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"OH Sugni!  This is Vickram he was the one who found her and called me!'  Rita said, snapping both of them out of their shock. Slowly Sugni stood up. The last person she   expected to see was Vickram.   This was a double shock to her and she did not even get down from the last one of finding her child missing.  

 When she went to the school to pick up Shanti and  did not find her where she normally  waited for her,  Sugni was   frantic no one saw her leave after looking all through the  school she  was about to  make a police report. She called her neighbor, Rita and owner of the building she was staying at and informed her of what happened.

After looking around with no luck, she was on her way to the station when Rita called her and told her Shanti had been found safe and was on her way home.  Immensely relieved she rushed home, only to find the person who found her child was not other than Vickram.

"I was just offering him a drink, the least we could do right?"  Rita continued.

"Y-Yes of course."   Sugni said.  "Please come in." She offered.

"Sure."  He said.

Retrieving the keys to her apartment,   Sugni   led the way   opening the small one bedroom hall.

"What can I get you?"  She asked. "Tea, juice..."

"Juice ..would be fine." He answered.

Have a seat...I'll be right back." She said as she went into the Kitchen.

Vickram looked around the small place. It was furnished with mismatched furniture that had seen better days, the walls were peeling, it looked beaten up but it was clean. There were a few pictures scattered here and there, mostly of Shanti...a few of her...but no one else.

"Would you like to see my story book?' Shanti asked at his side.  She was holding a little hard cover book at in her she smiled. Again, Vickram was struck by   how much her eyes looked like Sugni's. Her Mother.  Even thinking that felt   weird.

"Sure..." He said. Promptly she climbed onto his  lap  shocking him. She opened the book. "I can read it for you!" she said.


"Uh huh...once upon a time..." She began  the tale,  pointing to the words but  making up  her own was  very  obvious to him that she was reciting the story  from memory rather than word for word, but she was so dedicated to the task  he had to smile.

"Shanti...what are you doing?" Sugni asked as she returned to the living room with the juice. "I am so sorry..."  She apologized.

"No  it's ok..." Vickram said as  Shanti  scrambled   to  the floor.

"I was just reading to him  mummy!"  She said.

"You can't do that..did'nt I tell you about .  We need to have that talk about strangers again."  She said sternly.

"Sorry  mummy...but he  was nice and  he  helped me home."

"I know that...Shannu, but not everyone like  to be  crowded ok?  Go read in the room alright?"

"Ok..." She said as she turned to Vickram.  "Bye Uncle...thank you!"

"It's alright...just be careful now  you  hear."   She nodded as she went inside.

"She's very sweet." Vickram said after a few minutes of awkward silence.

"Yes she is. Thank you for bringing her back."  She said as she offered him the glass, which he accepted.

"It's ok...any one would do it." He said

"No she could have been picked up by  someone else or gotten into all kinds of trouble. " Just thinking about it made her blood run cold.

"Don't think about what didn't happen.  She is fine, she is safe and she is back home! It's all good!" he reassured.

She nodded.  She was silent again as Vickram was thinking what to say. He had so many questions going through his mind at the moment.  He decided to start   with an easy  one.

"So you live here? Since  when?"  He asked.

" I  moved  here  two  months ago." She said.

"And her father...I mean   where is..." He began as her head shot up at his question.

"It's just me and her..." She said. "How is your wife?' 

"I am not married...I got divorced over five years now."  He said

"Oh I am sorry." She said

"I am not.  We never had a marriage any way." He said. She said nothing to that. Really, what was there to say?

"Sugni. What...happened..."

"Thakur Saab..."She shook her head. ..."Look  I am thankful to you for what you did today, I really  am. But why I am here and how I got here and where I came from...I don't discuss it with any one," She said

"Don't say that...Sugni I know you didn't believe me then and I don't expect it to change...but I never meant to hurt you.  And I know that I am responsible for ruining everything...Sugni I just..."

"No ..Thakur Saab. Listen we both made choices and we both have to live with the outcome.  You know something, in the last five years I learned a lot. I do not blame you for my choice that I made. My life is not ruined ...I have my piece of happiness." She said as she looked towards the room.

"I am not angry with you anymore." She stared at him as she smiled slightly.


"It's getting late. Thank you again ..." She was obviously dismissing him

"Ok..." he said as he stood up.   He needed time to process this. "Can I..."

"Good bye Thakur Saab!" She said. Addressing him as though he was a stranger rather than the man she once loved. That hurt.

He nodded somberly as he walked out.

Sugni closed the door after Vickram left as she turned the lock leaning her head against the door. She wrapped her arm around her middle as she closed her eyes and let the tears fall, that she was fighting  so hard to  hold  since she  saw him.

After all this time, seeing him again brought it all back. He was always the one person she thought she could turn to, her rock, her security, and today when she felt her world falling apart he brought it back. Yet he was the one that tilted her world once. It was good to see him. Why was it good to see him?  She should hate him. However, she could not. Although he probably would now after seeing, what her life had become. .

"Mummy?"  Shanti said behind her

Quickly wiping her tears Sugni straighten up, no time to be weak.

