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Repentance & Forgiveness By Vinnie R.
WHY WHY why to end it like this,, learning from me to keep me excited to read the next chapter Smile i wonder what she will say to him, what their chat will be about, seems like she lied and said she was ill and can't go to pray so... she can get time to meet with vikram.
Nice chapter with great progress, it was predictable that amma will not make him meet with her, let's see how he deals with it, how he'll save sugni from the mess.
Great progress, keep it up and yes,, your style - hurry up with the next chapter Wink
LOL Ron Glad you enjoyed and liked the suspense. Don't worry I won't keep you waiting much longer, for you to know what happens.

“Hey !” he said  as  the shock wore off and  he realized she  was really there.  He knelt in front of   her   so that  they  were  face to face.

“What  happened? Why  are you  so  upset?” he asked.

Slowly  she  wiped her face and closed her eyes. She winced slightly, he had a feeling  she  was  having one of her headaches.

“ I- I- didn’t know where else to go.  Can you help me”

“Um…come inside..hmm  we’ll   talk…ok?” He said  as  he  stood.  She stood after him and   moved so he  opened  the door.  She  walked into  his apartment as she  looked around. It was sparsely furnished with just a bed and   a  couple of  chairs. A  small  table. The walls were  bare. There was a towel hanging   on one of the chairs  and   an open  bag  with clothes   but the place was otherwise  neat. There  was another small part that looked like a kitchen and another room that she assumed was the bathroom.                                                                        

“Have a seat.”  He said offering her  one of the  chairs.  She sat as he pulled   the other chair closer to her and  sat.   For a moment part of her brain question if she did the right thing by  coming  here.  Did she just  jump out of the pot and into the fire? But she could not stay  there not after  what she heard.  She looked  at Vickram,  everything  in her was telling her  she could trust him, but even she would admit  so far she was not the best judge of people.  She trusted that fisher man…she  trusted Amma.  On the other hand   he was her only  hope. Her head was  pounding, making it hard to think.

“Sug..Um..Chu..Chulbuli …what happened ? tell me.”  He said again.

“Sh..She  is planning on sending me  with  him  tonight and I can’t get out of it…and I  didn’t  know what else to do.  Then I remembered you.. You told me you can  get me out”   She said.

“What do you  mean she  is  planning? Did you tell her   you  did  not  want to…” He stopped when she began  shaking her head.

“No…I   overheard them    yesterday… He offered her   double your amount…but  he said he did not want her interference  like she did  with you…and then she  said  she wouldn’t  and  then  she gave him..."  Just thinking about   that conversation  had her crying.  Amma’s betrayal of her trust hurt.  Although she  knew  Amma  was  trying  her best  to  get her  to  comply to the ways  of the brothel,  she  never thought she  would  actually  do it underhanded  like this.

“Shh..calm down. What did she give him….”  He asked.

“Some   pills or something …and she told him  once I took that he could do whatever he wanted  without resistance.”  She  said as she  remembered   watching Amma  hand  over  the  little  packet  to   him in  exchange  for   the money. She  knew  she  had  to get out of here, but she  could not do it alone, out on the  streets  she was nothing more than  a piece of meat   to these  hungry  dogs. He was  her only  hope.

“Ohh God!” He said.

“How did you   come  here  I  mean she  just would not let you  walk out?”

“Well she did  not know I overheard  them…so I pretended I  don’t know anything…Every  week we come to the temple,  as usual  I left   with the  girls …but then  I  made an excuse  and  told them I was not feeling well and would wait   for them  at Raju’s…he told   me  where you  live.  I  told him to tell them I went  back…so  they  would not look for me.”  She said.

“ohh  I see…”  He said. He got quite as he processed what she  just  told  him.

“You  said you  can  help  me  get me out of here…did  you  mean it?” She asked taking him out of his thoughts. He  nodded.  She opened  her purse and  took  out  something, she  held  out her palm to  him and he noticed   she held  what looked like a pair of  expensive  looking earrings.

“You  can have it  if you  help me…” She said. The look of genuine fear and uncertainty on her face; gone  was  the brash girl  he met  who  acted as though  none of this bothered  her,  this was  a girl  who felt  cornered  and desperate and  was looking for a way  out.  So much so  she  was willing to  trust  him   who to her was nothing but a complete stranger.

He sighed as   placed his hands on top of hers enveloped her hand with his. “ I don’t want your   jewelry!” He said. Immediately he felt her tense up  and  a wariness  covered  her face as she tried  to remove her hands from his.

“I-its all I have to offer…” She shook her head as she took a breath..”I am sorry…Oh God I  made a mistake…I came to the wrong …”

“Shhhh calm down..” He said as she got more agitated. He let go of her hands.  “I don’t mean what you think I  mean.”

She looked at him warily.  He sighed.  “ What I  meant  was…I  don’t want anything from you. I  know  you   made  a hard  decision  coming  here and  trusting me…I  won’t break that  trust.” He said softly. “Do you  believe me?”  She  looked at him for a few  seconds as  she nodded.  She closed her head and  winced  again.

“Head ache?” He asked.  She nodded.  Getting up  he  went into the kitchen  and brought her a glass of water.

“Thank you…” She said   taking the water and   taking   a pill.

“um…Why  don’t you   lie down for a while…hmmm then  we’ll figure this  out.”

She shook her head…”They’ll be  …looking for me…”  She said  softly.  “We should get out of here before…uhhh”  She winced again in  obvious pain.

“Easy easy…”  He said…”Look  right   now you are in no condition to go …and if   we go out there you might  end up fainting… that might be worse.. So Just rest for a while until it  passes ...then we’ll  leave…Just for a while…”


“You  need to rest  first..”   He said. She looked at the bed  and  him. The conversation between Divakar and Amma   fresh in her mind, she obviously  did  not  trust him that much. “I won’t hurt you Chulbuli…”  He reassured her.  “And I promise you they won’t get you. Trust me.”

