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Basic etiquette rules you must follow. - Ronit - 06-04-2018

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[Image: 29542721_1688837737865909_41062666136704...e=5B637704]
[Image: 29541429_1688837767865906_37013218785797...e=5B759121]
[Image: 18699887_1688837797865903_51705522393234...e=5B30515F]
[Image: 29571362_1688837837865899_30803210865705...e=5B34F151]
[Image: 29543234_1688837861199230_96299801267210...e=5B653EDC]
[Image: 29598215_1688837897865893_14313662772254...e=5B6EA6BF]
[Image: 29570402_1688837941199222_77818231084153...e=5B75DB97]
[Image: 29597795_1688837974532552_51107481678503...e=5B67E150]
[Image: 29572825_1688838024532547_57251811028531...e=5B6FA835]
[Image: 29542359_1688838064532543_81752042935899...e=5B2E43FD]
[Image: 29571355_1688838141199202_89412151494636...e=5B343CD6]
[Image: 29595556_1688838174532532_75731277019267...e=5B62396B]
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[Image: 29542490_1688838241199192_73329742950694...e=5B715A36]

RE: Basic etiquette rules you must follow. - Shaina - 07-04-2018

Most people never return money!!!!

My aunt's (bua) neighbour/friend borrowed from her over a year ago and till date has not returned the money!!!

In the meantime she has gone tons of times to the bank and has even bought gifts for the children of her sister but never returned the money!!!

Oh and her mom has also died during this time!!!

So much has happened and still she has not returned the money!!!!

RE: Basic etiquette rules you must follow. - Vishnu - 07-04-2018

Besharam hote hai log kisi ko pesa do to dete nai wapis, dost ko ek din nahi roz roz khilana padhta ha , books koi return nai karta

RE: Basic etiquette rules you must follow. - Ronit - 07-04-2018

isliye i don't give money to any one, woh log sochte hai u have money that's why u gave them.