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**The Big Secret** Chapter 29 Page 18 - THE ENDING
Hello All,
Me and shirley came up with a story, its actually the 1st time we write some story so please bear with us and enjoy it. 
do drop your comments...
let us know if its interesting or not..
Vinnie R ahsan Sara Arti 

The chapters
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The cast -
Families – Goenka 

Father – Eli
Mother – Velga (the woman who paid for the exchange babies)

Brother – Moti

Sister – Sigal

The exchanged Man – the biggest brother – David

Family – Aharon

Mother – Sima

Father – Daniel

(Elder)Sister – Tanya

(Elder) Sister – Mor

The exchanged Man – the youngest brother – Mike

Mrs Monica - the dead woman , the nurse
Marta - Daughter of Mrs monica


Chapter 1

Once upon a time there was a woman who had a brain cancer, she felt that this was a Punishment from God for her sins that she has done in her life. She remembered some thing that she did years back and that thing run after her since then. She decided that it’s a time to fix this so she called her daughter and told her that she wants to meet her before its too late… it was her last wish and she had to fulfill it before she dies.

Her daughter Marta came to meet her in the hospital and Mrs Monica shared with her that Biggest secret of her life, a secret that made her what she is today

She told her that 20 years back she was working on a hospital and there she met a woman who paid for her to exchange her just born baby with some one else’s baby.. !! that woman gave her the woman’s photo and gave her money so the sister became blind in it and she did what that woman asked her, she exchanged the babies… Both families went home with their exchanged babies.

This memory was running after her all those 20 years, she left that hospital and that city and moved to another city to enjoy the money she had… Now she feels that its actually the time to amend this and tell the big secret to the families.. 
She told her daughter to read her diary and help her in finding that family. Her Daughter searched information about this families and after a long search she found out that those families are still living in that old city they used to live in.

Her daughter called those people to come quickly because her mother has some thing to say and this is her last wish… !!
3 days later, both families arrived to the hospital where that woman was in, she quickly recognized both ladies and told the one who asked her to exchange the kids… Madam, that was the biggest mistake of my life, this is what I am paying for and I hope you to pray to God for forgiveness, Please don’t stop me today, its my last wish and I want to share it any how. 

She sees Both kids, Grown up handsome men, she tells them that she exchanged those 2 when they were babies and she had to do it and now she could not die without telling this big secret and unite the kids with their real parents. 
After opening her heart and telling the truth she apologized to both men asking them to pray for her. 
The woman passed away leaving both men staring at her in shock.
what next? ron
you liked it shweta ?
nice story beginning intriguing ... next chapter please
Oh wow u liked the start Smile
yes sharly i like it continue
Thank u shweta, we are working on it Smile
Thank you every one for your comments
we appreciate it allot,
let me introduce you with the characters and their names b4 we continue this story

Mrs Monica - the dead woman , the nurse
Marta - Daughter of Mrs monica

Families – Goenka
Father – Eli
Mother – Velga  (the woman who paid for the exchange babies)
Brother – Moti
Sister – Sigal
The exchanged Man – the biggest brother – David

Family – Aharon
Mother – Sima
Father – Daniel
(Elder)Sister – Tanya
(Elder) Sister – Mor
The exchanged Man – the youngest brother – Mike
To the hospital arrived – from Goenka family – Father – Eli, mother – Velga and son – David
From Aharon Family – Mother – Sima, Mike and Mor the elder sister.
Chapter 2

While all are still staring At The dying woman, Velga goes to Mike and stroked his head and hugs him and says – how nicely you grown up my boy, Mike surprised seeing her and goes away from her and says – its all rubbish, stop lying, you are not my mother, so stop saying this, its impossible, I m the son of my parents,Velga tries to come closer to him but he asks her to leave him alone and left the room.

Sima goes closer to Marta, who was sitting near her mother and asks her , how is this possible, why would someone actually switch my son?

Marta says – My mother is not lying, why would she lie just before her death ?? this was running after her all those years but she never told me her secret, I used to ask her about it but she used to say – May be one day I will tell u. Just after being ill she decided to open her heart and tell me the story of hers, She showed me her diary where she wrote all this. I m really very sorry on her behalf but today that’s what I got to say, Thank you for coming and reliving her from this big secret of hers, now I think she will die in peace.

Marta Looked at her mother and hugged her with tears and said to her, so sad that you never shared it with us and had to live with this burden on your heart all those years, but please know one thing , I will always love and respect you.

Sima says – I feel so sorry for you and can feel your pain, she hugs her and then all leave the room … leaving Marta alone with her mother.

Meanwhile – 

Mike stood near his car and did not know how to deal with this new thing,thinking to himself “how is this possible how can some woman switch a child and no one would know,, No no its not possible”  The call of his elder sister Tanya brought him out of his thoughts and he picked her call – she asked him, “What happened my bro” he told her every thing and she could not believe what she was hearing: “I m sure those people are faking it , they might want our money and that’s why they came up with such fake story that you are their son, my brother, no one would never change our relation, you are my brother and that’s the reality, come home and forget this” he heard his mother coming and ended the call. Sima and Mor came near him tried to make him relax and then his mother said – “I can not believe why would a dying woman would lie and tell such story”

Meanwhile –Goenka family came out of the hospital , David told his mom and dad, “Ill go bring the car please wait here”. 

Sima sees Velga and Eli and stopped talking. Sima went near them and said – “what are you up to ?? ah … “why you made this dying woman say such lies… tell me”

Mike joined his mother and yelled at them “don’t you feel shame on yourself to use a woman who die to tell this lies of yours, you want money ,that’s why you claim I m your son? tell tell“ 

David drove his car near them and stopped, he saw Mike yelling at his mother and when Velga tried to go closer to MIke he pushed her away, David came out of his car and said to Mike “who are you to push my mother, how dare you ?” 

Mike says – “tell her to stay away of me, got it?? How dare you people pay a dying woman or her daughter money to lie about me?, I m son of my mother so just move and let us go”

David says : “its all a lie , I m sure, you rich people must have paid for that woman so she would tell such lies, I do not know why but may be its you who actually did it” They kept arguing for a while and velga shouted “STOP IT”, “she did not lie, she is telling the truth”. 

Every one shocked to hear this and David refused to hear this and said to his mother – “Mom, please you do not need to accept what those people saying about you, I m sure it’s a lie and don’t worry you do not need to fear that man, you are my mother , come lets go from here”

Marta comes out, she sees both families arguing  and says to all, “Please stop it, why you people not believe my mother, see this diary, my mother would never lie before her death”Hearing her, None was ready to accept it, Mike took his family and drove his car away, David and his dad Eli sat in the car, Velga asked 2 minutes before they leave the place. Velga said to Marta – “I m so sorry, you had to go thru this, please forgive me for this, I know you just lost your mom and now this argues, please let me know if u need any help okay,”  

Marta says to her – “Its, okay ill manage, here is the number of that family, thank you for coming here, Thank you for letting my mom die in peace” 

Eli said to David, “Son, its taking long time, please go and check is all okay,” 

David goes out and hear the conversation of both ladies, his mother turned to him, he asked her: “Mom is this the true ??”  

She said: “Yes son it’s the truth, but please let’s go home I don’t think it’s a rite place to talk about it”

She went to the car and he stood their shocked and surprised to this new information he just got.

next next next.... I am dying to know WHY????? Good story Ron and Sharly. Suspenseful. The mother died after sending the two families in a frenzy??
OK one woman paid to exchange her own son???Again why would any one do this....
Every one is in a state of shock and disbelief! And they should be.....Please hurry with chapter 3.

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