Gingerly  she got up and made the few  steps  to  the bed.  She laid down on her   side  facing him.  He  Got up and came  over,  taking the  covers  he  covered  her.  “You’re safe here…I  swear.” He said.

“Thank you…” she  said  softly. As  she  gave him a watery  smile.

“Just rest  hmm…it’ll  be ok.”    She closed her eyes as the effects of the medication started to kick in.   Vickram looked at her for a few minutes before he went over to the table and started gathering his  meager  belongings.  He   wrote a note  to his  land  lord  informing  him he  left  and  with  cash  for the rest  of the month.  He   would leave the key   in the mail box..  When they got a   phone he would also call him and  inform  him  he thought. Now  that  he  had  Sugni  back   with  him… conveniences  like  cell phones and  cars   made  sense.

He   sat down as  he  looked at the  sleeping form  on  his bed.  God  did  work in mysterious  ways ,  here  she  was again putting  her  trust  in him.  Question was    could he  trust  himself   with  her.   He  closed  his  eyes… “No matter  what  happens you  do  your duty  towards  her…but that is  it…you  hurt  her  enough its  time to  let her go.”  He  just hoped  that  when  that  time  came   he  had  the  strength  to  do  it.



The  voices  disturbed  her  sleep, she  could here  arguing  but  she could not  understand  why…then  she  remembered.  She  opened  her  eyes  to  find  Vickram  standing  at the   door   blocking  the  entrance…she  saw  Bamsukiya  standing on the outside because of  his  hight, but from  his  angle  he  could not see her   on  the  bed.

“I  know you  kidnapped  her  … now    where is  she?” Amma’s  voice  said,   from out  side 

Vickram laughed   “ I did  not  kidnap  any  one… and I  already  told  you  you  can’t keep   some one   against their  will. Obviously  she  does not want to  be  there …so she  left.”   He  said.

“Bull crap … She  was perfectly  happy   here  until  you  came  along…  I  am  not here to  argue with you give me my  girl…Now  or you  won’t like this…” She said  steely…

“What are you  going to  do? This is not your   brothel  Madame…this is my  place  you  can’t throw me out… haan  you  can  leave  and  stop making a commotion   at my  door at this  hour with your  goons…”  he  said   in a bored  tone…Anyone  who  knew  him   would  know  he was in fact  highly  alert  at the situation.

“Fine  you  want to play  like  this…” She said. For a few moments it was  quite and  Chulbuli  tried to figure out what was going on when  one of   her  henchmen  charged   Vickram . Chulbuli  gasped alarmed   at the  fight…but  he  was  holding his  own  not allowing  them  entrance   into  the apartment…Then  she  saw  Bumsukiya  reach  into  his  pocket  to pull out that  gun  he had  hidden in his  pants.   OH God!   Terror overtaking her, if he got hurt because of her she would never forgive herself!

Quickly she jumped of the  bed as  she  ran  to the  door…  “NO…No….Please” She said coming to stand behind him. Vickram turned to  look at her  . He closed  his eyes   he looked at her his expression   telling her  he was  handling it and her  appearance ended just  spoiled it.  But she did not care.

“ Amma  please… Stop them!”  She said from behind   behind  Vickram  who was still blocking to  door.

“Chulbuli…what are you  doing here…come  this is no  place for you…I  told  you  not to fall for   his words…beti….all  he is telling you  is  lies…. About that accident, Mawhari… him  knowing you ,,,he made it all up.  I  am  telling you  he is  using your  illness  to manipulate you…” Amma said to Chulbuli as she  tried  to   to get  closer to  her…

Chulbuli  looked at her  confused…  “What are you  talking about Amma?  What accident? he has not  told me  anything…” She looked at Vickram who was staring at them… “He  told you  about it?  never told me, Amma…”

“Because he is lying!”  Amma said. Chulbuli looked at her, and  shook  her  head.  She  spent  six  months  with  this  woman,  who claimed she was like her  daughter. Yet  she was  willing  to  turn her out  to   these men. She  spent   less than  two  days  with  Vickram, yet   she  never  felt  more safe around him.   Amma  was pushing her into  a world she wanted  no part off,  Vickram  was  standing  between  her and that   world as a protector.  She may not know much but she could tell who was lying and who was not.

“No…no….You ‘re lying! This is not me…Amma…please…understand  I can’t stay  here…I  can’t do this…Let me  go…”

“Go  where ? With  him?”  Amma  asked . Chulbuli  nodded. “Don’t be I  fool  Chulbuli… Look at  him…look at this place…he is  just  going to  use you  for a while then discard you… then  where will you  be….back at the street corners…only  then  men like  Divakar will  have nothi…

“ENOUGH!!!!”  Vickram  said    loudly  cutting her off and   calling attention to himself.  He  turned  to  Amma   stepping over the door  to  stand  face  to face  with  her.…”Stop it.  Sugni  is  not   one  of your  girls …and  you will not make her feel like one. She made her choice and she is  leaving…I have been   holding back  myself because  I  had  some respect   for you  for taking care of her all this time, but no more. Now you  take your goons  and leave  and for your information, since  you seemed  so  concerned she will be well taken care of!”

Amma  looked at him  and swallowed  at the thunderous  look on his face.

 Behind   him  Bamsukhiya  aimed   his  gun,  spotting him  Chulbuli   ran out  knocking   his arm out of the way as  the gun fell to the floor ..”DON”T  !” she  shouted..Vickram   turned   as  he moved  her out of the way .  He and   the two  man  started   stuggling with  each  other .  Chulbuli  looked on  at the fight, her heart  beating  over time,  she  knew  these  men  were heart less.  They  would think  nothing of    hurting him  or   worse…

Taking advantage of the chaos  Amma  grabbed onto  Chulbuli’s hand  and began  dragging her away… “Come  on, let’s  go.” 

“No…let  me go!”   Chulbuli  said  trying to  get out of her  strong  grip…

“Let  her go!”  Vickram  said   coming  over  to  them.  Chulbuli  looked over to  see   both  men  lying on the  ground ,  looking like they  were in  pain.  She   blinked .  How did  that  happen?

