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Repentance & Forgiveness By Vinnie R.
Thank you  Ron  for you  comments I  am  happy  you are enjoying it.  Yes their first meeting was electric ...LOL  Agay  agay  dweakhiye  hota hian kya!! ...
[Image: Forgiveness_zpsdbe274ad.jpg]
Chapter  4.

Welcome to Brasso Nagar  sir… where all your dreams can  come true…the finest  wine…the finest  women anything to suite your taste….and for you  Free..for saving my  life!!!”

Vickram looked at this   guy,  Bunty  ,  he  called himself, a geeky looking pimp who he as the misfortunes  of  stopping a couple of guys from beating him senseless. At the moment  all he wanted to do was  punch  him in the face.

He was a pesky  fella   who insisted  he had to repay  Vickram and invited  him here,  and the more he  looked around  it was obviouse this was nothing more than a red light  district  with  girls  selling there person openly.

“Look, it…this is not my  thing… and  really  I don’t want to be here so I’ll  just go right…take care…” he said  as he turned  to  leave…

“Please Please sir…you can’t leave…look I  owe you…please come in …you will enjoy  it. “

“I don’t want…”

“Come on…I saw you in the bar….at least let me repay you with a bottle of our   finest scotch  free…enjoy  the show  have a  some drinks…Please…”

Vickram  was about to refuse but  he could do  with  some scotch… a couple of drinks would not hurt.

“Fine…” He said as he followed him  into   one of the  buildings.   An elegantly  furnished  place with  seating   all around…

“Aamma…” Bunty  said  “Amma  meet Ustaad  Vickram…if I am here today  is because of him…he saved me…Amma  I promised him  special treatment ..on the house…”

“Really…” Amma   looked at him and smiled.  She frown “you  look familiar…do I  know you?”

“I  don’t  think so…” He said…

“Hmm…well since you saved  my  boy’s life…drinks  are on the  house…the girls  though are not unless you pay you can get a discount…” She said. Vickram  tried  hard  to keep the disgust off his face.

Before  he  could reply  though Bunty  led  him to a seat, and quickly  poured him a  drink.

“Well gentlemen  welcome “ Amma  said  “Tonight  we have a special  treat  for you  guys…Chulbuli who  was not  feeling well the past few days is back to  entertain you all…”   That  announcement was met with  clapps and whistles…

“So  hold on to your hearts and you hats as she is  about  to give another scintillating performance welcome  Chulbuli!!!!”  The  lights  went  dim as the   small crowd grew  quite. As  some  seedy  music  began  playing in the back ground.

Vickram  had to give it  they  seemed to  put in some thought  to this  performance. The  multicolored lights  flashing on the  stage as  the sillouettes  of the dancers  began  emerging  onto a small  stage area, would have been  impressive  if he did not  know that all  of this was just   the hook to get these men to  spend  their  money  for a few hours of carnal pleasure.

As  the  central  dancer took  the  stage, he  felt the bottom  fell out of his world again, even  in the shadows  there was something eerily  familiar   about her. He sat up as he forgot to breath  wondering what crazy  trick his  mind was playing on him   this time.

It could not be. It was impossible. She was  dead….He closed his eyes  as he  took a deep breath  shaking his head  to clear it for  whatever  delusion  what going on  with  it.  As the lights   came on and she  turned   around, Vickram  felt as though  his world   just stopped.  The place got  quite, the people fell away  ,  he was aware of nothing  except the vision  of  life  in front of him.  She was alive ….she was not  dead, she was in front of him, as  thoughts  kept  running through  his  head that the  impossible  had  happened. She  was….

Without  realizing  it,  moving  as though  in a trance   he got up and  started moving   towards  her, stopping only  when  he  was  standing  in front of her .  Chulbuli  turned only  to  stop and stare  at the man  standing infront og her.  The man from  the accident  she  remembered   him.   Instinctively  a smile  spread across her face as she looked  at him, forget for the moment she was in the middle of  a routine. The world seemed  to  stop  as she  stared at  a face that was strange yet  familiar.

Her smile  however  turned into  shock when he said…

“Sugni….” Almost reverently and enveloped her in a hug. “oh God  thank God  , your  here you're  alive…. Oh  My  God  Sugni  I  missed you  so  much  Ohh God…”

Chulbuli gasped as she   tried to push  him away  but his hold on her was so  tight it was impossible…

“What are you  doing! Get away  from her’  Amma  exclaimed  as  he felt  hands  preying him away  from her.  As they  pulled him away,   Amma  came to stand between them   shielding   her from him.

“No  touching the girls  Mr.  And what are you going on about …are you  high?  that is  not  Sugni  that is  Chulbuli!”  She said.

“Chulbuli?”  Vickram   said as some of   the  shock  wore off and   his good sense returned.  “no—no---Sugni?…what are you  doing here? How did  you?  Look I  know  that  I  put you through…Sugni .. SUGNI!!!!”   He shouted as she  fainted.

He  moved to go near her  but was held back  by  the bouncers. “Oh  no…”  Amma  said as  she  held  her up  and with the help of a few of the dancers  they  took  her inside.

