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cHALO yeh chapter padh liya maine, nice chapter, sugni / amrita / shanti rai dance was bad idea, dance is not bad but how people see it is bad.
vikram is understanding husband and sugni is lucky to have such husband.


"Vickram Darling!"  Suman greeted as  Vickram  and  Sugni  made their way  to her table at the restaurant.  She smiled as she stepped forward and hugged him much to Sugni's annoyance   he returned the hug with  all blushing.  Sugni took a deep breath trying not to look like  she wanted to ring  Suman's neck

 "Suman  so nice  to see you, you look lovely  as always.  Um You remember Sugni, my  wife."  He said   turning  to her. Sugni pasted a smile on her face.

"Hello." Sugni  greeted

"Hello, I didn't think you would  accept  my  invitation, usually  the wives find these  business dinners  boring  no, most of them make excuses not to attend...?" She said looking at Sugni coldly.

"Yes well Sugni is not like the others...and I thought it's a good way  to get acquainted with  my  associates...are the others  here yet?"  Vickram  said.

"Unfortunately Mr. Roy had  a family  emergency  and cancelled at the  last minute so I guess it is just us...but that is   ok...I am more interested in working with you..." Sugni  looked at her wondering how  was it possible to step out of her house dressed  in that gown.   Was so tight fitting leaving almost nothing to the imagination.

They  made  sat at the table as the waiter  brought the menus. Sugni looked  it and swallowed,  she could not pronounce  half of the things  she was  seeing here. She was tempted to stat  wringing  her  hands nervously and had to stop herself as she looked at Vickram who was  laughing softly  at something Suman was saying. Both of them seemed not to be paying her any attention.

Soon the  waiter came back to take their order.

Suman  gave her order  obviously  very  familiar with  this  establishment.  Vickram looked at Sugni. "What would  you like?" he asked 

"Um...I'll have whatever you're having" she said, hoping she did not make a dining faux pas.  He nodded as  he placed  both their  orders.

"Aww isn't that sweet..." Suman said as  the  waiter left. "How long have you been married?"  She asked looked at them.

"Three months on the  16th"  Vickram said.

"Aww still newly weds huh...?" Sugni had the impression she was  being laughed at, but she smiled and sat up straighter.

"Well you  know my  husband left  all his business to me...and I spent the last few months doing my  best to  steer his ship the way he used to.  And when I found  out that he was in talks  with  you to start  that charity  trust...I  knew  I could not let his dream die along with him. I am  so happy  you agreed  for this dinner.

"Of course Bhushan  was  a very  dear friend of mine,actually  my  mentor when I first started  my offices here he helped a sad that he died so  tragically ..." He said.

"Yes  of course...but  you   we have to move on..." She said  shaking her head sadly. She did  not seem to broken up about it.

As they continued to  discuss  the charity  she was interested in setting up, Sugni  recalled  her first meeting with Suman.  Vickram  was  invited  to a  Business Men Association  dinner and dance, something  that he had been ignoring for the past few years, instead  Adi  would  attend on his behalf.

However this year  he decided he would go as it was a good  way  to make  contacts and  learn about new trends in the business world.  Sugni was  a nervous wreck as she had no idea what  these functions  were like. Since they  been  married  she had not really  accompanied him to  any  such  formal event.

Amrita, bless her  soul was Sugni's   savior. Wanting desperately  to make up for  the blow out with  Maa Thakur, she took it upon herself  to teach Sugni the in's and out of these  functions. The proper way to walk, eat, talk everything she needed to know.

"One usually  after dinner the men go of to discuss business and  the  women  well they being the  new wife will receive a lot  of stares and  curious looks.  Also it has been years since Mamaji went to ne of these and the last time he went  he left  early I am sure causing a lot of  gossip.  Just be cool and polite. If you get into a sticky situation with uncomfortable questions just   say  excuse me and go to the restroom or something.' 


On the night of the dinner, Sugni  was dressed in a formal gown and  heels, that  she practiced   for  days just not to fall flat on her face.  She  was nervous, but everything went  smoothly. She remembered the correct knives and forks. And thanks to Vickram  slow dancing  was not a problem.

After the dinner  though Amrita was right and  the men  moved into groups  talking business, and Sugni was joined  by  a few of the  wives  who they  had shared a table with..

Mrs. Sharma,  a middle aged  plump  woman took it upon herself to be Sugni's guide  of sorts introducing her to the other women. Most of them  Sugni  found  were  very  nice, as  expected they  did wonder about her and Vickram and  why  he was such a recluse from them.

"You know...My  husband talks about Vickram  and his business skills  so much, I always wondered about the man,  and whenever we have one of these functions he is always mentioned.  But I guess it took him getting married to finally bring him out!"  Mrs. Gray  said to Sugni, she laughed  along with her.

"Maybe..." She said non committedly.

"Ohh..ohh  Sugni...better keep an eye out...looks like the leech has her eyes on  your husband.!"  Mrs Sharma said, as the other ladies made sympathetic gasp.