“I  told you  she  made her choice  now  before  you  make me break my  rule on not  hitting  women…you  better get your hands  off  her.”   He  warned, as he  picked up   the gun pointing it at her.

Seeing her   men  in  no condition  to help her Amma  let go of her  hand.

“Chulbuli…go inside and  get  the bag  please…” He  said . Silently she  left  to  get  the  bag.  Coming out  with the bag she  closed the  door and following his instruction  left the key  in  the mail box.

Taking out  the  bullets  from  the   gun  he  placed  them  in his pocket  ,  taking the bag  from  Chulbuli  he  took  her  hand  as he deftly  stepped over the fallen  men.  Stopping only to throw the gun in a nearby dump they began  running down  the narrow  pathway.

Jumping into  a taxi  he instructed  the  driver to   drive  as fast as possible.  Chulbuli  kept looking back   seeing Amma   arguing with  the men who were  still struggling to  get up. When she could no longer see them she leaned  back and  closed  her  eyes  may be  breathing for the first time  since she got up.

“Are you  ok?” She herd him ask.

“uh huh “ she  said  nodding slightly.  She opened her eyes as what happened   began  to register in her  brain.  She left  Amma   and was now   going with  a man she met but a few days  ago!  A man   who was willing to   fight for her.  WOW  …she   smiled. Right  now  she  should be scared  but for some reason  she  felt elated.

“We  did  it!…we are out of there.   I  am  out of  there….Oh…thank God!.”  She said

“Yes  you are  free.”  He said.

“You  know when   I  made the   decision to  come  to you  this morning  na…I was wondering if I was making a mistake…than when   I  saw Bums with  that  Gun  I thought  ‘oh my  God “ this is bad…I would never  forgive myself if you got hurt because of me…but then…you  just   just  exploded…like a  kung fu   kinda …street fighter  thing…” She   giggled…”Yeah…this time I made the right choice, I am confident.”   She   said smiling.

“Really…you  sure about that…” he asked looking at her

“Of course, with you around  there  is nothing to fear.” She patted his arm lightly and nodded.  She  laughed again.

“I have never  seen  that giant fall like  that…” Vickram  smiled as he listen to her  describe the fight…in detail  obviously  she was still on some sort of adrenaline  high, but it was  good to see her  look  so   happy  and  free.

After  a  while she  got quite as  she leaned out and looked  out the window.   He instructed the driver to  take them to  the nearest  bus  station to make arrangements  to  get out of the city. ..

“OH  no …Oh  my  God  …Oh  my   God”   Sugni  exclaimed

“What?” Vickram asked as she got  agitated  all over again.

“There  following us…Oh  God  Do  something!”  She  demanded “they’ll take me back…Oh God”

  Turning to  look    he recognized  Bamsukiya   in a van  with   three other goons…they  were a  few  cars   behind  them stuck in  the   traffic.

“Can’t you go any  faster?”  She asked the driver

“Sorry  Ma’am  there is  seems  to be an accident   up the road…”

“ohh…” She  moaned in frustration

“Calm down  “ Vickram said “…let  me think…”   he looked around.   This was  a  one  way   road  there was a median   that led to a road  on the other side  with   traffic  going  in the opposite direction.   Looking  ahead  he saw that  a little further  up was a truck that  was broken  down…at the  angle it was  parked oncoming  traffic could not see  the other side of  it.

“Where dose that road  lead?” He asked the Driver.

“That  road leads  back  to Brasso turn  off  or straight  to   the  other city , Ratti  Nagar

“how far is  that?”

“Quite  far about a 4 hour  drive.

“Ok   pull  in front  of the  truck and let us out… then I  want you  to take that  jeep on a wild  goose  chase  away  from  here …think you can do that?”  He asked the driver   handing him  a   $500  note.  The  driver smiled  as he said  “of course sir ..don’t worry  they  will never  catch  me.!” He said accepting the money.

“Ok  thanks…”  Vickram said. 

“What are you going to  do?” She asked  him.

“Well   we’ll  hide out   behind  that  truck  until they  pass and  then  get  a ride  to  this..Ratti   Nagar  and  go from there…my  guess is  they  might   be  watching the  bus  stand   we have to find another way  out of here…”  He  said. She  nodded.



As the driver  approached  the  truck   and pulled to the side  they  were  out of  sight  of the jeep  that was stuck  in  the lineup.   Opening the door   they  stealthily  made their way  out.  Intending   to  hide   behind   the truck until   they  passed. However they   stopped short when they  saw  there were  two  mean  standing there  discussing   the  problem. There  was a car  they  did not noticed parked    on the median  facing the  other direction of the highway

“Ok   it  needs  to be towed back  into  the  Shop… I  called the boys they’ll be here in a  few  hours  to  pick it up”

“Sure …I’ll stay here and call the boss and update him. I’ll catch a ride back with the boys in the  tow truck.”

” Good…” The man said as he prepared to leave.

“Umm excuse  me.”  Vickram said   after hearing their conversation. “Are you  going by  chance going back that way “  He  said  pointing   “we really  need a ride  back as we took a wrong turn  and  finding a car here is  hard…would you  please help us.” He asked   them.The man  looked at them in mild  shock , obviously  not expecting   two people to  walk out  from the middle of nowhere.


“Please…” He looked at both of them.

“Are you two lost?”  He asked

“Yes  yes…”   they  said in unison  nodding.   Watching nervously as the traffic   was crawling   forward.  They  needed  to get out of there before the  jeep caught up.

“Ok I can give you a ride  come on!!..”  he said .