“Listen  mister is  time for you  to  leave…I  don’t know who  you   think you are talking to  but as I  said that is  not who you  think it is…now please  leave…Boys   escort  the  gentleman  out side.”

“No No  No …you don’t understand…” He began  as he was  dragged out the door and  thrown  out  unceremoniously.   Bunty  was  right behind  him, looking at him as though he just lost his mind.

“Bunty  who is that girl…”

“That’s chulbuli…A lot of people have that reaction when they  see her she is   hot….” He shot up as Vickram gave him a thunderous look…”I  mean…You are mistaken…she is  not who you think she is…”   He said.

Vickram   shook his head. “I am  not mistaken”  That was Sugni…he felt it in his bones. When he hugged  her   apiece of his missing soul came alive….That was his Sugni…but what was she doing here of all places…No she could not be here….Not here.

“Bunty  I want to meet her…please…” He said   looking at him. “What do I have to do?”

“Uhh no no Chulbuli  is  not  the meeting type…and after  just now…Amma  would never allow it…”

“Well take me to Amma  I’ll talk to her..”

“No  no  Ustad  I can’t ..”

“Bunty  please this is  very  important…you say  you wanted to pay me bac for your life…I  want to  meet   her’

“Umm uhh…” Bunty  said obviously  flustered  with  the  request.  “look  now it is impossible…but let things  cool down and…and  in the morning  I can  see if  Amma  would talk to you…I can’t promise  you  but maybe…it’s the most I can do…” he said

“Ok”  he said  as  he took a seat on the  side walk   in front of the building.

“Umm  what are you doing?”

“Waiting…watching… I am  not leaving here  until I talk to  Sugni at least….” He said  determined.

“What  are you  crazy…I told you that is  not Sugni and if  Amma  sees you…”

“What she  owns  the pavement now?  I’d  like to  see her  try….one way  or another I am  going to talk to her…”   he said

Bunty  shook his head  wondering is Vickram had indeed  gone mad. If he wanted to stay  out in the cold , hey  it was his   funeral… he left him there   thinking about all those  crazy  lovers her  heard about  growing up who would go mad  over one person, and wondered if he met one.!!!


Chulbuli awoke to her darkened bedroom, her skin feeling clammy. As she tried to recalled what happened  before everything  went black.  That man!  From the accident he was here…and he   as saying something about   a Sugni…She could not understand what he was staying because  there was  something about him that had her feelling strange.  He hugged her , and  it was supposed to be weird  and  creepy  but  it wasn’t .She was  confused.

The dull  pounding in her head, had her taking deep breathes as  she reached  over to the bedside for some water. The  bed side clock read  1 Am … she was  out of it for almost  4 hours.  The quietness around  told her  that  everyone  in the building had  retired. She refused to  think about what else  was going on  here,that thought  making her   hair stand on end.

Feeling   suffocated   she got up and went to the window to get some fresh  air.

“Oh  no…” She  breath as    her eye caught sight of the figure  sitting under the street  light, he looked  disheveled and  cold  as his  arms  wrapped  around his torso  for warmth.  Why was he on the street?

Again  moving before she  could think  she  turned picked up  a blanket from her closet and  made her way  downstairs.

Slowly she approached  his sleeping   figure. The urge to  just stare at him  strong. Who was he ? Very  quietly  not wanting to wake him  she  knelt  and  placed  the  blanket over him. She  was about to  get  up  when he stirred  turning his  head  he opened  his eyes  staring  straight at her…

“I- I  am  sorry…you  looked  cold.’ She said  as he looked down at the blanket.

“Sugni!”  He sat up…. “You’re here , what are you…?”

“No…I am not Sugni….I’m   Chulbuli…” She said stopping him.  “how  are you  feeling?”  She asked looking at him concerned.

“What?”  he said  frowning at her question…

“That  day…you ran into our car…you were hurt the ambulance took you away…”

He blinked she was  talking to him as though she did not know him .What  was going on here? Needing to figure this out  he decided to  play  along   with her….of course she   hated  his gut, in that case  at least she would be  chasing him away  not  covering him with blankets and  enquiring about his health.

“You  know sometimes when we get   hit on our heads it makes us confused, and we sometimes  forget things and mixed things up…”  She said to him

“Huh?”  what was she talking about?

“you  hit your head  and it was  bleeding…maybe that’s why  you are saying  that name…” She explained. It dawned on him  she thought he was probably  mad.

“Why are you out here…its  cold  you should go home.”  She said.

“I wanted to talk to you…” He said

“Me? Why?” She asked

“What  are you doing here?  This is  no place for you…”

“I   live here…this is my  home. At least the only  one I know and they  take care of me” She said

“No it’s not …Sugni…. You’re not from here you…” he reached over  to hold her hand,  she pulled it away

“Don’t touch me!’ She said softly   tucking her hand on her  lap

“Sorry ..I won’t  but Sugni..

“I am  not Sugni…”  She said.  “Listen  you are mistaken…now please go from here you can’t stay  on the street…”

“Chulbuli?” Amma   said as she came out…”What are you doing here?” she asked observing the scene  both of them sitting on the side walk  in the middle of the night.

