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hello everyone...

Today I am here to share the old story written By Vinnie, Dedicated to her with allot of love, I would love to have more readers who will read and also comment. I always complimented her that you can be a great writer and she was a great writer too.

Let me share the very 1st chapter of this FF based on Phir subah hogi story and characters  but even if you never watched that show, you would like how this story unfolds. 

So dedicated with allot of love for vinnie and in her memories i would love to share it here on shaanse. so my readers, please don't be shy to drop your comments. 

So 1st chapter is up next.
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"$20,000. - Sold! Congratulations Thakur Vijay Singh She is yours!"  Bumsukiya said...lifting Sugni's hand as though she was a prized item instead of the girl she was.

Sugni stared straight ahead stonily as she tried not to think about what just happened.  She was just sold to the  highest  bidder, her body   or she should say  her  virginity  auctioned off to Thakur  Vijay  Singh,  one of the most  heartless Thakurs   who made a  habit of  harassing every  bedni  that comes into his   sight...and the  spoilt  son of one of the riches Thakurs and Vickram's sworn  enemy in the area.

That should have brought her some satisfaction, but oddly, all she felt at the moment was numbness...maybe that was a good thing.

"Come on Sugni...let's get you ready to leave..." Her aunt said cheerfully.  As she lead Sugni inside, they   were escorted into the house by a few of the other bedni women, with a tray of money, ornaments clothes and other goodies.  She herd people behind her celebrating as though her  life  was not just auctioned off but as though it was a wedding...

But  that  is to be  expected as  around here  all these  girls virginity  had a price and they  would most likely  be sold one day.  She was the one who was foolish enough to think she was any different. She was not.

She tried hard to  ignore  him standing there, but her eyes  sort him out as if they had a mind of her own...he stood as though  shell shocked again she was waiting for that  feeling of satisfaction  she thought  she would  find seeing the Mighty  Vickram Singh broken but again all she felt was numbness.

As Sugni entered her room, where she was told to change in to some red lehenga Vijay requested she wore. Mechanically she did as she was told Sugni looked at the girl in the mirror ...trying to recognize the person standing in front of her.

"Thank God got back into your senses...and agreed to do this Sardakhi your MAMA organized. You know I never thought so many Thakurs would show up!"  Naganiya said happily, she still could not believe he paid $ 20,000 for her. 

 For a moment, she was afraid when HE showed up, that it was all lost, that he would convince her to change he mind about the auction...or worse   when he started bidding. She did not bet on Sugni, who saved the day saying she would go to the next Thakur who bid after him even if it was 1 cent more.

Naganiya smiled...when people were hurt in love they would do anything she guessed. Besides it was good  he broke her heart, after all Sugni was a hot commodity, and with Vickram  filling her head with all that marriage nonsense...they  were all worried  she would not follow her calling and  join  the bedni's.

After  Sugni's  mother  died,  she was left in the care of  her  Uncle and Aunt who were waiting for the day  when she  would be of age  and start earning a living like her mother did.  All was going well and she was following in the footsteps they thought, dancing and providing for them, until last year when Vickram Singh moved back into town and for some God-awful reason he became smitten with Sugni and she with him.

At first they  were happy  after all he was one of the most richest of Thakurs  around here and they  were sure  he would pay  top dollar  for the girl.  So after  dangling the carrot  for a while  Hukum  went to Vickram  and  offered  Sugni  to him if he would do her  Sardakhi.

The tradition these bedni   women have of going to the Thakurs.  Instead of accepting the offer, Vickram exploded with claims that he loved her and wanted to marry her. Which was laughable because   love was not a word in the Thakur's dictionary, and marry well that was reserved for women of their kind high class and old money.

The bedni's were just their playthings ...that is how is was and that was how it would be in the future. Everyone was shocked at the relationship these  two  shared...but then  Luck was on their  said as in the midist  of all Sugni's wedding dreams and  preparation...Thakurine Reva  Singh  shows  up, the estranged wife  of Vickram wanting  to  get back with her husband.

The fact that he conveniently failed to mention a wife to any one was the deal breaker and the reason that Sugni finally agreed when her uncle told her he had offers for her and she should accept them.

"Hey you can't  go in there!' Hukum exclaimed...breaking Naganiya out of her thoughts. She and Sugni both turned to see Vickram standing in the small house at the bedroom door.'

"Sugni...Please...don't do this...Sugni...)

