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Pure love
Once upon a time there was a girl whose name  was Anita.Who was under-privileged girl and naive.She was illiterate girl.She doesn't care about world thinking.She lived her life according to her principles.
In her family there was only four members ,mommy , dad ,elder sister and she her-self.
Anita elder sister Chanda un-married and Anita her-self age was also crossing for marriage.There was a man  named kumar who looked Anita in his cousin wedding and fall in love with her.She send proposal for marriage to Anita but She rejected his proposal and then he tried for friend-ship to her.She was not interested to do  friend-ship with him.
Kumar tried several times to talk with Anita but every time She refused to talk.
Kumar was very confused why this  girl not ready to talk with him.There were many girls came in his life but he only proposed her and love her madly but She doesn't care.
One day, Kumar decided that he never give-up easily.He came in her home and said to Anita parents that  he wants to talk with Anita.
Anita parents were shocked,how a boy said he wants to talk Anita.Anita parents said to him why you want to talk Anita.He said, he love Anita and wants to marry with her.
Anita parents raised a question to kumar,Do u know about Anita? he replied ,"No".Anita parents said then why u want to marry her when u even don't know her.He replied ,"love is blind".
Kumar said to anita parents,"I don't understand why u ask so many questions to me.Again kumar said I want to talk with Anita.Anita parents said how can She talk to you when She is dumb.
Kumar was shocked, he said to Anita parents he still wants to marry with Anita.By hearing this Anita eyes were filled with tear in exhilartion.Anita parents still not satisfied,they said to him it is not practical how a dumb girl marry with normal boy.Your parents never allow u to marry with dumb girl.Kumar said to Anita parents that his parents are open-minded , they give him freedom and  rights to make decision of his own life.Kumar parents readily accepted Anita as their daughter-in-law and Kumar finally marry with Anita.
nice story thanks for sharing!!!!
what that means anita was dumb ??
samajh nai aya ?
ron anita was unable to talk Smile)
oh she was unable to talk then why the word dumb ?
Nice story, i think true love never give up and always find a way to be together.
Thanks all, Waisey true love ajj kl k zamaney mei common nhe hai but love hona chaye hai tow aisa ,no demands and no complains ka combination LOLz Smile
Smile)true so true
(25-12-2014, 11:51 AM)Ronshan Wrote: oh she was unable to talk then why the word dumb ?

 Ron  in English ... when  some  one  is   unable  to  speak  we  say   they  are  dumb.  if  they  can't  hear  we  say  they  are   deaf  and  dumb.
 When  you  call  a  normal   person  dumb...  is  it  means  saying   "what is  wrong with you  you  can't  speak"     but  as  everything  else  it  got  misused  to  mean  stupid .
 DUMB  dose  not  mean  stupid  it  means  unable to  speak !!!
ohh okay Smile thank u vinnie for explaining this 1

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