“Amma you remember him from the accident? I  think he got confused  like I did…I am just trying to get him to go home…”

“You  should  be inside.  And you  Mr. What is  your name?”

“Vickram…” he said

“Mr. Vickram…I do not appreciate you coming into my place and making a spectacle of yourself.  I think you  should go  to  home and get some rest, and you’ll most likely  find you  made a mistake…which   is common when people  have  too much  to drink.”

“She is  right  you can’t stay  here…please go home…”  Chulbuli  pleaded.

Everything in him wanted to  grab  her and run…but something was not right , she was not acting like herself.  He knew he needed to get to the bottom of this. This lady was  the key  to this and  right now  it might be best  not to get on her bad side.

He really  needed to think about  this…. He got up…

“You’re right…I am sorry  for all the trouble I caused…” He said to Sugni.  Handing her the blanket

“It’s ok she  said “ Taking it, and  standing  as well.  Their eyes  met  and again  she felt like she  knew this man  closely. But that was  impossible .  Amma  clered  her throat  breaking   their  trance.

“I’ll get going…” as he turned to leave.

“Mr. Vickram…you’ll come back again?”  She asked impulsively. As Amma turned to look at her in shock.

“Of course, you want me to.”  She nodded.

“I  will…” He said as he left.

“Why did you do that?” Amma asked as they  went inside. “I don’t want mad people in  here!” She said

“Ohh Amma  …I don’t think he is mad…I don’t know  he just seems  lonely”

“He seems crazy if you ask me, but for you I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt!” She said. Although she did not like it . Not one bit!
hi vinnie, 
it was interesting chapter 4
i liked the way vikram met sugni
and the way sugni cared and brought blanket for him, some thing inside her always belonged to vikram that was her heart, she tried her best to forget him but she can't stop it, love is there, 
Any ways nice progress, some was from the episodes and some new with changes, keep it up 
hurry up with next chapter.
Thank you Ron... yes the connection is there she just can't understand it... I did take alot from the banaras part of the story just added a diffrent spin. Glad you are enjoying. Hope you like the next chapter!!!
[Image: Forgiveness_zpsdbe274ad.jpg]


Vickram  stepped out  his  one room apartment he  was  staying at, which  ironically  was just  a  stone's  throw   from   Brasso  Nagar.  After a restless night, he made his way down the lane by the local tea vendor, whom he had become a regular customer of   since he moved here  was it  a week ago?  He never stayed in one place to long and was about to move again, until the impossible happened and he came  face to face   with  Sugni!.

"God what are you doing to me?"  He wondered. But he answered  his own  question.  God was punishing him. Punishing  him  for all he did  to Sugni.  And  rightfully  so.  How else can he explain after   months  of thinking she was  dead he comes  face to face  with  her and   she  was treating him  like   stranger  she did  not know. It was like he died,  but was transported  in some  weird dimension  where   everything was up sided  down.

Vickram recalled his last    two months with Sugni, in Mawhari...when she found out   he was married.  Her heart broken expression, her   angrily  , then  later pleading  with him to  leave her alone.   To  go back to his  wife  and forget  her.

But  he could not.  In his quest  to  make her understand  HIS  feelings  and  HIS  dilemma ...he refused to  stop and  think what he was putting her through. She had no idea  what his marriage  was,  and  she found out in the worse  way  possible   about it.

For all his life  Vickram  was a practical man, he always looked at  everything  twice  then again before  making   a decision.  Then he met Sugni.  The most innocent, carefree, prideful   caring  person he  ever met.  She was unlike  any  one he came across.  Coming from  the bedni clan,  she  knew  she was not  one of them...she  wanted better for herself. That determination shone through her.

He knew what people were saying about him and her, but frankly he did not  care.  For the first time in his life  he felt   alive,   just one smile  from her made  his day,   and seeing her upset well  that  made him upset.  He had no idea  when  he  fell in  love  with  her,  but he did  and all he wanted was  to love her protect her and make  her  dreams  come true.

One  of that  dream  was living a respectable life,  married without people  pointing  fingers  at her.  He wanted to give her that.  What he gave her was the opposite.  The minute  he realized he  was  losing her  he could not handle  it.

She was the only   brightness in his world...and if she walked away  he could not go back to  the  darkness.. So he tried to explain sure  she would listen... and  understand and give him a chance to make things  right   by  getting a divorce.  Call it temporary insanity, but she was his world and she was slipping and he could not let that happen.

Then the unthinkable happened, after weeks  of her  trying to  run  from him and he  chasing her, of  arguing, crying apologizing and trying  to convince  her  he received a letter  addressed to  him, from her delivered   by  one  of   her  friends. As he opened it and his eyes passed through the words, his entire world tilted and   burst into flames.  He could not forget the words no matter how much he tried. :

Dear Thakur Mallick,

I have tried  to   explain it to you, I have tried   my  best to  make you  understand.  There is  and can't be  any  relationship between us. There never should  have been  to begin  with.  May be part of that was  my  fault, I should have  known  a charming man  as yourself  would  be married.