"Thakur Saab!"  Naganiya  cut in..."You can't do is already  done...Please...Sugni made up her mind this was her  would you..."

"Maami!"  Sugni said from behind her. "can you give us a few  minutes..."

" ...he..."

"Maami I won't change my  mind...I just want to talk to him please..." she said.

Naganiya looked at Sugni then at Vickram she did not like this one bit. She looked to her Husband who had followed them inside, by the looks of it trying to  keep it quite that Vickram had somehow snuck into the house.  They  both knew if Vijai  found out  he was in here  hell would break loose. There was no love lost between the two.

"Ok five minutes and  I am staying in the Hall...and can't back out now!" She warned , as she  reluctantly  left them alone.


"What do you want Thakur Saab, you lost the auction"  Sugni said  as she looked at him stoneyly.

"Sugni...please...don't do this I am begging you...I are mad at me you have every  right to be...fine  you wanted to  get back at me I understand.  I am sorry  ...don't do this to yourself...your worth more than..."

"Wha..Thakur Vickram Singh wah!...and It's all about you are are begging? Really?...You did not seem sorry  when you...were planning my  ...wait was it our wedding...that  YOUR WIFE  was not invited to ...or were you  just sorry  that you got  caught..." she said she looked at him

Sugni I..."

"Don't... Don't  tell me you were afraid...don't tell me wanted a divorce...or she left you...I don't want to hear any  more of your excuses.  I had enough of them!" She said.  "Thakur Vickram Singh  a man who prides himself  in being honest ,boy you had me fooled . Then why not? I  am nothing but a poor bedni who you  fancied but  coming out  like the other Thakurs and making  your intensions  clear would not suit you. Oh no! you had to take it a step further and make the stupid girl  think you actually cared about her,like she was worth  the  effort.  No. let's just for fun pretend  to get married to her...she would be grateful...why  not  I mean it's not like she would care if she was humiliated  in front of  the entire community when your  wife returned and  she was  seen as nothing more than a FREE bedni  right?

"Sugni no ,it was not like that...I love you ...I was never playing with you. Reva and I were over a long time ago.  She moved out to concentrate on her modeling career...our marriage never worked...I was never expecting her to come back ...I was looking  for her to get her to sign the divorce papers...I  thought she would ..."

"ohh Please save it...I  saw her...crying her eyes  out for you to take her back...that does not look like a woman who does not care about her marriage...stop lying...I  don't want to hear it..."

"Fine ...then don't hear it...But Sugni this is not are not a bedni...You want me to stay  away from you...I  will...but don't do this to yourself please...It's not to late..." He begged looking at her desperately...

Sugni looked at him at his pleading and she could feel something in her stirring. No! She had to be strong...taking a deep breath she said   softly...

"You know something Thakur Saab...when I was fifteen I was sent on my  first Raai dance and every time I went there would be offers and every time  there was always the fare that this time  they  would make me do my  Sardakhi. I always knew that someday they would get an offer to good to hold back on. Then I would have no choice but to do what my mother did no matter how much I hated it. After all it is what we were born for. And it would take nothing short of a miracle for that not to happen. Somehow I foolishly  thought...I found that miracle,  that in this  place of vultures and leeches there was one Human...who saw me for more  than just an object, who cared about my  feelings and my  fears  and me. But that was just a dream for a while a beautiful one...but then it turned into a nightmare. And I had no choice but to wake up. If not him someone else..."she said   in a voice that became devoid of emotion.  "This is  Mawhari , the land  of bedni's, and Thakurs...the land where  we are nothing but objects  I forgot that...we have no business having feelings or being emotional ...thank you for reminding me..."

"'s time!"  Nagaiya said as she walked into the room.

Vickram   watched as she walked out the house, moving like a shell of a person. A far cry from the laughing happy girl he knew her to be.

He knew the only person responsible for this was himself.  He was the one who did this to her. He broke her. The one precious thing in his life and he destroyed it, because of his one omission. He watched helplessly as she sat in the car with that smirking man.

His hand clenched in helpless frustration. Her path of self-destruction was all because of him!

Vickram walked into his house and wondered how things could have gone so wrong. How could he have been so dumb? He sat on his rocking chair in the den, as he closed his eyes, wondering where it went all wrong.

A year after he got married his marriage fell apart at the seams, his wife, Reva, a city bread girl had dreams of becoming an actress, model.  Since he and his family had objections to that career choice, it became a topic of contention.

