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Honesty in relation-ship
There was a girl whose named was Roma  .When Roma  was 17 years old she became victim of Ichthyophthirius multifiliis i disease.In this disease white spots spread in body parts.she felt complex of her lack of beauty.she thought that no boy will marry with her.
When Roma was 21 years old .she saw many of her age group friends get married now more complex she felt.When was 23 years age her best friend Rabia got married now the level of jealousy and complex on peak.
One of Roma friend named hira advised her to join face-book.Many pupil use this web-site in-order to find life-partner,friends,boy-friend and girl-friend so why u don't try this web-site .she puts different picture in face-book which was not her original photo.she added many boys .She talked with them in late night.Many boys flirt with her, now she gave-up.
     One day, her friend brother wedding,there was a boys Zubair who saw her .he liked her.he send proposal in Roma house.Every-one shocked.Is that proposal for Roma?Roma parents confirmed the boy many time.are u sure to marry with her.he replied ,"yeah" but why u all this question? Roma parents replied,"this was Roma first proposal" .then Zubair raised question,"Why this was first proposal of Roma"they changed the topic and  asked the boy family . In which date u want this marriage happen?Roma felt that her parents not did right to hide my disease from Zubair and his family.Roma suddenly opened her voice and said I want to share some-thing which was linked from my life.Zubair and his family listened what Roma want to share?Roma said," I am suffering from a disease where my whole body there is white spots, only my face is safe up-till now.In public I covered my body  in this way that white spots not exposed.Zubair love and respect for Roma increased more He replied,"I already knew about ur disease but  still i send u proposal" Roma asked ," what is the reason behind".Zubair replied I want to marry with that girl who was having good nature.i don't give importance to physical beauty" .For me u are perfect for my life partner to whom I able to trust in my whole life.By hearing this Roma eyes were filled with tears.
wow this is such a beautiful story, i liked it, its so nice that such people do exist, he loved her that's why he accepted her as she was !!!
keep writing
i enjoyed it.
thank u Smile this is a story of my friend.she gets such a good life partner in life.she is happy in her marriage life Smile
your friend is lucky and blessed, but her husband is more then blessed, he did not marry the beauty he married the best girl
beauty is not forever, it leaves us at some age, old honey k baad kahan log khubsurat rehte hay , so what is remaining is the inner beauty, love is there, he is lucky to have the best !!!
(11-01-2015, 10:48 AM)princess.sarah Wrote: thank u Smile this is a story of my friend.she gets such a good life partner in life.she is happy in her marriage life Smile
yeah, u are right.Mei tow yehi pray krte ho sb ki kismat mei aisey boys milley Smile
well, kabhi kabhi ulta b hota hay means boy main kuch khamiyan hay and no one wants him, to woh jo ladki hay jo usey accept karie woh b achi hoti hay, !!
yeah Ronit u are absolutely right,aisey jo rishtey hotey hai woh God k bnnahey huway hotey hai aur dil ka dil sey ek ajeeb sa rishta bnjata hai.hummey pata nhe hota hai k reason kya hai iss sey pyaar krney ki .Iss liye boltey hai love is blind. Smile
well aik baat hay jo humne tub kaha tha jub TVS aur SUGNI ki jodi bani thi woh yeh thi k logo ne kaha TVS 35+ SAAL ka tha aur adi jo tha woh 25 ka hogaa, to hum logo ne dekha k sugni ki life kesi bani jub tvs ki thi aur uski life kesi bani jub adi tha to tub humne kaha

its better to be a queen of old man then a slave of young idiot Smile

so... at times people marry some one just because they find him / her so handsome / beautiful and then they regret that decision, how many people chose their life partner because of physical attachment? oh he looks like this actor / oh she looks like that model and so on, log beauty dekh ker shadi karte hay
shadi k baad jo inner beauty hay yaan gandgi hay wo bahir aa jati ha
to kya reh gya ???

better to have simple nice wife who is not very beautiful but for you she is the queen of your heart then a woman who thinks she is so beautiful and all the world is such a ugly even she consider the man who chose her as ugly... !!!
yeah ronit u are absolutely right, age matter nhe krte relation mei .sb ko jawan hamesha nhe rehna.baat srif right choice ki hote hai.aghr lrki sey lrka 12 years age mei brra bhi ho tow bhi frak nhe prta aghr choice right ho aur married life mei khush ho Smile
haan farak nai padta
agar husband wife se bada b hai to kuch nahi hota
agar woh pyaar karta hay / respect karta hay / trust karta hay / support karta hay to kya fark padta hay k woh i mean uski age kya ha
aisa best husband to hum logo ne TVS main dekha tha
woh b to bada tha but he was the best choice for his wife
Pyaar ha to age vage koi mayne nai rakhte !

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