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Repentance & Forgiveness By Vinnie R.
[Image: Forgiveness_zpsdbe274ad.jpg]

Chapter  7

Chulbuli  breathe  a sigh  of  relief  as she  watched  Divakar   finally  drove  away , after  she  assured  him  she  could  get  back  by  herself.  He was clearly  flustered  by  that  phone  call  and   in a hurry  to  get  to  where ever his  wife  called  him  to.  Thank God for possessive spouses she thought. As  she  smiled.

Feeling a little  adventurous  she  decided she  would take  a stroll    to  see what  the town  had  as  this was the  first time  she  could  think of  where she  was   alone without  Amma  or  some of the  girls or  someone  acting like a chaperone.

Since  she   did  not  get lunch maybe she could get something to  eat   then  look for a  way  back  to  Amma's.   She  wondered  what Amma  would  say  when  she  learned  Divakar  all but abandoned  her in the city. She  was  about  to  start  walking when  her  eye caught  a  familiar  figure  standing   across  the  street looking  around.

So  ...she  was  not  imagining  things  he  was   indeed   here.  Crossing  the  street   he   walked  up  behind   him  tapping him on the  shoulder. "Are you  following me?" She  asked  jokingly.

"Sugni!  Thank  God  are you  alright?"  he  asked

"Umm...why  would'nt I  be?" She asked   deciding  to forget  correcting  the  name.

"Well  I  saw   you with that man in the  car and... And then I lost you  at the  traffic  light"

"Wait  a are  following me!!." She said  incredulously.  "Why?"

"I  saw  in the  car..."

"Yeah  I  had  a lunch   date..." She  said.  He  gave  her a look of   disbelief. She  sighed.   Exasperated.  She was in too good a mood   for  him to  come spoil it.   "I  don't  need this!'   She said  turning  and  walking  off. She could  feel  him  following  her.

Spotting an  ice cream  shop  she  went in  looking at  the  different  flavors...They  all  looked  good. "Can  I  have  two  of  those   coconut  vanilla  swirly please."  She asked.


"What  are you  doing with  two  ice creams?"  he  asked  behind  her.  She smiled  as  she paid  for  them.  This  stranger  was  becoming  predictable.

"One's  for  you!'  she  said    turning to  him and  holding one  out.   He  looked at her  in shock. Automatically  he  took it.   "Well  if you  insist  on  following   me around   in the  sun  the  least you can  do  is  enjoy  something  cool...and I  don't like  to  eat  alone!"   She said  as she  sat  down  on  one of the tables. "Are you  going to  stand  there and  waist the  ice  cream  or  sit down  and  enjoy it?"  She  asked.

He sat down  in a daze as he kept  staring at her.

"Hello ... you  have  to  eat it  befor it  melts..." She  said  in a   loud  whisper. He  blinked  as she  laughed.

"What?"  She asked   after a few  minutes  as he  finally  began  eating  the  cold  treat  , but  did  not  stop  staring at her .  Almost  as though  she was  a puzzle  he  was  trying to   figure out.

"This   morning you were mad at me... And now you are buying me ice cream?" He asked

She looked at him and  sighed. "Well  this  morning  you  gave me a headache,  and I  got  mad ...but I am  not mad  any  more.  I just want to celebrate   before I go back." She said  smiling  to  herself.

He frowned.  He  looked at  her,  the flowers  he  just  noticed she  laid on the table. He  got a  funny  feeling in his  stomach. Oh  God  no!...that could not be...stop it Vickram!  He chastised himself. She may  not  be herself  at the  moment  obviously, but  he knew   that Sugni would never go against  her  principles  it was ingrained  deep  in her  soul. She  was  willing to  give up  her life for it.No  this  "celebration "  had  to do with something  else, and  he knew  what it was. Maybe he could use  that  to  get her out  of  here.

"Besides, I don't know I  find you  a  little  weird, but not in a bad  way!"   She said  quickly  when he  looked  at her. That  comment   made him  smile  slightly.  He  looked at her as she  continued to  eat  her ice  cream  looking  out the  window.   She  still had  that  innocents  about  her.    He still could  not   believe   she was alive in front of him.  But here she  was.

"Why are you  here, Sugni?"  He asked   her seriously.

"I  told  you...I  had  a lunch  date... And  for  the  last  time  I  am  not  Sugni  I  am  Chulbuli!"

"I am  not  talking  about you  lunch  date."  He said   exasperated.   " I  mean  here  doing  this...this ... this  is  not  you.  You don't want this"   He  said.

"Ohh God...not again" She said   rolling her eyes. " What are you  the moral  police?"  She  said  frowning at him.


"Chulbuli...and  listen  I  am not  going  to   sit  here   for you  to  pass some  judgment on  me!" She said getting defensive.  "This is who I am and  I  don't  know  what  is  wrong  with  you...but maybe  you  should go back  to  the  hospital  and let them check your  head  again!"   She said


"Oh   come one... this  is  not  you  and  we  both  know it..." she raised  her  eyebrows  at him.  Obviously  this  was not getting through  to her.  "Ohh so  you  really  believe this is   who you are???"   He asked "Fine  tell me  ,  how  many  clients  have you  had...since  as you say  its  who you are?" He asked looking at her intently.

She blinked  taken aback  by  the   rude  question he was sure. However  since she  seemed  so  abrasive  about it  maybe  this was  how to get through to her.  He sat back   folded his  arms  and  waited  for  an answer.

She  lifted her head and looked at him  defiantly.  Leaning on the  table  "10"  she  answered.

Copying her  he looked  straight  into  her  face. "You  are lying!"  he  said

"How  do  you  know ??" she  asked.

He reached over to hold her hand , she immediately  moved it from the table.. "Don't  touch  me..."  She  said

He  smiled. He  made  his  point.

"That proves nothing" She  said.

"It's your eyes." He  said   looking at her.   She  frowned.  "Your  eyes  give  you  don't  want to  be  here   but  maybe  it's  because  you  think  you  have no  choice." He said    quietly. "But you  are here   celebrating  not  because you  had a great  lunch  ...but because  some how  you  managed  to  get  out  of  it."

She   looked at him surprised .  "How did you...?"

"Because I  know you.  I  know  the  girl you  are inside.  Who wanted nothing more  than  to  live her life  with  dignity. That girl  who would fight  for that...not  just give up  because  some people  told  her to.  That  girl  who wasn't afraid  to  stand up  for  what she  believed in  no matter  what.  You are that  girl.  And  today  just  proves it, you  will  find a way  to  try  and  fight  for  know this..." He said softly looking at her intently.

