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ShaanSEForums > Writers Corner > Stories Written By U > FF. UNBREAKABLE BONDS Written By : Vinnie R CHAPTER 10 PAGE 4 >

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16-07-2017, 11:45 AM,
Joined: Mar 2015
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Nice chapter,

sugni wanted to help her child, she would do anything to get the money and can't blame her, after all a mother would do that, a woman won't but a mother yes.

vikram loves her he won't do this stuff, he will help her anyway. Nice chapter.

looking fw to read the next chapter.
16-07-2017, 11:45 AM
23-07-2017, 09:42 AM,
Joined: Mar 2015
Reputation: 3
Posts : 5,219
threads: 647


 Sugni opened her eyes suddenly, startled, for a moment wondering where was she? This bed was not hers, she noted the darkened room. She remembered falling asleep on Vickram's couch...Oh My God..! How did she end up here?. She sat up the drapes were drawn, the room was semi dark, she wondered what time it was.

 Feeling in her pockets, she found her phone six A.M. She slept all night!!! Belatedly she wondered if she was here where Vickram was. Looking on the other side of the bed, she found it empty. She had no idea why she expected to find him there.

As she looked around she spotted him asleep on the sofa, that was at least a foot shorter than his length, that could not be comfortable..

The phone in her hand reminding her of more pressing matters she called Rita.

She answered on the second ring sounding groggy.

"Sugni...are you alright?'

"Yes...I -I am so sorry I fell asleep and just got up." She said that was the truth. "How is she?"

"It's ok...I know you are tired...she is good and was asleep all night. "

"Rita I am sorry to leave you...'

"hey..it's alright Sugni...did you get through?" She asked

"Yes.. I'll tell you later. I'll be there soon.I promise.! " She assured her.

"Ok no rush, but can you bring me a cup of that special coffee you make please?" she asked.

"Of course...Thank you so much Rita you are a God send!" Sugni said gratefully.

"Don't mention it... see you in a bit."

"Yes." She answered. As she ended the call. Sugni looked up to see Vickram stirring, as he too woke up. He looked at her.

"I am sorry!" They both said in unison , then stopped.

"You fell asleep, and I did not want to wake you. I brought you here because the couch isn't that comfortable." He said.

"It's Ok...I am sorry I woke you...and put you out."

"No you did'nt " he said. "I guess you are anxious to go na?" he said. She nodded.

"Ok give me 10 minutes; I'll take you to the hospital." He said.

"Actually I need to go home and change." She said.

'Oh yeah, right, sorry" he said..."Ok I'll take you home then to the hospital..."

"you don't have to go to all that trouble." She said.

"Sugni...it is no trouble...I am going there any way, it only makes sense we go together."

She nodded, as she got off the bed. "I'll wait downstairs..." she said as she made her way to the door.

"hmmm" he answered as he too got up shaking off the remnants of sleep. Sugni had to fight the urge to stop and stare at him she quickly made her way downstairs.

Last night she did not notice much about the apartment; now that she looked, she could see it was simple but elegantly furnished. The Walls were painted a soft green color. There were simple works of art on the walls. The apartment itself was a huge contrast to the Haveli he had in Mawhari that looked like a palace. This apartment was small and simple, not what she imagined him in, but somehow it suited him.

Sugni realized she forgot her phone on the bed after making her call. Oh darn! She went back upstairs as she knocked on the door, no answer. She opened it to find the room empty, but she herd water running. Vickram was still in the shower. Going to the bed she retrieved the phone, and straightened out the bed.

As she turned to leave she notice the room was lighter now, apparently he opened the drapes. Her eye caught sight of the wall as she stood in shock looking at a collage of pictures, all of her, in varying sizes covering the entire wall. "Oh My..." Suddenly it was hard to swallow. As Vickram's words from the other night played in her head:

"Sugni I spent the last six years hoping praying for a miracle, that one day, one day you would find it in your heart to forgive me. What we have together, what we had is something that happens once in a lifetime. From the moment I met you, until now no matter what happens my heart is bound to you forever irrevocably, undeniably, and it always will be."

The sudden silence told her he was finished in the shower, as she quickly retreated down stairs, before he could see her in here. She had no idea how was she supposed to face him. Seeing that further enhance the feeling she had of shame and unworthiness.

"Hey!" she found Vickram who was snapping his fingers in front her face startled her. "You alright?" he asked

"Huh? Y-yeah..." she said in a daze.                                                           

"Sugni...I know you are worried, but don't be. She'll be ok...be brave!" he said. She nodded.