"Yes?" She said

"I am hungry."

"Ok...let's get you something to eat!" She turned and smiled.

"Did that uncle leave?"


"He was nice...did you know he has this big car and it was so cool inside...and..."  Sugni listen as she chatted about her adventure today and Vickram.

"Will he come visit us?" She asked

"I don't think so honey, I am sure he is a busy person"

"Oh..." She sighed.

"Now,  we need to talk about you  wandering  off   by  yourself..."


Vickram walked into his mother's house still in a daze about his meeting with Sugni.  She was here in the city thousands of miles from Mawhari.  He ended up at her doorstep without even meaning too.

What were the odds of that?  Could this mean? Against all his   fighting it somewhere in the depths of his cold   heart, hope began to form.  Maybe this time...there was a chance!

"Vickram...are you alright? You got back late. I was beginning to worry."   His mother said.  She knew Vickram   would normally be at home at the stroke of five. It was almost six and he was just returning.  "Is something wrong?" she asked.

"No Maa, nothing is wrong was just helping someone who was lost."  He said.

"Ohh...did they find their way?"

"Yes." He said.

"Good ...did you get my cake?"

"Yes Maa..." He said handing her the bag.  Godavari took it, waiting to hear the lecture on it being bad for her health, but Vickram said nothing. She looked at him, normally he would be here have dinner with them, which she insisted as she did not trust him to eat once was by himself.

He would lounge around for a bit but eventually go next door to his own apartment and emerge in the morning.   She   wondered why he did not stay  with them  here, as the place was big enough.  But she herd Adi and Amrita talking  one  day, and she  knew Vickram stayed there  because that was the closest he could be to her, he turned the place into a Sugni shrine  according to her  grandson.

It broke her heart watching him waist his life away over that girl. Like everyone else she was against the relationship, and like everyone else she thought it was all a passing fling. All the Thakurs do it, especially living in that environment.

But she was wrong  in the past five years she had to watch  as her  son slowly  transformed from a happy  loving  man into someone who just walks around  living life as though it was  a sentence he had to  endure  rather  than enjoy.

He had everything he could ask for, want and she knew if he chooses to, he could probably have woman fawning all over him. Yet he chooses to pine a way in guilt because he thought he ruined her life. Godavari wondered if there was an end to this. She once toyed with the idea of insisting he marry again, but no she already ruined his life with one forced marriage, she would not make that mistake again. Nevertheless, watching him alone was heart breaking.

"Come lets have dinner, I am hungry!"  she said. As they went into the  dining  room.


Vickram   sat in his room looking at the smiling pictures on the walls of a time when   all was right in his  life. Vickram  closed his eyes...

"Thakur Mallick !! Stop it...stop ..." She laughed as she batted her eyes at the camera...making silly faces."

"wow...what a shot!" he laughed as  he looked at the picture.

"Let me see..." she said as she looked at the photo  on the small screen of the  digital camera...

"Haai Sita miya...get it off...!" She said in mock horror.

"Nope I love it looks beautiful..."

"No it doesn't it  I look like a monkey...erase it." She said.

"No way  I am keeping this  one !"  he insisted...

"Thakur Mallick you  erase that picture you hear otherwise..I'll I'll...I'll"

""You'll what?" He said looking at her with raised eyebrows.

"I'll stop talking to you!!!"

"Oh really?" He laughed

"Yes...! " She said seriously.

"Never! won't ..." he said confidently.

"I will.."

" can't  keep yourself  quite for five  minutes...if you are not talking to start talking to yourself  you can' t help it its natural.  So I am not worried."

Oh really?  Fine...I am leaving and I won't talk you ever again!..." she said  as she stomped off, leaving him staring after her.

Vickram   laughed as he jumped in his jeep and began driving after her...

"UM  did  you forget something ?"  he asked.  Indicating the big pumpkin she had in the back of the jeep that he   caught her   struggling to get home with.

She reached into the back silently and   removed it.

After  a few more steps, Vickram sighed exasperated ashe came out the van and took oversized vegetable   from her.

"Sit!..."  he said indicating the  jeep as he put the bag  back.

She sat in silence as she looked out.

After humming for a few minutes to himself, he figured she cooled down enough.

"So why did Hukum ask you to go get him a life sized Pumpkin...couldn't he get it  himself?" Vickram asked Why does he need one anyway?" Vickram asked confused at the strange request.

Silence... He saw her purse her lips. Oh this must be a good story...

"come on you know you want to tell me...what??What???"

"Tell tell what is it?" Unable to keep it in any  longer  She turned to him as she began to animatedly  tell the story.

"He was returning home last night drunk and he fell   into Roopa's mousse yard accidently crushing a pumpkin she had left out in the yard.  She came out and ranted that she needed the pumkin to prepare food for a puja she  is  having tomorrow...and how he needed to get her one. Oh Thakur Mallick you should have seen him!  He looked so funny  with the yellow  stains all over his white  pants...Haai Sita Miya...everyone was laughing" She said as she laughed..."Any ways...he was to ashamed to  walk out the house today and I knew she needed I came to get one for her...and met you..." she was still laughing.

