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  Is it possible?
Posted by: princess.sarah - 24-03-2018, 11:06 AM - Forum: Times of Knowledge - Replies (54)

Beta apni maa sey sharab k nashay Mei sex krray aur subah hosh ahhay Kya possible Hai?

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  Money snatched
Posted by: princess.sarah - 24-03-2018, 11:03 AM - Forum: Health & Lifestyle - Replies (4)

Supposed app k achay khasay paisay chori ho gahay hai aur app jantay ho ka ney chori ki hai tow Kya app Zindagi br uss paisay k khonay ka afsoos bnnaogay aur yeh sochtay Kash Mei uss chor ko pakr layta

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  Brendan Fraser
Posted by: Ron - 18-03-2018, 03:00 PM - Forum: Bollywood / Hollywood Corner - Replies (1)

[Image: Brendan-Fraser.jpg]
[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]
[Image: The-Mummy-brendan-fraser-14556250-500-375.jpg]
[Image: The-Mummy-brendan-fraser-14561004-500-375.jpg]
[Image: Brendan-Fraser-01.jpg]
[Image: Brendan-Fraser-02.jpg]

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  Ashish - Asha - Yara Sili Sili - New VM (Viraf)
Posted by: Ronit - 16-03-2018, 08:31 PM - Forum: Video Mix - Replies (3)

After many days, Finally A new Vm Is Up.
#YaraSiliSili - #Ashish #Asha #Naamkarann
#virafphirozpatel #barkhabisht 

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  Saif Ali Khan And Amrita Singh's Tragic Love Story: From A Fling To Marriage And Fina
Posted by: sandy - 15-03-2018, 04:03 PM - Forum: Bollywood / Hollywood Corner - Replies (4)

Saif Ali Khan And Amrita Singh's Tragic Love Story: From A Fling To Marriage And Finally Divorce
[Image: article-l-20183655102118621000.jpg]

She was the quintessential Punjabi kudi of Bollywood and he the urban rockstar of Hindi film industry. If she was outspoken and dedicated, he was cool and carefree. She was already a star and he was still struggling to find a foothold in the industry. Nothing about the two was ordinary, so naturally, their love story too was far, far away from being an ordinary one. In a candid chat with Simi Garewal, Saif Ali Khan, who wears his heart on his sleeve spoke at length about how he met and fell in love with superstar Amrita Singh.

It wasn’t love at first sight
[Image: article-201761807354327343000.jpg]
Saif and Amrita met for the first time during Rahul Rawail’s film with which Saif was going to make his debut. Since Rahul and Amrita shared a great camaraderie, he invited her to do a photoshoot with the star cast of the film. Saif, who was making his debut was trying to act as a gracious host and trying to take care of all the guests on the set. During the photoshoot, Saif decided to put his arms around Amrita for the picture and that is when Amrita first noticed him well. It wasn’t love at first sight but there was something that attracted both of them to each other, right there, right then! While Amrita thought it was quite gutsy of him to put his arms around her like that, for Saif, it was Amrita’s brash behaviour that caught his attention. He even told her:

Quote:“There must be a gentler side of you which you’re trying to protect with this harsh exterior.”
The unexpected phone call
[Image: article-201836410441738657000.jpg]

Even though the photoshoot got over quickly, Amrita Singh left a striking impression on Saif’s heart. The young boy was going crazy and curious about someone who did not even acknowledge his presence. After a couple of days post the photoshoot, Saif dialled Amrita’s home number hoping to invite her for dinner. He said:
Quote:“Would you like to go out for dinner with me?”
And, to his surprise, Amrita said:
Quote:“No, I don’t go out for dinner. But, you can come home for dinner if you like.”
Needless to say, Saif drove over to her place the very same night.
The steamy, fiery liplock
[Image: article-201761807411927679000.jpg]

In his own words, Saif had said:
Quote:“I did not go over there with any kind of expectations. I just wanted to have a nice time with her and get to know her better.”
He was startled to see Amrita without any makeup, looking even more gorgeous than she looked otherwise. Well, this did break his heart a bit as he thought she did not feel the need to dress up and put on some makeup for him, which indirectly meant she was not interested in him. Sensing Saif’s impulse, Amrita clearly told him that:
Quote:“If you have come here under the impression that something might happen between the two of us, it’s not. So just relax!”
The duo talked about everything and anything under the sun and soon it off. They got along like a house on fire and talked about things ranging from professional to personal topics. As the night grew darker, the palpable fire between the two ignited and they kissed.

Saif did not leave the house for two days
[Image: article-201836410465638816000.jpg]

After the steamy, passionate liplock, Saif confided that he loved her to which Amrita replied that she loved him too. Saif did not leave Amrita’s home post the episode for the next two days. When the calls of producers and directors became unbearable, he decided to resume shooting. By this time, Amrita was so madly in love with him that she did not want him to leave the house, or her at all. And so terrified was she when she heard that Saif had to go for the shoot again that she asked him to take her car and go. Amrita revealed that she secretly thought that if not for her, at least he would come back just for the sake of returning her car.
From a fling to marriage
[Image: article-201771839531535595000.jpg]
Even though it looked similar from the outside, there was nothing in their lives which had any sort of similarity. While Amrita was a star, Saif was still breaking stones to carve a niche for himself in the industry. While Amrita wanted marriage, Saif had everything but marriage on his mind. Their massive age difference was another factor which was making them brood over the strange chemistry and kind of cosmic relationship they had developed. However, despite all the odds, both Saif and Amrita decided that they could not live without each other. So it did not come across as a surprise when the actress who is known for being bold and headstrong, decided to tie the knot with a much younger Saif Ali Khan.

Falling out of love
[Image: article-201836410472538845000.jpg]

Even though no official confirmation came our way over what led to their divorce after 13 strong years of being married, many attribute Saif’s prolonged affairs and falling “out of love” with Amrita as the reason behind their separation. Saif and Amrita have two kids – Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan. And even though the relationship between Amrita, their two kids is now cordial, it was not the same earlier. In an interview with the Telegraph, Saif had once said:
Quote:“I’m supposed to give Amrita Rs 5 crore, of which I’ve already given her approximately Rs 2.5 crore. Also, I’m paying Rs 1 lakh per month until my son becomes 18. I’m not Shah Rukh Khan. I don’t have that kind of money. I’ve promised her I’ll pay up the rest of the money, and I will, even if I’ve to slog till I drop dead. Whatever I’ve earned from doing ads, stage shows and films is being given to my children. I’ve no money. Our bungalow is for Amrita and the kids, and never mind the relatives who’ve joined her after my departure. Rosa and I stay in a pokey two-room apartment. Still, I’ve never been more at peace with myself. After a long long time, I feel my self-worth has returned. It isn’t nice to be constantly reminded of how worthless you are and to have taunts, jeers, insults and abuses thrown at your mother and sister all the time. I’ve gone through all of it. Now I feel healed again. Today, if I’ve found someone who actually makes me feel I’m worth something, what’s wrong with it? Earlier, I had hit such a rock bottom with my self-esteem that I’d be shocked if someone complimented me for my looks! Today if someone says something nice, I say, ‘That’s fine. Stars are supposed to be complimented."
Not allowed to meet the children
[Image: article-201761807425627776000.jpg]
Talking about his kids after their divorce, Saif had said:
Quote:"My wife and I have gone our separate ways. I respect my wife’s space. But why am I being constantly reminded of how terrible a husband I was, and how awful a father I am I’ve my son Ibrahim’s photograph in my wallet. Each time I look at it, I feel like crying. I miss my daughter Sara all the time. I’m not allowed to meet my children. They aren’t allowed to come to visit me, let alone stay with me. Why’ Because there’s a new woman in my life who’d influence my children against their mother’ That’s so much hogwash and Amrita knows it. Right now my kids are growing up with Amrita’s relatives and maidservants while she’s out working in a TV serial. Why does she need to do that, when I’m more than willing to support my family.”