I spent my  life  running from  becoming  one of these  girls, who  come into  the Thakurines  lives  unwanted, who  have to live  each  day   with the  curses of their tears. Marriage has always been a commitment, to stand by each other no matter what,  a promise.  You made that promise  to her. I met her,  she is a good woman. She loves you.

I realized now  that as long as I am  here you will never see that. Unwillingly  I  have become what I never wanted to be. And  that hurts.  I can't look at  myself in the mirror any  more.  The  stares and the laughter are like  knives. And I can't even say  I hate you because I  tried . I did.  Beneath all  the  hurt, I want you to be happy.

But I can't ruin  a  sacred marriage. And I am  begging you, as my  last wish please   don't. Stop  what you are planning, because  living  with the stain  of a homewreker  is   hard enough,  having  the stain  of blood on my  name   is unbearable.

I am leaving now, and  will never  interfere in your lives. This is  my  repentace for all the  trouble  I have caused. It is my  due punishment for being unable to  forget you as I should.  Its  the only  way...I  am  sorry...


As  he  read  the dreaded  words  , he knew she was about to do something  to  herself.  Rushing like crazy  to  look for her. By  the time he tracked her down  she was already  at the   edge  of the cliff looking   down at the river...

"Sugni...Sugni wait...Stop!."  He said  running towards  her

"  Mallick...stay  away...Leave me' She said

O- o- Kay...Please  I'll do what you say...I'll leave you  what you want... Just come back please...don't do this..."  He pleaded...

She shook her head, as tears  ran down her face, "you are just saying that...I'll always  be  between you..."


"Good bye   Thakur Mallick..."  she said, as she closed her eyes  jumping  before  he  could  stop her. The  rains   that  fell had the  river  swollen  and furiously  making  its way  to the sea taking  her with  it.  The echoes of her screams reverberating in his  head.

He was about to   follow her, when his brother stopped him.  Days  searching the  river  nothing was found  and it was  concluded  she   could never  survived that  fall.  He had killed her  or so he thought.!

Losing her like that took everything from him; life was meaningless.  He heard of people who went crazy in love  and he finally  turned into one of them.  Unable  to  live there with the  guilt, es[pecially after hearing  that his family  had finally  given their  blessing. Too late.

He left,   with just her memory to torture his soul. Wandering aim.lessly, hoping his life would end soon so he could join her.  There would be no happiness in his life, because he deserved none.  There would be no resting place in his life...because thanks to him she could not get that peace.  That  was his self-inflicted  punishment, for ruining the one good thing he had.

But  God   had other plans  it seemed, and  here he was  face to face  with her...

"Good morning Vickram  babu...have a seat your tea will be ready  in a few minutes." The Vendor said  as  Vickram   took  a seat  on one of the  outside tables.

"Good morning  Raju...thank you.." he said as he waited.

Vickram wondered  what he was supposed to  do here?  This was no place for her , yet by  the way  she  was acting and  the reactions of some of the people she  was  known  here.  The  Sugni he knew would  run from a place like this,   here  she  seemed  to  have resigned herself to  this place.

He remembered  her saying  something about he got hurt like she did...with a fall like that it is  obvious she would be injured. But Mawhari   to Banaras was thousands of miles... This was just so  confusing. He guessed  the best chance he had was talking to her again and to do that he would need to go visit that place.That thought alone   was enough to make his blood crawl.

"Hi!"  Said a cheerful  familiar  voice as he  looked up to see her standing next to him  smiling brightly. Again he felt  like he  was in some weird  world.

"Hello...!"  he said...

"How are you  feeling? How is your  head?" she asked  taking a  seat opposite him.

"Better... thanks..."  Raju   came with his   normal morning tea and sandwich...

"  are you...went to the temple  I see."

"Yes Raju!...that looks  good can I have   what you gave him?"  she asked.

"Sure sure...Where are the others?" He asked.

"They'll be here soon...they  stopped to look at some new  bangles   Rita  had..." She   explained.

He nodded as he left to get her order. Vickram  who was silent through out  the exchange was again struck  by  how familiar she seemed to be of her surroundings.

"You a regular  here?" he asked.

"Hmm...He makes the best  tea...and whenever we visit the  temple na...we must  stop here! I did not expect to see you here...and this early. Where are you from?" she asked

"Mawhari..." he said impulsively...

" that somewhere close?'

"No...its  far  away.. Thousands of miles" She frowned...

"If it's so far   how come you are here  at   8 A.M.?"

He smiled slightly.  "Well I am  from there  but for now I  am staying down  the   street." he said  pointing to the direction of his apartment." She rolled her eyes and looked at him... "Couldn't you just say that in the first place..."

"So  what brings you  here?" she asked.

"I don't  know...fate  I guess" he said  cryptically.

"Huh?" She asked confused..

"What are you  doing here?"  he asked

"I  told you  I went to the temple..."

"No I  mean what are  you  doing  in a place like  Brasso..."

"I  live there..."  She   said  as  Raju placed her order in front of her.  She took a bite of her sandwich.

