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jenny story
Once upon a time ,there was a girl named jenny.Whose age was 18 year. She was a only child of her parents.jenny parents love her very much and they tried their level best to fulfil  all  wishes of all parents jenny parents is also a well wisher of jenny.jenny love a boy who was worked in shop .which was very near from her home.That boy named was Rayyan.jenny parents don't like Rayyan because he have bad habit of drunk.One day ,jenny did court marriage with Rayyan.jenny parents heart broken because jenny destroyed her life by doing marriage with Rayyan.Rayyan changed completely after marriage .he was not that Rayyan who jenny like.Rayyan  did physical torture to jenny and treated her like an animal.Rayyan never gave respect to jenny.
jenny now realized that she make mistake to marry with Rayyan, her parents told her before that Rayyan was not good for her but she never listened  to them .All was her fault. She felt very guilty how to show their parents her face now because She broke her parents trust.At-last  she did suicide, she left letter for their parents, In this letter She wrote after my death, don't cry for me because I deserve it.I always bring tears on your face.I never give any happiness to u.plz forgive me Mom and Dad .I realize now how big sin I did , not obeyed your advice.sorry mom and sorry dad.By reading this letter Jenny parents  eyes was filled with tears and they loss their only child for-ever
hello sarah, it was such a sad story, at times parents say no to some boy because they know the better but don't take me otherwise, at times, they do not know because no one is perfect, at times they reject a person without meeting him 
**so many bollywood movies; rich / poor drama , zaat paat, uch neech and so on, 
but in this case, they saw him, they knew he was drunk guy and his behave was not so good, 
i won't blame the girl because love is blind and she became blind in love !
good story with good msg 
keep writing i am enjoying to read it.

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