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  Weird laws across the world.
Posted by: sandy - Yesterday, 01:02 PM - Forum: Times of Knowledge - Replies (1)

[Image: 21617884_1631668130218389_37401648774237...e=5A504906]
[Image: 21687528_1631668156885053_43443036247570...e=5A423981]
[Image: 21761476_1631668180218384_81203929515882...e=5A525842]
[Image: 21751990_1631668216885047_77633016191291...e=5A39B60D]
[Image: 21751832_1631668266885042_47250476214651...e=5A4CDEAC]
[Image: 21617928_1631668300218372_44872014458242...e=5A41EA4D]
[Image: 21728050_1631668350218367_81754980924967...e=5A53F01A]
[Image: 21616304_1631668420218360_66041001738221...e=5A3A9342]
[Image: 21616226_1631668453551690_19171334648701...e=5A3E24FD][Image: 21616045_1631668533551682_40224113744374...e=5A3FA7B6]
[Image: 21752460_1631668556885013_19900805702863...e=5A3A39EA]
[Image: 21616419_1631668613551674_44747642614702...e=5A60A03E]
[Image: 21685909_1631668650218337_39931640286040...e=5A3A36CB]
[Image: 21687978_1631668776884991_64593202594929...e=5A3EED46]
[Image: 21559096_1631668793551656_59844111519957...e=5A4F1A2E]
[Image: 21617945_1631668853551650_86779226901649...e=5A42FA97]
[Image: 21616524_1631668886884980_70887542689067...e=5A5A6F4D]
[Image: 21761808_1631668920218310_76402943731047...e=5A4D9919]
[Image: 21617645_1631668953551640_23873267712114...e=5A471C2D]
[Image: 21761574_1631669013551634_94211247108078...e=5A55C5AA]
[Image: 21687960_1631669136884955_64087931831421...e=5A4FB6AF]
[Image: 21687696_1631669220218280_78408107332568...e=5A5845FD]
[Image: 21558846_1631669340218268_52722201429475...e=5A3EA5CF]
[Image: 21618021_1631669420218260_72419263523694...e=5A407838]

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  11 Rules you'll never learn in School.
Posted by: sandy - Yesterday, 12:51 PM - Forum: Times of Knowledge - Replies (4)

[Image: 21617961_1499137323502619_50247198341282...e=5A42A88B]
[Image: 16864735_1499137406835944_76570421738870...e=5A39E734]
[Image: 21762069_1499137470169271_89511632454098...e=5A5CF3B1]
[Image: 21742978_1499137550169263_57728186489568...e=5A5CEBA0]
[Image: 21761438_1499137573502594_22826188700570...e=5A8862EC]
[Image: 21687516_1499137626835922_24208204245375...e=5A5497FF]
[Image: 21558886_1499137680169250_88966530396259...e=5A4EB7AD]
[Image: 21687851_1499137723502579_64574393620501...e=5A5D4CB1]
[Image: 21616423_1499137763502575_26047889588316...e=5A41BAFC]
[Image: 21761640_1499137840169234_14912569622320...e=5A52F089]
[Image: 21687533_1499137906835894_23567612276125...e=5A4CDEDC]
[Image: 21687591_1499137933502558_28600128327303...e=5A5AD251]

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  Laugh Laugh N Laugh
Posted by: Ronshan - Yesterday, 12:27 PM - Forum: Laughter Area - Replies (3)

Laugh  Big Grin

Laugh Big Grin


Laugh  Big Grin

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  Some simple but vital truths from the Little Prince
Posted by: sandy - Yesterday, 11:58 AM - Forum: Times of Knowledge - Replies (1)

’Le Petit Prince’ (’The Little Prince’) is probably the best loved book written in French of the past century. Translated into more than 250 languages and dialects, the story of a Little Prince who has fallen to Earth is the fourth most-translated book in the world. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s tale of loneliness, friendship, love, and loss is no ordinary children’s book. It provides some really good food for thought for readers of all ages.
We believe that the Little Prince can still teach any one of us some simple yet profound truths about life. Here are just a few of them.
[Image: 1609105-LI7RK_18-02_IL_06-k-650-a542d862...649215.jpg]

