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Once upon a time there was a girl whose named was Attiya.She  was living with her mom ,Dad and younger brother.Attiya age was 6 years.She was naughtiest child of her parents,her teachers always punished her.she was playing with her naughtiest friends.
One day, they were seeing that a bird make a nest in their school garden.They were waiting, when the bird was completed her nest.They will break the nest for fun.
Atlast, that day came, when bird was completing her nest.They were throwing stones in-order to break the nest for fun.Un-fortunately ,the nest broke.All eggs of bird broke.Bird was crying for her egg but attiya and her friends make fun of bird.Bird curse all of them.
After that incident attiya and her friends  were not feeling guilty.They were making fun of many animal which included many animals and birds.
when she was 12 years old.she was changing her school.she was making new friends whose company make her  completely change.Now her habit of making fun of animals have  finished.After attiya  completed her studies her parents decided of her marriage.
Attiya got married with her parents choice.
After 9 years of her wedding, when she was 30 years old she  became pregnant.Her child was died  during delivery.After that,she did n't became pregnant died.When She was 36 years old, her husband had given divorce to her.THe reason was she did n't give kid to him.Now she was alone in her life.
She always thought,why her luck was so bad ? but she never got an answer.One day ,In her dream,she saw a bird crying in her dream for her nest.Then she was seeing her-self in a dream with her old school friends.whose making fun of bird with her.Every night, she saw the same dream,Now, she was afraid to sleep.Every day ,she thought about that bird which came in her dream.Which affected her mental  health.At the end she admitted in asylum
maine yeh story padhi, mujhe bohut achi lagi, is se bohut kuch sikh sakte hay
is ladki ne bachpan main bird k bache mar diye - unjane main hi sahi, bird ko dard to hua, bird ne usey curse kiya is liye jub uski shadi hui to uska bacha nahi hua,. uski life barbad huii, kehte hay na we pay for what we do in this life, we pay in this life, we don't know when per saza idher hi mil jati hay !!!
if you don't like animals that's ok but don't hurt them don't kill their babies, esa karoge to saza b paoge !!!
nice story keep it up
this story hurt me lot because when i was 4 year old , i went to my grand mother house she kept small birds in big cage n i was like to play with one bird daily like when she come near to me i beat on cage to make her fly, but she got scared of me n died, my grand mother scold me n said because of you she died from that day i dont play with any birds n animal
oh shweta, that is such a sad story Sad
yes Sad but kya karu that time i was kid i dont understand meaning of hurt n smile
isleya aisa huwa , god forgive me for this i just hope n that bird tooo
well when we are kids , we are not aware of what we do, it happens, kya karien life ha
yeah,same thing happened to me also in my child-hood,I killed kitten by throwing stone on it Sad. If any one hurt reading this story then sorry
its ok, tub hum bacche tha now we grown up,
god bless us with good hearts Smile)
thank u Smile
yeah true

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