"Excuse me...what?" Sugni said following their gaze.  Standing out like a  red flag  in all the black ties, was a woman wearing a tight fitting off shoulder red dress, with a slit  much  further than was acceptable.

"Look at them...drooling..." One of the women said disgustingly, as she had the full  attention of them men in her  group, she kept  touching Vickram and laughing and much  to Sugni's annoyance  he did not seem to mind, in fact he was smiling as well and she swore  she saw a blush on his face!.

"Who is she?" She  asked.

"Suman Venta,  the widow  of Bhushan Venta, he died  six months ago  in a car accident leaving  all to  her..."

"Ohh" Sugni said looking  at her a bit sadly.

"Oh don't bother being sad honey he was  63."  Sugni's eyebrows  shot up as she  looked at Suman   who could not be more than 30..

"Exactly, he married her a four years ago, and let me tell you there is a reason we call her the leech.  Every time there is a function, she is sure to go home with one of them...even when her husband was alive.  And since he died well she has been going  around   looking for sympathy saying she wants to  carry  on his business. Carry  on is right...according to gossip Mr. Nicolos and his  wife are going through a divorce  cause she caught the both of them in a "compromising position."  She  said  

"Careful she is a charmer...just look at them..." One of the other ladies said .."Excuse me ladies  while I get Mr. Rupert home..." She said as she hurriedly  left to join the group. They  looked on as   Mr. Rupert, reluctantly  left.

"Sugni aren't you going?" Mrs Sharma asked.


"Ahh...honey...sometimes you need to rein them in before they start slipping".. Mrs. Sharma said, pointedly  looking at  over  to Vickram  and  Suman.

Sugni  looked at them wondering, she did  trust Vickram  but there was just something  in the way  Suman  was acting  with him that  was not sitting well.  Sugni was walking up to them  when she caught  their conversation.

"Ohh are so funny...why  have you never come  for dinner at home..I would have loved to  entertain you. Especially since I heard so much  about you from Bhushan although he did  make you sound like a recluse ...but you are not"  She said  flirtatiously[url=][/url], touching his  arm and laughing.

"Hello?" Sugni said stepping up to them.

"Hi...who are you?" Suman asked.

"  wife" Vickram said.

"Ohh so it is got yourself hitched." She said, it sounded like it was a bad thing.. I am sure you broke may  hearts  Vickram"   He laughed. Just then, a song began playing in the background.

"Oh  I  love this  Song., Sugni dear you  won't mind if  I stole him away  for a few minutes   do you?" She said. Sugni looked at Vickram who was looking at her., with a smile.  She shook her head no.  She at the table as  she watched them dance.

The words of the women mixing in her head with the knowledge that Vickram was not like the others, but still she could not help but feel irked

A few minutes after they returned to her table.. " He is such a good dancer..."  Suman said Sugni smiled and nodded.

"So  I was thinking after here we can go out and get a few about that?" she asked Vickram  clearing ignoring Sugni.

"Actually.." Sugni said..."We should head home ...," Sugni said holding his arm.

"Yes. We should..."

"Ohh but I wanted to discuss my charity project with you..." She said, pouting...

"You know what. Why don't we have dinner sometime next week? You and your wife if she wishes and maybe  Mr. Roy  and his  wife.. I would really like your input on this." She said.

"Sound like a plan." Vickram said.  "I  would love to help..." he said.

"I'll call you..." She said as  they left.

As they left the party Vickram's attention turned to her, and Sugni put her out of her mind. A few days later, though he told her about the dinner invite and asked if she would like accompany him.  She did and now here they were having dinner with the scantily clad Suman who was openly fawning over her husband.


"Sugni  you are lucky to have caught this one..." Suman was  saying , bringing  Sugni back to the present.  "Oh   Vickram you broke lots of  hearts " She said winking.  Vickram blushed.

"Thank you..." he said. Sugni  looked at him, he seemed to be enjoying  the attention.

"Oh my song...will you do me the honors?"  She said stretching her hands towards him.

"Sure.." He said ...Strange a repeat of their last meeting.

"Excuse us" she said as they  went to the dance floor. Sugni looked at them her annoyance now growing to include Vickram, obviously he was not immune from her outlandish and brash behavior. She watched as they were in conversation, he did not even look to the table ...

Finally  dinner was over, and they  made their way  home.

"Wow...she is  something..." Sugni said shaking her head.

"She is..." He smiled.   "Admirable na, that she wants to   see to her Husband's charity  dream." 

Sugni scoffed..."Oh please that  was the last thing on her mind...but I can see you enjoyed all the  attention.'  She said looking at him sternly. Vickram raised his eyebrows.

"Excuse was nothing..."

"Of course not 'Vickram  darling'..."  She  imitated Suman.  "Can I have this dance...sheeesh Shameless!'

Vickram laughed  at her. "Are you jealous?" He asked looking almost please with that.

"Jealouse  Me?  No...I am just everyone else you also seemed very taken by her..I don't  get it."

:" I was not I was simply  being polite with her."He said.