"No  you  don't  Sugni...this is  no pl...:

" Ohh  No  not again...listen  I  told you  na  already  I am  not  Sugni...I am  Chulbuli...seems  like you are still confused." She said

"No I am  not... this is  no place for you... Sugni your life  is  much better than this. Your dreams  of that respectable  with pride where is  all that??? Surely You  have not forgotten that.."

"Uhhh" She said as she closed her eyes at his  words...she could feel  her head ache coming on again.  Hurriedly  she  opened  her  bag and  took  the pills   she used  to prevent her  headaches form becoming   a nightmare.

"What are you doing?" He said as he saw her down the tablets. "What is that?" he grabbed the bottle from her hand before  she  could answer..

"Hey...Don't touch  me...Give  that back to me!"  She said reaching to  take it back.  Before  he could   read it  she  took t back and put it in her bag after  swallowing  two.. Giving him a stern look.  "How dear you?"

"Why are you  taking those pills  Sugni?"

"Because ..." She said. Shrugging... "And I said  I am not Sugni..."  He  kept staring at her  in a way  that was  beginning  to make her  feel uncomfortable. Obviously   he did not approve of   her "profession" and by  his reaction  to the  pills   he thought she was some drug junkie.   She could   feel like he was judging her , and she did what she always  did  when she felt   judged. She got defensive.

"ohh can get off your hight horse. Don't Judge  me!" She said

"I  was'nt..'

"Yes you were...I can see  it...Since I met you  all you been telling me is  this is no place for me...well guess what This is  MY  home,  a place  you   walked into   gleefully last night  so please you are in no position  to put a stamp of  approval  on me..."


"STOP it  ...with that  name already!!!" She said  putting her hand over her ears. Her breathing   rapid as she got agitated.

"Chulbuli?" One of the girls    from the  brothel came over to  where they  were. "Is every thing Ok?" Looking at her.  Her eyes   watery  with  pain  explaining    it all.

" Yes...I  just got..."

"Bad?" She asked.

"No...but we should go now..." She said getting up  opening her purse she took out  some money...

"Leave it I'll pay..." Vickram said

"Ohh  no ...I don't  accept  charity  Mister... your breakfast is on me..." She placed the money  down and  turned...

"Ohh and one more thing... You're not welcomed  at Amma's anymore..."   She walked off    before he  could say anything.
Vinnie, Interesting chapter 5, Nice changes in the story, now sugni's anger can b understandable, i mean, he hide his wife truth from her, she is angry about it and the way out of it was dying, so i can see its okay her reaction is understandable.
Nice changes i liked, 
Chulbuli doesn't want to get closer to vikram but her heart which is belong to vikram takes her closer to him, her brains says no but her heart is not listening to her, faith unites them let's see
to be honest, i liked chulbuli more then sugni , she was much better and nicer.
let's see how u handle this character
over all nice progress, hurry up with chap 6 tumbs up
Thank you Ron for your comments! I hope you enjoy the next chapter coming up.!
[Image: Forgiveness_zpsdbe274ad.jpg]

“Hey  Chulbuli!  How are you?”  Divakar asked as he walked into the foyer of the  building.

“Divakar babu  what are you  doing here this  early?” She asked . It was not even  mid day, did’nthe have  work to do  or something she  thought   irritably. She was still upset  by  her encounter with   Vickram  and his disapproval  of her. For some reason that hurt. Why should it matter to her she had no idea.  But it did.  He did  not  know the truth , how dear he  sit and judge her when  he himself was guilty  of coming here in the first place. That  was  like the pot calling the kettle black  now  was’nt  it?”

“So what  do you say …Any  place you  like” Divakar said. What was he babbling about she had no idea.

“What?” She asked

“Are’nt you  listening?  What is bothering that pretty little head of yours…”  He said   softly  trying to be sweet  but  just coming off  slezy.  “I was saying  why  not  wear  these  diamond errings  with something sexy  and  we can go  have lunch!” He repeated.

Belatedly  she   noticed  the   jewelry  box in her hand.  “Go on…I’ll wait for you…”

“Ohh …I  am  sorry  Divakar babu…I –I can’t I  mean I  have rehersals  …and you  know Amma  she   insists  on that…it’s  not a good time..”

“Oh  nonsense, of course she  would  approve…I  already   talked to her… don’t worry  . And you are such a good dancer you  don’t need rehersals…” He said.   Chulbuli   looked at him,  Amma approved? But she did not  tell her anything… As if on cue she  came down the stairs.

“Divakar, Darling… you are early!!!” She said   greeting him with a hug.

“Well I wanted to  drop off a gift  for the  beautiful lady.” He said  with a wink.

“How generous of you!  Let me  see.” She said   opening  the box her eyes  lighting with the  sparkle of the  stones.  “Wow Chulbuli… very  lucky you are!” She  smiled.  Chulbuli  gave a fake  smile.

“Amma  I was saying there is  lots to do  today ..lunch is  impossible right?”  She said  hoping  she would get  her meaning.

“Ohh no…You deserve  a day  off… and  a nice  lunch   is  just  what you  need…Go out get some fresh  air!!!...” Amma  said.  “Come  let me  help you  get ready….Divakar  babu  have a  seat in the den while she gets  ready… the  girls  will  serve you  drinks….”  She  said with a smile…

“Of course !”  he agreed.