Affair with Rosa
[Image: article-201751319214933709000.jpg]

Post their separation, Saif publically announced his relationship with Italian dancer and model, Rosa. The duo had even started living together. Even though the relationship did not last too long, Saif did find his soulmate in Rosa once.
Quote:"Unlike Amrita, Rosa is not from the film industry. Sure, I liked being put in touch with the industry’s bigwigs by Amrita, having dinner with Karan Johar, etc. But in hindsight, I’d have been better off finding my way through the industry. There’s a theory that I became whatever I am because Amrita took me by my finger and led me through it all. She has played a big hand in my growth as an actor and human being. But it’s a blessing to be with a woman who has nothing to do with movies. Even Shah Rukh’s wife Gauri keeps out of his career. I’d like to keep it that way.”
All is not well
[Image: article-201736710123536755000.jpg]
Though Saif and Amrita have been spotted going for dinner in the last couple of years, and their kids share an impeccable chemistry with Kareena, everything between Amrita and Kareena still remains hunky-dory. When the news of Kareena Kapoor’s pregnancy had broken out, a particular media outlet reached out to Amrita for her quote. An angry Amrita not only slammed the phone but also gave an earful to the reporter before doing so. Amrita said:
Quote:"How do you have the guts to call people and ask such random questions? Who are you? Don’t call me again."
Well, the equation between Saif-Amrita-Kareena is certainly not an easy one to decode. But, we certainly are glad to see Sara and Ibrahim loving their half-brother Taimur Ali Khan like there’s no tomorrow. Afterall, all’s well that ends well. Right?

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  Despite Being Madly In Love With Neelam Kothari, Govinda Reveals Why He Couldn't Marr
Posted by: sandy - 15-03-2018, 03:05 PM - Forum: Bollywood / Hollywood Corner - Replies (2)

[Image: article-l-201837310475238872000.jpg]

Once upon a time in Bollywood, this actor ruled the industry with his perfect comic timing and bindaas dance moves. Hero No 1 Govinda gave some remarkable films as a contribution to the Hindi film industry. As much as he was loved by many for his professional front, his love life never came under the scrutiny as he is happily married to his childhood friend, Sunita on March 11, 1987.

For the uninitiated ones, Sunita was not the only love of Govinda's life. Govinda was madly in love with his Ilzaam co-star, Neelam Kothari. Govinda and Neelam made their debut in Bollywood with this film and went on to have a glittering career post that. Govinda was smitten by the actress the moment he saw her for the first time. In an old interview with the Stardust, Govinda professed his undying endearment for the actress, which he referred to as pure love and not lust!

[Image: article-201837310005336053000.jpg]

This beloved on-screen couple gave many successful films with their sparkling chemistry, but in real life, they both were poles apart. While Neelam was a foreign return, Govinda was a desi munda. Govinda said:

Quote:“I was never her cup of tea anyway. I am a ghati. An unpolished boor, and she’s a Dresden doll. Clean, pure, polished and dignified. We would probably never have got along.”

[Image: article-201837310010936069000.jpg]

Recalling their first meeting in Pranlal Mehta’s office, Govinda stated:

Quote:“I remember the first time I met her. At Pranlal Mehta’s office. She was wearing white shorts. Her long hair falling straight, like an angel’s. ‘Hello’ she said politely, and I was scared to reply because my knowledge of English was embarrassing. It still is. And I wondered how I would communicate with her on the sets. I had never imagined I would work with her. She was a distant dream. I had seen her in ‘ Jawani’, and seen the film again and again only to see her.”

He further added

Quote:"I was very conscious of her. Of the difference in our backgrounds and upbringing. But gradually, we crossed these obstacles, and I started opening up. I would play pranks, crack jokes and she would laugh. We became friends. And we had so many films together. We met so often and the more I got to know her, the more I liked her. There was dignity in her. A kind of piousness in her eyes. And strength of character. There was no vulgarity about her, no loudness. She was the kind of woman any man would have lost his heart to. I lost mine.

[Image: article-201837310334138021000.jpg]

Govinda even tried to mould his girlfriend Sunita like Neelam and would often ask her to become like Neelam, which invariably enraged Sunita. He remarked: 

Quote:“I couldn’t believe that such a young girl, even after attaining so much name, fame and wealth, could be so simple and down-to-earth. I couldn’t stop praising her. To my friends, to my family. Even to Sunita, to whom I was committed. I would tell Sunita to change herself and become like Neelam. I would tell her to learn from her. I was merciless. Sunita would get irritated. She would tell me, ‘You fell in love with me because of what I am, don’t ever try to change me’. But I was so confused. I didn’t know what to own.”

[Image: article-201837310022336143000.jpg]

Govinda admitted that he didn’t want to get involved in a serious relationship with Sunita. Saying that he just wanted a girl to roam around with, Govinda quipped: 

Quote:“I had never meant to get so seriously involved with Sunita. I was looking for a girl to go around with. I had signed a few films by then, and one day, my elder brother Kirti came to visit me on my sets. I had to do a romantic scene but couldn’t bring myself to do it. I felt very uncomfortable and awkward holding a girl in my arms. So, later, my brother told me, ‘Why don’t you have an affair just to get some experience of romance? You’ll at least, learn how to hold a girl in your arms’. At that point in time, I met Sunita. I admit that my involvement with her was a totally calculated move on my part. And I paid a heavy price for it.”

[Image: article-201837310023536155000.jpg]

But he later realised that his fling went too far, and he had committed himself to Sunita. Govinda retorted:

Quote:“I realised too late that one needn’t experience death to perform a death scene, similarly one needn’t experience romance to perform romantic scenes. It came naturally, one only had to let oneself go. But the harm was done. I had already committed myself to Sunita. I am very impulsive.” He also mentioned the instance when he broke off his engagement with Sunita because she said something about Neelam during one of their fights. Govinda described, “After I started getting busier, my relationship with Sunita went through a change. She began feeling insecure and jealous. And I was of no help. She would nag me and I would lose my temper. We had constant fights. In one of those fights, Sunita said something about Neelam, and I lost my head and called it quits. I asked Sunita to leave me. I broke off my engagement with her. And had Sunita not called me after five days and coaxed me into it again, I would probably have married Neelam.”

