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Once upon a time there is a girl named shamsa,she is in teenager age.she doesn't know what is good for her and what is bad for her. She loves the boy Rayan madly but Rayan was not good boy.He talked too many girls.Shamsa did wrong stepped for court marriage becoz her parents are against marriage.
After marriage Rayan did her mental and physical torture her mother support him and equally involved in all this thing.she wasn't happy after marriage.
After 1 month she become pregnant but Rayan wasn't responsible.he spend time with his girl friends.One day shamsa talked to her close friend what she did .The future of a child is unsafe becoz of
hello sarah,
sorry for late reply, i was reading the story, as i always say, there is no wrong in marriage -love or arranged, both are risky because in both, you give your body / heart / soul / love / life / time/
I think the girl wrong decision to murder her in-law family. she have to do police complain. why she take law in hand.? The girl decision isn't wise and mature.
yes true i agree with u.. at times, people are taking the wrong steps out of weakness. i mean they want to fight back and she found it the best way out of her problems.
murder is wrong, we are not allowed to take some one's else's life.!!

that's what i seed, she had to get help from police and other people who would help!!
Sometime people become so emotion that they wrong step, when they use brain I don't understand
well when some one makes u very weak, they play with your brain and make u think u r nothing. it happens... for example - in school kids teasing other kid, they so much trouble him that when he asked them to stop they did not hear, when he asked help he was asked to deal with it himself and the way out was to kill them or kill himself
so that kid could choose those 2.. he killed them one by one.. that's sad but people do such things in fear in anger in revenge or just in tired of such times of life.

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