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Blind Trust (It's real story)
Once upon a time, there is a girl name nisha.who was very nice and pretty girl in her class . She was 21 years old girl studied in university every one like to become her friend.she is a woman of principle
One day her friend Tania invited her in her birthday party at night.Nisha parents were very strict, she knows her parents never allow to go any friends party. she  said Tania "Sorry dear I will not come in your party "
Tania said that if u not come,I will not celebrate my birthday.Nisha become emotionally black-mill and she said  to her friend ok, I will come.
First time In her life, she said lie to her parents that there is  a university project which she have to complete at night with friends because tomorrow is the last day of submission of project.Her parents give permission.
Tania birthday party was finished at late night.Nisha become worry how she go back to her home .No friends are lived near her home.She don't have enough money to give auto-mobile fare.One stranger man came and talked very humbly and politely with Nisha and said sit in my car ,I will drop u.That man age was approximately 50 years .He kid-napped her and abused her physically.
Nisha  parents reported to police station that her daughter missing.Police found Nisha in very bad condition.Nisha told whole story to her parents and police and apologize her mistake to her parents.She felt very guilty.Her parents were filled with tears and hugged her
what can i say girl was so nice but one lie she got this punishment, she dont deserve this,
She should informed her parents where she go honestly.If parents not giving her permission to attend party.She must listen to her parents.Parents have much experience they know about the world.
yes i agree totaly Smile
but i think no girl in this world face this type of thing it so scary for any girl n she will never forget this incident for whole life, God bless all girls Smile
hello sarah, it was a nice story, different and well what may i say, that friend of nisha who invited her should have dropped her at home, there is always a reason why parents say no, even i say no to my sis / bro if they would ask for going to a party, she got a big punishment but this was for the parents as well.
Also - never take a lift from any one any stranger u do not know, its the dangerous thing to do
sarah it was really nice story with very important msg to girls
a. never take a lift from unknown
b. don't lie
c. parents know what is the best for u

well such think would have happened even if she would study at her friend's home and some one would kidnap her
there was one such movie of aishwariya rai i guess name was aapka dil humarey pass hay, same thing but in that she went to her friend to study and on her way home strangers saw her, they found her very beautiful. kidnapped her (she was walking and they pushed her in their van) so....... danger is there, don't go alone at night in dangerous places !!!!
yeah absolutely Smile
This is a very tragic true story!.. With a lesson that we all know but don't follow any way. NEVER LIE TO YOUR PARENTS ABOUT GOING OUT. DON"T TRUST A STRANGER
Her friend insisted she come to the party... if she was any type of a good friend she would have made sure she got back home safely. As we say here "Friends carry you but don't bring you back!"
As women and girls...your safety is most important especially these days. Never trust a stranger. We learn that in school.
well said vinnie !!

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