“Thank you  so  much!”   Vickram  said. Hurriedly they made their way into the back of the car sending up  the   tinted windows…

As they  set off   towards  the highway…they  let out a sigh of relief  that they  went unnoticed by  the jeep and its occupants who
were  crawling in traffic behind  the taxi.
Wha vinnie Mazza aa gya
kyaa chapter hay
mujhe to saffer wali kahaniyaa bohut pasand ahy so i enjoyed it, hope they keep on their journey, it was fun
i could actually imagine vikram while he fight with the goons, imagine chulbuli 's reaction while talking to him and praising his kong fu style heheeh it was so cool, i loved it, best chapter so far, hope u keep on rocking with the story, enjoyed reading 
keep it up
hurry up with the next chapter  tumbs up
Hello Ron ... So happy you enjoyed this chapter. Loved reading your comments looking forward to them on the next chapter up next enjoy!!!
It was nightfall by the time they arrived at   Ratti Nagar.  The driver was a nice man but a curious   one and four hours in a car was bound to   bring questions.   Vickram  came up  with  a  story  about  them  being   sight seers  who  got lost,   losing their luggage   somewhere along the  way  explaining their  somewhat disheveled  appearance.  He seemed to  buy  the story.

“This is  it…I  need  turn  down  this  street here.”  He said   stopping at a  street corner.

“Thank you  again for the ride…” Vickram said   reaching for his wallet.

“Any  time…Oh please…I  don’t want  money…it  was no trouble  really.”  He nodded in acknowledgment.

“Well it is  late   and   most transport stop in these parts  about  six o’clock …you  can   get  a  place to stay  down  that  street.  Ms.  Chanda…it’s a  pink  building with a sign…can’t miss it..tell her  Roy  sent you…” He said pointing to the opposite side

“Ok..thanks”  He said  again as they  got out of the car.  Turning towards the street they began  walking down  the lane.

“Think  they  gave up?”   Sugni asked ,  He  shrugged.

“I  don’t know…but I don’t think they  saw us ..and in any  case  they  won’t know where we are …by  tomorrow we will be out of here.”

“hmmm”  She said   “Is this it?”  She asked looking at the  little  cozy  looking house with a sign  that declared  Chanda’s  Bed and  Breakfast.!

“Got to  be..” He said as   he knocked on the door.  It was  answered   by  a plump  old  woman  with  a  pleasant  round  face. 

“Hi..Ms. Chanda?   We are looking for a room…Roy  sent  us…” Vickram said

“Roy…hmm…I  see..” She said  looking at them “Ok  come in..come in…” She  said  …”Where you  coming  from ?”

“Brasso  Nagar.”   He  answered. As they  walked in.  She  stopped and  turned to  them, looking at them 
suspiciously  Sugni  recognized that look. She saw it many times before.

“And you are?”          

“I am Chulbuli and   this is my  husband  Vickram,  Maaji.  We  sort of lost our  bags and  we just need a place for the night…please…” She said.  She could feel  Vickram  watching her

“You  lost your bags…?” She asked “Haaye  raam  that is a bad palce!  How  did that happen?”


“We  made a wrong turn…”  He said repeating the story   he gave  Roy.

“Ohh  poor things…of course .”  She said sympathetically…  “That  Brasso place has a bad reputation, the people  there  touba  touba!!!  Worse  place  to visit, no good people go there…see your wife lost her  bag… it’s ok..that can  be recovered. You are lucky  I  have  one  room available. “  She said  leading them inside to a  bedroom.

“Thank you  how  much  is it?”  he asked.

“Well usually  it is  $250 per night…but since  you  both had  a lot of trouble I  don’t …

“Its ok ..”   Vickram said   handing her the money. “That  won’t be a problem…”  He said  touched  by  her  kindness.

“Alright…So  this is your  room. Your  bathroom  is  through  that door.  If you  need  anything  there is an 
intercoms   on  this wall…hmm I  guess that is it,  you  must be hungry I’ll  get you guys  something to eat.” She said  as  she   turned to  leave.

“Thank you”   He closed the door as they looked around.  It was a cozy  room.   There was a small TV in the corner,  a dresser, a small sofa.  The bed was made up in a cheery color print.

Sugni sat on the bed and sighed. He sat on the sofa. Opening his bag…He needed a shower.  Then  he remembered  Sugni  had no clothes or anything.“I guess  we need to get you some clothes…”  he said.

“hmm  but all over is’s ok  I’ll manage  until…” She said   feeling  grimy but  it won’t kill her for one night.   if she  wore   her dirty  clothes . “I’ll make  do  “  She  said . She  noticed  that  he  was wincing  slightly  as  he  handled  the bag.

“Are you alright?” She asked.

“Yeah I am fine…just need a shower.”  He said

‘You  go on I’ll  go after…” She said .

“Ok..” He said . Grabbing  his  things  he  made his  way  into  the bathroom.

There  was a soft  knock on the door,  she  answered it to  find   a pleasant smiling  Chanda.“Hi..I  hope I am  not disturbing..” she  said. 

“No ..” she  answered

“Well I  know you  lost   your  bag  and  after the day  you  two  had..nothing will feel better than a warm bath and some clean  clothes…I have some clothes   that belonged  to my  daughter, she left it after she went away…it  might fit you… you can choose what you want…”

“ohh umm no…I don’t want to give you extra trouble..”

“None sense! It’s no trouble…come on…” She said. The offer was tempting she  really  wanted some fresh  clothes.

“Ok let me just  tell him…”

Going  to  bathroom door  she  knocked…

“Vickram babu…I  am  going  with  maaji upstairs. Be right  back…”


“So  how long  have you  to been  married?”   Chanda  Asked as they   went  up the stair case.

“Uhh…not  long…a few  weeks” She  said God forgive her lie.

“Ohh…what   a way  to start off…but don’t worry   in a few years  you’ll look back  on this  and  laugh!’   She said.


“Here we go..” She said  opening a room….

“What’s all this?” Vickram  asked  as  Sugni  came  back  in the room   carrying a small plastic  bag. 

“Maaji…na..she   gave me  a few of her daughters  clothes.I was  saying no but she insisted…” She  explained

“Very kind of her..” he said. She nodded.