"AACha...that was funny...Sugni??"

"Hmmm" ...She said looking at him

"I told you!" He laughed as she swatted his arm

" are like a breath of fresh air. You always find something to be happy about. Promise me something." He said.


"You'll never lose that spark you have..."

"How can I long as you are here I am did you say it...oh you're my other half!

"No...better half" he corrected.

No no !!!...You're my other I am the better" She  guffawed...


Vickram   opened his eyes from that memory.  She was so innocent, full of life. Like a plague he took it from her.

However, maybe this was his second chance. To make it up to her, to somehow a-tone for all that he put her through.

The more he thought of it the more he convinced himself that this was his chance. He just had to find a way to convince her.

As he sat thinking more and the shock wore off Vickram Realized there was a lot he had  to deal with.  For one thing, she had a child, a child that probably belonged to his sworn enemy.  She had ties to that man in a way that was undeniable. That was not a nice thought.

No he would not think that way. She had a child. Obviously, she was raising her alone. He wondered how she was managing that.  By the looks of the shabby apartment, he could tell she was probably doing it on her own without the help of any one.

She said she was here only a few months,  so she was probably still getting a feel of this  place. She would need all the help she could get to tackle life in the city.

Vickram spent the night coming up with possibilities and plans on how to reach out to her. Making them, disregarding them. It was a long time since he felt this flustered or unsure of himself.  It was a weird feeling

It's been a long time since he felt anything else other  than guilt.  Now he was beginning to feel like a nervous fool. Part of his brain was telling him to slow down and not rush into anything. He did not know her situation, she could be involved with someone, she could hate him to the core, and he was just setting himself up to get hurt.

His heart however, was telling him he had no time to loose and if she slipped from him this time he would never get her back.  This was the only woman he loved, the only one who he was happy with and if there was the slightest chance, he could get her back into his life he should take it.
The 3rd chapter, 
I was reading and it was good, sugni's been surprised to see the man whom she was heart broken from, not a easy thing but she faced it in a brave way, didn't insult him, gave him respect. overall a nice chapter, vikram's flashback was  too good 
sometimes when you are hurt from someone u might do things u never think u do. they change you forever, its time for vikram to help himself come out of the guilt, help shanti the kid, now that he knows they are doing good but new in city, maybe he can somehow help and somehow come closer thru this kid shanti. 
psh couldt be better, if it would have been written your way.
Sugni is shocked to see Vikram!!!! shocked shocked

Shanti and Vikram together are cute!!!! Day dreaming

Sugni and Vikram's convo was very formal, she is not saying who is Shanti's father!!!! Emm

Thank God Vikram's mom didn't force him to marry again!!!! Approve

The flashback scene was cute and funny!!!! ;happy;

The pumpkin story was hilarious!!!! ROFL

Good that Vikram is thinking of getting her back!!!! tumbs up
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Chapter 4

Two days later Sugni was in her kitchen making dinner. Shanti was in her room doing homework.  She was dog-tired, from her day running up and down the stairs for her boss lady. Mrs. Flam. Mrs. Flam was nothing Sugni discovered but a slave driver.

She distrusted people and was always looking at you funny.  Taking a break was not allowed unless it was lunchtime.

Living in a house   that large should be a crime, Sugni thought for one person.  Mrs. Flam was a middle-aged widow, whose husband left her a wealthy woman, but she was very bitter. She needed a domestic   and Sugni needed a job.  Since beggars could not be choosers, she stuck with it for now.

Five  years ago when she left with  nothing to her name except her clothes and a few hundred dollars he Mami's felt  sorry  to give her she had no idea  where she was going to go  or what she was going to do.

She did not want her child being caught in the cycle she was in and swore the day she was born she would not. Sugni had only one reason to live and that was Shanti.  She named her Shanti, which meant peace, because with her birth she brought to Sugni's heart some peace.

She moved to a neighboring village, picking up odd jobs where she could get it which was not easy being pregnant.  Staying at a shelter because letting a young   pregnant girl sleep on the streets did not rest will with them.

After she had  her  baby, she  was looked after by  some of the women at the center,  paying her way  by helping with the   work load to  in keeping  the place cleaned. When she was well enough, it was back to looking for jobs.

 Until one-day luck was with her as she was helping at a wedding for a Thakur's daughter, it was a week where they needed extra hands to help them clean prepare and decorate.  They provided room and board for the workers. Unknowing to her the  Thakurs eldest daughter was observing her work and was  impressed by the  way  she  juggled caring for her baby  and doing her task  efficiently.  She offered Sugni a  job as a live in domestic, which she gratefully  took.

The Thakurine was a kind woman, and Sugni finally  had a place to rest her head  and an income to get by.  All of her energies were now driven into taking care of her little one and keeping her job.  If at night, she would dream of her past, cry about what could have been, and what was lost, she learned not to dwell on what could not be.