"Let's go..." he said grabbing his keys. Silently she followed him out.

Soon they were out at her house. They entered her apartment. "Oh Nice set." He commented looking at it. He had to hand it to Chan she had good taste.

"I won that! Can you believe it!" She said with a smile.

"Hmm..nice." He replied. Vaguely.

"Have a seat I'll be right back." She said as she went into the kitchen. She came out a few minutes later with a steaming cup of coffee.

"Thakur Mallick...here you go." She said holding out the cup to him. Vickram looked at her. She called him Thakur Mallick. Since he came back in her life, he had been Thakur Saab, something that everyone else called him. Thakur Mallick was reserved to her alone, and with the exception of that night she told him goodbye...he never thought he would hear it again.

"Take it!" She said snapping him out of his thoughts.

"Ah..Thanks...where is yours?" He asked noticing only one cup.

" I'll take it with me...you have it...I'll just go change by the time..." she said . he nodded .

 Fifteen minutes later, they again left her apartment making their way into the hospital.

"Mummy!" Shanti said as her mother walked in the ward with Vickram in tow.

"Hi baby!" She said making her way to her daughter and hugging her. "How did you sleep?"

"Good...! Am I going home today?' She asked, it was a question she asked every morning.

"I don't think so...but soon ok." Sugni answered.  Shanti made a disappointed face. More than anything, she wanted to go home. .

"Look who came to see you!" Sugni said indicating Vickram.

"Uncle Vickram!" Shanti said her face breaking into a bright smile.

"Hello...how are you feeling?"

"Good I want to go home, but they won't let me!" She complained

" You'll be out soon." He answered

"They all say that...when is soon?" She asked

"Soon is soon!' he answered. She laughed. As he took a seat next to her. He noticed the storybook she had at her bedside.

"Hey , you read it...did you like it?" he asked

"Yes...mummy reads it to me every night..." she replied.

"hmmm..." Sugni looked as they struck up a conversation about the book. Struck by how easy her daughter took to Vickram. It took her weeks before she would talk to Rita when they first got here. But from the time Vickram brought her home, she was not shy at all in her interactions with him. Like now, who would think this was actually their third meeting and that too after just a few minutes.

Sugi walked outside the ward to find Rita as hospital policy   stated no more than two visitors on the ward . Rita staring at her with a million questions on her face. Clearly, he was the last person she expected to see this morning. She could literally see all the questions running through her mind.

"Rita ...here is your coffee...thank you so much again." Sugni said handing her the now warm cup.

She pulled her aside in the corridor, and out of earshot. Rita looked at her.

"Forget that, why is he here? What is going on ...? She asked

"Rita...I'll tell you...but not right now please. He is going to help me. I will explain it later I promise. Why  don't you  go  get some rest  hmm?" She said.

"Ok Ok...well I am going . We will definitely talk later!" she said, as she turned to leave.

"Sure" Sugni said. Not a conversation she was looking forward to.

A short while later Sugni and Vickram were sitting in the Doctor's office.

"So Dr. Sha what is the procedure now?" Vickram asked him. He was in his total take control mode asking questions even Sugni did not think of. What were the risk factors, the after care, her life after the surgery, even asking for a second opinion.

Sugni was relieved he was here,, his presence making her feel better in this whole situation.

"Well Mr. Singh we will schedule her surgery in a few days. It is a major procedure but we do have very competent doctors here and I assure you we will do our best. In fact, we have the country's top cardiologist on hand. A few days recovery and she will be released in your care, with detailed instructions on how to take care of her." Dr. Sha assured.

Vickram nodded.. "Alright...thank you Doctor. Just take good care of her. It seems she will be here for a little while more can she get shifted to a more private room" He said as they made their way out of the office. "Cost is no option."

"Of course...right away sir" The doctor said.

"Thakur Mallick all this, she is fine in the general ward." Sugni said.

"Sugni you asked for my help and I will do everything I can. Now she can't be all that comfortable with a bunch   of strangers who are also sick around her. She is already   scared the least we can do is make it a bit comfortable and private where you will be able to rest with her as well. No arguments!" He said when he saw she was going to protest. "Excuse me..." He said, stopped to answer his phone. After he completed the call he turned to her. "Um Sugni why don't you go back to the ward and I'll be back in a while ok...I need to run to the office." He said.

