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 I ask myself
17-07-2017, 10:37 AM,
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I ask myself

I ask myself
why man loses interest on his wife when she grow old, why woman lose interest on her husband when he grow old?
what happens to their marriage promises?
do they vanish, once your body changes? 
why they say, ill be with u in sickness / in poor / in good times / in bad times / in weak / and so on? if they can't fulfill their promises, if once u grow old, they would say, oh i feel old when my wife is old? why?

Was your love limited, as she is beautiful i love her, once she loses her body charm, ill search another, is this the true love you were talking about when you got married. No don't feed me with the saying that you loved her because now, i feel u never did, you just needed a woman in your life, mark V and say yes i got married to a girl. You found beautiful lady, got married, settled down, have kids, time passes, she grow older and you say no, she is old now, i m bored of her, i need new lady love in my life, where is your true love now, don't you forget, you are not young either. But again i m amazed how easily you said, my wife is oldy now, i m feeling old because of her. Oh so bad, why you say that, what happened to your love saying "lets grow old together" if she become older b4 you, you are not interested anymore. Really?

Shocking behavior but it is not your fault, when you were fat and she was slim, you didn't leave because oho who will miss a beautiful wife, slim and beautiful, when you were falling and she was successful, why didn't u quit then? oh man 

Now u are thinking u r handsome and she is old. this is so shameful to any person but not just man are cheaters like u, sometimes it happens with woman as well. sometimes when her husband is sick, she runs away with another man, she says, na he is no longer as he used to be. 

couples are losing interest when their husband / wife is no longer as they been b4, if this is called love, I don't need such love where you lose interest once i lose my beauty my health my looks and so on. 

Don't feed me with crap, marriage is like that, no its not like that, its you people who think marriage = jail, a jail you want to get free, to find another fake love and believe that that fresh love will love the old type u, haha good joke

you leave her for another, that another will leave you for another. this is called Karma. 

what goes around, comes around. 
that's it. 

If your love ends once she is old, fat, aunt, different, then sorry to tell you, U never loved her, don't tell me u did. because u never did. 

All the best.
17-07-2017, 10:37 AM
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