Then one day Reva got an offer she could not refuse, and she left, in the middle of the night  wit a note saying  she could not pass it up.  Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, months into years but he heard nothing from her.

Then his family moved back to Mawhari to see about the lands. It was here he met  Sugni.  He met her on his first day back when she came to pick him up from the train station. , on a cycle rickshaw as she needed money   for some reason.  She was the time passed in the short ride he couldn't tell.

Since  then they  kept bumping into each other as the village was small , Sugni was always  doing  odd jobs around.

The bedni tradition  was  one well known, so it came as no surprise to him when he saw her at the one of the Thakurs  house dancing with the group of women.  Later that night he saw her being accosted by  two very  drunk Thakurs and got her out of it. She  could not thank him enough,  and ever since  if she saw him at a function she would somehow end up sticking close to him. Until the  group was  ready  to leave. He  did not mind as  he began feeling protective of her.

It was not long  before they  struck a friendship.  She had an innocents about her despite her harsh  reality. She was bubbly   and she made him   laugh a lot.  Soon Vickram   found  that his feelings  were deeper than that.  He fell in love  with her.

And to his amazement  instead of running from him when he told her, she reciprocated.  Vickram  wanted nothing more than to  make her his  bride, and spend his life  with her. She was his world, so much so that he didn't even  think about  the fact that he was already  married to Reva until he declared to his mother he wanted to marry  her.

It was a cold  shock when she reminded him that  although Reva  left him they  were still married in the  eyes of the law. Vickram decided that he was going  to  have to find Reva and get his divorce  finalized , and he  knew he had to tell her, but before he could she came running to him crying  that her uncle wanted to  do her Sardakhi... they  told her to  tell him either make an offer or step out of the way, as people were  beginning to talk about the relationship.

Hukum came  to Vickram's house  with other Thakurs saying Vickram was  trying  to  get the bedni with out paying the price.  Watching Sugni be humiliated by  these  men , and talked about as though she was a piece of furniture  set his blood boiling and he declared in front all of them that he Loved her and  was going to marry  her.

Before  he  knew it  a date was set and  preparations were being made, he tried to tell her after that, but she was so happy and  and relived to be getting out of th e cycle Vickram  did not want to burst her bubble, instead deciding to  find  Reva before the date.

No luck it was as though she fell off the  face of the earth, until she walked into the house one day  shocking every  one.  Reva being the drama queen  she was started crying that she  made a mistake and wanted to give their marriage another go.  She was begging him  not to divorce her, which  Sugni   became witness too.

Sugni felt  that he was just like the others, that he was just playing with her. she closed her self off  from everyone and everything from that day. Going so far as to agree to this Sardakhi.

"OH God  ! Why did you do this Sugni...why" He  cried.  Vickram never felt this helpless and heart broken in  his life. The worst part was looking at her, it was like watching a lifeless body just moving around. He broke her heart he knew  but in the process his own  got  smashed to pieces as well.

"'re back.!!  You  rushed out of here so everything alright?" Reva asked.

Vickram looked at her. as he sighed  tiredly.

"No is not alright...It's all over"

"What is?'  She asked

"'s reason for living is gone...pack your bags we are done!"  He said softly as he closed his eyes...effectively shutting her out.

written by : Late Vindra ramsumairsingh  / Vinnie R.
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It was great to read the 1st chapter, I am happy i shared this story and will share the next chapters as well. I must say while reading it it took me back to 2012-3, to the days i was reading your stories showing you how much i liked your writings. really missed that and this memory brought that back, the feeling of reading your stories and enjoying work as well. Now a days its like doing work n going home so this story did bring that back.. thank you for that. 
Must say, i always complimented YOU to be a great writer and believe me i meant that, you were great writer and i loved your stories.  Rolleyes  Angel
anyway, the chapter 1 was great fresher to memories to remember vikram sugni story and good for our none psh show viewers who would know their story in a very beautifully way.

Vikram's mistake was the "hide" , or shall i say the "fear" of losing his love of life, he couldn't share this truth to her which made her take very "dangerous" steps in her life. sometimes you have to trust your love and share the truth, even the bitter one .. let her decide what she wants to do next. 

Looking fw to read chapter two. 