Chulbuli  closed her  eyes  at his   stare.  That  funny  feeling she  had   when she  first  saw him was back... She  felt  anxious.  Her head was starting to   pound.  She had  to  get out  of here. She had  to  get  back. She stood up  shaky...

"I  need to go back...I - I  am  going..." She said shaking her head   to   clear it. Without waiting for him to answer, she   ran out the   shop.

"Oh  damn it!" he  mumbled  as he  got up  and followed  her out.   He  looked  both  sides    trying to  figure out where she  went, and breathe a sigh  of relief  when  he  saw her  standing in the  middle of  the  side   walk.  He made   the few  steps  towards  her  , she still had not  moved. She was standing there as though frozen.

"Sugni?" he asked coming   up  next to  her.  She   looked pale. He eyes   looked glassy and unfocused and   she was wincing.  A marked difference for the girl who was cracking jokes over ice cream  a few  minutes  ago/

"Please.."she whispered  shaking her head. She winced. She could not handle any more of this.

"Chulbuli...are you alright?"  he asked  concerned...

"I  need  to  go  home...I want to go back..." She   whispered.

"ok... But you  are going the  wrong direction... He said.

She looked at him confused. "I  am...I ..." She moaned softly.

"Hey ...maybe  we should go to a doctor..." he said  looking  around.

"N- no-o...I'll be  ok...I  need to  sit..."  She  said  quietly ,  almost like  talking to  loud  hurt.

"Ok  come..."   He   took her elbow  gently,   as he  led her  back  into the  shop.  Where  she took a seat.  "Water please..." She said

"Ok"  He   went to the counter and  purchased  the drink... returning   and  handing it to  her.  She  imeadiately  opened it  and swallowed  two pills she took from the bottle. He frowned  . those  pills again.  He said nothing though but he did  not  like  it.

" I can take  you to the doctor..." he offered again.

"no...I'll be fine...I  just  need to  rest..." She said.

"What's wrong?"

"My  head...sometimes it gets all fuzzy  and confused  and  hurts..." She said softly . resting her head back and closing her eyes.  He stayed  quite for a few  minutes just watching her. Sensing that   speaking was probably  increasing her pain.

After a  few  minutes  she  looked like she was going to  doze   off and  he  saw  the    counter  clerk  giving  them   concerned  looks. Maybe  he   should get her   out of here.

"Sug...Chulbuli...Chulbuli..." he said   quietly.


"Maybe we should go can  rest..come on.." He said   getting up to  move to   her side.  She opened  her eyes    and looked at him.  He held out his hand to  her. She  took it as she stood   up  gingerly. She wobbled  a little. "Easy  easy..." he  placed his hand  on her back to steady  her.

"You  ok?

"Can you  make  it?"


He   walked out  with  her  still holding his  hand. As  she  meekly  followed  him. He was acutely  aware  of  her fingers  pressing down   on his  hand, as she  clung  to  him.

Soon he got a taxi as he  put her inside  sitting next to her , he gave the  driver   the address  to  Amma's.  As she leaned, back and closed her eyes. He looked at her concerned.

"Thank you  ..." She mumbled    a few  minutes  later as she  opened her  eyes.  She looked a little  better

"Feeling better?"


"Dose this happen often?"'  He asked

"Only if I feel tense or stressed," She said.

"I am  sorry. I didn't mean to cause you   pain." He said   regretfully. That was never  his intention , but it seems  that  was all that he could  give her. But more than now he was determined to get her out of this place.  "And I   am not judging you.  I  just  want you  to have a life  out of this  place,   a free  life  happy  where you  can  live and  be   who  want without any  restrictions  or  fear."  He   said  to her.

She  turned  her head  to  look  at him.  As  she   envisioned  her self-running  surrounded by and happy. She  wanted  that  to. But that was  impossible.   She  scoffed.  that is  nice  ...but impossible!"  she  told him

It's  can happen. I  can make it happen. I  can  get you  out of here..."

"Yeah  and  what  do you  want in return...a few  nights  with  me?" She asked, knowing  his  angle . She  heard  it before. And was  a bit  disappointed  that was the  one he choose.

"No!..Nothing." He  closed  his  eyes, the  expression on his  face  was one  of  pure  hurt   that  she  regretted  saying  those  words  to  him. Again  she  wondered  why did his feelings  seem  to  matter  to  her, but it did.

"I promise  I just  want you  to  be  safe  that's  all . Believe  me." he  said,  sincerely.  He  looked at her as they  stared  at each  other  for   what  seemed  like  hours.  She  did. She did  not  know why but on some  level  she  could not understand  she  felt as though she   could follow  him  anywhere.

"This is  no place  for  you.  Trust me...all I want is you  out of  here."

"Why?  Why  would you  do  this. You  just met me" She asked

"Because   I  care about you...because  I  can't  see you  here  in this   hell and do are more precious  than  that are worth  more than  that?"

Listening  to  his  words, her eyes  began  to  tear  up,  since  she  came  here all  she   herd   was   that  she  was  only   good for one thing...that  no matter   how much  she  ran  it was   who  she  was. There  were  nights  where she   would lie  in  bed  feeling  suffocated   and  dishearten  with  all the  pressure.

He was the only  person in all the months  to  tell her  other wise.  And  every  part of her wanted  to  believe his words.

"You  don't have to go back  there..." He said   softly  stretching out his  hand  towards  her. "Just  trust  me..."  She  looked at his  face,  and his  hand. Her heart  began  beating nervously. Should she? The last  person  she  trusted  walked her  straight  into  this  place  with  no way  out.

The  car  stopped. " We are here  sir,."   The driver said.

She  looked out the  window  to the place  that  had  been  her  home  for the  last   five plus  months  and  back  to  this  stranger she  met  was  it   yesterday yet  for  some  reason   felt  nothing like a stranger.  Her  head  began spinning again  as  everything  became  fuzzy  ...


vinnie it was really very nice chapter, i enjoyed reading their moments, really it was so nice, vikram will find out what those pills are and i guess in next chapter he might turn the texy to the doctor place, that would be the best thing to do.
sugni is sugni, no matter what happens, she forgot him but her heart , that one belongs to him, let's see how u handle the rest of it, i enjoyed sugvi moment
keep it up
hurry up with the next chapter.
Thank you Ron, I am happy you are enjoying their moments. hope you enjoy the next chapter!
[align=center]CHAPTER 8
She woke up to a familiar bedroom, as she looked around. She could not remember how she got here. She could not remember much after she she arrived at the brothel.