“You  finished? “

“Yeah…”  He said . Quickly  she  took  her turn  in  the  shower.

Coming out fresh  and  clean and  feeling a lot better than she  had  before. Vickram was sitting on the couch the Tv  playing in the back ground.   She noticed there was a tray on the center table covered.

“Dinner is  here”  he said.

“You  did not start?” she asked   “You must be hungry…”

“hmm ... I thought I’d wait for you since you  don’t like eating alone “ he said. She smiled. As she sat next to him. She  noticed  that  he   removed the cover with his left  hand his  other hand  resting  on his  lap looking weird…

“Oye Maa!” She  exclaimed  “what happened  to your hand?” She said looking at it.

“Its  nothing.. just a little sore…” he   replied.

“NOTHING?”  She said   reaching over and  taking his hand…”Haai Sita  Miya…its  swollen  and  blue…Oh  Lord..”

‘Relax..” he  said   wincing…”That’s  what happens  when you got into fights”   he said

“And who told you to get into the fight..huh.. He had a gun  if something happened …” She  said..     

“What else you  wanted me to do stand back and  watch?’ He asked …”And you were the  one praising my 
fighting skills not long ago …”

“yeah …well.”  She stammered  at a loss  for a comeback to that statement.  “look at  you now…I’ll be right back”   she said   leaving to go outside

“Where are  you go..” She was out the door before he could finish  the  sentence.  She  returned    with  a bowl of ice and  a  small container that looked like some kind of ointment….

“Here  put your hand in this,  it’ll help the swelling a bit…” She said placing the bowl down on the table.

“Its  not necessary ..”

“Shhsh…put  your hand in there and eat your food!” she said sitting down   and  taking her own plate. Effectively  cutting off his arguments. She could feel him staring at her..

“You are bossy  you  know that?” He mumbled

“No I don’t know that…” She answered dead pan…as he looked at her.  She laughed at his shocked expression.  “Just   soak your hand please.”  

He did  as she  requested. It was awkward eating with his left hand  but he  managed.  The meal was finished   in silence as they  were both  famished and tired. 

After the  meal was finished  she  removed  the plates   and the bowl of melting ice .  Taking  his  towel  and  the   balm  she  sat down    again  to  take   his  hand.

“Hey’s ok I can  do it….”

“No.. you  need  to massage it to get the circulation back and   make sure its ok…” She said .

“Fine I’ll do it…”

“sure you can  but I can do it  better ..don’t worry  I won’t hurt you...” She said  taking is  hand  as  she began   drying it …

“No  it’s ok…stop…I’ll   do it..hmm.  He tried  to  remove his hand  but she ignored him.

“Stop  it  Sugni!”   He said  pulling his  hand  away,  it came out louder than  he  intended  and  she  jumped.  He closed his  eyes sucking in  air  through  his teeth  from the  shot of pain that movement caused  “I can  do it…” he said more softly.

“I am sorry …I  just wanted to help.”  She said in a small voice   Handing him  the  ointment. He took it from her   gingerly  opening  the  small bottle.  She had  not moved   at all.  He looked at her, she had such a heart breaking look on her face,  that against his better  judgement   he  said.

“You know what…you’re right…you do it.”  He said  handing her   the  medicine.

‘You  sure.?” She asked looking at him warily.

“Yes.. and I am sorry I raised my  voice.’

“Its  ok…” She said   taking  his arm  she began   massaging  it  gently. He  leaned  back  and closed his   eyes  doing his best to ignore the  fact that she  was this close  to him, yet so far  away  . It was impossible.  The feel of her fingers  gently pressing his arm was not helping his resolve in any  way.

“Is that  my  real  name?”  She asked after a while

“Hmmm?”  he said    opening his eyes  to  look at her.

“Sugni you  keep calling me  that  since  we met…and you told Amma  you  knew me…is that my  name?”

“Yes..”  He  said  quietly  , watching her.  She repeated the name softly  to herself  … then  shook her head…nothing  came to her. How could her name be so  unfamiliar…

“hey...!” he said   calling her out of her  thoughts.

“huh…and I  had an accident…what happened?” She asked  trying to  get some answers   she was looking for.

Vickram  wondered what to  do  here…naturally  she would have  questions.  He decided to go with the story   he gave  Amma  and  the Doctor.   “You fell  of a cliff  into  a river…”

“Huh?” She said looking  at him in shock.  All of this was sounding like  something  of off a  TV  show ..

“How do  we know each  other?”  She asked.

“We are from  the  same  village…and  we were  friends and….” He stopped   she  was looking at him   hanging on to  each  word. He could tell her  anything about them  now and he  was sure she would believe  him…

“And?” She  prodded…

“And  nothing…l know you are curious,  but you  had enough  stress for today  and I don’t think now is the time to go into all that..Hmmm”


“Shh…it’ll  come  back  to you  when we get back to Mawhari. Don’t  stress  yourself.”

“Hmm”  She  nodded. Trying to  make sense of what he  was saying to  her  was giving her a headache. 

“It is  a nice  name …Sugni…I  like it” She said 

“Chulbuli is a nice  name, just hard to remember.” He said.      

“I   don’t  like it. They  gave it to me..” She said.  He stayed  quite not  sure how to respond to that.

“You Know Maaji  was asking how long we were married..” She said  changing the Subject. “I had no idea what to say..I told her a few weeks!”  She  told him. “I feel bad  though  lying to her.”

“Why  did you  tell her that?” He asked.

“I recognized  that look on her face,  especially  hearing Brasso  nagger, I’ve seen  it before…So  I  said we were married.  It’s  just for  one  night. It does not mean  anything…” She  shrugged.

“I  guess you’re right.”  He said.

She  continued  massaging his  hand   for a while   quietly.  Then  almost  made him  choke with  her next  question.

“So do you  visit places  like  Amma’s  often?”  She asked looking down  at his hand. Probably  aware of how  ruse  her   question  was …but she  wanted to know  for some reason.