[Image: article-201837310130536785000.jpg]

Govinda confessed that Neelam was an ideal girl whom every guy visualises for in a life partner, and he wanted to marry her. He further said:

Quote:“Yes, I wanted to marry her. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I feel love and hatred are two emotions over which a man has no control. If you love somebody and they reciprocate, there’s nothing one can do about it. It is instinctive. What is under our control is our sense of duty and commitment. Neelam was the ideal girl, the kind every man visualises for a life-partner. The kind of girl I wanted. But that was getting emotional. There was another practical side. Just because I had fallen in love elsewhere, I couldn’t overlook my commitment towards Sunita. If there was no sense of duty in a man, this would go on. Leave one for another and another for another…”

[Image: article-201837310120536725000.jpg]

Even his dad wanted Govinda to marry Neelam, but his mother felt that if he has given his word to Sunita, he must honour it. Govinda opened up: 

Quote:“My dad was very keen that I marry Neelam. He was very fond of her. She had even visited him with her family. Yes, she had come to Virar. Actually, I took her and her mother to see my father. And he was very happy. But my mother thought differently. She felt that since I had given my word to Sunita, I must honour it. And I knew that if I didn’t do it, it would hurt her. And for me, no relationship can be more important than my mother. Her happiness will always be my primary concern.”

[Image: article-201837310144736887000.jpg]

According to Govinda, Neelam was a very ambitious girl, who wanted to be a number 1 heroine in the industry. Govinda claimed:

Quote:“And anyway, Neelam had ambitions of her own to fulfill. Every time I broached the topic of marriage, she would laugh it off. She wanted to become the Number One heroine. She loves this profession and she’s lying when she says so matter-of-factly that she doesn’t much care about what happens to her career. And that it doesn’t affect her. She is very ambitious, take it from me.”

He further added:

Quote:“She wanted an intelligent, well-to-do, good-looking man as a husband. And I was anything but that. She belonged to the upper strata and I was a dehati, coming from a lower-middle-class family.  We were poles apart in every way. We probably would never have been successful as a married couple. And maybe, Neelam realised that.”

[Image: article-201837310041036250000.jpg]

Govinda revealed that another hurdle that came in their relationship was when Neelam started working with other actors, which made him absolute jealous and insecure. He confessed:

Quote:“But the actual problems between her and me began when she started working more and more with other heroes. I was consumed with absolute jealousy and insecurity. I was scared that I would lose out on her totally. And that she was the only, one good heroine that I had. And then ‘Aag Hi Aag’ and ‘Paap Ki Duniya’ became hits. She started signing more films with Chunky, Sunny, Mithun, Chintu, I was very upset.”

[Image: article-201837310030036180000.jpg]

On playing dirty with Neelam by not telling her about his marriage with Sunita till one year, Govinda acknowledged:

Quote:“In the meantime, my mother wanted me to officially marry Sunita – we’d had one ceremony in the mandir. For that matter, we were husband and wife. But I had not disclosed publicly my marriage to Sunita because I felt it would affect my career. Neither did Neelam know about it. She got to know only after a year. I probably did not tell her because I did not want to break this successful screen pair. And to be honest, to a certain extent, I did exploit my personal relationship with Neelam for professional ends. I played dirty with her. I should have told her that I was married.”

Justifying his act, Govinda said:

Quote:“But there was always such a conflict going on in my mind. After meeting a girl like Neelam, any man is bound to lose his balance. I lost mine totally. I was so confused. I liked her tremendously. I was in love with her. I wanted to marry her. But I couldn’t. And yet, I didn’t want to let go. Even today, I feel jealous when I see her working with other actors. I wish she would start signing films with me again. If not anything, we could at least be friends.”

[Image: article-201837310172737047000.jpg]

With a regret in his life, he was left with his one-sided love forever. Govinda quoted,

Quote:“Of course, she’s very cordial to me whenever we bump into each other. But my heart still misses a beat when I see her. I feel like screaming in despair. If only I had not promised to marry Sunita. If only… I still care for Neelam. And I always will. I don’t know why she stopped signing films with me. And cut me off totally from her life. Maybe she felt that our pair was going stale on screen. The same old dancing, the same old steps, the same old Govinda.”

[Image: article-201837310045536295000.jpg]

Time passed by, and Govinda and Sunita came in a committed relationship with the start of their married life. But he never shies away from confessing his love for Neelam and he hates when his relationship with her is termed as an affair. Govinda was quoted as saying:

Quote:“That is why I hate it when my relationship with Neelam is termed as an affair. It somehow demeans the status of the relationship, the depth of my feelings. And I say my feelings, because I can only be sure of them. What she felt, she knows. Maybe there was nothing from her side. But I will never deny my love and reverence for her. I will always care for her. For me it was love, not lust. Love in its purest form. I know she was too good for me. She probably deserves better. And I do wish her all the happiness in the world. The man she marries will be the luckiest man on this earth.”

[Image: article-201837310091836558000.jpg]

In the late 90s, Govinda got involved with his Hadh Kar Di Aapne co-star Rani Mukerji. As they both were of a very similar nature, it helped them elevate their professional acquaintance to the point of friendship. Their alleged relationship was a hush-hush affair until a reporter, when visiting her house for an interview, spotted Govinda walking out of Rani’s residence in a night suit. Govinda even said that there is second marriage written in his kundali and Sunita should be prepared for it. He revealed:

Quote:“Tomorrow, who knows, I may get involved again, and then, maybe I will marry the girl I get involved with. But Sunita should be prepared for it. Only then will I feel free. And there is a second marriage in my kundali.”

[Image: article-201837310000536005000.jpg]

Finally, Govinda concluded with his other temptations from the glam world:

Quote:“Well, I am a firm believer of destiny. What has to happen, will happen. Yes, I like Juhi a lot. Even Divya Bharati. Divya is a very sensuous girl. It’s difficult for a man to resist her. I know Sunita is going to be very upset with all this. But she should know that I am still resisting Divya’s charms. I haven’t given in to the temptation as yet…”

[Image: article-201837310102536625000.jpg]
Govinda and Sunita had their own fair share of ups and downs but they managed to keep their married life blissful. Despite his one-sided love for Neelam, Sunita stood by his side through everything, which is really commendable!

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  From Child Artists to Bollywood Stars!
Posted by: Ronshan - 14-03-2018, 11:40 PM - Forum: Bollywood / Hollywood Corner - Replies (1)

[Image: Screen%20Captures72_2.jpg?itok=ZIA4x-UO]

Meet these Chote Nawabs, who started their career at a very tender age and fortunately turned out to be Bollywood Stars! (Scroll down for the pictures.)