"Good morning sweetie!" Said Amma as she came into her room with a tray laden with breakfast. Chulbuli sat up. As Amma smiled at her. "How are you feeling? Had a restful night?" She asked.

"Yes..." She answered.

"I thought you would be hungry. You slept through dinner." She was starving now that she thought about it.

"Thank you!!!"

As she dug into the food. "Hmm this is good." She said. Amma smiled.

"So what happened yesterday Chubuli. " Amma asked looking at her. Chulbuli closed her eyes hoping that she could tell this story without sounding like she had anything to do with it. She knew if Amma found out she was behind Divakar's wife she would be in big trouble. Praying she had some acting skills ..She pasted what she hoped was a bewildered look on her face.

"It was strange!" She said "See we got there to the hotel right... and we went to this room...and we ordered lunch and everything...then all of a sudden his phone starts going off and he had to leave." She said looking at Amma. "I think it was his wife..." She laughed "only a man would get scared of his wife like that!!"

"So he just left you there?" She asked frowning. Chulbuli nodded. "He was in a major hurry!" She said as she finished her food. "Did you talk to him?" She asked. She breathe a sigh of relief when Amma shook her head negative.

"So how did you meet Vickram babu?' She asked.

"He was there...I don't know doing what." She did not think Amma needed to know all the details. "And well I was trying to make my way back and got all fuzzy and know how I get...He helped me to get back...he is very nice." She said smiling wistfully. "But how did I get here...last I remember I was in the car in front."

"Yes...Sheila saw you and told me you were back ... when we got you out the car you passed out." She said

"Ohh..." She said. Amma she saw was staring at her intently.

"You seem very ...comfortable with this stranger, Chubuli. The girls were telling my you were having tea with him, when you went to the temple?" She looked down guilty.

"No...I saw him and was just asking about how he was feeling..." She said. Amma sighed.

" I know you feel sorry for him because you think he is a bit like you with the accident and all...But Chulbuli that is not the case. I know you can't see it yet, but listen it is best you learn something here quickly. All these men want from us... is one thing. And they will do anything to get...offer us the moon and the stars...tell us what they think we want to hear...but honey it's not because they care about us. It's because they just want to use us. He is after you because you remind him of this ...what was that name he said, maybe an ex-lover or something. So he is trying to live some weird fantasy through you." She reached over and took her hand.

"You understand what I am saying?" She asked. "The heart has no place in this business my girl...and you better learn that fast."

"But Amma...he is not like the others, " She said feeling the need to defend Vickram. "He never looked at me like the others ..and ..and he helped me even after I argued with him I know he is different..." She said

"Chulbuli...It is all part of his game...Of course he will act like he cares...he probably can't afford you so ... he figures if he sweet talks you you'll give in for free..." Chulbuli shook her head. No that was not true.

"Ok Fine...I can prove you wrong...I can prove to you that underneath it all he is no better than any of the other guys who come here...and when I do I hope you will learn not to fall for the first sweet talking man around." Amma said patting her face gently.

"You still look a bit pale...why don't you go have a nice warm bath...and rest huh..." She said. Chulbuli nodded.

After she freshened up she lay on the bed, remembering yesterday in the ice cream shop. And her conversation with Vickram in the taxi. The sincerity in his voice. No ...No Amma was wrong. He was different. She knew that. Sure she only knew him a couple of days...but she knew he was different!!! She closed her eyes as his face floated into her her brain. As she began to wonder what he would look like if he smiled.


"So gentlemen..."Amma said the next day as she looked across the room to the two men seated on the couches.

"What was so urgent that you had to send a message to my office ?" Divakar asked ..."And who is he?" He asked looking at the disheveled man sitting quietly ...he looked quite the opposite from Divakar who was wearing an expensive suite and well-polished shoes.

"This is Vickram Babu and thanks to him, Chulbuli returned to us safely...after you abandoned her day before!" She said looking at him.

"I did not abandon her... I offered her taxi fare back!" he said. Vickram scoffed rudely. Causing them to look at him.

"You are quite the man aren't you ?... offered her taxi fare? Could not even get her a taxi..."

"Excuse me? Why are you in my business. What happens between Chulbuli and me is no business of yours..." Divakar said annoyed. He did not like this guy.

"It is my business!" Vickram said. " I know guys like you, big shot money bags who think the world falls on their feet because they can buy anything that catches there whims. But once it is not useful for you again you discard it!.." He shook his head. "People like you make me sick!" he said.

"listen Mr..." Divakar said standing to look down at him him..."

"Guys Guys Guys!...please...can you stop your male bonding so we can talk about why I called the both of you here?" Amma said interrupting them .

They both turned to look at her. She looked at the both of them as she thought how to say this.

"Chulbuli it seems has become a bone of contention between you two. Since both of you have some interest in her..."

"Wait!...this bozo is interested in MY Chulbuli..." Divakar said as he laughed. "Oh come on Amma , you really can't be taking him seriously. Chulbuli is mine only I have first preference you said so!" He reminded her.

Vickram had to restrain himself form getting off the couch and punching this guy in the face for talking about Sugni like this. How dear he. But he also wondered what was Amma playing at.?

To say he was surprised when Bunty tracked him down today and told him that Amma wanted to see him for some reason he was curious...Then this Guy showed up and Vickram wondered what was happening.

"I know what I said Divakar need to remind me." She said looking at him stonely. She may seem like a meek woman but she was not one who liked being crossed.! "That was before you left her..." She said

Anyways..." she sighed as though bored. "Since both of you have an interest in the same girl...I thought it would be appropriate and fair to give both of you a fair chance to get what you want. So I have a proposal for the both of you.! The one who makes me the best offer for her will get to spend a night with her first..." She said .

Vickram stood up as he realized this woman was in effect auctioning off Sugni to the highest bidder. Again he felt sick, she was surrounded by these wolves and he was the one who sent her here !

Divakar said "Amma that is not had told me..."

"Divakar babu...Vickram here has earned the right to get a chance...and you well...I am not pleased with you right now. I always try to give my girls the best, and Chulbuli has a soft spot for Mr. Vickram here I decided to let him in on if you have a problem with that you can leave!" She said .

Divakar shot Vickram daggers with his stare.

"Ok Fine ...Amma $5000. For the night...and I get to take her where I want for the night!" Divakar said Amma's eyes shot up...five thousand for one night, he could get ten girls for that price! And he knew it. Her palms started itching with the thought of all that money...

"Hmm $5000. Ok...Divakar Babu we have a dea...

"$7000..." Vickram said... interuping them... obviously Amma forgot about him hearing that price.