Yes he would pop into her head from time to time, she would see something and think I have to tell Thakur Mallick about it, until she remembered, there was no Thakur Mallick anymore. It took a long while for that to happen

It took longer for her to admit to herself that underneath all the hurt, pain, and tears she still loved him.  He was the only  man she ever did and the only  one she ever would. She herd he had moved away shortly after  her Sardakhi, Vijay  Singh  was loud  in his celebrations about showing the great Vickram Singh  who was the man.

Sugni had  no idea what all the  enmity  was about with the two, but Vijay  nothing but a  life sucking leech  to all around him . When she found out that him winning that auction was a way to show up Vickram and she was nothing more than a prize he  took  from his enemies camp.

It mattered not to him that by the time she got to his place, some of her good sense had returned and she realized she made a huge mistake by agreeing to the auction. Vickram was right this was not her. She hoped and prayed he would be one of those understanding ones, but after she told him she was  willing to give him back all his money . He laughed in her face and asked if she was stupid to think it had anything to do with money.

He wanted what he paid for and that was her, although he was mildly surprised that Vickram had not touched her after so long. In all his drunken glory and to Sugni's utter humiliation he got what he paid for, regardless of her feelings on the matter.

Then she found out she was pregnant.  Vijai's initial response to that news was he did not want any illegitimate children and she should get rid of it. To her getting rid of it was a sin.  She begged him saying that she would not ask him for anything for this child and would leave and never mention it to anyone.

Since he already  got what he wanted, and had  moved on to other  women,  knowing all he had to say  was he knew nothing of her spawn, he agreed with her  leaving.

Then a few months ago  the Thakurine told Sugni that her husband got a job abroad and they  would be moving.  She  told her her husband had an aunt in the city who needed  a  domestic maid, and although she was  weird a bit she would pay her and  after talking to her she agreed to allow Sugni  the  hours off when her daughter was out of school.  Although she needed to find her own place to stay as  Mrs. Flam did not like other people in her house.

Sugni agreed to the deal, and with the Thakurine help she found a school for Shanti   and a small  apartment  that was with in her budget. So here she was in the city, starting over, and who should she find here...Vickram. What were the odds of that? She thought.

Sugni  was stirring her pot when  there was a knock on her door.  Must be Rita, her landlord. Ever since Vickram showed up Rita had been curious to know more about him as she felt he stayed extra-long. Sugni kept avoiding it but she would not give up.   Sighing she contemplated not answering but was stopped when Shanti answered..."Coming..."

"You're back!" She herd Shanti say excitedly, as she turned off the stove. Instead of the high pitch voice of Rita  she heard a baritone voice that she knew in her sleep. "It can't be..." She said as she walked into the living room.

Vickram was standing there with bags in his hands, as her daughter was looking at him excitedly.

"Mummy  look what I story  books!" she said almost dancing with excitement.

"What?" Sugni said as looked.

"Hey..."Vickram said as  he looked at her. "I was just passing by  and I  thought I'd see how  she was know..."

Sugni walked over to where they were in a daze.  She was just thinking about him and here he was.

"These are for you." He said holding out the bags, smiling.

It took Sugni a moment to realize that he was bearing gifts! Did he feel sorry for her? Was this some kind of guilt thing?  And he gave it to her child knowing she would not be able to refuse him. Suddenly she felt angry. He was wrong. Was he trying to buy his way  in  back into her life?

"Shanti  you can't take that honey. Give it back to him."

"But mummy this..."

"Shanti, no arguments."  She said. 

"Sugni  it's ok...It is  for her..." Vickram interjected.

Taking the books form her daughter she said. "Shanti go to your room please...Now."

After she left Sugni walked up to Vickram and handed him the books

"What are you doing here? Thakur Saab  What is all this?" She asked

"I just thought I'd stop by and  ..." She cut  him off

"And what? Help me out?"

"No ..No you don't understand..."

"Oh  I do understand, you are just going through some kind of guilt trip and trying to somehow make up for all your wrongs? Is that it?" she said.

"Look  Thakur Saab, I  told you I don't blame you . As you can see I am fine. I have all I need. I don't need your sympathy, and your help, I do not appreciate you coming here and using these gifts on a little child."

"I wasn't trying.."

Sugni folded her arms and looked at him with raised  eyebrows pointedly  looking at the  books in his  hand.

 "Ok maybe I was  ...I' am sorry." He said. "I just had to see you again and I couldn't think of anything else to do." He admitted, with a look of guilt on his face.

Sugni looked at him...she was not expecting him to agree with her.

"Please I did not mean anything bad with this, and I swear it's not some guilt trip." He said, "Don't take it from her."  He held the books out to her.

Sighing Sugni  took the books   "Fine but only the books.  And  only because you  gave it to her  before I could see it. Why are you here?" She asked.

"I wanted to see if you were really here or I was dreaming you up again." He said, as he sat down on the single chair.

"Umm..." She looked at him.

"Please have a seat..." He said. She sat, realizing too late that she was the one who was supposed to be offering him a seat.

Sugni sat awkwardly as he kept staring at her almost as though he expected her to disappear or something. She kept averting her eyes around the room afraid she might do the same thing.  Behave yourself Sugni!  Her brain kept shouting.

" is it you wanted to see me for?" She asked.