"Hmmm  I could see that...since the ball how polite you  were was written  all over your face." She said  looking out the window as she mumbled under her breath about him blushing.  She crossed her  arms . Not talking to   him for the rest of the ride home.

 They  got home as   Sugni  went straight up to  the  room and   jumped into the shower.   She came out to find Vickram still grinning at her ,apparently  enjoying her  being  mad.   She tried to ignore  him.

"OH You know you do look cute when you're  mad." He said as he  walked up to the dresser where she was  combing her hair and  hugged her from  behind looking at her through the mirror. "But seriously ...there is no reason for you to be...after all you know I love you..." he said placing a kiss on her neck to pacify  her.  She shrugged him off not willing to give in.  Vickram  sighed..

"Ok...thenI am going to  shower...can I  have a cup of tea please..." He asked as he went into  the  bathroom.

A few minutes after Vickram  came out  as she returned with the tea.  He held out his hand for  it, but instead of handing it to him she rested it on the side table  turning towards the bed and lying down.

"Sugni...come can't be that mad...I didn't even do anything!" 

"Forget it Thakur Saab...don't try to pretend you were not noticing her ...I am not blind, it was all over your face. .and now she wants you to be on the board of her charity?  I am sure you two can have fun all day with her lamenting on what a good catch you were, and asking you to  dance...! It is true once men get married they change..." She said

"Oh common Sugni...this is not fair...Hey  Bhagwan...why  are you  acting this irrational." He asked

"I am being irrational...really?" She said sitting up to look at him.

"YES!" he said  "You  know very  well  there was nothing going  on here this evening. And by god I can't see you are so upset over a dance that she asked if you  minded...if it was a problem  for you you should have said so..."

"And be rude?"  She said.

"Like  you are not being rude now...?" He asked looking pointedly at the cup.   "You are blowing this way  out of proportion, Madam,  the least  I would think is that  you know my well enough  to know that this should not even be an issue." He got up  obviously  annoyed. "You spent the  drive home upset, and you  still after all this time,  for no reason. You know something  Sugni...she is  not the only  woman who acts like  that, and there are some of them that can be  worse...but sometimes you just have to go with  it  and tolerate them for a few hours...but  getting mad at me  won't make her behavior stop would it. .. He got up as he walked to the door.  "And for the record...while we were dancing...I  told her I would not be on her board, but would just  put her on to the ones  that can help her...because I figured her out...but you so busy  being   mad at me you don't even want to hear it."  He walked out the  room to the  balcony  laving Sugni staring after  him.

Sugni closed her eyes asshe took a deep breath. He was right. It was not his fault that  the woman could not stop flirting with him, she was being irrational and rude. She looked over at his side table where  his tea was still left untouched..

Getting up she took the  tea and out to find  him looking out.

"Thakur Mallick?" She said  softly ... she got no response.

She placed her hand on his shoulder..."Your tea will get cold..."  She said. He stood unresponsive for a couple of  minutes  then  turned and took it from her hand  wordlessly.

"I am sorry...I did over react..." She said softly. He took a sip of the  tea as he nodded then took a seat at the table..."I guess I was just  taking in what the other  women had to say about her...and...well you're right  I  was a bit jalousie..especially   when I  saw you blushing  at her..."

"I was not..." He said.

"Yes you were..."She said as she moved  forward to sit  on his lap... "And I know you only   blush like that when you like something..." She  said watching him. She smiled as his face got slightly red. "Forgive me?" She said  as she hugged him.

"Hmmhmm" He said as he hugged her back. She pulled back  glad he was no longer  mad at her.

"But you were checking her everyone else at the dinner right?" She asked a bit teasingly. He said nothing, just smiled. "I knew it." She said sighing sadly.

"Oh you don't look." He said watching her

"I do not..." She denied..  As he cocked an eyebrow at her.

"really...excuse me...who was it...I heard gushing over some guy's  hot body  in that movie  she and Amrita was  watching...not for the story  but solely because  they found the  hero "HOT?" he asked

Sugni looked at him with her mouth open..."That is different!" She said

"Oh how so... Kamal do it and it is  different I do it and you want to have my  head."

"Well He is in some far off land ...not in a tight  dress begging you to dance..." She said

"Why is that bothering you so much?" he asked  looking at her. "It was just a dance..."

"I don't shouldn't I know..." She said..."there was just something about how she was looking at  was supposed to be  our felt like she  was intruding... I don't know why  it affected me like that...but it  did." She said honestly.

"I get it..." he said..."No one could ever take your place  Sugni..not even for a moment...and truth is she was making me a bit uncomfortable, but because  of her late Husband who I  have  utmost respect for  I agreed to  the dinner and to see if I could help her. but there is no way I was going to work with her and that is why I refused ."

"but you did not tell me that!" She said.

"Well if you weren't so busy  being  angry  I would have..."

"  I am Sorry..." she said

"It's ok..." He  said as he hugged her.She wrapped her arms around him. As he bent  his head  to kiss her.
"There is only  one  woman for me Sugni...and that is you...I don't think I can handle any  more crazy..."  He  chuckled as  she looked at him in mock annoyance.!


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