She looked at him.

"Seven Thousand... Dollars...are you serious?" She asked him looking at him in surprise He nodded. Divakar laughed. Amma looked him up and down...his disheveled state , that beard... this guy looked as though he hardly had $7. in his pocket much less $7000. But he did walk into her trap wholly and solely and it was now time to close it!

"There are some rules to this ...that I hope you can comply to..."

"what rules.?" He asked

"You have 24 hours to come up with the money... If you don't I don't want to see you hanging around here or anywhere near Chulbuli. EVER. Do you understand that?" She asked.

Ahh so this was it!... she was trying to get rid of him... Vickram caught on to her. Ok He'll play her game, cause he knew come what may he was getting Sugni out of here.

"Ok I agree...You will have your money by tomorrow evening...and I get the same privileges he gets." He said.

"Of course!" She said..."Well Good luck...Divakar I guess he won.."

"But Amma..." He stopped when she lifted her hand giving him a look.

"THAT...will be all gentle man...Vickram Babu your 24 hours starts now... If you will excuse me I have somethings to do..." She said standing and dismissing them.


Chulbuli slowly waked to her room after she herd the conversation between Amma , Divakar and Vickram. Amma had told her she would prove to her that Vickram was no different form the others and she did. All he wanted was what they all wanted. And he was willing to pay $7000 to get it.

She sat on her bed, feeling as though she just lost something precious. Amma was right she was naive to believe him. Why did she? Why did she feel he was different. He was nothing! Nothing but a stranger... A stranger who wanted what all these others wanted, her body. All his words , all his false concern she thought she felt ...boy was she a fool. He was just waiting for a chance to bid on her!!! At least Divakar was better, she knew what to expect from him. But Vickram he was just a smooth talking snake come here to play with her feelings!!!

And now it was worse. Come what may tomorrow she was going to have to do what she was running from all these months. She could not see a way out of this.

"Chulbuli.." Amma said as she came into the room

"Hmm?" She answered.

"Are you alright?" She asked. She shook her head . No she was not alright.

"I know it is hard when we find out all that glitters is not gold. But now you know what his true intention is."

"But Amma why did you do that...the bid and all...I ..."

"It had to be done, otherwise he would have just hung around here, making a nuisance of himself. I needed him to see your worth. In front of Divakar I did not expect him to bid higher... and I am still not sure he can make that...but I hope he dose..." She said looking at her...

"You do...why?" she asked. For weeks all she had been hearing was how Divakar was the best, so to hear Amma changing her mind now was strange.

"Because I have seen you with Divakar and I have seen you with Vickram, and you seem more comfortable with him. If this is going to make it easier for you, then I don't have a problem once he comes with the money...I just want you to know and understand that this is just business. And after he gets what he pays for , chances are you won't see him again. You want to enjoy your time with all means go ahead...just remember keep the heart out of it...hmm" She said as she patted her cheeks. Chulbuli looked at her . Her eyes welling up .

"But Amma I don't think of him like that...I am not ready.. for..."

Amma rolled her eyes.

"Don't start this again!... You did the same with Divakar ...and I have given in to you are doing it again, with this guy. NO. I am not having it. It is high time now. Ok. The other girls will start to think I am being partial with you...and I can't have that. One way or the other ...Divakar or Vickram...Tommorw..." She said as she got up and left her alone.

Chulbuli lay on her bed as she buried her face in her pillow and cried. She hated them . Both of them Vickram and Divakar...She hated this place and her life...OHH God why did she have to wake up to this... She cried bitter tears of helplessness...
very nice chapter,
1st scene ending was perfect, Sugni thinking of how would vikram look if he smiles Smile
2nd part - well sugni is not aware, vikram paid the money but he won't touch her, she will learn it after she spends time with him, he is helping her get out of there, nice progress
hurry up with the next chapter
i enjoyed reading it
keep it up

"There we  go...the  final  touch   don't you  look  pretty!' Sheila  said  the  next  evening as  she  clasped  the   necklace  around  her  neck.  Chulbuli  felt  like  and  overdressed  doll and she  hated  it! She kept wringing her hands. The walls felt like it was closing in on her as she tried to think of everything she could to get out of this but could not. She could not use the excuse of her head hurting because Amma made sure to  tell her to  take her meds.