"I  - I  just I wanted..."He paused. Vickram closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "Sugni...I know there is a lot we have between us and our past.  For the  past two days  I have been thinking  of what to say to you and what not to say...what'll  sound right , what is appropriate and  I came up with nothing except..."  getting up Vickram  sat next to her on the couch.

Sugni looked at him in  shock. Oh no he was not going to ...she recognized that look in his eyes...she saw it before. She was about to get up when he held her hand.

"No please!...Sugni  I know I  hurt you in the past. I know I have no right to ask this.  But Sugni I love you, and for the past five years there was not a day, a moment I don't think of you.  Worry about you. Every night I pray that you would forgive me one day...

Seeing you again so unexpectedly just a shock to me, but I have to wonder is this fate. Maybe this is a way   for us to..."

"STOP...Please..." Sugni said removing her hands from his and standing up. She turned away  from him. Wrapping her arms around her middle.  Haai Sita Miya don't do this to me. She prayed.  Don't  play  with  me like this. I am  happy as I am, keep it this way.   Taking a breath she gathered her thoughts as she tried to deal with this  situation  as  logically as she could.

"Thakur Saab...stop it. Five years ago was a long time.  A lot has happened in my life , a lot has changed.  I am not the same girl I was back then. Who had stars in her eyes!  I understand things now. I am a mother, who is responsible for a child...a child who is my world. Things like love, relationships, none of that is for me.  You wanted me to forgive you. I do.  Don't feel guilty. You can move on. But please don't do this. Don't come here with some sort of whatever this is...Whatever we had five years ago it's over. Bringing it up will serve no purpose." She turned to look at him.

"Please would be best if you left." She said.

"Sugni ...don't say that. I am sorry I came on to strong. Sugni staying away from you is as impossible as stars staying away from the sky. I know,  I know a lot has changed but  what has not is my  love for you. And that never will..." he said  earnestly  looking at her.

"Thakur Saab."  Sugni said as she blinked her eyes trying her best not to cry. She had to harshly remind herself she fell for his words once before, thinking there was some sincerity in them.   And once again she  was  feeling that sincerity.

But she had to protect not only herself but her child as well, and no longer could fall for his words no matter how much  she wanted to...No no..cause  her actions affected  Shanti and she was not about to do anything  that would hurt her daughter.

" first you say  you are sorry, then you say  can't stay away." She scoffed. "You say you love me, what do you want from me?, to say Ohh I love you to, let's pick up where we left off? Forgive and forget? It does not work that way. I did not know you were living in this city, believe me if I did I would have refused the job.  After five years you saw me two days ago   and suddenly you come here bearing gifts, and saying you love me and expect me to agree to that?"

He shook his head

"What are you trying to do here?, embarrass us both, humiliate us. Look. Forget it ok. Think of it as a dream  ...hmm you  never saw me. I am not here.  All I want is to have a quite existence no drama...and I am begging you do not do something we will both regret. Please leave." She said.

"You're right. I am sorry again.  I messed up.  I did not mean to pressure you. How I feel about you is me, and I don't expect you to return it.  I will leave you. And if you never want to see me again you won't." Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a call card. Taking a pen he wrote his personal number and address onto the back.

"If you ever need anything, any time, you can reach me. I'll always be here for you Sugni, no matter what." He held out the card to her but she refused to take it. She shook her head.  Sighing he laid it on the center table.

"Good bye.!"  He said as he walked out the door sadly.



"Dman Damn damn!" Vickram said as he hit his palm on the steering wheel of the car in frustration..  "What did you expect Vickram? Her to welcome you with opened   arms.  Thanks to your foolishness you   will probably never see her again!'

Vickram had no idea why he said that. That was not his intention when he came here. All he wanted was well talk to  her, maybe find  out if she would   accept his  offerings  as a friendly  gesture  and maybe they could start  a fresh as friends.

One look at her and all his plans flew out his head, and he blurted out he loved her without any forethought.   But he was not one to play games, he said what was in his heart.

What was in his hear, however was not necessary in hers.  Why should it be?  Oh damn it what did he  do here. Oh he messed up this time.  Now what? Vickram looked at her door wondered what she was doing.  How did he make it up to her.

Starting his car Vickram went driving around.   In his head, he kept hearing Sugni's words.  Talking about her life  being different now , her  responsibilities , her child. Her practicality. He also knew she was alone and he would bet anything she was doing it all with help form no one.

Ok ...all right... he moved to fast to impulsive. He let his emotions cloud his judgment.  Time to regroup.  Boy he was out of practice with this.  He needed to take things slow and not push her. He needed first of all to somehow get her to allow him back in her life somehow.

After this stunt that was going to be a task. He faced challenges before he could do this.  All he know is that he loved her, and  at one point  in time she  loved as well.  The fact that she did not chase him  out of her house with a pitchfork , well he took as a sign she no longer hated his guts.