Shashi Kapoor - Having been born to the famous & filmy Kapoor khandaan, he was only seven when he acted in a movie called Tadbir. He won recognition in the movies Aag and Aawara where he played the younger version of his brother Raj Kapoor.

Rishi Kapoor - He was on his late teens when he played the role of a young Raj Kapoor in Mera Naam Joker. I don’t think anyone could have done more justice to the role. Three years later, he acted in Bobby and there was no looking back for this handsome man!

Neetu Signh/Kapoor - This Ever - Green gorgeous laddy started her acting career when she was only 8! In 1966, she played a small role in the movie Suraj as a chubby little girl. Her 3rd movie Do Kaliyaan won her recognition but it was Yaadon Ki Baraat which brought her fame!

Padmini Kolhapure - As a child artist, she had many films to her credit which include Dream Girl, Zindagi, Saajan Bina Suhagan and Thodi Si Bewafai.

In Satyam Shivam Sundaram, she played a young Zeenat Aman with a scar mark on her face. In Gahrayee, she played a school girl possessed by a spirit in her body. In Insaaf Ka Tarazu, she played Zeenat Aman's younger sister who is a victim of child molestation by Raj Babbar.

P.S - Don't you people think she looks slightly alike to her niece, Shraddha Kapoor?

Sanjay Dutt - Our Munna Bhai, was 11 when he made his first appearance in a film. He played the role of a qawali singer in the movie Reshma Aur Shera, which had his father, Sunil Dutt, in the lead role. Who knew one day this qawali singer will be showing his amazing acting skills in great movies like Vastab, Khalnayak, Munna Bhai MBBS, etc?

Aamir Khan - He looks adorable, doesn't he? Yaadon Ki Baraat & Madhosh were the films where he acted as a child artist. Did anyone imagine back on tht time, that this young boy will one day be known as the perfectionist, one of the biggest Khans, one of the greast actors of all times & the very gentle host of the very popular show Satyamev Jayte?

Imran Khan - "JAI" was seen as the younger Aamir Khan in Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar & Qayamath Se Qayamath Tak!! Who knew, one day he will win everyone's heart with this amazing acting in movies such as - Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na & Delhi Belly?

Sridevi - Miss. Hawa Hawaii has been acting since she was four! Her first movie was a Tamil film called Kandan Karunai after which she began acting in several regional and Bollywood movies.

Urmila Matondkar - She is the Rangeela Girl! She was only 6 when she started her journey in Bollywood! She played her first role as a child artist in Shashi Kapoor and Rekha starrer movie, Kalyug. At the age of 9 she won recognition with her role in Masoom.

Jugal Hansraj - He was the Masoom kid for every 80's fan! He was 11 years old when he was chosen for this movie! How adorable does he look!? Though, he might not be called Bollywood Star, but he will always stay as the famous Masoom Kid!

Bobby Deol – This “Soldier” was only 10 years old when he acted as the young Dharmendra in Dharam Veer.

Hrithik Roshan – This Greek God with the Hottest Body Ever was only 6 when he faced the camera for the very first time! While his first experience in the film industry was as an extra in a dance sequence in the movie Aasha (ofcourse! He has the sexiest & the coolest dancing movies even now), that same year he also played a minor role in Rakesh Roshan starrer, Aap ke Deewane.

Shahid Kapoor – Was back then known as the Complan Boy (alongside Ayesha Takia in the same advertisement for Complan)! Now definitely known as the Chocolate Boy! Who can forget his innocent face in “Aankhon Mein Tera Hi Chehra?”

Ayesha Takia - The Complan Girl alongside Shahid Kapoor, she endorsed the brand when she was in her early teens. She even played the lead role in Falguni Pathak’s music video Meri Chunar Udd Udd Jaye.

Kunal Khemu – Perhaps, one of the most underrated actors in BW (in my opinion). I expected a lot more from him because of his amazing acting skills he proved in Zakhnm, Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman, Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar Ke, etc. He won several awards as the Best Child Artist, especially for the movie Zakhm, where his acting forced me to cry. I want to see this guy in much better movies!

Aftab Shivdasani – The “Jugal” of Mr. India! He also acted in famous movies like Shahenshah, ChaalBaaz, and Insaniyat!

Hansika Motwani – I am sure the 90’s Kids will remember her! She was the “Shakalaka Boom Boom Girl” (yes, you are right, that is the Magic Pencil serial). She also acted in few other serials later on. She won recognition in Koi Mill Gaya! Her Bollywood Debut was Aap Ka Suroor. Currently, working on Tamil & Telugu movies more.

Kamaal Hasan - Thanks to the Anon who reminded me about this legend! His star power and amazing acting has always been there from a very young age!


P.S - Did you guys notice, how the good child artists did not turn out to be good actors as adults? But the not - so - famous child artists turned out to be our famous Bollywood actors? Though, I must say Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Kapoor, Shashi Kapoor & Sridevi were good even as child artists!

[Image: Screen%20Captures85.preview.jpg]

[Image: Screen%20Captures74.preview.jpg]

[Image: Screen%20Captures80.preview.jpg]

[Image: Screen%20Captures83.preview.jpg]

[Image: Screen%20Captures79.preview.jpg]

[Image: Screen%20Captures76.preview.jpg]

[Image: Screen%20Captures77.preview.jpg]

[Image: Screen%20Captures84.preview.jpg]

[Image: Screen%20Captures73.preview.jpg]

[Image: Screen%20Captures81.preview.jpg]

[Image: Screen%20Captures82.preview.jpg]

[Image: Screen%20Captures75.preview.jpg]

[Image: Screen%20Captures72_0.preview.jpg]

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  Sridevi (1975-2012): Why hasn't Sridevi aged over the years?
Posted by: Ronshan - 14-03-2018, 11:36 PM - Forum: Bollywood / Hollywood Corner - Replies (4)

[Image: sri-akhrirasta.jpg]
[Image: sri-nagina.jpg]
[Image: sri-inquilaab.jpg]
[Image: sri-chandni.jpg]
[Image: sri-himmatwala.jpg]
[Image: sri-jaanbaaz.jpg]
[Image: sri-mrindia.jpg]
[Image: sri-nayakadam.jpg]
[Image: sri-sultanat.jpg]

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  Bollywood On Screen Couples #1 - Rishi Kapoor / Sri Devi
Posted by: Ronshan - 14-03-2018, 11:34 PM - Forum: Bollywood / Hollywood Corner - No Replies

Our 1st couple On screen....

Rishi Kapoor and Sri devi

acted together in several movies...