Only  this  time  her  head  was starting  to  hurt  because  the  tension was getting to   her. Maybe she could play  on his  sympathy. But she no longer trusted him after he bid.  She hated him. Darn you Vickram  babu  she  thought  angrily!!!
"Chulbuli?"  Seila  said  as  she  brought her out of her thoughts. 
"Relax  look  tense...and  if  Amma  sees  you  like this  she  will make  you  take  those  nasty  pills  and  I  don't think  this is  the right  time for  you  to  be  confused. "  Sheila  said. Chulbuli  looked at her  helplessly.  All she  wanted  to  do  was curl up  and  cry. And She hated  crying.
Shelia  sat  next to  her  looking at her   with  pity.  She  knew  what  was going on in her head , she  was  there one  day   a long long  time  ago.
"Listen...I know how you are feeling...and I  know  you  are scared.  At  least  you  had  time  to get prepared for  this. The  rest of us  did  not."  She  said  bitterly,  as Chulbuli  watched  her. "I  guess  you  finally  ran  out  of  stalling tactics...and  Amma  is serious  this  time. The first time  is  always   the  hardest...but  honey  you   can't  run form it any  more. You  have to  learn to be strong here,  especially  in front  of  these  men  no matter  what...don't  you  cry   in front  of them...the  first  sign  you  show  of  weakness they  will  take  advantage  of  you. You  hear  can  come  back  here  and  cry,  scream and  let it out...but in front of the bas***d you  smile  even if  it  hurts,  and  don't be afraid  to  hurt  them  if  they  try  to  hurt  you..." She said   opening  her  pallu  and  taking out  a   small  bag.  "Keep this  with  you  for  safety...He  gets  crazy or   wants  you  to do  freaky   shit...throw  that  in  his  face  and  get  outta  there. Although  this one  seems  to   like you  but after a few  drinks  you  never know...Ok"  she  said   As  Chulbuli  took  it.  Chulbuli  swallowed.  This  was not the  "talk"  she  wanted.
She was not like the other girls who seemed to know how to handle   these  men. But  she  guessed  she  had  no  choice   but to  learn  and learn  quickly. Sheila  hugged her. "Be strong!"  she said. "Come we better go he is waiting on you!"  she said  as  she  released  her.
"$7000.  All  here. "  Amma  said  impressed as  she  counted the money.  " I  must  admit   I  did  not think  you  could  do  it."  She  said .   "Well  as   we agreed   she  is yours  for  tonight..."  Amma  nodded  to  one  of  the  girls  who  left   no  doubt  to  bring  Sugni .
For  six  months   Vickram   managed to live  his  life on bare minimum,  picking up  odd  jobs  here and there to  get by, the  occasional  game  of  chance just to  give fate a chance to knock him down and take him out. For the first time in  six  months  he  actually  went into a back and  took out money  from his  personal account. 
But he could not chance  Sugni's  freedom  by he did what he had to do. occurred to him  that  if his family  were  looking to  find  him..he left  them a trace but it did not matter now 
Vickram   could  not believe  his  luck   that he  got  her out  of here so  easy.   One  thing  for  sure  once  she  was  out  there was  no  way  she  was coming  back   here!  All  he  needed  was to  get  her   away  from  here ,  which  he   accomplished  by  winning  this  bid.
He  looked  up  as  Sugni  came   into  the  room,  looking  breathtaking  in a  white  dress,  her  hair  was  done  in an  elegant  style...she  looked  absolutely  beautiful. However  her  face  said  it  all  ,  her  expression  was  stony  and  her  eyes  kept  shifting.   She was angry  he  knew and   underneath  that anger  she  was  scared, she  was looking  at  the  floor  but her  knew  her  well.
He  wanted to  reassure  that all  will  be fine  now, but   frist  things  first   getting the  hell out  of  here.  "beautiful!"   he  said   looking  at her.
She  looked  up  at that,  as her  eyes  shot him  daggers.  Oh  yeah  she  was  mad  alright.!
"I  am  glad you  approve! We  do  aim  to  please!'  Amma  said.   As  she  walked  over  to   Chulbuli  and  brought her  to  stand  next  to  Vickram.
"Shall  we?" he  said   opening his  hand   for  her to  take it.
She  looked at  his  hand , but did not  budge.  Amma nudged her forward.  She  took  the  two  steps   and  stood  next  to  him.
"Well  not  so  fast."  Amma  said    as  she  motioned   to  someone.  In  the  room  walked a  tall  man  over  six  feet  lean  and   well  built. 
"This   is Bumsukiya and he will be  your  driver  tonight.!"   Amma   said   smiling  sweetly. Vickram looked at the man. Who stood silently.
"Ahh  driver?"  he said.  " I  don't have a car..." he said
"I  know...we  are  providing  you  with  one.  Call it  a  complimentary  gift, it is  yours  for  the  night Bams  here  will take  you  anywhere  you  want to  go  inside the  city  of  course..." This was not part  of his  plan. Vickram  thought. "Wait  a  minute  you  said  I  got the same  privileges   that  guy  got...and  he  got  to  take her out on his  own!"  he  said
Amma  laughed... "Vickram  Babu ...Divakar  is a very old  customer of  mine  so he  earned  the  right. You  how ever  are new  here and  frankly I  don't  trust  my  new  clients. This is  just  insurance,  that you  won't  try  any  funny  business  with  my  girl  and  also to  ensure  she  gets  back  here  safely. Don't  worry...his  job is  just  to  drive...he will be  blind and  deaf  to  everything  else!"  She  said. "That  is  the  deal ... take it or leave it"   She said  looking  at  him  shrewdly.
Of  course  it  would  not  be  this  easy  he  thought  ,  nothing  ever  was.   He  could  not  fight   it  as  they  would  suspect  him  of  something . "Ok  fine  thank you!"  He  said  .
"Enjoy  yourselves." Amma  said  as   they  left.


The  ride in the  car  was silent As  Sugni  kept looking  out the  window, her   body  tense and   her  hands  were  balled  into  tight  fists   on her lap. All attempts  by  him  to  make  conversation  with  her  was met  with  silence.  They had  been  aimlessly  driving around  for  about  20  minutes  now.  He  needed  to  talk  to  her  but  without  the  guy  eavesdropping. 
He  contemplated  going into a hotel but  he  had a feeling  that would make  her  more   closed  off to what he  had  to  say. Spotting  the  beach   he  had  an  idea. It was  mostly  deserted.
"How  about  a walk  on  the  like  co-co nuts?"   No  response.  "Driver...stop here for   while..."  he  said.
 He  came  out   , opened  her  door  and  motioned  her  out.  Silently she followed.   He  stopped  by   the  vendor  and  purchased  two  cold  coconuts   handing,  asking  the  guy   for a piece  of a card board  box he  had   leaning  on  his  cart.   Despite  herself  that  request  had  her  looking  at him  with  curiosity. Taking  the  coconuts and  the  cardboard  he  walked a little  way  onto  the  sand  and  sat  down  placing the  cardboard  next  to  him.
"Sit."  He  said   as  he  looked  up  at her. "I did  not  think  you  would want to  ruin  your  dress."    He  explained.  Her  dress?  He  just  ruined  her life  and  was  concerned over  some  stupid  dress.  She  raised  an  eyebrow.  What game  was he playing now?  he  already  paid  for  her  so  why  all this? She   wondered.
Reluctantly  she  sat  down   looking  out  at the  water.  He  handed  out  the  coconut  to  her.  She  shook  her head.  "Come on  I  know you  are mad  at  me...but  don't take it out on  the  fruit." He  said.  She  looked  at him  seriously sighed  and  took  the   fruit. Resting it  at her  side. She had  no intention  of  touching  it  again.
"Are  you  going  to  talk  to  me  at all  tonight?"  He  asked. After a few  minutes  of more  silence.
She  shrugged...                                                                                
"I  know you  are mad  at me..."  He said.
"I'm  not..."  She  said ,  finally  look  at him.  She smiled bitterly.  "Why  should I  just   want  what everyone  else  no no...I  am  not  mad  at you...I   was  the one  stupid  enough  to believe  you.!"  She  said. The  tension  of  the  day  was  building  up  in  her. And  she  really  was  in  no  mood  for  any  more  of  his  games.
Her  head  was  beginning  to  hurt.  Her  eyes   were  filli ng  with  tears,  but  she  remembered  Shelia's  words  not  to  cry  in  front  of  them...blinking  rapidly.  She  stood  up.
"listen,  stop  it ...just  stop  with  these  games  already.  What  are  we  doing here. You  did  not  pay   $7000  to  sit  here   and  drink  co co nuts and  I  am in  no  mood  to  sit  here and  listen  to  you  tell  me  how  this  is  not  the  place  for  me...those  words   are  sickening  coming  from  let's  go   hmmm...and  you ...and  you..." Dispite  her  resolve  to  be  strong   her  demeanor  broke   as her  voice  cracked  with the  tears she  was trying to  with hold.  "c-can  get  what you  p- paid  for..." she  turned  her  back  to  him
Vickram  looked  up  at her   as  she  ranted.   As  he  was  reminded  of  another  rant  she  used  on  him   no  so  long  ago...
" Stop  it  Stop  it  Thakur  Saab...I  heard  enough  of your  are just like the  rest of  the Thakurs... You  have  a wife... But that is  not  enough   for  you..." She   shook  her  head..."I  fell  for  you ...I  thought  you  were   different...but you  never  loved  me...all I  am is a conquest...caught in your  lustful  just  had to  dress it  up  to  make   your  lust look like love..."