He just needed to find a way in. Vickram smiled as he went home.  This was the closest he came to feeling alive in the last   five years.  He knew it was a tough road and he might be  on a path  that would probably  break his heart again.  But he  decided he would  make things right for her somehow,  and if it took him his life time  to achieve that  he would If he was lucky  she would accept  him back in her life , if not well he would make sure  he did all he could to see that she was happy  and   comfortable.
Nice chapter, good to know about sugni's life after being sold and separated from vikram.
Vikram's 2nd visit was nice too, seems he was rushing to build it all again but it doesnt work this way, you have to work hard to prove it, not a easy way, sorry sugni take me back. lets see how he does it this time. 
Not a good development at all!!! dissaprove

I suppose it should have been Sugni had managed to run away!!!! Big Grinaydream:

She shouldn't have kept the baby!!!!  tumbs down tumbs down tumbs down

Vikram tried with gifts for Shanti and as expected Sugni was mad!!! 23_y

Good that Vikram is thinking clearly on this now!!! Laugh
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Well for sugni, killing the baby was a crime to do.
she wanted it so kept it.
i also felt kash wo bhag jati but seems like she just did what she was sold for.

Sugni sorted the piles of laundry into whites and colors, her mind began wandering from the mindless task. As it did, whenever she found herself unoccupied, her thoughts went to Vickram.

It was two weeks since he walked out her door. However, he by no means left her life as Sugni spotted his car outside her window one evening 2 days after and on occasion she would see it driving around. She wondered if he would come out and try to convince her again, but he never did. 

Despite how hard she tried to forget him she was yet to accomplish the task. Part of it was because now she knew he was here and his semi stalking of her was not helping matters.   Her heart was telling her she should have listened to him. Her brain was telling her not to make the same mistake twice.  She had a child to look after she had no business crying over what was lost.

She tried hard to hold on to the hurt, and betrayal she felt when she first found out about Reva, the shock of seeing her, a beauty   for sure.  She was everything Sugni was not, tall fair, looks that could kill.  Then there was Sugni, she was nothing special, she was dark, her hair was always in a mess, her clothes had seen better days. Compared to Reva she looked like a ruffian. Why would he want her when he had that? Her brain could only come up with one answer she was just a challenge he needed to conquer.

She had known Vickram for over eight months; she thought all was rosy in her world. With him around all her fears about doing her Sardakhi were gone.

She felt secure, safe in a way she did not before. She trusted him and believed him when he told her  she was his world. Then when  he held her hand I front of all the  Thakurs and declared that he would make her his wife and invited them all to their wedding, in that  moment  he  won over her  completely.  Had he asked for her life at that moment she would have happily   given it to him.

Then when Reva showed up, at her Mehendi ceremony, saying she was the Thakurine and she wanted a second chance.   In all the time they were together, he never mentioned a wife. She foolishly never thought he would have one.  From the moment she met him he had always been honest and fair to everyone around him, she never thought he would hide something like that from her. Her shock and pain at the time was overwhelming. She felt  betrayed  and  hurt worse than if someone had  beaten her black  and blue.

He showed up at her door a few days after, in a drunken stupor and said he never meant to hurt her, he begged her forgiveness. She was too hurt to listen. Then the people  starting laughing at her,  she became the laughing stock  of the village, until her uncle  told her  it is best she do her Sardakhi  ,  she  knew  Vickram  was against  the practice,  and she figured why  not  show him she  agreed.

With the birth of Shanti though, Sugni's anger and hatred against him somehow diminished.  She looked at herself and her life.  Yes, it was his fault that her wedding   was broken, but if she was honest, what happened after was as a result of her actions.

Her drive to hurt him not only hurt him but she too was not left unscathed either. All she wanted  now was as she told him; live a quite existence with her child.  She knew she would do whatever it took to keep her safe and away from the life, she had.

Now here he was, wanting to pick up where they left off.  She wondered if she should confront him with his stalkish' behavior or ignore him. She instinctively knew that although he could go a bit over board he would never   hurt her physically. She figured if she   ignored him long enough he would give up and leave her alone; she was yet to see that. 

The ringing of her   phone in her pocket, snapped her out of her thoughts.

"Hello?"  Sugni answered her phone.  Wondering who was calling her at this hour of the day at work.

"Hello? Ms. Sugni Mathur?"  A female voice asked.


"Hey  ...I am calling from the Super furniture store...I see you  brought something  from us..."

Oh  darn.

"Yes..Ma'am . A stove.  I  know I am a little late on the payments  this month, but I promise as  soon as I get paid this week I'll make the payment.'

"Oh that is not necessary...Ma'am see..."  Sugni closed her eyes it was just late on one payment surely they could understand.

"Listen...Please...I was going to make the payment, but my daughter needed some school supplied that were  important.  It's just a few days..."

"Ma'am Ma'am   calm down I am not calling about the payments!"   The caller assured her.

"Oh?" Sugni said confused.

"No Ma'am... our  company's   anniversary  is  coming up and are doing sweepstakes   on all our current customers,  and your name  was picked out at random from  our  database. You won   a brand new  living room set, full payment of your  stove and  all new  kitchen appliances. CONGRATULATIONS ! MA'AM.

"Are you kidding me?" Sugni asked shocked.

"No  Ma'am.. I am very serious...I am calling you   to   find out a time that we can have the stuff delivered to your home."