Chulbuli  entered  her  room with  Amma in  tow.  As soon as the door closed she turned to her.   “Amma  what is  this?   Lunch  I- I   don’t  want to go with him.” She said   plainly.

Amma  looked at her   and  sighed.  She  liked  to  think  of herself  a  reasonable woman.  In  the  thirty  years  she  been running   this  place,  she  did  her best  to  make sure the girls  got   the  best  clients. No  stragglers  or ruffians. Men  who  would  treat them  reasonably  well.

She developed  a  reputation  to  catering for  the  high class as she  realzed  quickly  early  on  that  was  where the money  lay.  Most of the girls  who  came here had already  lived on the streets   long enough that she did  not have to explain  the deal to  them.

She provided them  with a  comfortable place to  stay  ,  made  sure they  were   clean  and took  care of them.   Chulbuli however  was proving to  be  something  else. When Katari    sold  her   to Amma  , telling her   she was  easy since  her  head  was  whack and  she could not remember  anything.  A new  girl was  just what  she  needed  as   the  clients  were   getting bored of the same old faces.

Playing on the fact  that she  had  no one and no  money  seemed to  work as she resigned herself to  staying here.  Then  Divakar  saw  her  and was fascinated  by  her,  the man  had  more money  than  any  one she   knew  and   he was willing to  pay  top dollar   for  one  night  with  her.  However  he liked his girls  willing  and   he was   willing to  wait.   She knew  he would not   wait forever  though and  it was  time to get  her  moving in that  direction.  For  although  she  might  sympathize  with   Chulbuli,  she was no fool  and in this  business   you  could not   give in to  every  tear   filled  face.!

“ Sit…”  she told her   as she  sat on the bed.   Amma  sat next to  her  ,  taking her hand  she   smiled.

“Look…this can  be scary.  It  always  is  the   frist time you go out there.  But  Chulbul…this is who we are …it is what we do…”  Chulbuli shook her head.  “yes  it is…look  around you.  I  am  here to  take  care of you  and  that is  what I am trying to do. Now  the  faster  you  stop  fighting this and accecpt it , the  easier  this is going to  be   on  you and all of us. “

‘But  Amma… I can’t do this…’

“Of course you can.”  Amma  looked at her  steely   as  she  said.   “If you  really  want to  leave here…if you  think this is not for you…you can go out there.  And I can  promise you…that  beore the night is over someone  is  going  to claim  you…and  they  won’t ask your permission.  By  the  end  of the  week you’ll be in one of the other houses  where they are not as leineant as I am.   And  soon  we will see you  on the  street  corners   turning  tricks  for a few  dollars… and you  know I am right.” She   stayed quite waiting for her words to sink in.   She  was  right, Chulbuli remembered  again her first night  out here  on the street.  She shuddered. Amma did rescue  her.

“Look  at this…” Amma  said  showing her  the  jewelry  box.   “You can’t get better than him around  here, and you  are  lucky  he is showing   this much  interest  in  you. I am  going to  be  frank with you…its time for you  to make a decision…are you  in  here  our   do you  want to go out there. You  stick   with  me  and I’ll make sure you are taken  care off. But   if you  leave…that’s it, my  doors  are closed for ever.”

“But  Amma  I don’t know  how…I  am not  ready  for  that.” She said,  tears   falling down  her face.  One  way  or the other  she  was  being pulled into   this.

“First  of  all  relax…you be nice to him he’ll be nice to you.  I know   this is daunting…you need to  get yourself   accustomed to this…this lunch is a good  start.  Don’t   get emotionally involved here …this has nothing to do with  feelings  dear…it is strictly  business. They  pay  for  what you  have  you  just have to make  sure they  pay  good…” Amma  went on  about the  do’s and  don’ts  of the girls .  Chulbuli thought she would  be sick. Listening to her talk about it,  she made it sound like an office job! Only  it was not.

Wiping her face in an almost motherly fashion she said. “it gets  easier I  promise…you   know  I’ll take  care of you.  Who knows  you  might enjoy   the  lunch.  You can’t go down  there  with this  face…so come on  get cleaned up and I’llfind you  something nice to  wear…don’t worry  it’ll  be ok…”

Slowly  Chulbuli  went to the   bathroom ,  where  under the   rush  of the water  she  cried   her eyes  out. She could not believe  she  was going to do this “Oh God  Please ….don’t let this happen.” She cried.



Vickram   was  wandering    the  street   thinking about  what he learned  earlier  that  day.   After   she  left  him  stunned and  staring  after  her,  still wondering about her   weird  behavior.  Raju  came  to their  table to   clear the dishes.

On  impulse  he  started  to ask  him about  the  girls  at the  place.   As  Raja  seemed  to be familiar  with  them.    He  seemed  fond  of  them,  as he spoke  of the  girls    a respected  clients,  who   makes   visits  to his  shop once or twice a week  going to  the temple.   They did  what they  had to to survive  but they  were good   people. It was obvious he had genuine affection for them.

