasted success with his debut, he was already married to his girlfriend Gauri Chibber in 1991.

#2. Saif Ali Khan
[Image: article-201782409445435094000.jpg]
Image Courtesy: YouTube
Even before Saif Ali Khan made his way to the films, he was hitched to actress Amrita Singh. Saif and Amrita got married in 1991, and his debut film, Aashiq Awara, was released in 1993. 
[Image: article-201782409451735117000.jpg]

Image Courtesy: Twitter
They had age and religious difference behind them, which led to a whirlwind romance and a surprise wedding. They both have two kids from the marriage that ended in 2004.

#3. Aamir Khan
[Image: article-201782409475635276000.jpg]
The actor known for his penchant for perfection made his debut as a child actor with Yaadon Ki Baaraat. But what took him towards success was the release of his romantic film with Juhi Chawla, Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, in the year 1988.
[Image: article-201782409504535445000.jpg]
Image Courtesy: Pinterest 
He married the girl-next-door, Reena Dutta in 1986 and had two children with her over the 15 years of their marriage. Aamir and Reena's fairytale romance came to an end after 16 years of togetherness.  

#4. Ayushmann Khurrana
[Image: article-201782409545635696000.jpg]
Image Courtesy: Instagram
Before Ayushmann hit the big screens with Vicky Donor, in 2012, he was already taken. He made a lot of women swoon over him with his looks and acting, but there was nothing they could do. Ayushmann married his childhood sweetheart, Tahira Kashyap in 2011. The couple has two beautiful kids, a boy and a girl. 

#5. Arjun Rampal
[Image: article-2017824011223540955000.jpg]
The hot hunk, Arjun Rampal made his silver screen debut, in 2001 with Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat. And, his looks made women just go gaga over him. But, there was no chance for anyone, as his heart was already with former Miss India and supermodel Mehr Jesia. The couple tied the knot in 1998 and has two beautiful daughters.

#6. Chitrangada Singh
[Image: article-2017824011230540985000.jpg]
One of the few female actors to enter the Bollywood world after marriage, Chitrangada Singh has broken the M-barrier for women. Her successful films and item songs have dispelled the myth that married women cannot become successful actors. She got married to golfer Jyoti Singh Randhawa in 2001, and she made her Bollywood debut in 2003, with Sudhir Mishra's acclaimed film, Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi. After 13 years of marriage, the couple got divorced. 

#7. Anil Kapoor
[Image: article-2017824011243341073000.jpg]

Though he made his debut in the 1979 Hamare Tumhare, it wasn’t until the release of Tapori in 1984 that he gained recognition. It won him his first Filmfare award for the Best Supporting Actor. Even before his female fans got a chance to drool over him, he was married to Sunita Kapoor in 1984. They have two daughters and a son from the marriage.

#8. Dimple Kapadia
[Image: article-2017824011252441124000.jpg]
Image Courtesy: Twitter
The “seductive diva” of her era, Dimple Kapadia entered the film industry as a married woman after her marriage to Rajesh Khanna in 1973. Her debut film Bobby, released six months after her marriage and became a super hit, and there was no turning back after that.

#9. Raj Kapoor
[Image: article-2017824011272741247000.jpg]
Known as the Show Man of Bollywood, Raj Kapoor has won several awards and accolades for his fantastic performances in his lifetime. Though he started as a child actor in the Bollywood world, he received his first break in 1947 with the movie Neel Kamal. His marriage was arranged in 1940 with Krishna Kapoor, a distinct relative of his.

#10. Shashi Kapoor
[Image: article-2017824011281041290000.jpg]
Shashi Kapoor had the support of his illustrious dynasty to get him serious about acting as a career. During his stints at the theatre, he met and married Jennifer Kendal in 1958. Though he too started out as a child artist, his debut film Dharamputra was released in 1961, which was just a start to his over 116 movies contribution to the Bollywood film industry.
When you are in love, all you want to do is be together forever, and the time really doesn't matter and all these popular stars just proved the same. While some marriages ended in a divorce, others are still going strong! If we missed out on any celeb who belonged to this list, do let us know in the comments below. 
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  • silverdoll
Smile nicw post
SRK and Shashi Kapoor's marriage are the only ones which lasted!!!! smile smile smile smile

I feel sorry for Shashi Kapoor!!!! unhappy unhappy unhappy unhappy

He is in a bad state since his wife died!!! cry cry cry cry 

He is the only good one in Kapoor family!!!! Angel

SRK is just the best!!!! Smile

Otherwise all the marriages ended when they tasted success!!!! 36_y
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(04-09-2017, 08:36 PM)Shaina Wrote: SRK and Shashi Kapoor's marriage are the only ones which lasted!!!! smile smile smile smile

I feel sorry for Shashi Kapoor!!!! unhappy unhappy unhappy unhappy

He is in a bad state since his wife died!!! cry cry cry cry 

He is the only good one in Kapoor family!!!! Angel

SRK is just the best!!!! Smile

Otherwise all the marriages ended when they tasted success!!!! 36_y

well said shaina. 

srk marriage lasted and those two seems very much in love  Dodgy

shashi kapoor truly loved his life, he become lifeless after she was gone, he never married any other woman and yeah true, love ha to love hai kya bolein

success,,, well anil kapoor didn't divorce his wife..
amir khan did divorce his life, he actually cheated on her with his current wife, 

saif ka kya kahun, wife thi and usne kisi model k sath chaqqar chalaya  Confused

hota ha bollywood mein yeh sub

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