"Oh  I -I am at home by  3 each  day." She said

"Ok  that is fine...well  we  will be over  at your  place tomorrow to   deliver  your winnings...and congratulations again Ma'am.

"Uh  Thank you...I can't believe this...Thank you..." Sugni was shocked; she never won anything in her life!

"You are welcome and enjoy your winnings...Good bye."

"Good bye!"  She smiled.

"Is this what I am paying you to do chit chat on the phone?"  Mrs. Flam said as Sugni hung up.

"I am sorry madam, it was the furniture store...I won a sweepstake they had   new furniture!!!"  She smiled.

"OH...Hmmm... well does that mean I can get back the ones I lent you?" she said, effectively bursting Sugni's bubble.

"Yes they will drop it off tomorrow I guess...and thank you so much for being so kind to us..."

"It was not about kindness, If my niece did not insist on lending it to you, it would have stayed in the storeroom. That furniture has been in this family for years and I hope you did not let that child of yours destroy it..."  She said

"No Ma'am" Sugni said taking a breath to quell her irritation.  Mrs. Flam had her own judgment on Sugni being a single mother, and it was not a nice one.  "Excuse me I'll finish the laundry."   She left before she had to listen to her rant about   children created from sin.


"So did she buy it?"  Vickram asked his secretary as she hung up the phone.

"I think so , she sounded  excited...but sir...won't she find it strange? I mean she won all of this and it is not advertised."   She asked.

"Cha,  No cause  tomorrow  you are going to go over there  with the delivery, have her sign the  delivery  slip  with the stores  logo on it so it looks  legit,  ask her for the  installment contract and bring it back  for me.  I know the manager it'll all be fixed."   He said

"Ok Sir...but why not just tell her?"

"Because if she knew I had anything to do with this she would never agree. So it has to look like it is genuine"   Vickram said.

Vickram thought a lot about how to help Sugni out, and he remembered seeing an envelope form the furniture store, with a bill in it. Looking at her shabby  furniture he knew she could use something a bit more sturdy, it was the most he could do  for now if it was up to him  she would be living in a much  better place  than she was  but he could not do anything about that  without her finding out.

As Vickram had been doing for the past two weeks, he would pass by her house, looking on from far; compelled   as though by some invisible thread to just to get glimpse of her.   She led a very  simple   life he saw , she  left in the morning with  the  child  dropped her to school , then  went to  work.  Came out picked her up and came back home. Sometimes spend some time out in the yard as she watched Shanti play and chatted with the neighbor.

But after that there was nothing, no social life, no visitors. She was truly on her own. He wondered how she took that step. He wondered what happened after the Sardakhi.  Normally that was the end for the girls as after that they were fair game to all the leeches out there.

 Whatever it was, he was glad that she was no longer a part of that.  He was tempted on a number of occasions to go over and knock on her door again.  The only thing stopping him was her words.  Although Vickram wanted nothing more than a second chance with her, he also knew he did not want to cause her any more pain.  However, knowing she was here and not seeing her was also impossible for him.

Today she   he even saw her smile a bit no doubt she was happy about her "winning" that sweepstakes.  Vickram   was glad he was able to do something for her, and he hoped it all went smooth tomorrow and without her finding out the truth.

Looking at his watch, he saw it was getting late. He sighed she was not going to come out; it did not make sense sitting here.


He drove up to his apartment   as he came out the car, Vickram noticed a shadow sitting on his door.

"Adi?" Vickram said as he walked toward him.  "Something wrong, son?" He asked wondering if something happened at the house that would bring him here at this hour.

"Hey Mamaji, no, no nothing is wrong. I just thought I'd just pass by..." he said

Vickram opened his door letting   them in.

"Uhh huh...Your grandmother sent you to check up on me didn't she?" Vickram said   knowingly.

"Ummm.." he said sheepishly.

Sighing Vickram walked   to the bar at the corner  of the room.  "Fix you a drink?" He asked  Pouring  two  shots  of whiskey  he handed  one to  Adi  as he  took a seat.

"What?" Vickram said.

Adi was his elder sister's son.  After his father left   her for a bedni, she moved back home with her baby boy in tow.  Although  Vickram  was  only  12  years older than Adi he took  on the  responsibility  of taking care  of him as best he could.  More so  when unable  to deal with the  pain and humiliation of  her husband leaving her, she  succumbed  to the pressure  and committed  suicide leaving behind   her  five year old  son, having lost both his parents at such a young age Vickram stepped into the role of father figure making sure that he wanted for nothing. Watching Adi   today though he was proud of him, he turned out all right.

"She is worried about you. She says you have been and I quote "restless" for the last few weeks.  And I  have to agree with her.  Is everything all right?  Is something bothering you." Adi asked concerned.

Vickram stared at Adi. "What are you talking about?" he asked.

"I don't now leaving the office unexpectedly, being lost all the time, wandering around after's unlike you.."

"So what I can't go for a drive now?" Vickram asked a bit defensively.  He did not know his family was recording his actions!