“Chulbuli” he  learned  was the newest  addition  to the  group .   She   came  here   a few  months  ago when  Amma  brought  her from the  hospital.  What was   wrong with  her ? He did  not  know. But  Amma  took her in and  now  she was one of them.

Only  now Vickram  was  more convinced  that   that  was  indeed  Sugni,   who  thought  she was  Chulbuli, and  she  treated  him   like  a person she  just met.  He  wondered   if her   fall   did  something  to  her  memory.   Now   that was ironic ,  the one   who  occupied   his  thoughts  night  and  day  had  no  idea    who  he was   or   just  how much   she  meant   to  him.  Maybe  that was a good  thing all he  did  was give her  hell  any  way  when  she  knew  him.  What better punishment could there be   for him   not even being  part of  her  memory.

Come what  may  he   had to  get her out of  this  hell.   And to   do  that  he  needed  to   talk  to  her  again  and   get her  to  come with  him   some  how.   That   was  not  going to  be  easy   but  he  would ,  if it  was  the  last  thing  he  ever did  he  would   make  sure she was safe again.   Safe  and  happy,  even  if  that  meant   living the  rest   of  his  life  living  with  her hatred he would, as he deserved  no less but until he gave up  that  last  breath   he will do all   he  could  to  make  her  world  right  again.

That   would  be his   repentance for all the   that hurt pain and  damage  that he  caused  her.  It was because  of him  she was   living in this  place, he  took  it as a sign   from  above  that this  was to be his restitution  towards  her.


Belatedly  he  noticed  the  black  car  as  it  drove out  of  the  street.  It  looked  about as  out  of  place   here  as a bull in a china  shop.   His  blood  ran  cold  as he  noticed  who was sitting  in   the passenger  side.   Sugni!?!  The  driver  looked  like a slick  sleez  bag for  sure.

“ Oh  No…no  no  no,   don’t do this  please  Sugni …Oh God Please  don’t."   He  wondered   how was he supposed to  save her from  this?  He had  to do  something.    His  eyes  fell on a taxi  as it  dropped off a passenger.  Before  the  person was  out he  jumped in.  “ Follow  that  black  car, I  don’t care  where it  goes  .  "Hurry!’   he said.


“I  thought  we  were  going to  a  restaurant?”  Chulbuli  said   as  they  walked  into  the  hotel   a  short while  later.   She  could not help  but wring  her hands  in her  nervousness. She   was not one  to  sit and feel sorry  for  herself,  she knew  she  would have to  find  a way   out of  this.

Her prayers  seemed  to  have been answered  when  one of  the other  girls,  Chameli   came and  offered  to  help   her get  ready,  as  Amma  left  to   make  sure  Divaker  was  comfortable.  It so  happened that once upon a time  Divakar   had fancied   Chameli .

Noticing  her   nervousness, she  said.  “You’re not ready  for this  are you?” She  shook  her head.

“Well  there may  be  a way  you  can  get out of  it,  and  Amma  won’t be any  wiser…but you  have  to  be smart about it.  “Keep  in  mind   that  eventually   you  won’t have any  choice in the  matter!”   She  nodded.  She  knew that.

“Ok  he has  one  weakness you  can  use  against  him, …listen….” She  listen  as as  Chameli  talk  about Divakar, as she smiled  seeing  a  window  of hope.

So  here  she  was   just  hoping to  get an  opportunity   to   use  what  chameli  told  her to  get out  of  this. She knew she  might  only  have one shot.

He  smiled.  “Ohh  I  thought  we  might  enjoy  a bit more privacy  than a crowded   restaurant…this  will  give us  a  chance  to  get   to  know each  other  better!”  He  winked.  She did her best  not to shudder.  She  pasted a fake  smile on her face and  followed  him  to  the  room.

She  made  a bee line  straight to  the  window   looking out  at the  street  below , looking  for an  opportunity.  “hmmm  nice  view   huh!”  She  nodded  as  he picked up  the  room  service  menu.

She  noticed  he  placed  his   phone  and  keys   down  on  one  of the  side  tables.

She  let  out  an  over  dramatic  gasp… “Oh  my  God…Ohhh  How  beautiful….I  need  to  get  me some ….” She  said   excitedly.


He  placed  the   menu  down  as  he came to see what had her so excited. He looked out but  noticed  nothing.  “What is  it…? “ he asked.

“Ohh you  see thoese  floweres…in the flower shop there..look  they  have  purple   Orchaids…I  loooooove  purpule  orchades, culd you  get me  some  …please…”  She batted  her eyes  at him. As she  placed her   hand  on his fore arm  flirtatiously.

He  looked at her   hand  and  smiled. Aparently  she would do  any thing  for   the flowers.

“Of  course  if  it’s what you  want…I’ll ask  the  hotel  to send  some one for it….”

“tut tut tut..”  She  frown and  pouted… “ What   Divakar  Babu…can  you get them  yourself…I  mean  it makes a girl feel  all special   whan a man  picks out  the flowers  for her…you know it sets the  mood!” His  eye brows  shot up… he was liking this side of her.

“ohh …well  in that  case…I’ll be happy  to get you  those  orchades.   He  said   placing his  hands  on her  shoulders.  She  forced her self  not to  react.