Today I saw them act together in movie - Banjaran, 

looked cute on screen

[Image: rishi_sridevi.jpeg?5uDqRWPNHNj0keo63EGMgXwDeGXQBaL9]
[Image: 13favourite-sridevi-scenes6.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_oi1dg6HI7s1qmkdd3o1_1280.jpeg]
[Image: _01143422-5f38-11e7-a18d-042ec35e3331.jpg]
[Image: banjaran-hindi-full-movie-rishi-kapoor-s...grover.jpg]
[Image: main-sasural-nahin-jaoongi-full-song-cha...=825%2C350]
[Image: 8655228.jpg?598]

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  These 28 Hit Films Prove That A Love Triangle Is Bollywood’s Go-To Formula 4 Success
Posted by: Rehan - 14-03-2018, 05:45 PM - Forum: Bollywood / Hollywood Corner - Replies (1)

[Image: 377334917.jpg]

Last week I watched Bajirao Mastani with my family. My condolences to those who chose to go for Dilwale instead. Anyway, despite the grandeur of the sets and Deepika's eyebrows, the only thing that I could focus on was how this too was yet another love triangle just packaged nicely.  
Normally, I don't have a problem with Bollywood's repetitive nature but the thing with love triangles is that we see them so rarely IRL. Anyway, this film made me wonder whether this age-old formula works any more. So, I set to make a list of all the Hindi films (that I could think of) which not only had love triangles but were Box Office Hits too. There are many and it’s not possible to list down all of them, so here are a few out of them:

1. Silsila (1981)
Plot: Apparently inspired from the real-life romance of the protagonists, Silsila sees Amitabh Bachchan leave the love of his life (Rekha) to marry his dead brother's pregnant fiancée (Jaya).  He then happens to meet Rekha (who too is married) and they begin having an extra-marital affair. Everyone finds out and unsurprisingly, Mr. Bachchan realizes the error of his ways and goes back to his wife , who takes the cheating *insert adjective of choice* back.
Why it worked: Because of the real-life angle it was inspired from.
[Image: 993472201.jpg]
2. Saagar (1985)
Plot: Saagar is the most clichéd movie ever. Matlab, there's a gareeb guy who is secretly in love with his best friend. A rich man walks in just when the gareeb guy thinks he has a shot, and the girl obviously chooses the rich man. And just when you think that the girl will have to choose, one of the options dies and the other two get their Happily Ever After.
Why it worked: Goa.
[Image: 289002256.jpg]

3. Chandni (1989)
Plot: You know how we get nightmares about messing up in front of our crush? That fear is the premise of this film. Rishi Kapoor has an accident while trying to serenade Sridevi on a helicopter. Now, if you get on a helicopter to maaro-fy style, accident toh hoga hi. Anyway, he and his family blame her for the accident. A heartbroken Sridevi finds solace in Vinod Khanna and just when they're about to get married, this super intelligent person comes back. Normally, a sane woman would reject the man who blamed her for his stupidity, but no she goes back to him with the blessings of Mr. Khanna.
Why it worked: If you know, please tell me.
[Image: 479114416.jpg]

4. Baazigar (1993)
Plot: SRK is known for his lover-boy films, but I personally feel that he makes a better psychopathic killer. In Baazigar, he kills at least half the cast; breaks the hearts of both pre-rhinoplasty Shilpa Shetty and Kajol; and dies himself all in the name of revenge. The movie is as ridiculous as it sounds, but you can't help love it.
Why it worked: Because it's the coolest movie ever! Also, Shah Rukh-Kajol.
[Image: 913028179.jpg]
5. Dil Toh Pagal Hai (1997) 
Plot: Dil Toh Pagal Hai remains a cult favourite despite having the having a ghissa-pitta storyline of how the salwar-kameez girl is always preferred over the tequila-downing-shorts-donning woman. It not only has the Karishma-SRK-Madhuri love triangle but also the SRK-Madhuri-Akshay triangle. BUT, the sole reason why this film worked is cause no girl can resist Shah Rukh Khan going "aur paas, aur paas, aur paas"!
Why it worked: Dil, dosti etc. And of course, Shah Rukh Khan.
[Image: 477168578.jpg]
6. Judaai (1997)
Plot: Judaai was a film that blew my mind as a child (I was 6 when it came out). Thing is, you see people leave their partners for someone else all the time. However in this, Sridevi sells her husband to Urmila in return for money and a house. Matlab kuch bhi.
Why it worked: Because of the forehead to forehead bindi transfer scene AND for Kapil's bua going "Abba Dabba Chappa".

[Image: 746207799.jpg]
7. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998)
Plot: As much as I loved the movie as a kid, I can't help but cringe everytime I see it now. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is the reason why girls are so insecure. Matlab, SRK and Kajol are joined at the hip, but does he see her? NO! He falls for the short skirt wali NRI girl, and needs his daughter to make him see how ghar ki murgi needn't always be dal baraabar.
Why it works: Because its SRK, Kajol AND Rani. 
[Image: 306359882.jpg]
8. Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam (1999)
Plot: Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam is the story of a girl who falls in love with the hawaa-ka-jhoka. However, her parents don't approve and get her married to someone else. Her husband, who's an absolute sweetheart, takes her all the way to Italy just to unite her with her ex. BUT, she's like " I know I could have told you this any time before you spent a bomb on this trip, but I'm going to stay with you."
Why it worked: The colours, naach-gaana and a beautiful film.
[Image: 27895598.jpg]
9. Taal (1999)
Plot: Once again, girl meets boy, they fall in love. Boy's family doesn't approve so girl moves on. Boy comes back and they (save the nice guy who loved the girl when no one did) live happily ever after.
Why it worked: The music.  

[Image: 318933645.jpg]
10. Dhadkan (2000)
Plot: Dhadkan has the same story as the movie above or the one above that or the one above that. You get the hint, right?
Why it worked: If you don't have a good script, make sure you at least have good songs.
[Image: 803820455.png]
11. Darr (1993)
Plot: A happy couple goes through a nightmare when someone they’re friends with turns out to be an obsessive stalker who’ll go to any heights to get the girl.
Why it worked: SRK in a role that’ll send shivers down your spine.
[Image: 830560737.jpg]Source: India
12. Lagaan (2001)
Plot: The only reason why India stayed up all night to watch the Oscars, Lagaan is about pados-wale Sharma ji ka beta. He not only teen guna lagaan maaf-ed but also picks the gaon ki gori over the desi mem.  
Why it worked: Because Mera Bharat Mahaan
[Image: 420848572.jpg]
13. Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein (2001)
Plot: Originally a movie that bombed at the BO, RHTDM has Maddy impersonating another man to woo Diya Mirza (lets not even talk about how stupid the idea is). Anyway, they fall in love and in walks Saif Ali Khan, the man Madhavan is impersonating. Instead of just letting go of Madhavan for life, Diya gets mad for a while but forgives him in the end.
Why it worked: Once again, music.

