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 A Genius Trick That Will Teach You How to Save Money
03-06-2017, 11:13 AM,
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A Genius Trick That Will Teach You How to Save Money

"If only I could stop spending money on stuff I don’t need, I would buy so many useful things!" If you’ve ever thought this, then this article is just for you. One pikabu user proposed a simple and efficient way to save money.

[Image: 14533560-24966310-1-0-1496100939-1496100...347585.jpg]

It’s pretty easy: you have to “zero out“ the unspent money every evening. For instance, you decided to ”zero out" to one zero. In the evening you have:

  • $532 in cash

  • $2,425 available on your bank card
What you should do: Subtract the last digit from each number to get a zero at the end. It’s easier to “zero out” cash into a piggy bank, and you may use a savings account or any other bank account to transfer the money from your card.

For example:
[Image: 14533610-24966560-3-0-1496132388-1496132...347585.jpg]

You may also "zero out" to more zeros. For example, to two:

[Image: 14533660-24966760-4-0-1496132560-1496132...347585.jpg]

[Image: 14533710-24966910-1-0-1496100939-1496100...347585.jpg]
Save everything that’s left over before payday — "zero out" one more time at the end of the month. For instance, you still have $300 in cash and $1,000 in the bank — just move it to your savings account.
[Image: buildgifcom-901154-1496133407.gif]

Advantages of this method:
  • You know how much money you have every morning, and it’s always a round number.
  • You start to control your spendings and stop buying crap.
  • Most importantly, you actually save money!
03-06-2017, 11:13 AM
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