“Tell you  wat  why  don’t you  order us   the room  service…and I’ll just  go over   to the flower shop and  be back.”   He said.

“Sure…What would you  like?’ She asked.

“Any  thing  you order will be fine…I’ll be right  back .”  She  let out a sigh  of   relief   as he  left. She  ran  to  the  window   to make  sure   that  he  was on  his way  to the  shop.  He  eye  caught  a  figure  standing   on  the  opposite  side   of  the road. Vickram ? What was he  doing here. ? No  she was  imagining  things  as she  sook  her head    looked and  he was   gone.

She  spotted Divakar  as she  crossed the  street  and  he  knew she only  had a few  minutes.  Hurrying back   in the  room  she  grabbed  his  cell  phone as  she  looked  through   his  contact  list  until she came  across  the  number  she  wanted

Talking the    hotel  phone   she placed  the  call.  She  waited  a  few  seconds  as it rang.

“Hello?”   A female  voice    answered.

In a  very   high pictched  voice    Chulbuli  said.  “ Hello  Mrs.  Singhania… Do  you  know  where your  husband  is   right now?” She asked.


“My  God…I  am  shocked   seeing him at the  Oriass Hotil… with  a  woman   who I  definitely know   not  his  wife…Ohh  My  god  and   his hands all over  her…tut tut tut…really  Ma’am  that is  bad…”


“Who  is  this?’   The voice  said.

“You  have  better thing s  to  worry  about that  who   this is… but  if you  are ok with this   then …sorry  I   disturbed   you..just trying to do you  a   favor  you  know woman to woman…”  She hung up  the  phone   with out saying another  word.

Not  two  seconds  later his cell phone began  ringing…Perfect.  She  thought . As  she   took the menu  and  ordered   something  from  the    room service  menu.

A few  minutes  later Divakar  returned   carrying a large bouquet  of    purple  orchaids.

“Here  you are  …beautiful flowers  for a  beautiful lady!”  He said  presenting it  to  her.

“Ohh  these  are soooo  lovely. Thank  you  …!”  She said taking  them  from  him.  He  tried  to  hug her  but his  cell   phone  went off at that  moment. .

“Uh…who could that be.”  He  asked   irritated.

“I don’t know but you  should get it’s  been  ringing like  that  since you  left.”   He looked  at the  caller  ID.

“Shit….what dose  she  want?”  he  mumbled.

“Who is  it?” She asked..

“Uh… nothing…give  me  a  minute”  he said as he answered the phone.

“Hello… Um   I  am  in a meeting.. what?  Why  would  I  do   that.. No.. No   Yes  yes…….WHATT?  I  had  no idea  your father  was  coming today…why  did’nt you…ohh ok  ok…yes  …yes… Now  I  understand…. OK…”

Chulbuli  listened to the   on sided   conversation, trying to   keep  a  confused  face.  According to  Chameli   he had a very  rich  wife , who although aware of his philandering  ways, kept  him around for her father’s  sake  since  he  did  not  take lightly  to  the  stigma  of  divorce.

Divakar   was not   crazy  enough  to  get on his father in laws  bad  side, as  he  the  man  had  a lot  of  money and a frail  body. So  infront of him they  pretended to  be a  happy  couple.  His wife  also  used it   to her  advantage  to  get him to  do her bidding.!  She did  er best to keep  her   husband in check  but  obviously  was  not always  successful. Chulbuli  was happy  as  she was  almost out of this  jam.

The  soft knock on the door signaling their  lunch  order , quietly  she  went   and   received it as  he  ended  his  call…

“Uhh…I  am  sorry  can you  take  this  back.?”  He   said  to  the bell boy.  “we have to leave now.”

“Now?” Chulbuli  said   looking at him  in  shock.

“I  am  sorry   an  emergency  came  up and I  really  really   really  need to  get  to  my  office  in  10  minutes.”   He said.

“Is everything  alright?” She asked.

“Yes it will  be I  just need  to get there…listen..”  he  said after he  tipped the  bell boy    who  left  with  the  untouched  food… he took  out a  $100  bill and handed  it out to her..  “Can  you get yourself back  I  need  to go  to   the  office and  it is  on the other side of town…” He said  looking  mildly  embrassed.

She  looked at the  note, and sighed. “It’s  Ok  Divakar  Babu…I  don’t want your  money I’ll find  my  way  back…” before  he could answer his phone went off again.

“It seems really important   we should leave now.”    She said. He  nodded. As they  went   to  the elevators  to  make   their  way  downstairs.


HMMM smart move, without hero fights and all Smile i liked the chapter, it was interesting to read, sadly amma now pushing sugni into this hell, hukum playing her uncle ? well such a bad guy he is, he sold her to amma and amma now wants to get her money back in such a way that what to do, she ended up there so has to do it.

its not easy to be pushed into unwanted thing and em glad she found a way out
nice progress in the story 
i liked.
keep it up
hurry up with next chap
thank you Ron for your comment. Yes she is being pushed but she is fighting... Glad you enjoyed the chapter ... here is the next one , looking forward to your comments. Enjoy!!!

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