[Image: 100061159.jpg]
14. Devdas (2001)
Plot: SLB might have led you to believe that this was about the love triangle between Devdas, Paro and Chandramukhi but it's actually about the true love that dear old Deva finds in his whiskey bottle.
Why it worked: Shah Rukh Khan. AND Madhuri. AND Aishwarya.
[Image: 441685383.jpg]
15. Kal Ho Naa Ho (2003)
Plot: A GAP advertisement, this film is about how a girl ruins the most ultimate bromances of all times.
Why it worked: SRK dies in this. You can't hate a movie in which Shah Rukh Khan dies. 
[Image: 140402755.jpg]S
16. Jab We Met (2007)
Plot: This really really high on something girl meets depressed man. Shady motel side adventures happen and boy falls in love with girl. Girl is however in love with stupid Anshuman, naturally  the hero gives his blessing. Anshuman rejects her and she comes back to our hero.
Why it worked: Great chemistry, memorable dialogues, great music and a plot we just cannot get over.

[Image: 516129498.jpg] 17. Dostana (2008)
Plot: Proof that every dog has its day; this movie has two guys falling for their roommate but the girl is swept away by none other than Bobby Deol!
Why it worked: Bromance and Priyanka Chopra in a gold swimsuit.

18. New York (2009)
Plot: New York is about the moral dilemma faced by a man when asked to spy on his pyaar's husband.
Why it worked: A different(ish) storyline.
[Image: 194122933.jpg]
19. Ishqiya (2010)
Plot: A film starring acting stalwarts like Naseerudin Shah and Vidya Balan; this movie is about two goons trying to make quick bucks who fall for their so-called friend's wife.
Why it worked: Solid performances and an interesting plot.
[Image: 33910112.jpg]
20. Tanu Weds Manu (2011) & Tanu Weds Manu Returns (2015)
Plot: An extremely understated film, Tanu Weds Manu is the story of a rebellious girl who's forced to marry an NRI doctor despite having a boyfriend. The movie returned with a sequel starring Kangana in a double role. Tanu tries to woo her husband back as he decides to marry her lookalike.
Why it works: Kangana and Kangana.
[Image: 227369593.jpg]
21. Barfi (2012)
Plot: An 'inspired' but nonetheless really sweet movie, Barfi tells the story of a mute man Murphy. He falls in love with a girl with perfect winged liner but obviously the girl gets married to someone else. Murphy, or as he calls himself, Barfi then meets Priyanka who too is disabled. They start living together but the pretty woman comes back . He, however, stays with the girl who remains by his side even when a street light is about to fall on them.
Why it worked: Them feels.
[Image: 684424059.jpg]
22. Cocktail (2012)
Post: Deepika's so called coming-of-age film, Cocktail is the cliché of all cliché. See, Saif and Deepika are in a very happy relationship. However, Deepika gets a new room mate who's very reserved. The trio sing the Hanuman Chalisa and our hero falls for the desi girl even though his girlfriend was Deepika Padukone. Hats off to the logic.
Why it worked: A couple of hit songs and foreign locations. savvyness and the film's music.
[Image: 310577124.jpg]
23. Jab Tak Hai Jaan (2013)
Plot: I wish there was one but its a mish-mash of random stuff happening in places and at times when it shouldn't.
Why it worked: SRK and his first on-screen smooch.
[Image: 293228512.jpg]
24. Raanjhanaa (2013)
Plot: This is a film about extremes. Dhanush is in love with Sonam who's in love with someone else. So, he turns stalker. She is bothered by the stalkerness and gets him killed. Baat hi khatam.
Why it worked: Dhanush made a believable stalker and Abhay Deol is impressive even in the little role he had.
[Image: 527628024.jpg]
25. Bajirao Mastani (2015)
Plot: Boy is married, goes to new state and meets pretty girl. Girl falls in love with boy and follows him home like a creep only to find out he's married. The hero on seeing the girl's dedication does mohabbat (not ayyaashi, mind you) with her. His wife finds out, does a little drama but ends up giving them her blessing. 
Why it worked: Deepika-Ranveer. 
[Image: 598507351.jpg]
26. Zubeidaa (2001)
Plot: This poignant story revolves around the life of a Muslim divorcee who falls in love and marries a Rajput prince. As his second wife, she is torn between the royal life and her whims.
Why it worked: Karishma Kapoor looked stunning as Zubeidaa and packed a powerful performance.
[Image: 226070946.jpg]

27. Student Of The Year (2012)
Plot: Two best friends and a girl, set against the backdrop of a ‘school’ that has a tradition of holding the weirdest competition ever.
Why it worked: Because of the larger-than-life portrayal of a school romance. Also, Alia Bhatt.
[Image: 498288732.jpg]

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  Photos That Are a Wee Bit Different
Posted by: sandy - 14-03-2018, 02:27 PM - Forum: Photography..!! - Replies (1)

If you're feeling a bit lethargic with your photography- try introducing a prop. Photograph your prop in the most unusual of circumstances that you can dream up. This was some of the thinking behind the 'Glasses' challenge. As you will see in these example photographs, some photographers took it to the limit, and they created some great shots!

[Image: 3_00f85027a2548e21f41ebbe56b2f0139.jpg]


[Image: 3_49791296a76140d724f50ccfd62cabaf.jpg]

[Image: 3_7976e98acd190885108ebd0f9bb81668.jpg]

[Image: 3_3e05f94e9b69bb454e929bb706144569.jpg]

[Image: 3_2f026e4c4e73332a82492b3a5e822588.jpg]

[Image: 3_c264c527e177ce9f79499bfd1676c0a4.jpg]

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  Patla hone ke tareeke | Slim body tips
Posted by: Vishnu - 13-03-2018, 11:36 AM - Forum: Health & Lifestyle - Replies (2)

Kya aap pareshaan hain apne doston ke taunts se? Kya har koi ab aapko mota bolne laga hai ? Kya aap apne wazan ko karne ke liye kuch nahi kar pa rahe hai? Agar aapka jawab haan hai to aap bilkul sahi jagah aaye hai apne sawalo ke jawab dhoondhe.

Aaj ke is daur me har koi chahta hai ki wo fit rahe aur attractive dikhe lekin aksar aisa hota hai ki insaan ko exercise krne ka ya diet control karne ka mauka nahi mil paata hai aur wo chahte huye bhi apni body ko fit nahi rakh paata hai.
Agar aap chahte hai ki aapki body fit rahe aur aap slim lagen to aapko aaj ke iss article me yahi pata chalega ki kaise aap bina exercise ya dieting ke slim aur fit reh sakte hain. Kaise aap overweight se ek khoobsoorat insaan me badal sakte hain. To aaiye jaante hain kuch tips.