"No...No Mamaji that is not what she means...if something is bothering you, you can talk about it.  We are just a little worried about you." He said.

"Adi...I am not a child. I did not know I had to report all my actions to you people!  How many times do I have to say I am fine?   Maa just likes to worry.  Nothing is bothering me." He said

"I am sorry Mamaji.  She did not mean anything.  And I  know you, you  like to deal with your problems yourself,  but I am  here and I think I am old enough to help you in any  way  I can  now. So if you want to talk I am here."  Adi said.

Vickram smiled. "Thank you, I appreciate that but really nothing is wrong."  That was true. His past made a roaring entrance back in his life, and he was trying to deal with that. He knew if they knew that Sugni was here they would not take too kindly to it.  It was not as if they approved of his relationship with her before.

Although Adi being away in collage was not around at the time to know what was going on, and when he did find out he was confused as to how his uncle could allow a girl, a bedni of all people to "ruin "his life.  He did not come out and say he did not approve of it, but he did say it was good that he was out of there and away for "them!'

Vickram finished off his drink, feeling the warmth of the alcohol as it slid down his throat.

"I just need a break from things once in a while and need to clear my head, is that so wrong?'  He asked as he got up to refill the glasses.

"No...It's not." Adi accepted the glass taking a sip of his drink. They sat in contemplative silence for a while. Adi looked deep in thought.

"Maybe I should ask, is something bothering you?" Vickram asked him.

"No it's just..."  Adi looked at Vickram as though he was going to say something then shook his head.  "Never mind. He sighed.

"Adi what is it?" Vickram said.

"Nothing...I don't want to upset you."

"You can never upset me ... go on what is it?'

"Well you remember what you told me, when  Amrita was going to marry  that guy  her parents choose for  said  if you love  someone enough, you should have the will and the courage  to fight for them.."

"Yes...I remember." He said

"So how come you gave up...I mean I never understood it, but in the past  five years looking at you,  it obvious  that what you feel for her is very, very  deep. So why didn't you try after the divorce to make things right? Why didn't you fight?  You walked away and never looked back." He said looking   at his uncle.

"You're right. I left, not because I did not want to fight. God knows I tried I even went to his house to try and talk some sense into her again."  Vickram remembered Vijay Singh coming out and gloating in his face that he beat Vickram at his own game. He got what Vickram could not. Try as he might he could not contact her.

"She refused to see me, and Vijay made sure she did not.  I knew if I stayed there, I would end up crazy. Watching her destroy herself...then when Maa got sick I knew I had other responsibilities.   So to take care of her properly I moved concentrating on my duties as a son. I thought from time to time to go back see if things changed.  But I knew if I did that your grandmother would not handle it well and I did not want to risk her health again.." He said.

"Naani Maa is much stronger now...and I am here..." Adi said. Vickram looked at Adi.

"What are you saying?" 

"I am saying that you sacrificed a lot for us, you've always been here for us. Six years is a long time, things change, people change. If there is a chance, Mamaji, I think maybe you should go back and try to make things right. She might listen to you now.  It's better than pining away here, wondering about what could have been and what should have been. Maybe you should fight."

"Adi..." Vickram was speechless he was not expecting that.

"Mamaji all we want is for you to be happy, like you made us happy. And if she is that for you, you should not give up. As long as I have known you, you have always been one to get what you set your mind to. At least you should see if there is a possibility for you and if there is go for it."

"Wah beta, you really have grown up me advice!"  Vickram said.

"Well I learned from the best!" He  laughed, then he said  soberly, " At least think about it. If love is true it will find a way right? And if your love is not true then nothing is. Anyways,"  Adi said as he stood up to leave. "Whatever you decide we will support you and if I know you, you would not give up without a fight!"

Vickram stared at the door after Adi had left.  He digested the fact that he had gotten advice from Adi. He chuckled. "Oh  Adi  if only  you  knew!" . He was right. He would not give up without a fight that was for sure! Especially  now that it  seemed  that he  had  been  given  another  chance.

Vickram went  upstairs  to his room, where he looked at the  pictures of Sugni, as he marveled at the  realization  that maybe this time around he had one less obstacle in his path. His family. That was a relief to him..."Oh Sugni...we are meant to be together aren't we?'...
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Finally I have read chapter 5, Sugni does want vikram back but is afraid for her kid, is afraid to fall again, is afraid to be hurt again, that's really okay it happens, Love never ends and it proved it when he returned back to her life. 
Vikram's idea did work, while reading I was sure it had something to do with vikram, he made sugni feel she won and it was lovely part of this chapter. She was happy n this is what he wanted isn't he.
Adi giving advise , Ok that was unexpected even to me, Good to see someone giving advise to vikram , keep fighting u can do it.
Sugni is thinking about Vikram!!!! smile

Her decision was the dumbest ever and achieved nothing!!!! tumbs down

Of course it brought a kid into this mess!!! ;angry;

Vikram is giving her furniture and stuff and making it seem like she won it!!!! LOL

He seems to have things in control now!!!! tumbs up

Adi has come to find out what is up with Vikram!!!! Tongue smile

He gave Vikram good advice!!!! Approve
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