Vickram  shook  his  head  out of that  memory. Those  words  were like  a knife  through  his  heart , and  so  were  these  .  But  he  would take a life  time  of  accusations  from  her if he  had  to,  right  now  though he had to get her  to  understand.  He  stood  up as  well.

"So  you  think  I  am  just  like   them? That  I  have  some  lustful  intentions  for  you?"  He  asked.  "Did  it  ever  occur  to  you  that THIS  was the only  way  I  would  get to talk  to  you.? Did  it  ever  occur to  you  that  no  matter  what it  was  set up  so you  had  to  go  with  one...and  if  I  did  not  win  he  would  have?? Then  where  would  you  have  been  now...surely  not  standing  on  the  beach  aurguing over  his  intentions!"   He  said
She  stopped  as  she his  words  registered  in her head. He did this all  to save her from Divakar?  To  talk  to her?  But  why one  spends  all  that  money for someone  unless they  want  something  in return. She  turned  to  look  at him. Again  the  sincerity  in  his  face   was undeniable. No  no one  would spend  that  money  on  some one  for nothing...but  he  would...
"Why...why are you  doing  this?"  she  asked  softly. She  took  two  steps  so  she  was  now  standing  directly  in front of  him.
"I  told you..."                                                                                     
"No...there has to be more...there  are  a lot of  girls  who   should  not be there...but you  don't have  interest  in  them...why?"
He  looked  at her at  the  questions  in  her  eyes.   Maybe   if  he  explained  it  to  her   about the  connection she  would  remember.  And he could get her to  go  back  with him... "Because  you  don't  belong  here... you  belong  back  in  Mawhari,  Sugni,   back  in  the  village .  Sugni   remember...It  was  where you  said  you  wanted  that  small  house  in  the  mountains...Where  you knew  every back  road...and  one time we  were inseparable...until  I  messed it..." He stopped  when he  saw  she  was  no  longer   listening  but  as  holding  her  head  and  cringing.
"No...I  am  not  Sugni...what are you  talking  about...ahhh. You're  mistaken"  She  said  hurriedly  she   opened  her  bag and  took  out  that  pill  bottle  again.  Before  she  could open it  however  he  took  it  from  her.   She had to  listen  to  him!
"No...don't  take  those pills.  You don't  need  them... I  am  not  mistaken..." He  said.
"No  give  them  please...please..." She  said  as he  shook  his  head.  He  did  not  know  what  they  were  drugging  her  with   but  it was  going  to stop. She  tried  to grab  them   but  failed.
"Listen  to me  know  what  I  am  saying  is  the  need  to  remember are..Sugni...SUGNIII!!!"  He   looked  in  shock  as  she   fainted   onto  the  sand... Oh  God  ! Hurridely   he  picked  her  up  and  carried  her back  to  the  car.
"Get   us  to  a  hospital  now!!!"  He  said.   Without a word  Bamsukiya  complied.


"Chulbuli??" The  Doctor   said  as  he  walked  into  the  little  cubicle.  "She  fainted  again?"  he  asked  Vickram.
"Yes  Dr. You  know  her?"  he  asked 
"Yes  ...I  am  Dr.  Nagar.  I  have  been  her  doctor  since  she  was  rescued  from  the  sea all those  months  ago...and  you  are?  I  have not  seen  you  before   where  is  Amma?"  the  Dr.  asked.
"I  am  Vickram Singh...and  we  were  out  I was  trying to  get her  to  remember   something...but she  fainted..." He  said  ignoring   the   doctors  question.
"Wait get her  to  know  her  from  before?"  He asked  Vickram  nodded.  "Yes  she  is  Sugni  from  Mawhari...Doctor  what  is  wrong  with  her?"  He asked
"You  tell  me  something,   what happened  to  her?  Do you know?"  Vickram  looked  at the  Doctor,  he  could  not  tell  him  she  tried  to  kill  herself,  but he had  to  tell  him  something.
"She...She  had  an  accident...where she  fell  into  the  river...we  tried    looking  for  her  but  could  not  find  her...until  we thought  we lost  her...but  suddenly   she was found  here  of  all  places ...calling herself  Chulbuli...What's  going on  Doctor? "
"That  explains  her  fall  and  why  no one   answered  our  notice  on  the paper...Mawhari  is  a long  way  from  here." He  said.
"Well  almost  seven months  ago  she  came  in  after  being  found   in the  sea  by  some  fisher  men.  It  didn't  take  us   long  to   realize  she  was  suffering  from  Retrograde  Amnesia...that  is   no  memory  of  who  she  was where she  came  from . We did  put notices  on  the paper  asking  if  anyone  knows  her  but no one  came  forward.  Then Amma  came and  took  responsibility  for her and  she  was  willing to  go  with them. And  we could  not  keep  her  here  indefinitely." He  said.
Vickram  looked  at the  doctor  incredulous  that  they  would  let  her go  off  with  a  complete  stranger.
"So  what  does  this   can  we get her  to  remember?"  he  asked
"Well you can't really." The  Doctor  said.  "See  she  came  in  with  a very  serious  injury  and  was in a coma  for weeks. Putting  pressure  on  her  to  remember  something   her  brain  simply  cannot  is  not  good  for her.  In  fact  it  can  cause  more damage...putting  her  under  any  kind  of  stress...causes   these  fainting  spells...and  it could  lead  to her  going back  into a coma...or   losing her  mental  balance  altogether."
"What?"  Vickram  said   as he  looked at her lying  on the bed. He swallowed.   OH  God. Why  was  this  happening  to  her. She  did  not  deserve  this.  If  anyone  should  be  suffering  form  his  sins   should be him  not  her. Sugni  was innocent  in all this...He  closed his  eyes  feeling  helpless.
"I  know  this  is  hard. But  all  she  really  needs  at the  moment  is  love and  care. Did  she  take  the   pills  I  gave her  for  her  headache..."
"Huh..."  he  remember he  took  them  from  her .  He  shook  his  head.   "I  told her  when  she  feels  herself  getting  stressed  she  should  take one...she  hates them  she said  so..." Vickram  did  not  think  he  could  feel  worse  about himself  but he  just managed  to.
At that  moment  she stirred  as  she   opened  her  eyes.
"Hey are  you  feeling?"    the  Doctor  asked   examining  her  eyes.
"Better  thanks..." she  answered.
"How is   the  headache  any  dizziness?"
"'s fading."
"Ok  you  relax  here  until  your   IV  is  finished  then  you  can  leave  ok?"  He  said. She nodded.  The Doctor  left  them  in the  small  cubicle  as  he  left to  look at other  patients.
She  kept   staring  at him..."I  know you...don't  I?"  She finally asked. He  looked  at her...
very nice chapter, the story progress is very good, vikram - sugni's meeting, sugni's fear about this 1st night with him and all, very well written
enjoyed reading 
keep it up
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Thaank you Ron for your review. I am also sharing this story on IF and as of the next chapter I can say you past them LOL as they are still on chapter 9. I am glad that you are enjoying it so far.
I hope that the twist and turns in the story is interesting... the bond between them is strong that even memory loss can't break it...and no matter what happens she would always be drawn to him...
Enjoy the next chapter and looking forward to reading your thoughts on that!!
Chapter  10
She motioned him to sit next to her bed.   Slowly he walked over.  What was  he supposed to  do  here  now?    He could  not  pressure  her  and  every  time  he   tried  to  talk  about  the  past  or  Sugni  she  got  upset. He  took   a  seat on a chair  next to  her  bed  as  she  continued to  stare  at  him.Slowly  she   raised her   hand  and caressed  his  face  looking at him  intently…”I  do  know  you…I  don’t  know  how …but  ever since   we met  I felt it…you  were  saying  something?…hmm ? before? What  were you  saying?”