"Oh Ok." She said

"Don't worry it will all be fine. I will be back. "He said as he left, with Sugni staring after him. There was so much she wanted to say to him. Thank you, I am sorry, I love you! However, she could not find the right words.

Watching him walk away had her feeling worse about herself. She was selfishly using him again to save her child's life. Why did this have to be so complicated?

Sugni was at a cross roads, a part of her was saying this is her second chance, he still loved her , he would take her back. They could be happy again. Another part of her told her she lost all the rights to that happiness.

Vickram was always there for her, and still here for her, and all she has ever been was a burden on him. All she ever gave him was grief and unhappiness. What right had she to continue to do that? She had no doubt he would accept her back with open arms. He, however deserved so much more. And now she made it worse as walking away now after everything he was doing for her did not sit well with her.

" Haai Sita miya what should I do??" She asked.

"Maa'am?" A nurse calling her attention brought Sugni out of her musings. How long was she standing here she wondered.


"If you would come over to the reception area we need you to sign some papers, giving permission for the surgery." She said

"Oh Ok." She said she followed her out to the reception area. Sugni was brought back to reality as she took the pen knowing that now it was literally in god's hands that this operation went successful. Her hands shook, she could not believe she was doing all of this. She stared at the papers trying to gather her strength.

"Ma'am " the nurse said quietly, Sugni looked at her with watery eyes. She smiled softly reassuringly..."It will be all right, she is in good hands. Look pretty soon you will have your little girl back home where she belongs." Sugni nodded. She was right. It was going to be ok ...it had to be.

Sugni signed the papers quickly as she handed it back to the kind looking nurse. "Thank you , you can start gathering her stuff now we will shift her to her room shortly."   She said.
Thanking her   Sugni turned back to her daughter's ward she began walking, effectively forgoing her complicated love life to more important matters. She would think of all that at a later time, right now all she was going to worry about was Shanti and do all she could to make sure she was happy and healthy. That was all that mattered in her life at the moment.

 Vickram walked into his office building with the intention of finishing off the meeting he was supposed to attend to as quickly as possible. He totally forgot about the new client he was supposed to meet, until his secretary called him.

Even though he left to come here, it was the last place he wanted to be. He wanted to be back in that hospital with Sugni. He knew she was scared and alone.

Looking at his watch, he saw that it was 10:A.M. he was late! As he walked into the office, he was met with Adi, Amrita and his secretary.

"Hey ...I thought they were here already?" Vickram asked.

"They just left 5 minutes ago!." Adi said

"What...why did'nt you tell them to wait I was on my way! Did they reschedule?' he asked

"No." Adi said looking over the file in his hands.

"Oh damn it..." Vickram said.

"Relax Mamaji...they signed the contract...we are now the new suppliers of wheat to Bran incorporated for the next year at least!. I told then you were indisposed and I was representing you!" He said handing Vickram the file with the contracts to look over.

"Oh thank you Adi." Vickram said.

"It' ok. Mamaji. I would not let them leave so easily. Although they do know we do produce the best naturally grow wheat crops money can buy. You know what this means right we are going to have to increase productions which means planting more. I will contact Rattu in Mawhari and let them know what we need..." Adi continued. Vickram's wheat exporting business was doing well, and he put his ancestor's lands to good use by planting the crops and harvesting it. Since the lands and conditions were perfect.

His city office was meant to deal with companies and new clients interested buying the products. Since he left Mawhari, the overseeing of the crops was left to Rattu one of his most trusted employees who was Vickram's eyes and ears when he could not be there. In the six years, he was yet to find fault in that arrangement.

Now that the meeting was over Vickram was anxious to return to the hospital "Chan is there anything else important for today?'

"No sir."

"Good I have to leave...call me if you need anything." He said as he got up.

"Mamaji!" Adi called "What's the rush? I mean you left early this morning but did not show up here, you forgot your meeting which is highly unlike you...is something wrong?" he asked.

"Nothing I can't handle Adi. Great Job today you handled it well. I will see you later." He said tapping him on the shoulder, he smiled and left as Adi looked at him in utter confusion.


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23-07-2017, 09:42 AM
23-07-2017, 03:00 PM,
Joined: Mar 2015
Reputation: 3
Posts : 5,219
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Nice progress in chapter 10,
good vikram sugni progress, nice meeting with shanti and adi handling the meeting was nice 2 read.
23-07-2017, 03:00 PM
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