***By the way, next chapter will be shared next sunday  28/05 so our readers. don't forget to leave comments as well.
I am very happy you posted Vinnie's story!!!! 03_y

I am sure she is very happy as well!!!!  smile smile smile smile 

Sugni is taking a wrong decision just because she is mad at Vikram!!!!

Vikram should never have hidden the truth!!!!

Why can't they just say it??

Hope she is rescued!!!!
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(27-05-2017, 09:55 PM)Shaina Wrote: I am very happy you posted Vinnie's story!!!! 03_y

I am sure she is very happy as well!!!!  smile smile smile smile 

Sugni is taking a wrong decision just because she is mad at Vikram!!!!

Vikram should never have hidden the truth!!!!

Why can't they just say it??

Hope she is rescued!!!!

Yea i m happy too, I am happy you are reading it too and enjoying it as well.
Yes she did make wrong decisions after the break up, one truth that changed their lives. 
vikram couldn't tell the truth thinking she will leave him, knowing she was such a girl who would never want to break someone's home.
lets see what happens next...

will post 2nd chapter up next.

Thank you shaina i appreciate your reading. Smile
i will post here some vinnie's words about this story so can answer some questions if you have any 

Vinnie R Wrote:I  hope you  enjoy  the  rest... I  am  trying to  look at  the story   a bit from  Sugni's point of View of being hurt by  the man she  loved and trusted. 
  Yes  she left  with the other  thakur... 
 the  two things   that I can  never see  eye to eye with or find any  justification for  1.  Adi coming here and  sticking his nose in his  uncle's busniess and  betraying him.
 2. Sugni   running from breaking a marriage  but willing to  break her friends engagement...
  But  if Adi  did not win she would have gone with some one else   I think!!! 
Here comes chapter 2. Enjoy
I wish we had more readers. 
Anyways.. Shaina thank you and keep reading. 

Vinnie R Wrote:Chapter 2.

"Mamaji  are you  busy?"  Amrita asked as she stuck her head into Vickram office.  Vickram looked up at some of the estimates he was looking at . "Not too busy for you!" He smiled, "what can I do for you?" He asked her.

"A cup of coffee would be nice!" she said.

"Done!"  He said as he called his secretary and ordered the   drinks.

Amrita came into the office and sat.

"So how was the honeymoon...that nephew of mine treating you well?...Where is  he by  the  way? I did  not  see  him since your return."

"Oh he is in his  office was  great! Thank you for sending us!" she glowed.

"Oh it was took him long enough to  get the brains to ask you to marry  him. I just wish you two be happy!" He said genuinely.  Ever since those two were teenagers, they were together. Vickram could have bet all his earnings they would end up married. Only problem was Aditya, or Adi was to stubborn to realize that and it took her  almost  marrying someone else fo him to  wake up and stop taking her for granted...

Now they were married. At least they got the happiness they deserved he thought.

"we are happy all thanks to you...I know you had a lot to do in convincing him." She  said knowingly.

Vickram laughed. Noncommittally...

"Anyways...I have a proposal for you!!!" She smiled

"Oh..." Vickram looked at her suspiciously, as his secretary came in with the coffees.

" know that group that I go to ...The cooking thing."

"Yeah..." he said. By the way she was fidgeting on the chair and the expression on her face Vickram knew exactly where she was coming from.

"Amrita" He said shaking his head. This was just one in the long line of women she kept trying desperately to fix him up with.

" least look at her...she is beautiful, she is 30 and single very sweet natured very  helpful,  she would be perfect for you. She's  an instructor at the  university. Just a darling." She gushed.

"Amrita. No." He said.  "Come on I  told you stop trying to fix me up. I  am fine as I am.OK. Now drop it." He said seriously.

"No . I  will not drop it." She reached over the desk and   held his hand.  "Mamaji  I  know what happened in Mawhari all those years ago left you feeling guilty bu..." She stopped when he clenched his  hands into fist and   moved it, he was staring out the window.

"I am sorry. I am sorry I brought it up. But Mamaji it's been a long time. Reva has moved on,  she has moved on, but you remained  Stuck. I know you feel guilty...but you should forgive yourself  now. You do so much to help others. And I know you keep saying you are fine. But I  know you...I know you are loney, you just put up a front that you're happy and you're not" She said tearfully.

"Amrita please...I don't talk about it, you know this. But since you brought it up..let me tell you  something...She was only  one person I loved...and I loved her so much  that I sent her to hell right in front of my  eyes and I couldn't stop it.  I am going to live the rest of my  life  with that on my conscious. What you call moving on I call hell.


