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Story of a Haunted house
Once upon a time there was a girl,whose named was Chanda ,she was only daughter of her parents.Her father was a cobler and mother was heart patient .His elder brother Harish was tailor.Chanda herself was a school teacher.Chanda father worked was not going well.He decided to go city for finding job but the problem was he didn't have money to go there.Chanda tried to help her father .She said,"If We sell the woods of tree which was standing near our house,what you say that?.her father replied ,"Briliant idea".Next morning father cut the tree and sold the wood of tree and earned lots of money and very merely he returned home.After dinner when he went for sleep.he saw some-one shadow in his house.He went to his children room and said there was some-one in his room, he saw the person shadow.Actually he was possessed.When his children looked in his room there was no one present.They said, there is no-one in your room dad ,u saw horrible dream.Next day when chanda and harish went for their job .During this time his father had burnt  the house, their mother died.A large crowd of people was standing near their house when they came back from job.Both of them were shocked when they saw the house was burning.They asked to dad," How the house had burnt up"their father replied,"I always said there was some-one in our house but you was not believing me.looked that person burnt up our house, said this in crying tone.Chanda and harish listened crowd gossiping that a man him-self  had burnt his house and killed his wife.
Ohh, this is sad story
I guess aik churail us ped per rehti thi Smile
yr,waisey meiney suuna hai jin bhoot trees mei rehtey hai.And mera believe bhi hai k jin bhoot exist krtey hai , meri great grand mother ko saaya nazar ahta tha aur yeh tb sey unnko nazar ahta tha, jb unho ney tree k nichey urine passed ki thi. Smile app ka believe hai ronit on jin bhoot ?
well ghosts hote hay
jin ka pata nai ,
maine fear files main aik episode dekha about a jin
but pata nai not so sure about it.
i also saw my grand mother in that house were she died Smileactually she live in village after two years when i went to that house o saw her in night
oh that must b a scary experience
yesterday i asked my brother, what will u do if some one knocks the door and u open it, u see your grand mother who passed away 3 months back, what will u do ?
well he was not sure what he might do... strange question..... i wonder what i would have done.

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