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Checkmate- Sam-Arj (Aham & Kashmira) FIC, PART 11 UPDATED on 16.3.2018
@ Ron,

Today, I am replying your comment that how Arjun doing all this kind of things. It's not common, not regular, tough, But definitely, not impossible. I know the moment Arjun Identity is revealed it's answers many of your queries. But still I want to share some more.
What Arjun is doing or whatever you are going to witness in upcoming parts is not extraordinary acts by Arjun. They are trained in this way.
As you know Intelligence Bureau is India's Internal Intelligence agency, their Officers are also trained in special way.
Their Basic training comprises of intelligence and espionage, Common usages, trade craft techniques and classification of information are taught. Financial and economic analysis, Space Technology, Information Security, Energy Security and Scientific knowledge .
Now, coming to the advance Training for the Field Officer, it's last for one or two years & consists of firsthand experience of what it was to be out in the figurative cold, conducting clandestine operations. During night exercises under realistic conditions, he/she is taught infiltration and exfiltration. He/she is instructed to avoid capture and if caught, how to face interrogation. He/she learns the art of reconnoiter, making contacts, and, the numerous skills of operating an intelligence mission. Before his deployment in the field, he/she is given exhaustive training in the art of self-defence mainly Krav Maga, and the use of technical espionage devices.
So, as a Field Officer in Intelligence Bureau, it's not a big deal for Arjun to create a cover, collect information, hack on the system of Khanna Industries as he was after them for 6 months.
For any of query please feel free to ask. Thank You.
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