"Amrita, dear I know you mean well but please I am asking you don't do  this.  Don't ask any  more of me.  I am only here to see that my family is taken care of and happy.  I know mother won't be able to take another shock. So please leave well enough alone." He said.

Amrita looked at Vickram her heart breaking for him.  If anyone deserved happiness, it was this man.  She knew  they  day  he lost Sugni he was living the life of a zombie. Only  the near death of his mother pulled him out of his depression and  because he did not want to put his mother through any  more he pretended all was well in his life.

But she saw  him, always alone. He would stay in his apartment all by himself basically   spending bear minimum  time with any  one.  His social life was no existent.

He would go out of his way to help others but would take nothing for himself. She wished there was a way to get him to forgive himself and move on. They may have moved from Mawhari back to the city all those years ago...but she knew he left his life and heart behind.

Taking a breath she dried her eyes. "Ok...forgive me...for digging all this up." She said.

"It's ok..."

"At least look at the  picture?"  She  said  as he looked at her in exasperation.

"Ok O I'll drop it. God I see where Adi  gets his stubbornness  from!"   She said

"Amrita?" Vickram said looking at her


"You may be family...but that won't stop me from firing you if you don't get back to work!"  he said.

"Haha  you won't" She   said getting up, she moved over to his  desk and  gave him a hug.  "I love you Mamaji"

"I  love you back to work..."
"Yes sir." She left.



Vickram   drove around down town aimlessly just trying to clear his head.  After his talk with Amrita he began to feel claustrophobic and he knew he had to get out of there.

He knew  Amrita meant well,  but  everyone knew better than to bring up Mawhari   in front of him.  He never talked about it. 

After knowing he  could not save her  from  her self-destructive path, and  knowing he could not bear  watching her do it Vickram   insisted that they  come back to the city. He explained to Reva  that  the marriage was over and it was in her best interest if she left after signing the  papers which  she did.

His mother after pleading  with him not to blame himself and  telling him  that Sugni  made her choice, and that he should not  feel guilty over something that happens all the time here.  Nothing was working until she collapsed of a heart attack. Forcing Vickram out of his path to curl up and die.

For his mother's heath sake he did his duty, but made it clear he did not want to hear about Mawhari again. She agreed. And they came to a compromise he pretended he was alright and she pretended to believe him.

Everyone understood him except Amrita who insisted that he needed to find a companion; it was like she was on a personal mission to find him one.  He kept   blowing her off but she was nothing if not persistent and would come up every so often with some "prize catch "she was sure he would like. She was yet to be successful.

He knew that although she knew the story, since she was not witness to it she wouldn't understand, as her eyes were still filled with the naivety of young romance.  Hopefully   he made her understand today and she would put an end to her silly quest to find him a mate. He highly doubted it though.

The ringing of the phone   interrupted his thoughts.

"Hello maa..."  he answered.

"Vickram beta...I forgot to pick up my prescription, can you get it for me please?" She asked

"Sure maa...anything else.."

"No no all is fine...beta  next door  the  guy  sells  some  very  soft  cakes ...maybe...:

"Maa! You   know you can't..."

"Oh come on Vickram a piece of cake won't  kill me...besides...I am old enough to eat what I please Mr." She scolded.

Vickram chuckled.

"Ok Ok...fine  I'll get it for you..."  He said as he hanged up.

Yes Vickram everything was fine. He sighed as he stopped in front the drug store and went in.


A few minutes after  armed  with his purchases, Vickram   was making  his way back to his car  when he noticed  a little  girl standing  on the side walk obviously  very  upset.   She could not be more than five or six. Vickram looked around but could  not see any one   around with this little  girl.

She was wearing a school uniform, and had a school bag on her back, he wondered if she was lost.

"Hello?"  He said.

She looked up at him, and Vickram was suddenly  reminded again of another  pair of brown eyes. Shaking his  head to get  her out of his  head, he focused on the matter at hand.

"can I  help you?"  he asked

She stared at him not saying anything.

"Are you here with some one?"  he asked. She shook her head.

"What are you doing here?" he asked.

"I   was following the doggie and I  got lost..." She sobbed.

" see." Vickram said  Kneeling down so that he was eye level with her   he said. "You are far away  from school little girl.  What's your name?" he asked. It was after four   and school was over two hours now.