Tip 1: Khane ke just baad paani na piye
Zyada tar log khane ke baad kaafi zyada quantity me paani peete hain. Khane ke baad zyada paani peene se stomach aur  waist ke paas fat badhne lagta hai.
Khane ke ek do ghante pehle ya baad me paani peena zyada behtar rehta hai. Agar aap stomach aur waist ke fat ko kam karna chahte hain to khane ke baad kam se kam paani peene ki koshish kriye.
Tip 2: Chew you food properly
Khane ko jaldi jaldi khane se aapka weight bahut tezi se badhne lagta hai.Jaldi jaldi khane se aapko pata nahi chalta ki aapne kitna khaya hai aur aksar ye ek reason hota hai ki aapka weight zyada ho.
Agar aap khane ko zyada se zyada chew(chaba) karke khayenge to aapka paet kam khane me hi bhar jayega. Kyunki zyada se zyada chew karne se aapke jaws me dard hone lagega aur ye aapke dimaag ko signal bhejega ki aapka paet ab bhar chuka hai. Aur isse aapka paet kam khane me hi bhar jayega.
Tip 3: Avoid sweets and junk food
Zyada oil aur ghee se bani sweets me zyada se zyada quantity me calories hoti hai jisse aapki body me fat badh sakta hai.
Iske alawa agar aap slim body paana chahte hain to aapko fast food bhi avoid karna padega. Kyunki fast food me all purpose flour (Maida) hota hai jo fat aur stomach cancer ke chances ko badhata hai.
Tip 4: Intake of less calories
Agar aapko zyada bhook lagti hai to aap apne bag me kam meethe fruits jaise apple, pear , guava,etc  rakh sakte hain kyun ki in sab fruits me zyada se zyada protein aur kam calories hoti hain.
Protein se aapko zyada bhook nahi lagti hai aur aapka stomach zyada der tak bhara rehta hai. Fruits me mango, banana aur sapota( chikoo) ka use na karen kyun ki in fruits me bahut zyada carbohydrates hota hai jo fat ko bahut tezi se badhava deta hai.
Tip 5: Salad with black pepper
Khane me jitna ho sake utna hi zyada salad ka use karen . Salad me tomato, onion , and cucumber ke upar salt and black pepper ko daalkar khaye.
Isse body ko Vitamin C , Vitamin A , Vitamin K, Iron, Potassium , aur lycopene milega.salad me bahut ki ka quantity me calories hoti hain aur isse aapka stomach jaldi bhi bhar jayega.Aur salad me lycopene hone ki wajah se aapko jaldi bhook bhi nahi lagegi.
Tip 6: lime and honey is good
Roz subah uth kar khaali paet gungune paani me 1 spoon lime juice aur honey ko milakar peene se weight kam hone lagta hai.Honey metabolism ko badhata hai aur isse aapki body zyada calories kharcha karne lagti hai, jisse fat apne aap kam hone lagta hai.
Tip 7: Green Tea 
Green tea me kai tareeke ke polyphenols aur anti oxidants paaye jate. Polyphenols body ke fat ko bahut aasani se kam kar deta hai aur isse body slim hone lagti hai.
Aur antioxidant hamari body ko beemaariyon se bachata hai. Har raat  sone se pehle ek cup green tea ko zarur len.Ye kaafi faydemand rahegi.
To doston ye thi kuch tips jisse aap apni body ko slim bana sakte hain aur de sakte hain apni body ko ek naya roop.Yakeen maniye doston log aapko ek alag nazron se dekhne lagenge aur aap dusron ke liye misaal ban jayenge.

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  Motapa Kaise Ghatayein Keval 7 Steps Mein
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Motape se har koi pareshaan hai, koi iske chakkar mein khana khana band kar raha hai toh koi exercise kar raha hai, aur koi toh Fat Cutter jaise scams par bhi bharosa kar leta hain.

Sach kahaa jaye toh bohot se logon ko sahi jaankari bhi nahi hai, ya yeh kahein ki woh Jaanna nahi chahte, kyoki agar woh internet par search kerenge toh is article par pohoch sakte hain jahaan unhein mil sakti hai saari jaankari motapa ghatane ke bare mein.

Agar aap un logon mein se ek hai toh aapko bohot hi badhayi kyoki aapkne pryaas kiya jaanne ka ki Motapa Kaise Ghatayein. Yeh article aapke liye bohot useful hai. Ise dhyaan se padhein.

Is article mein hum kuch steps batayenge jisko aap follow karke apna Motapa Ghata sakte hain.

1. Apne Khana Khane Ki Aadatein Badlein

Sabse pehla aur zaroori kadam, apne bhojan mein badlaav layein, fried aur oily cheezon ko apne aap se door rakhein.
In cheezon mein bohot fat hota hai jo aapki body mein jakar jama ho jata hai, isliye fat wali cheezon ka sevan kam karein.

2. Apne Aap Ko Bhookha Na Rakhein

Bohot se log apna motapa ghatane ke liye Khana Khana band kar dete hain, aur yeh sabse badi galti hai.

Jab aap apne aap ko bhookha rakte hain, tab aap frustate hojate hain aur mauka milne par zaroorat se zyada kha lete hain. Matlab pichla quota poora kar lete hain, balki usse zyada hi kha lete hain.

Isliye apne aapko kahi bhookha na rakhein, thoda thoda khayein, magar pet ko bhara rakhein.

3. Apne Daily Routine Mein Physical Activity Jodein

Aajkal ki zindagi bohot hi aaraamdeh ho gayi hai, koi mehnat nahi karna chahta, seedhi ki jagah lift, aur paidal ki jagah Car ya Bike ka istemal karta hai. Computer ke aage poora din baithne wale toh bohot jaldi motape ka shikaar ho jate hain.

Isliye koshish kerein ki apne Routine mein badlaav layein, Jitna ho sakte khade rahein, Seedhiyon ka istemaal kerein, Paidal chalein, apne body ko ek jagah baitha kar na rakhein. Hilte rahein, Calories burn hoti rahengi.

4. Sone Se Ek Ghante Pehle Khana Band Kar Dein

Hamare shareer ko khane ki zaroorat use chalane ke liye padhti hai, aur raam mein koi physical activity nahi hoti, isliye zyada energy (khane) ki zaroorat nahi padhti hai, agar aap sone kuch der pehle hi khana kha lenge toh usse mili saari energy body mein fat bankar store ho jayegi.

Isliye koshish kerein ki sone se 1 ya 1½ Ghante pehle hi khana kha lein. aur ho sake toh thoda walking bhi kar lein.

5. Roz Fruits Aur Vegetables Khayein

Fruits aur Vegetables ko apne khane ka hissa banayein, Hari sabziyaan aap zyada bhi kha lenge toh kuch bura asar nahi padega, 1 aur 2 fruits ko roz khayenge toh usse aapko essential vitamins aur minerals milenge.

Kuch log samajhte hain ki Juice pina Fruit khane se behtar hai, par Fruits khane se aapka pet bhi bharta hai, Juice toh bas extra calories hai jo aapke shareer mein ja rahi hai.

6. Roz Kam Se Kam 3 Liter Paani Piyein

Hamare shareer ko usay fresh aur saaf rakhne ke liye roz kam se kam 3 Liter paani ki zaroorat padti hai.

Agar aap kisi registaan mein nahi reh rahe hain ya peene ke paani ki samasya nahi hai toh roz kam se kam 3 liter paani toh zaroor piyein.

