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Checkmate- Sam-Arj (Aham & Kashmira) FIC, PART 20 UPDATED on 23.4.2018
(16-04-2018, 04:08 PM)sandy Wrote: part 11, 
Although he looks so tough- he is a sensitive person he takes care of her and knows she is experiencing such an unpleasant experience.
He seemed to be nearer to her than Neil's best friend
It will take her some time but she will digest it and return to being a good friend of his. but even she is mad at him, she is with him. 
A beautiful chapter

Arjun is a sensitive person. You will get to see more about him as the story progress.
He has to be tough, that's his profession. Every time, he has to deal with criminals.
Samaira felt a special connection, bonding & trust for Arjun from the beginning.
She can say anything & everything to Arjun without any second thought. She expressed her anger & helplessness in front of him.
She can't able to see his sad face, that's melted all her anger.
Glad that you liked. Thank You. Keep Reading. Loads of Love.
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(16-04-2018, 04:20 PM)sandy Wrote: Part 12, 

You write their love so beautiful, how you create the closeness, she stayed with him she cares for him, she was angry but she realizes that he is here for her

one thing i didn't understand is - 
 tu ne setting kar li iske saath Samie?

what that means?

Sometimes it's good that your best friend knows all about you. It's good that he told Neil Sam's truth.

the ending code. maybe a car number maybe a locker number maybe ....... alright ill read the next update to find out

Glad that you liked the track of Arjun Samaira's development.
" Tu ne Setting kar li iske saath Samie?"
It's Neil words to Samaira. Neil sometimes calls Samaira as Samie. Samaira never cleared her feelings for Arjun in front of Neil. Yes, Neil guessed! But she never confessed. In fact, when Samaira was leaving Khanna Mansion with Neil, then also their interaction gave Neil the feeling that she is upset with Arjun. But in early morning, when Samaira came in her rented house with Arjun, he was shocked & his reaction was you setting up with him.
Arjun cleared every thing.
The Ending code!! well, keep reading to know.
Thank You, thank you, thank you for taking out your time to read Checkmate & also for your awesome reviews.
These are really treat to read. Loads of Love.
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(16-04-2018, 05:56 PM)Madhumita Wrote:
(16-04-2018, 10:20 AM)Ronit Wrote:
(02-04-2018, 07:11 PM)Madhumita Wrote:
(28-03-2018, 11:36 AM)Ron Wrote: Part 2 chapter 16-

So nandini pandey hired a man, changed his identity, hired him as a manager in their company, gave him good job new name, if wanted to kill samaira she could do that easily using but they waited for her being 25 and now she can be killed.. but still if you want to kill someone you don't need to be manager or act like one, he could be stranger and kill her off without his name being taken anywhere. 

lets see.

That's what Arjun was interpreting. This was not the way any professional killer works. Killing Samaira is a part of their plan. These people who are behind masks have no idea that they all are under scanner of Intelligence. Let's see, what happens next. Keep reading to unfold more.

maybe they don't know but, in chess they say never underestimate your enemy, you don't know what they actually know. don't think they are not alert, because in this, it seems every time they are 1 step ahead of arjun

Of course, Never underestimate your enemy, that's the must follow rule in every game. I don't think Arjun is underestimating. But till now, he don't have any clear cut idea about what the exact plan or what the exact conspiracy is. He is following the clues. But whoever people are in the opposite idea, they planned everything so cleverly, that's why every time Arjun is meeting dead end. But he is also not losing hope. Let's see, what happens next. Keep Reading.

yes very true but just like maze you have to go back and find another way. hard but not impossible.
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(16-04-2018, 05:58 PM)Madhumita Wrote:
(16-04-2018, 11:21 AM)Ronit Wrote: Started reading chapter 17, so sweet she called him and helped him come out of his sad mood, no wonder he lost his mom that day he would not be celebrating the day.

Thank You for reading PART 17 & also for your lovely feedback. Yes, She called him to wish him on his Birthday & also to cheer him up.

yeah and she knows he would not like to celebrate the day but because of her he did somehow celebrate, he was sad n her call just brought him out of sadness.
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(16-04-2018, 06:06 PM)Madhumita Wrote:
(16-04-2018, 12:20 PM)Ronit Wrote: 2ND part of chapter 17- interesting actually, but playing with the cameras is risky, now a days cameras are not really open to all , sometimes you can not see them where they are located, it can be hidden anywhere and also camera moves from side to side left to right, lets see what happens next. 

arjun is taking huge risk lets see what he finds out

Arjun very well knows the step is indeed risky & dangerous, That's actually is job is. From the day 1, he is tallying the cameras & his this step is not sudden. He very clearly knew that he can't escape one camera, so infrared pointer torch. The laser blinded the camera for some seconds, he  get unnoticed by camera without doing anything. Keep reading to know more. Loads of Love.

hmmm. but even if you know where the cameras are you never know if any hidden camera is located anywhere, sometimes they hide it so well that you won't even find it. sometimes in a picture, for us it will be simple picture art but actually camera is in it. so that's why i said big risk, lets see how story goes from here.
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(16-04-2018, 06:08 PM)Madhumita Wrote:
(16-04-2018, 12:31 PM)Ronit Wrote: 3rd part of chapter 17 is interesting indeed, now i wonder what did arjun find out, he is not telling us.. oho.