“It does not matter now…relax you  need  to  rest… just  relax..”  He said.  He removed her hand from  his  face with  the  intention  of   letting it  go. But she held on to his . They  were  quite  for  a while  both  lost in  their  own  thoughts.

“I am   sorry.”  She  said.

“Sorry ? why  are you  saying  sorry?” He asked

“Because  I  said a lot of  things  to  you  earlier…and  I  misjudged  you.  I  thought  you  were  just  like  him…but you are not…It’s  just  that  I was  mad.  And  when  I  am  mad  na …I  say  a lot of things  I don’t  mean. So  that is  why  I am saying sorry!” She  said   quickly,  in  complete  Sugni  fashion . As he looked at her… She laughed.“Sorry  I  was  speaking to  fast?  I  do  that when I  get  did  not  understand  me…Amma  always  say  she can  never  understand  what I am saying…”

“Shhhh… I understood you…and there is no need to say sorry.  I understand.”  He said

“You  did?   I  did  not  think  anyone  else   was capable  of  understanding me…”

“I  do…very  well.”  He said  softly.  They  looked  at  each  other  ,  their  eyes  connected  as they  got  lost  in  each  other. Despite all that was  wrong   between  them they  were  drawn  to  each  other  on a level  that was impossible  to  explain.

The  curtain moved  and a nurse  came  in. “Hey  I  am  here  to  remove your  IV.” She  said  checking the  empty  bag. Sugni blinked as she   smiled at the nurse. She would not think about the strange feeling she   kept having when  he  was close.

“Umm can I get some water  please?”  She asked the nurse.

“I’ll get it for you..” Vickram said as he   stood up to go look for   the water. She wanted to call him back, but decided not to.

“Ok  all done!”  The  nurse  said  as she  finished  removing    the IV.   “That  is  it …you  are  free to leave  now.”  She  smiled.

“Thank  you…”  Chulbuli  said. Glad  to  hear that news,  she   hated   the hospital.

The  curtain  opened  and she looked  up  to  see  Amma.  “Amma?  What are you  doing here?” She asked    for  some  reason  not  really   pleased to  see her.

“Bums  called  me  and  told  me you  collapsed and was brought here…I  rushed over as soon as I  could…You  feeling  better?”

“Yes  she  is  …she  can  go  home  now.”  The nurse informed her.

“Good  lets  go…” Amma  said  taking her purse. 

“But Amma  Vickram babu…”  Amma  stood and  looked  at her. Chulbuli  she  knew  would  have  jumped  at  the  opportunity  to  get  back  home,  not  thinking  once  of  the  client. Suddenly she  was  worried  about this  guy…this  was  not  good.Just  them  Vickram  came  in   with a bottle of  water.  He stopped surprised to see Amma there.

“hello  Vickram  babu…” Amma   greeted him. 

“Amma   what are you  doing here?”  he  repeated   Chulbuli’s  question.

“Well  I  came to  take  her home…after  all  she  is  unwell. I  am  sorry   that  this  evening  has  been  ruined  for you!”   She  said  sadly .

“Actually  it’s  not , the  doctor  said  she  was  fine…and  I  do  have  until  tomorrow  morning  “  he  reminded  her.

“yes..Amma..he  is   ri…” She  stopped  when  Amma  gave her a look that   told  her  to  stay  quite.

“I  am  sorry  but in this  situation  she  needs  her  rest…why  don’t you  come   see me  tomorrow  and   we  can  discuss  this further  alright.  For  now  we’ll take your  leave.”  Before  he  could  say  anything  Amma   took  Chulbuli’s  belongings  and  started   making her  way   out  of the hospital.



Vickram   stood in the   room   he was in previously, as he stood looking   at  Amma. He  could not  hide   the anger that  was beginning to  grow  on his   face.
“This is not fair and you know it.”   He said to  her.

“I  am  sorry you  think  that  way…but  given  that  Chulbuli’s  health is  most important  right   now, and   since  you  came  here  she  has  been  constantly having  these  attacks…I  think  it is  best  you  stay  away  from  her.  so there  would be  no more contact  with her, and  I  am returning  your  money that you  gave me   last  night.”  She said handing him the money.

