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obsession in love
Once upon a time, there was a poor girl  whose name was Sunita.Who was under-privileged girl and naive.She was illiterate girl.She worked as a maid in people house.When She looked rich people life-style,she desired to become rich .Sunita lived with her mommy, daddy,two  younger sisters and one younger brother.Sunita age was 28.
Sunita traveled in bus.One day there was strike of bus but Sunita didn't know about it.She was waiting for a bus.She was too late for her worked.
A boy came in bike whose name was Naushad ,stopped his bike near Anita and  offered her lift.Sunita was confused what  she have to  do. Sunita refused  his lift first.Naushad replied her,"As your wish " then  Naushad start his bike.Then Sunita voice came,okay I accepted your lift, drop me near Chandi chalk side.During travelling  Naushad tried to talk her and tried to take number from her.Naushad was succeeded to get her cell number.He talked to her daily,meet her daily in public park and some-time restuarant.
He did many promises that one day he will marry her.Sunita always waiting that day when Naushad ful-filed his promise of wedding,years passing but that day not came.One day naushad  not call Sunita whole day.Sunita was very worried why naushad  not call her.After 3 days passed Naushad called Sunita.Sunita said  I felt very up-set when u not meet her and talk her.By the way ,why u didn't call her in passed 3  days.Naushad tried to change the topic.Sunita said to him ,Don't change the topic replied her question,he gave smile and said he was out of town in 3 days and there was no mobile net-work there.Sunita believed in Naushad words.
She talked to her,after 1 week passed.Sunita saw naushad with a girl .Sunita was shocked.She asked  whose that lady.? Naushad ignore her question.Sunita said don't change the topic.That girl who was stand beside naushad said to sunita who are u and who gave you right to ask question to my husband about me.Sunita shocked,"husband".
Sunita cried and said to naushad that you play with my emotion, now every-thing is over. By said this he walked from that  place.Naushad said," listen sunita" but sunita never listen him.
Naushad send wedding  proposal to sunita house.
Sunita and her family refused that proposal,Sunita was 6th month pregnant and she suicide unhappy
some girls are really stupid, i dont understand why girl make physical relation with boys who just say they love her,
yes i understand this type of relation have physical attraction but still, hug n kiss is ok but Sad
girls are stupids
really stupids
yeah, and this story it-self is real story, my maid love story,but she abortion the child.
But she is a-live,
Nice storu, sad on as well
yeah Ronshan ,it's tragic story, thanks u like my story Smile
i like your stories, acha lagta hay pad ke.

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