You will get to know soon what Arjun investigated or what he find out. Glad that you find the chapter interesting. Loads of Love.

will surely wait to know.
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  • Madhumita
(16-04-2018, 06:15 PM)Madhumita Wrote:
(16-04-2018, 12:41 PM)Ronit Wrote: hahaha get ready from the morning .. that's funny  Big Grin  

told you, you write their romance so sweetly and you say you don't know how to Wondering	  ok that scene reminds me of akshay and if im not mistaken priyanka chopra, sweet romance he is helping her wear the saree, sweet

okay i loved this scene, so beautiful and romantic, now tell me who can write it better then this hmm ? 
i just loved this.

you wrote their romance so sweetly, decent and beautiful
lovely chapter 17 

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You for taking out your precious time to read "Checkmate" & also for your lovely reviews.
Glad that you are liking.
It's a treat to read all of your comments here.
You liked the romance section!!! Yipeeee. Now, I am jumping around happily.
Most probably the whole Checkmate, you will get to read many mature scenes. Posting mature scenes is allowed in Shaanse right???
Keep reading. Thanks again. Loads of Love.

no problem in posting them as sometimes we do talk here mature talks so no issue at all.
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  • Madhumita
(12-04-2018, 07:01 PM)Madhumita Wrote:
(12-04-2018, 01:27 PM)Vishnu Wrote: part 6 padh ke yeh kehna chahunga, ke itni security hone ke bwajud bhi arjun ne dev ke computer ko hack kiya us ko behosh kiya aur itna kuch kiya ke kisi ko pata nahi laga

ek pitaah jo puri life aapse nafrat kare achanak se aapko pyaar de, dall mein kuch kala hai bhai, wo ladki apne pitaah ke pyaar ke liye taras rehi hai wo ye yaqeen kar gayee par samrat khana jo apni beti se baat bhi nai kiya care nahi kiya wo achanak aek din pyaar dena shuru kare .. na mumkin

Thank You Vishnu for taking out your precious time for reading Checkmate & also for your lovely feedback.
Yes, Arjun did it.
Yes, Samrat Khanna is not at all trustworthy. His activities are indeed suspicious. Arjun has full doubt. But Samaira ko kaun samjhaye woh to aapni dil ki sun rahi hai.

jee kyo nahi, yeh kahani achi hai to me waqt nikal kar aa hi jata hun
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(12-04-2018, 07:07 PM)Madhumita Wrote:
(12-04-2018, 01:36 PM)Vishnu Wrote: part  8  

arjun bohut smart ha wo kaise jaan gaya ke ladki ke jaan ko khatra hai wo turant aa gaya bachanae, wha bhai. hero wali entry uski shuru se hui hai bada intresting part hai

arjun aik inspector hai waaahhh yeh me socha bhi nahi tha, ke woh koi khas kam se aya hai, kya uski dosti jhoot hai yaan sahi me usko pasand karne laga

samaira ka rona wo bardash nahi kar sakta, jo samaira ke sath hua wo kisi ke sath na ho shukar ha wo use bachane agaya juldi se par aab kya karegi samara

aaj ke liye itna hi.. 
madhu jee bouht ache  part rahe hai mein to 3 padh paya, dheere dheere hi sahi sub ke speed me aa jaungaa. 

I am jumping around happily, You read & gave reviews of three updates together. Oh My God!!!
Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.
Hope you liked the twist.
Arjun real identity & his mission revealed.
Feel free to point out if you get any loopholes or you find any point confusing.
Keep reading. Will wait for your feedback.

haan jee mujhe bada pyaara laga 

ek padah acha tha to dusra bhi padha wo bhi acha laga teesra bhi padha woh bhi acha laga

padhta rehta agar mujhe bacho ke school nai jana hota to
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part 9  padhke achcha laga 

shukar ha dev ko un logo ne pakda or samaira ko bachaya, aab ghar le jaa ke kuch bhi kahenge to yaqeen manegaa smrat

samaira ke sath itna kuchh hua usko shock to hogaa ke wo kya hai kon hai uske papa kidar hai agar samrat wo nai to kon ha .. bohut mushkil na mumkin naui

dev sayana nikla usne apni jaan lene ki koshish kari, kya hogaa aabb.
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