“Uhh  excuse  me?” he said. Looking at her incredulously.

She   looked  at him  defiantly. “Well you  know   a lot about me…I think it’s only  fair  I know a little bit about you after all   I did  run off with  you.  And you  did come in  there…” 

 “ Hello!  For your information…I  did  not come in there   of my  own  will…Bunty  pestered  me   until I  said  yes…and  if I  had  known  where he  was taking me  beforehand  I would have refused…”

“Ohh…I  see…” She  said . Somehow relieved  to  hear  that.

“What  else you  want to  know  about me?” he asked , suddenly  wanting to laugh  at where this conversation was going.  Sugni  really  said  what was on  her mind, and still did.

“Ohh …Umm…” she  said  flustered,  she expected him to blow up on her but he  seemed amused.  Ohh  well  why  not …”Are you  married?”  She asked. “ohh  don’t look at me like that Amma’s   is filled with   men  who  claim to be happily  married. Divakar  was one!” She said

“ha ha…no   I am  not!” he said.  “I was though…” he  said after a few  moments,  that  omission  cost  him  his life  once  before . He  would not do that again.

“ohh.. what happened?”

“We got divorced.”

“I am sorry” She said sympathetically.      

“It’s  ok…we  are both  happier  that way, believe me….” He said

“Hmmm”  She   said  .  after a  moment  she   gasped  as she looked at him with a comical look on her face….”Was it me?  Were  we…I  mean   me and you …I  mean..”

“no..we were not married…” He said, understanding her  question.   He could have sworn  she  whispered  “thank  God”   under her breath.

“ohh…then  why….”

“Ok…I think we had enough of this… we should get some rest…my hand is much better now thank you.” He said interrupting her before she asked any more questions.

“Ok” She  stood up and made her way  to the bed.  “Good night…"

 "Good night ",  he replied
NICE chapter really enjoyed reading it, again here it was sugni who said she was married to vikram, she has the questions for sure and i m happy vikram did not lie to her, he said the truth to her that's what matters.
Nice progress, seems like slowly she will love him as a new lover and may be this time it will be much better then b4
loved the chapter
keep it up
hurry up with the next one Smile
Thank you Ron.. for your comment. Yes it is Sugni who is taking the initiative here. Let see how Vickram handles the situation LOL

Sugni  jumped up on the  bed, awakened  from  a  nightmare, of being chased  by  Amma and  Bumsukiya.  It took are a minute to  remember  where she was.She  looked  over  to  the couch   where  she  made  out Vickram’s  sleeping  form  in  the shadows. She sighed in relief.  His presence a calming reassurance to her she could not have made it this  far  without him.

Now that she  was  out  of Amma’s   she wondered  what   next?  She  wondered  if she had  any  family  back in the village…what were they  like. Would  he  just drop her off   with  them? After  all he  would not want   her  as a tail  all the time.She remembered their conversation  form  earlier…about the accident and  how  he  knew her. She had a feeling there was more, but what was  it?.  The connection she felt with him felt  deeper  than  just fellow  villagers. There was something in the way  he  kept looking  at her. Trying to recall anything he told her was futile because   it was all just  blank  in  her head.  And God  knows  she  tried.

Maybe she could find a job there…pay  her own  way…but what could she do? Did she  have a skill?  She could read…did  she  have a job  before…as  thoughts  began  racing in her head  the  mild  pounding  began  at the base of her  skull.From experience  she  knew   it was a matter of  minutes  before  it over took her. Quitely  getting up  not wanting to wake him, she used the   dim light  coming through the window  to retrieve her  purse from the corner.

 Going into the bathroom, she   opened   stuck her hand to pull out the   pill bottle only  to come up  empty.  What? ..Where was it? she wondered.  “Ohh No..” she said  as she remembered  taking one that morning…she must have left it on  the table in Vickram’s apartment. Damn it!

She came  back  to the room, trying to  take deep breaths   to  relax, but it was  not  helping. Gingerly  she  sat on the  bed, trying not to  make  any  noise  not doing a good  job  as she  let out an  involuntary  cry.

“Sugni?”  he asked  quietly. Oh No.! She did not want to wake him.

“huh?” She said

“is everything alright?” He asked.

Ye.yeah…go –go back to sleep”  She said  quietly.

There was  something in her voice  that sounded  off,  he  got up and turned  on the light. She was sitting on the bed with her head in her  hands.  Immediately  alarm bells went off.   Coming to  kneel in front of her . “hey what’s  the matter?” he said.

“Nothing…I just got one…”

“Ok…did  you take your  medicine?”

“I forgot it  in the apartment…” She explained quietly, she closed her eyes.

“Ohh God…what’s the name of it..may be I can find a drug store…”

“No its  prescription only…besides…all  stores are closed”  She opened her eyes  and looked at him. The worried  expression on his face.  She forced a smile wanting to reassure him. …”It’s ok…it’ll pass  don’t worry…go back to sleep hmm”

Vickram  looked at her  , her eyes   giving  away   the pain she was in. He remembered her saying she only gets   headache  when she  was stressed.  The Doctor  to was eluding   to her  needed to be stress  free.  And this had to be   the mother of  all stressful days  for her.   He  hated seeing her  in pain, but how could he  stop it.

“Ok  lie  down…” He said .  She lay  on the bed  as he covered her. Getting up he turned off  the light.  Moving   back to the bed  he sat on  the floor  next to her bed  head.

“What are you doing?”  she asked  turning to face him.

“Relax…I’m just trying to make your head  feel better…”  he said   as he   lifted  his  hand  and began  massaging  her  head….

“Wait..your hand is hurt..” She said  quietly

“uh huh..its  fine  see..your  magic  fingers worked..”  He said.   She  let out a half   laugh that  tuned into a  groan .

