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failure in life
This is a story of lakshmi.who was an only child of her parents.lakshmi parents were separated since her child-hood.Now lakshi was adult .lakshmi lived with her mother but her mother was telling her lie and always told fake story that her father died in car accident.
One day, suddenly a lawyer came in their home and said Mr.Rahul was passed in last sunday and he make his will in his life-time in which he gave all his property to lakshmi.
Lakshmi was shocked and this question came again and again in her mind why her mother telling lie to her since her child-hood?.She glared to her mother .when lawyer left from her home.she shouted her mother.why u do this mom? u know he is my father.I have blood relation with him then lakshmi mother said "stopped" to lakshmi.u don't know about ur father reality therefore u absurdly talking.lakshmi said to her mom"yeah u are right I don't know my father reality but now I better understand ur reality. u are big lier.By saying all this lakshmi went to her room and she locked herself in a room and crying all night.In morning lakshmi mom called her for break-fast but she replied I don't want to eat ur hand break-fast, her mom tolerate all the bitter words of lakshi.
One day lakshmi mom committed suicide.she left letter in which she wrote dear lakshmi.I didn't want to far u from ur dad but for the sake of ur life I force-fully took this step .Ur father wanted to kill u in ur child-hood becoz he didn't want a daughter.He married another woman from her .she didn't give any child to him then he married with many  woman but no woman gave him child then he divorced all those women.At the end of his life he was all-alone. he felt guilty what he had done in his life.he wanted to meet u but I didn't allow him.All I did for ur sake of ur life and In my life I hide this secret and told many lies becoz this secret hurt u .At the end she wrote sorry to her princess daughter and wrote God bless u my daughter.lakshmi eyes were filled with tears Sad
wha it was a nice story, it happens in life, lakshmi's mother did not want her daughter to hate her daddy but she ended making her hating her, she could have told her this truth when she was mature enough to understand.
At times people behave badly with their daughter and her mother just because they wanted a boy
maine dekha... k logo ne ladki ko paa per afsos kiyaa aur jub bete hue to kya ant hua burhape main ? ... woh ladki hi thi jo apne budhe maa baap ka seva karti thi woh boy jo maa baap chahte teh woh to aapni biwi k paaloo main chup gaye... its a shame on people who say NO TO GIRLS and behave badly with their wife just because they had a daughter, so unlucky man , he did not accept GOD's gift and ended ALONE.
nice story sarah
enjoyed reading.
keep it up !!!
yeah ronit,ajj kl society mei yeh chez bohot common ho ghe hai beti ko booj samja jata hai,thank u for liking my story
well its a sad thing to even think this way
don't forget that girls are those who take care of their parents when they are old, parents samjhte nai us baat ko aur beti ko bojh samajhte hay
shame on such people.

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