"Shanti...pretty  name...Ok Shanti... Where  do you live?" he asked.

"Reed street..."  she said..."but  it's far..." She said

Reed street...that was about  fifteen  minutes from here

"Ok Shanti...I am sure your parents must be you have a number I can call for you?"

"On my  bag...! He said pointing  to her back pack..."

Noting the two numbers  on their Vickram called the cell  number  but was met with a busy  signal... no doubt this childs parents must be frantic.  Seeing the  land line number he tried that hoping against hope some one answered.

He breath a sigh of relief when a woman answered on the  second ring


"Yes  do you know a little girl by  the name of Shanti?" he asked

"Ohh thank God! ...Is she alright she with you..." The person said frantically.

"Yes yes she is fine...she got lost..."

"OK  where are you I'll come get her..."

"That's ok Ma'am I can drop her  off if you give me  the address" he said.

"Oh so kind of you sir... ok I am on Reed   Road ..Bellaview apartments, number   5 is my   apartment number!" She said.

"Ok I got it...I'll be there in a few minutes." He said.

"Oh thank you so much  you have no idea how worried we were."

"I understand ma'am"  He said .

"Ok Shanti. I am going to take you home...You'll be  fine...come with me." He said as he opened the passenger  door and sat her inside buckling her belt.

"Thank you..." She said.

Vickram sat in the car as he pulled off. He looked at her, she looked  scared and lost.

"You know your mummy  is very  worried about you."  He said.

"I am sorry." She said in a small voice.

"Its ok we all get lost sometimes...but you know you should not wander of by your self any  more ok?"  He said.

"I won't." She said sadly.  

Trying to cheer he up Vickram said...

"That must be quite a puppy  for you to follow him...what kind of  dog was it...?" heasked

"A white  one,very  small and hh had  a black spot on his side..."  She  became more animated the more she  talked about the  dog, and Vickram could not help smile as he knew she was feeling better.

Pretty soon they  got to the apartment building and Vickram Knocked on the door.  A young woman answered the door with curly  brown  hair and a soft  round face. ...

"Shanti...Oh My  God...You had us worried  to death!"  She said as she hugged her.

She turned to Vickram..."Thank you so much for returning her..."

"It is  ok..."he said "Apparently she was   following a  dog..and made a wrong turn and got lost...I just happened to  find her."

"Well thank god you did...oh  how rude  of me I did  not introduce myself  I am  Rita...come  in come in...have a, tea, juice..."  She offered

" I am's ok I understand with all the confusion... that is  not necessary...really...I'll be going now" he said as he turned  to the child who was standing  quietly .  "You remember what I said about wandering right?" he smiled. She nodded and smiled back

"Oh but you can't leave yet haven't met her..."

"Shannu!" said a voice from behind them.

"Mummy!"  Shanti said as she ran forward to greet the person.

"OH You scared me...don't you ever do this  again...are you ok?...I  been looking all over for you...!'

Vickram froze as he heard a voice that had been   haunting his dreams for the past six years. No it couldn't be.

It felt as though time had stopped as he slowly turned only to find the owner of the voice blocked by the little girl she was hugging, apparently she was on her knees.  Feeling like he was walking to his execution Vickram walked toward her as he saw her brown hair, the unmistakable voice...

"Su-Sugni?" He said

She looked up in shock as she stared at him, her face mirroring his own expression.

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wow what a chapter it was... so after all those years, he found her, Now what will happen next.. lets wait n watch. great progress like always Smile
It is good Amrita has gotten her love!!!!  tumbs up

So Amrita is up to matchmaking!!!! LOL  

I liked the professionalism at the end of their convo!!!!  clap

Love their relationship!!!!  Heart

Vikram meets a kid Shanti and predictably she is Sugni's daughter!!!!  Tongue
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wah kya bat ha shaina you read it so quickly.. wah wah too good.
woh hum hi slow reader ha hahahaha

yeah amrita n vikram ka relation tha hi ayesa k they could speak like friends and work together too.

check my respond to your comment in previous post n reply b de de beta

(03-06-2017, 01:14 AM)Shaina Wrote: It is good Amrita has gotten her love!!!!  tumbs up

So Amrita is up to matchmaking!!!! LOL  

I liked the professionalism at the end of their convo!!!!  clap

Love their relationship!!!!  Heart

Vikram meets a kid Shanti and predictably she is Sugni's daughter!!!!  Tongue

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