 “Shh…just relax…” he said   “close your’ll b ok..”  he said  soothingly  “I know  your  worried and I  know this is very  stress full and scary  for you, Sugni. But don’t be. I promise are safe. And soon you’ll  be away  from here, free. And  no one is going to  make you do anything you  don’t want to …I swear…”

“Hmmm… But where am I going? I can’t remember any  one  and what will…” she asked , her voice  quite in the dark, voicing her fears.

“Shhh…shhhh..relax We’ll figure out everything one day  at a time. But you have nothing to worry  about, you’ll  be well taken  care off. for now we are going  to  Mawhari…then you can go where ever you want, do what ever you want. Live  where  ever you  want…”

“A house  in the mountains.?“  she asked sleepily  remembering him mentioning that  some time before. His soothing voice and  fingers   making  the  tension go away.

“Anything you want…” He said

“hmm…will you  be there?”

“If you  want me  to…”  He  said.  Only if  she  did…wait  stop it Vickram he said  to himself.  He  had to stop himself from  getting  pulled back   into  these  emotions. It was dangerous.  Chances  were  when her memory  came  back all she  would want from him was   to be far away  from her.

He had to remember  that at the moment she was venerable   and  just looking for  security in   a world where  she was upside  down. He also  had to remember  he put her there…

“What’s it like? Mawari?’  She asked  drowsily…

“Huh?…oh  um…it’s a quite village…lots  of  birds and animals…interesting people…” He  said as  he  talked about the sights and scenery  of   the village  trying to  find  things  that were  appealing…that was  hard.  But he continued to talk  and  squeezed her  head, hoping  to  take away  the   pain  at least in some small way.

Slowly  she fell asleep  listening to his  voice as he painted a picture of the village accompanied  by the gentle motion  of his  hand  through  her hair,   had  the pain  ebbing after a while  as  sleep  took  over.She  was worrying  for nothing. Vickram  was here  it would be alright!

She  woke up  the  next  morning  feeling   rejuvenated. All traces of her   head ache  the previous  evening  gone.  She  never  fell asleep with one of these   so  fast. Apparently  he also  had  magic  fingers  she  thought  ,  having the urge  to giggle ..wondering why  she  felt so silly.

 She  turned   her head and realized he was still there  fast  asleep with his head  resting on her bed, his  hand  above her pillow   “ohh”  she looked at  him , feeling guilty  that he  was in such an uncomfortable  position. In sleep  he looked  innocent though she  thought. Tension  free.  He was like a puzzle  she  was trying to figure out.

Giving in to the urge  she took her hand   she caressed  his forehead. “Who are you …really?” she asked softly. He stirred  and hastily  she  moved  her hand, her  cheeks  growing warm.  It occurred to her  that she should be uncomfortable with  his close presence , but she was not.  He opened  his  eyes   and she  smiled.

“Good  morning!”  She said

“Morning…” He said  returning  her  smile.  “How are you  feeling?” he asked  

“perfect…It  worked…and I did  not  wake  up feeling  groggy”  she said  “Thank you…”

“Glad to  hear it…”  settling more comfortable on  the  pillow so that they were  face to face.

“But  you slept like  that…on the  floor ,  I am sorry..”

“No…I am  good…”

“No what if you catch a cold or  have a  sore  neck then it’ll all be my  fault na…”

“Shhh…I am fine I promise.” He said. 

Their  eyes  connected  as they   got lost in  each  other . Raising her  hand  she caressed his face  again   moving unconsciously.  Belatedly Vickram's  brain  kicked in and  he realized  this was wrong.

“We  should get up…get  ready…” He said   removing her hand. He got up and began  busying himself  with  gathering his belongings, doing his best to  ignore    the feeling he was  getting  being this close  to  her.  He  was playing with  fire  here  and in the  end  he was the one who would be burnt.! Problem was  his brain and heart  were  at odds  with  each  other  and  he was stuck in the middle !

After a  quick breakfast   they  finally  took   leave  of Chanda  thanking her for her   hospitality  and  generosity. She  gave them directions  to   the bus stand, which  she  informed  them  was  walking distance  away.

“This is a quiet little place isn’t it?” Sugni commented.  Trying to make conversation, Vickram it seemed was   caught up in his own thoughts.


“It’s a nice place to live I think…”

“Hmmm” She  sighed   giving up.  They  walked  in  silence for   the  rest of the way  until  to  got  to  the  bus  stand ,  that  was  essentially   a  plain  shed  with  a  small  bench.  It was  deserted.  The  streets  quite.

Looking  around  he  saw a small shop and  decided  to ask   when  the next  bus  will be.   He was  told  that  the 1[sup]st[/sup]  bus   came  around  12 o’ clock  which  was  about  three  hours  away.  “So what you  want to do?” he asked  her  there was not  much  to see in the sleepy  little town..

“Nothing I guess  wait..” She said.  Going over and sitting in the shed.  They  sat  again  quietly  for a while, until she could not take it anymore.“You  don’t talk  much  do you?”  She finally said


“you are very quiet…” He  shrugged “What do you want me to say?” he asked

“I  don’t know…it’s just  that…” 

He chuckled “Its  just  that  you   can’t go   five minutes  without  going  chappar  chappar  about  something...hmm?”

‘That’s  not true…” She frowned ,  not sure she should be offended  by  that  comment.  “I am just trying to make conversation…”

 He   laughed as he looked at her…”Oh  Sugni…I  mean…Chulbuli” he corrected himself.

“No…Sugni is fine…I  think I should get accustomed to that  na.. it is my  real name” she  said.  He nodded. She  got  up  pacing looked around  the area.  Spotting a little shop   down  the  hill of one of the  side   streets,  she  turned  to Vickram   who  was  sitting looking  in the  direction   where the  bus  was  supposed  to  come  from.

“Hey… an   ice  cream shop …its open…” She said  sounding like  a kid in a candy  shop. 

“You want?  I’ll get it for you…” He said.

“No I’ll go I can use the walk and one of has  to stay   here in case the bus  comes.” She said.

“Ok  …” He reached for his wallet.