Khaane se ½ Ghante pehle 1 glass paani piyein jisse pet bhara bhara lagein, aur aap kam khana khayein.

7. Roz Excercise Karein

Upar diye gaye sare steps ka effect double ho jayega agar aap uske saath is step ko bhi follow kar lein. Yahi step hai jo bohot se log follow nahi kar pate hain.

Agar follow bhi karte hain toh regular nahi ho paate. agar aapke pass time nahi hai toh 7 Minute Excercise ko apne Mobile mein install karlein aur kam se kam Roz 7 minute ke liye hi excercise kerein, itna toh aap kar hi sakte hain motapa ghataane ke liye.

Toh yeh the 7 steps jinhein follow karke aap Motapa ghata sakte hain, par ek baat zaroor samajh lein.


Yeh ek kahaawat hai, ki ek din mein kuch results nahi dikhega, aapko samaye dena hoga. jaise ek ped ko badhne mein samay lagta hai usi tarah.
In steps ko kam se kam 2 months tak follow karein aur fir compare karein. Aap hairaan reh jayenge ki aapka motapa kitna kam hua hai, aur yeh prerna bhi dega in steps ko jaari rakhe ka.

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  Kyon Nahi Kam Hota Hai Aapka Wazan, Kaaran Jaaniye Hindi Mein
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Aap apne motape se pareshaan hain, aap khoob exercise karte hain, aur aapne khana bhi band kar rakha hai, phir bhi aapka wazan kam hone ka naam hi nahi leta.
Agar yeh sawaal aapke mann mein hai toh is article ko bohot dhyaan se padhiye. Hum is article mein batayenge, kta karan hai jo apka wazan kam nahi ho raha hai.

Kaan Hai Leptin
Leptin sabhi ke shareer mein ek hormone hota hai jiska kaam aapke shareer ke energy level ko balance karna hota hai. Leptin hi taye karna hai ki khaane se mili energy store karni hai ya shareer ko pohochaani hai.

Agar leptin sahi se kaam kerna band kar de, toh aapko wazan ghatana bohot hi mushkil ho sakta hain.
Leptin Resistance Kya Hota Hai aur Kyon Hota Hai
Jab aapke shareer mein, metabolism (yaani energy production) ki speed kam ho jaati hai aur weight kam karna mushkil ho jata hai, usay Leptin Resistance kehte hain.

Yeh Tab hota hai jab harmones ko lagta hai ki aapko kam khana mil raha hai aur use energy bachani chahiye, body mein store karke.
Jab aap dieting karte hain aur kam khana khaate hain, toh aapke shareer mein Leptin harmones ko lagta hai ki Metabolism kam kar dena chahiye.
Example Se Samjhein
Har shareer ko kaam karne ke liye energy chahiye hoti hain. Yeh energy hamein Khaane se milti hai
Jab hum zyada khana khate hain, toh Leptin ka kaam hota hai, jitni energy zaroori hain, utni hamare sharrer tak pohochaye, aur baaki ko save karle hamari body mein Fat (Charbi) ke roop mein.
Taaki agar hamein kabhi khane ki kami pade, toh Hamare shaheer ko energy milti rahe, hamare shareer mein jama hue Fat se.
Log sochte hain kijab woh dieting karke kam khana khayenge, toh Leptin unke shareer ke fat ko istemal karega energy ke liye, aur shareer ki charbi kam ho jayegi.
Lekin aisa nahi hai
Kyoki jab hum kam khana khaate hain, tab Leptin hamare shareer ko kam energy bhejna na shuru kar deta hai aur hamare shareer mein jama kiya hua Fat (Charbi) utne ka utna hi rehta hai.
Aapne agar dieting ki hogi toh mehsoos kiya hoga ki bohot kamzori rehti hain, woh isiliye kyoki Leptin aapke shaeer ko kam energy bhejta hai.
Isliye, kam khana khane se ya khan chorr hi dene se wazan kabhi kam nahi hoga.
Aapko proper diet leni chahiye aur saath hi saath excercise karni chahiye.

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  Roz Seb (Apple) Khaane Behtareen Fayde Jaaniye Hindi Mein
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Is article mein hum baat karenge ki roz Seb, yaani ki apple khane se hamein kya kya fayde ho sakte hain.

Yeh Kahawat hai English ki, jo log seb khate hain woh doctor se dur rehte hain.

Yeh Kahawat hai English ki, jo log seb khate hain woh doctor se dur rehte hain.
Seb, Yaani ki Apple khana Sehat ke liye accha hota hai yeh toh sabko pata hai. Magar Apple khane ke kya kya fayde hain yeh sab nahi jaante.

[Image: Roz-Seb-Khane-Ke-Fayede.jpg]
Toh aiye, hum batate hain aapko ki Roz Apple Kaane se kya kya fayede hote hain aur apa doctor se kaise dur rehte hain.

Seb (Apple Khaane Ke 10 Fayede
Anemia Yaani Khoon ki Kami Durr Karta Hai
Khoon ki kami hona waise toh lagbhag sabhi grahni striyon mein hoti hai, isliye Roz apple khane se Khoon ki kami durr ki jaa sakti hai.

Cholestrol Kam Karta Hai
Bohot se logo ki shikayat rehti hai Cholestrol level ki. Apple khane se yeh control mein rehta hai.
Aadat daalein ki subha breakfast (naashte) mein ek Seb zaroor khayein. Isse aapka pet bhi bhar jayega aur fir aap tali bhuni cheezein khakar apna pet nahi bharenge.
Safed aur Mazboot Daant
Roz seb khane wale logon ke daanth bhi mazboot aur chamakte hue hote hain. Seb ke tatve daanto ko bhi accha karte hain.
Toh agar aapko peele daanto ki shikayat hai toh ek seb zaroor khayein.

Sugar Cravings ko Kam Karta Hai
Log log weight loose, yaani wazan kam karna chahye hain, unke liye sabse zaroori hota hai sugar wali cheezin kam karein.
Magar kabhi bohot mann karta hai tho aap set khayein. Isse aapki sugar craving bhi khatam ho jati hai aur aapko baki lakh bhi hote hain toh roz seb khane se milte hain.

Alzheimer se bachata hai
Alzheimer jaise khatarnaak bimaari se bhi bachne ke liye ek acchi diet follow karna bohot zaroori hai, acchi diet mein ek seb roz zaroor hona chahiye.
Digestive System Sahi Rakhta Hai
Hamare shareer ko acche se kaam karne ke liye har cheez ki thodi thodi zaroorat hoti hai.
Apple khane se aapke shareer mein fructose ki supply hoti rehte hai toh digestion mein madad karta hai. Aur pet sahi rakhta hai.
Jaise hamne Ghar par body banane wale article mein Khaan Paan ka topic cover kiya tha, Saaf subhra fat rahit khana khayein aur jeevan ko acche swasth ke saath jiyein.

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