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My son Ayaan has given birth to a new me: Emraan Hashmi
The Jannat actor unveiled the first look of his book The Kiss of Life, which is about the hardships he and his wife faced when their son was diagnosed with cancer at the age of four in 2014.

[Image: _ee6580cc-efe6-11e5-ac5f-8ebef762d494.jpg]

Emraan Hashmi’s son was about four years old when he was diagnosed with cancer. 
Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi says his six-year-old son has made him a better person and a responsible father, besides teaching him to “never give up”. “Ayaan has given birth to a new me. He made me a better person and taught me that life will hit you, it will knock you down on the floor but you have to get up, stumble, fall again and then get up but never give up,” Hashmi said while addressing a panel discussion on Parenthood at Spring Fever 2016.

The Jannat actor unveiled the first look of his book The Kiss of Life, which is about the hardships he and his wife faced when their son was diagnosed with cancer at the age of four in 2014. It is scheduled to be released next month by Penguin India.

When asked how he managed to keep himself calm throughout the period of his son’s treatment, the 36-year-old actor said, “I think I need to go for some counselling as this incident has left deeper psychological impact on me.”

According to Hashmi, women are emotionally “stronger” than men as his wife Parveen showed “extraordinary” strength. “I think women are emotionally much stronger than men. When we came to know that our child had cancer, my wife did not cry while I burst into tears. Even during his whole treatment I had to come back occasionally for shooting but she was there throughout and I don’t know how she managed to be so brave, hats off to her,” he said.

The actor is currently shooting for Azhar, a biopic on former Indian skipper Mohammad Azharuddin, which will hit the screens on May 13. “It wasn’t easy to encapsulate 30 years of his wonderful journey in three months. Azhar himself helped me a lot during the shoot. I did a lot of shadow practice with him.”

When asked about his take on the debate on “secularism”, Hashmi said, “For me secularism is being respectful for everyone’s belief rather than shunning your’s on them.”

Sonali Bendre Behl, who also penned a book on parenting titled The Modern Gurukul published last year, shared the dais and discussed her experiments with parenting. “Parenting is the most difficult job in the world and for a single person it is even more difficult. I seriously bow to those who do it single handedly,” said Sonali, whose 11-year-old son Ranveer was also present at the event.
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Two years ago, actor Emraan Hashmi’s life turned upside down. His only son, Ayaan, four-years-old at the time, was diagnosed with cancer. The actor and his family have since been through a painful battle, but now that Ayaan has recovered, Hashmi has decided to pen a book, titled The Kiss of Life: How A Superhero and My Son Defeated Cancer, to document the struggle.
In a chat with HT, the actor says that his first thought after the diagnosis was to blame himself. “When you hear such a news, there are a lot of things that go through your mind. As a parent, you go through anger, guilt and you often ask yourself - did we do something wrong? My wife Parveen and I thought we made some wrong choices as parents which led to this,” he says, adding: “The worst fear at that time is losing your child. Cancer is a terminal disease and has taken so many lives. The thought of losing your loved one to it is scary.”

[Image: _621b7be6-edcd-11e5-90f8-20a657ae7b03.jpg]
The 36-year-old says that he could only cling to the hope that Ayaan will recover. “I guess it was hope that got our family through. It was also mad optimism that things would be okay and there is no other way. The jolt that a person feels if you tell him/her that he has cancer is anyway wrecking. But how it feels when a family hears that their child has cancer is difficult to even explain in words. Ayaan was just 3-years 11-months old. The initial shock was devastating. But what got us through was the thought that we had to fight it. It might be a long battle, but we, as a family, had to fight for our son’s life,” he says, adding that his son has fully recovered from Wilms’ tumour and is cancer-free for a while.

Talking about the book, Hashmi says that his intention is to pass on this hope to other cancer patients and their families. “Like many, we never understood what cancer meant. Most people think cancer means death. If this book can even reach one family and give them hope, I’ll be happy. I want to tell them that if we could get through it, so can they,” he says.

Hashmi adds that the book is also for his son to read when he grows up. “When Ayaan grows up, he can read it, pat himself on the back and be proud that he endured all this and came out stronger. The book will help him know what the entire family went through,” he says.
Emran hashmi is very good father.it is very difficult to do shooting when son is suffering from disease but he is dedicate person ,never compromise his work
Woman is not stronger.I believe man is stronger.my view differ from him in this aspect.what is secularism I don't understand?
I am waiting for his new movie badshaho.which is released in September.he work with Ajay devgan
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I think woman is stronger then man, because she has inner strength which man doesn't have it much, maybe because she suffers the pain every month so her inner pain makes her stronger then man.
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Aurat KO admi k support ki zaroorat hoti hai.woh majboor ho kr shadi krti hai.woman need love but shadi k baad bhi majboori wali zindagi guzarti hai.scare hr wkt hota hai husband chor kr tow nhe chla jayega.that's why I said woman is weak
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esa sochenge to we would never be strong,
some woman are not that lucky that they get married, they are single or even divorced or widow and they have to stand up on their feet to feed themself or their kids, aab socho agar koi lady shadi kar ke widwa ho jae and she has 2 3 kids, who will marry her, sometimes even family don't support to wo kya karegi? weak nai hogi she has to feed her kids she will do something she will earn work n feed them.. this is life, we can't be depend on man only and think he is there so we have no worries. instead we have to be there for him n support as much we can.
Suppose krro aurat k pas ghr k nhe hai aur bachay bhi hai,husband nhe hai family support nhe kr rhhe.ab woh ghr arrange krraygi ya bachay aur khud KO feed krnay k liyye paisay arrange krraygi.kya kya krraygi akelay mei
see, divorced yaan widow se jaldi koi shadi nai karta aur agar karta hai to kids accept nai karta aur agar karta hai to un ko bura treat dega, step father is not real father, if they are lucky enough he will b great dad for them but that's huge chance, not easy to accept your step kids or your step dad.

well also woman now a days do both, husband work out, wife work out and work in, it runs like that, now if her husband is not able to earn what will she do? will she let her kids starve to death? sometimes a husband suffers an accident and losses the ability of walk or work , what will she do? she has to do both things. no other choices.
Yaha baat ghr naa ho ney ki chl rhhe hai,woman alone hai.
alone woman ko dekh ke koi b faida utha sakta hai, wo usko shadi ka promise kar ke kuch time pas kar sakta hai

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