“No it’s ok…be right back!”  She said  as she  turned  walking  down  the   road   happily. Vickram leaned back as he smiled.  She may  not know it,  but she was acting more   like Sugni,  her  mile a minute  speech,  her dislike for  silence,  taking everything around her with a natural curiously , it was  all   still  there.

Sugni  got to the little   shop   that  just opened ,   she looked   through  the  flavors  , they  all  looked   good.  She  loved ice cream! She  choose   two    Strawberry  ice cream  cones . She would have to  run  before  it started to melt she thought. As she   paid  for it. 

She  walked out the   shop only  to stop short at seeing  Divakar  standing  there,  parked a little  way   down  the  street  in  the opposite  direction  from  the  bus  stand was his  car with  his men  standing   beside  it and another one  she  recognized  as  Amma’s.   How  did  they  find  them?

“Surprised?” He asked  coming  close  to  her.  “What  you  did  not  think  Amma’s   men   saw  you getting into  that   car?...or that   we could ask  questions? It   was easy  enough  to find out  where you  were  headed,  it  was  luck  to  spot  you   here!”  He  said…”Ohh  two  ice  creams… where is   he?”  He asked  looking around.

Oh  god  how was  she  going to get  out of this…She just had  to  run  up the little hill , he  was   blocking  her  way.

“Listen  just  me go ,  I  don’t want to go with  you…Ok..” She said.

“Ohh  really …well dear  I  paid a lot of money  for you and  I  get what I  pay  for …so you are coming with  me…Don’t believe me  ask  Amma ..she  is waiting  for us  …” He said  pointing  down  the  hill. . She  shook  her  head as she  tried to move past  him,  he  reached out  and  grabbed  her  hand.

“Ow!..let me  go  you  creep!” She said  struggling  as he  bagan   dragging  her .  Dropping  the  cones  she  began hitting him  trying  to  cause  him  damage  but  it was not  working. . Finally  she   stomped on his   shiny  shoes  and  bit   his forearm  as hard as she  could reflexively  he  let  her go.  Taking that opportunity she took of as fast as her feet could take her back to the stand.

Vickram  wondered  if she  could  not make   up her mind  over the  flavors  as she  was taking  a  while, how  far was it? he  wondered  it could not be far for her to see it from here.   He  got  up  intending to  look for  her when  he  saw  her   running  frantically  towards  him. What  the   Hell? 


She  stopped  in front of him gasping fro  breath…”Th- they  found us,  we  got to go….Now…”  She  said  out of  breath

“What  ? Who?”  He asked  , his question  was  answered  by   Divakar  who was  right  behind  her  and  two cars that  came   up the  hill around the corner   surrounding  them.

Sugni Looked  at Vickram   “THEM!” she  said

“Oh  Great!”  he  said he picked up the  bags , took her  hand  and tried to make a run  but they  were  surrounded.

“Nah nah nah…” don’t  even try  to  run.”  Divakar said .   Making his way  in front of them.

“Let me make this easy for you  Mr. I  have no  Problem  with  you.   See  I  paid   $14,000   for  her and I  did  not  get  what I paid  for. Now since you  had your  turn…well it’s  time to hand  her over Don’t be greedy…”

“Well you wasted your money cause she is not for sale, you scumbag.”  Vickram  said   punching him  in the face.  He retaliated and his   men jumped in as  the  scuffle began three  against  one.  Spotting the  duffel bag that was  dropped   on the ground  she  picked it   up   swinging  it  in  the direction  of the  men  hoping to do some  damage   herself.

Grabbing her hand  Vickram made  quick  work  of  the  man she  was  dealing with  , turning   they   ran as fast as they  could  down  one  of the many  side  streets.  Thankfully  for them  the   place was  designed more or less   like a maze with  one  street  leading to  another, which  would  make it hard  for the men to   find out which  street  then  were on.

After  running  down  one  of the streets  they  took refuge at the  side of a small  building hiding in between   the walls  of  two  buildings , it was not much  cover but the  at least they  might be able to   duck out of sight.  

“Now what?”  She asked looking at him.

“I  don’t know…we  have to get to that bus…or a way  out….” He said  “come let’s see if we can get some   help.”  He said . Looking around to make  sure   they  were anywhere  close they  came out  and  ran   down  another  street.

He heard  what  sounded like music  coming  from   further  down and  followed it  hoping to get some kind of assistance.   As they  approached   he realized  that it  was  a  small  temple  that   had a wedding  going on apparently  the  ceremony  had  just  been  completed.

Vickram led  her into  the  small temple   where   everyone  stopped  looking at the  intruders. “I  am  so  sorry  to be  crashing in  like this, but  there  are some people   following us  and  we really  are trying to  get  rid of them please, can  we just hide  here  for a minute.”

“Why  are they  following you?”  A man in traditional wear asked.  He must be the pundit. 

“Actually  they  are after  her and don’t want to leave her alone”.  He explained.

“Ohh..I see” One of the  men in the small group said.  “Of course you can join us until they pass…” he said.

“Thank you!”  he said.  He  went inside   breathing a sigh  of  relief  to  be hidden in a crowd.  That feeling  did  not  last  long  as   not to  long  after  Divakar  and   group  came in  calling every ones  attention to himself!
wow what a chapter, i guess the next thing will happen the same as in the show, the marriage of Vikram-Sugni the really unexpected marriage that we could not think of before so i guess this is wear the story is heading too.
Nice progress, i liked their bond in your story, i liked how he helped her to cure her headache and also the way she started to accept the name sugni but for sure she will have allot of questions  Smile 
see , vikram was wrong in this story, he was married and he had girlfriend, its not good thing to do, he did not want his wife then he had to tell her he wants divorce so sugni would not think she is the reason of his marriage break up but hiding the truth from her was not a really good idea, vikram is aware of his mistake and now he is willing to amend the mistakes
i was walking with them on their journey, i could picture them and it is very nice progress in the story 
keep it up !!! tumbs up 
hurry up with the next chapter   Smile

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