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**The Big Secret** Chapter 29 Page 18 - THE ENDING
Here is chapter 4
enjoy and don't forget to drop comments

Chapter 4

When they arrived to the city, Sima asked both kids to go home and drop her near their office, She entered Daniel's office, 

Sima – "Hello Daniel"

Daniel – "hey sima, U r back, how are you?" , he stood up, Hugged her, let her sit on the chair and he sat in front of her and said I was trying to call you since the morning but your phone was not reachable" 

Sima – "yeah, I switched it off, my mood was off and I did not want to discuss such matters on phone. I m sorry for that, I know you must be worried for us… really sorry for that"

Daniel – "such matters… what matters sima ?? why did that woman call you there ?"

Sima – "Daniel , I really do not get it, A dying woman , wanted to tell us something, she told us something and died… I m still confused why would a dying woman say anything like that".

Daniel – "Sima, What did she say, tell me" 

Sima – "Dani, that woman said that our son Mike is not our son, 

Daniel – "What… ", in shocked voice….he stood up, looking at her in shock…  "Sima, What are you talking about, Mike is not our son, 

Sima – "even I m shocked Dani, I was there and the happenings there made me more confused, really very confused"

Daniel – "what happenings… tell me what happened?"

Sima- "We got there, we saw a very sick lady lying on the bed, she greeted us all, there was another family there, she spoke to that family's mother and said to her that she was punished for her sins, she too should atone her sins. Then she told everyone that she switched our sons, she apologized and she died just after saying it, all of us were shocked and I saw that other woman who claims to be Mike's mother, she came near him tried to hug him, not once but twice, I m so shocked, I don't know what to say Dani, I wish you would have been there with me.

Daniel – "Oh My God, No No… its impossible, You gave birth to him, what ever they say, its not the truth, that woman must be lying, I don't believe such things, you too should not believe it sima!!" 

Sima – "I don't know why but I believe her words, why would a woman who is dying lie and say such thing , she would gain nothing by doing that"

Daniel – "you are mike's mother, how can you buy those words, No I do not believe it… impossible, Mike is our son , nothing can change that fact okay"

Sima cut his words and said – "But Daniel….." 

she was about to say more and he said … " please ignore, may be its well-planned,  don't believe such things said by any one" 

Sima – "but Dani, why would she lie , tell me, she was going to die and she would lie… Why Dani … "

Daniel – With louder voice - 

"Sima, we are rich family, You never know who wants our money and property, you cannot believe any XYZ words, you should know it by now, don't you, Listen, Let me handle it on my own, I m sure it has to be some plan, we should be careful and not let those small things bother us. Listen – I have the phone number of Marta who invited us , I will talk to her next week. So please don't worry and let me handle it okay"

Sima – "hmm, yeah you might be rite Dani, okay you handle it"

Dani – "Hmm, Now let's go home, Kids must be waiting for us"

Sima – "Dani, Kids  our kids almost crossed their 20s And you still call them kids hmm"

Dani with a smile – "well for us they will always remain the kids they were"

Sima – "yup "

Both left the office !!!

At Goenka's home,

Both kids came back from the baby sitter's home, Sigal and Moti were 10 years old, Twins kids, happy kids,  with them around, the house felt like heaven, they are the life of that house, they are the kids of Velga and Eli.

They knocked the door but got no answer so they used the key they had….they came in seeing the house so dark, the house is never this dark, when ever they return home , the house is always filled with light, they use to find their mom in the kitchen preparing the dinner and their dad sitting on his computer but today, today it was different. 

Sigal – "Moti, I think they are not back yet, Dad told me this morning that they had to go out of the city" 

Sigal switched on the light and saw her mother lying on the sofa

Sigal – "Oh, moti they are back , see mommy is sleeping here"

Moti – "shh, Siggy she must be tired, it happens na… Come let's see if Bro is at home, don't disturb mom, she will wake up any time"

Sigal – "Oh yes… let's see"

Both went to David's room, they found him sitting alone in the dark, staring at the wall,

Moti – "Hey bro, how are you, we missed you today"

Sigal  Hugged him and sat near him "bro, it never happened that we came home and the house was dark, Mom is sleeping eh… why ? is all okay bro "

David tried to hide his sadness from both kids, after a few seconds of silence he said….

David- "Oh yes, everything  okay, did you kids eat hmm" 

Moti – "Oh I was not hungry, she ate, she loves to eat, fat girl hahaha"

Sigal – "Oh please Oh please don't dare aah" 

Moti – "What would u do… , I don't lie, u r fat ha ha ha "

Sigal – "Oh you won't stop won't you, "

Moti – "No , No, I won't stop, U eat all the cookies u get, u eat mine too "

Sigal – "really, really u dumb, I might be fat but I m smarter then u… u idiot"

They started teasing each other, shouting, fighting and then David shouted …………" Shut up both of you, can't you see I m disturbed… get out of my room "

Seeing him angry , both quietly left the room closing the door after them, They went to their room 

Sigal – "what happened to him, he never scold us like this, what's wrong with him, Moti, did we do something wrong?"

Moti – "I really don't know, maybe he is very tired, come let's play  on the PlayStation "

Sigal – "yeah sure"

After few minutes, David came to their room, 

"hey kids" he said.. 

"I m so sorry , I was bit upset, I m so sorry, won't u forgive me??"

Both kids saw him and went to hug him, 

Moti – "its okay bro, we are sorry too, "

Sigal – "yeah, "

David- "actually its my mistake, I m sorry, I shouted at you two"

Moti – "oh bro, leave it,, come let's play this game, this fat fat girl wins all the games, please help me to win at least once"

Sigal – "oh this is not fair.. you are taking help from bro"

David – "Relax you two, Ill help both of you, don't start your fights now…."

They kept on playing that game till the Night,

Sigal – "Bro, in this game we totally forgot to ask , where is daddy and why mom is sleeping at this time??"

David – "I don't know, I was in my room myself"

Come let's check …………………….

Ok  great  progress in the  story.  The  other  mother  and  father  are  of  course  devastated  at this  news.   I  wounder  what he  will  do.  Getting  news  that your  child   for  20 years is suddenly  not yours  , how do you  deal with that?
  Moving on to  Velga.... being  the cause of  all the  trouble  she can  sleep??? I  want to  see  a show  down  between  her and  her son, the  one she brought  up.... why   did  she do this??? and  it is  something even  her husband is  aware off  judging form the last chapter.
 Ron  hurry  with the next  chapter.  this story  is  very  suspenseful  and you are doing a  great job... Keep writing clap clap clap tumbs up tumbs up
Thank you so very much vinnie,
keep reading and reviewing
oh yes - Eli (velga's husband) did not know that she switched the babies but he realized the reason of it.
i like this chapter Smilenice ronit
oh i m glad to hear
my pleasure Smile
acha batao
what did u like in the last chapter?
Nice story just completed reading it ...keep up the good work
oh i m glad u read it, u liked it as well, that made me happy, 1st time writing a story, keep reading and reviewing
Let me know if u found any error , some thing that u did not like and so on, this way i can make it better Smile
ill update u when i post the next chapter,
take care

(05-10-2014, 09:43 AM)Aani_Sherlocked Wrote: Nice story just completed reading it ...keep up the good work
nyc story with gud moral Smile

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