“ Cut  the  crap,  Amma  this  has  nothing to  do  with  her health…Tell me  he  offered you  more  didn't he?  That is   what  is  going  on here? How much...hmm?  I’ll  match  it”

“I  don’t  know  what you  are  talking about.”  She  said “There are  other  girls  here,  more than  willing…if  you  are interested…”

“I am not interested in any of  your  girls!”  he said.   He sighed.   There  was  one  solution  to this  problem…the  truth or at least part of  it. He  looked at  Amma .
“ Listen  to  me…She  is  not  Chulbuli…she  is  Sugni   she  lives  in a small  village  in  Marwari…and  six  months  ago she  fell  into  the  river, we have been looking for her and assumed she died.  But as luck  had  it I  found  her,   only  to  find out she  does  not know  anything.  Amma this is no place for her…she has  a home a life  back  in the village. She needs to get back there. Please.”  He told her, hoping he would get through to her.

Amma listened to him, as she looked him up and down.  Then she laughed.  “Very   good superb!” She clapped. “Nice  story you  cooked  up  there. Do  I  look  like a fool  who  you  think  can’t  see   through  you?  You think  I  don’t  know  that  after  the  incident  last night  at the  hospital  you  think  she is  an  easy  target  for your   little  fantasy  game?  What you learned she had  an accident so  you  decided  to use it?? No  nO  no  Vickram  babu  that is  not  going  to work  here."  She  stood looking  at him  seriously.  “ I  have  had  enough  of you,  let  me  make  this  very  plain  to  you.  I  don’t  want you  anywhere  near  my  establishment  nor  Chulbuli…you  stay  away  from  her you  hear me,  because  if you  don’t  things  could get pretty  ugly for you!” She warned.

“I am  not lying  and you  know it  very  well!”  He  said   coming  to stand   close to  Amma  his  voice  steely  serious.  “you  know  I  am  telling the  truth. You can’t keep her here against her will. And  mark  my  words  I  am  going to  take  her out  of here,  whether  you  like  it  or  not!”

“No  one is  here  against  their  will  Mr.  And you  can’t  come  here with  some  cockamamie story  and  expect  us to  fall  for  it!  Listen I  was   being tolerant  of  you  but  no  more…Get out!!!’

Vickram  looked at her  as he  shook  his  head. She was  going to make it difficult   time to take matters into his own  hands.   Turning  to  the  right  he started  to  make  his  way    inside  of  the  house.

“Hey  where  are you  going! You  can’t  go  in there!!!”  She said alarmed   now….
“BAMSUKIYA!..HARIYA….Stop that man…” She said calling out to her bouncers.  Quickly they came out   surrounding him before he could make his way   up the stair well.  As  they  began dragging  him  out,  he  did  the one thing he could think of  at the  moment  ..He called out to her.
“Sugni!!!  SUGNIIIIIII” 

“Throw him out…He is a mad man…and make sure he is not seen anywhere near this place!”   Amma instructed her bouncers as the struggled to get   him out of the building.

“You  can’t  keep  her   here!’” he  said  To  Amma …

“Good bye.”  She said as   she closed the door behind him. She  let out  a sigh  of  relief as  she  spotted him  walking  down  the  lane a few  minutes  after.  Slowly  she  went upstairs  as she made her  way   to  Chulbuli’s  room,  thankfully  she  was   sound  asleep  and  did  not hear any  of  the  commotion.
“No  no…I  have  better plans  for you  my  dear and  I am  not going to  let some  crazy  man  spoil it…” She  said…


 For two days  Vickram  tried  to  get to  see her  but  was  unsuccessful.  Amma  had   her  bouncers   on the lookout  and  as soon  as  he was  spotted  he was   threatened  at  gun  point.   He  contemplated  going  to the  police  but  on his  observation  the police  were   some of her best  patrons  so he  decided  against  it. How could he  get to  see her  again  he  wondered pacing his  small  apartment.  Then he remembered    she visited the temple!  That was his last hope maybe he could get her there to talk to her.   He  just  had  to  make  sure  there were  no  bouncers  in  sight  or that they  did  not  see  him.  He sat as he began forming a plan   to get to  her.

He  got  to  the  temple  early as  he  stood   at an  discreet   spot  where he was  able to  see all that  came  to  visit  the  house  of  worship.  Patiently   he  stood  and  after  about  three  hours   he  saw  them,  the  group  of  girls  he  recognized  from  the   brothel.  Only  one  was  missing.  Where was  she?   Spotting  none  of  the  bouncers  following  them  slowly  he   went  into  the  mandir  hoping    to  ask  one  of  them  where  she  was.

“Punditji..can you  offer this one for  Chulbuli  please?’  one of  the  girls  told  the  pundit.  “She  is  unwell  today.” She  said  sadly.

“Of course beti…I will offer a   special prayer for her recovery.”

“Thank you!” 

Damn  it!  Vickram  sighed in frustration.  This was his  only  chance.   He  looked  at the  murti  in  the temple…

“Lord you  brought  me  here…you  brought  me to  her…you  want me to  help  her…than  help  me…show me a way  to get her out  of  this mess. Please…”   He prayed silently.

He left the temple without speaking to the girls. Dejectedly he made his way   back to his apartment, in no mood for breakfast.   His mind racing with what should he do now.  He  contemplating  barging  into   Amma’s  and  forcibly  taking her…but  doing that  might  just  traumatize  her  more.   Maybe  he could  manage  to  bribe  Bunty  to   get  him to meet  her, he  looked like  he  would   for the  right  price.

He was  so  pre occupied   in his  thoughts   that he  almost   missed his  door. As  he  turned  to  get the keys  from  his  pocket  he  stopped  in  complete  shock  and  disbelief .  There  she  was   sitting right there at  his  door  step,  her  feet  moving  up  and  down  nervously,  her  hands  wringing  in complete  Sugni  fashion   her  attention   on  the  side  walk…but  there  she  was,  like  the  answer  to  his  prayer. “Sugni?”  He asked coming to stand before  her.

She  looked  up  as  she  stared at him  , her  eyes  welling up  with  tears as she  began  to  cry.

(28-01-2015, 05:41 AM)Vinnie R Wrote: Thaank you  Ron  for your  review.  I  am  also  sharing this  story  on IF  and   as of  the  next  chapter  I can  say  you  past  them  LOL as they  are still on chapter  9.   I  am  glad  that you  are   enjoying it  so  far.  
I  hope that  the  twist and turns  in the  story  is  interesting...  the  bond  between  them  is  strong  that  even  memory  loss can't  break  it...and  no matter  what happens  she would always  be drawn  to  him...
Enjoy  the  next  chapter and  looking  forward  to  reading your  thoughts  on  that!!

Vinnie, that's so nice to hear that i passed them  LOL  your story is very interesting and i enjoy reading it so keep it up  tumbs up
ill read the next chapter and drop my comments Smile  

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