  • When you’ve finished getting yourself ready in the morning, you must go get the planet ready.
  • And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see right; what is essential is invisible to the eye.
[Image: 1609155-10-150-1484649215.jpg]
  • Straight ahead of him, nobody can go very far...
  • It’s the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.
  • Grown-ups love numbers... When you tell them you’ve made a new friend they never ask you any questions about essential matters. They never say to you, ’What does his voice sound like? What games does he love best?’...Instead they demand ’How old is he?...How much money does his father make?’ Only from these numbers do they think they have learned anything about him.
  • Grown-ups never understand anything by themselves, and it’s tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them.
  • I must endure the presence of a few caterpillars if I wish to become acquainted with the butterflies.
  • You know, when one is that sad, one can grow to love the sunset.
  • All men have stars, but they are not the same things for different people.
  • ’What makes the desert beautiful,’ said the little prince, ’is that somewhere it hides a well.’
  • It may be convenient sometimes to put off one’s work until another day. But in the case of baobabs, it is always catastrophic to do so.
[Image: 1609255-pp16-150-1484649215.jpg]
  • Happiness doesn’t lie in the objects we gather around us. To find it, all we need to do is open our eyes.
  • No one is ever satisfied with where he is.
  • It’s much harder to judge yourself than to judge others. If you succeed in judging yourself, it’s because you’re a truly wise man.
  • If someone loves a flower of which just one example exists among all the millions and millions of stars, that’s enough to make him happy when he looks at the stars.
  • To forget a friend is sad. Not every one has had a friend.
  • A goal without a plan is just a wish.
  • And all roads lead to the abodes of men.
[Image: 1609205-pp29-150-1484649215.jpg]
  • Trying to be witty leads to lying, more or less.
  • Words are the source of misunderstandings.
  • One runs the risk of crying a bit if one allows oneself to be tamed.
  • You’re beautiful, but you’re empty. No one could die for you.
  • One only understands the things that one tames.
  • I should have judged her according to her actions, not her words.
  • Men set out on their way in express trains, but they do not know what they are looking for. Then they rush about, and get excited, and turn round and round... It’s not worth the trouble...But the eyes are blind. One must look with the heart.
  • You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.

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  Images That Show Teachers Also Have a Sense of Humor
Posted by: Ronshan - Yesterday, 11:54 AM - Forum: Times of Knowledge - Replies (2)

Those innocent years were made memorable thanks to our teachers. To the ones who found the perfect way to explain a difficult concept and who had no problem making fun of themselves — this post is dedicated to you!

[Image: 13514210-28528355-7-1-1475757373-657-8-1...157269.jpg]
[Image: 13514060-28471705-10-1475747830-1200-3-1...157269.jpg]
[Image: 13514160-28462505-8-1475746073-836-4-148...157269.jpg]
[Image: 13514110-28473305-11-1475748616-1314-5-1...157269.jpg]
[Image: 13514010-28464855-9-1475746469-625-3-148...157269.jpg]
[Image: 13513960-28473455-12-1475748911-766-3-14...157269.jpg]

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  Happiness and health tips.
Posted by: Ronshan - Yesterday, 11:46 AM - Forum: Healthy self help - Replies (9)

[Image: 21617969_1499722370110781_80038574600922...e=5A403B4B]
[Image: 21559024_1499722416777443_64653331088899...e=5A60B660]
[Image: 21617589_1499722483444103_90232258127915...e=5A4F111B]
[Image: 21618020_1499722543444097_56962502546842...e=5A40DDAD]
[Image: 21616331_1499722580110760_70917106123382...e=5A43F9D3]
[Image: 21761524_1499722626777422_26725169670553...e=5A4E5298]
[Image: 21615984_1499722690110749_60110007671451...e=5A53FCF3]
[Image: 21751977_1499722740110744_39263044473437...e=5A3DCE3A]
[Image: 21617968_1499722796777405_72924989531364...e=5A42E44B]
[Image: 21765163_1499722823444069_23140047860488...e=5A50DC6D]
[Image: 21616009_1499722873444064_18324094225741...e=5A4DEC7B]
[Image: 21686365_1499722926777392_16469946985728...e=5A3EA4EB]
[Image: 21616006_1499722996777385_40321771468983...e=5A3C92AB]
[Image: 21686330_1499723080110710_70047216921972...e=5A5AEA39]
[Image: 21616439_1499723143444037_19962896370612...e=5A4C262F]
[Image: 21617493_1499723246777360_62899958977902...e=5A5C1EE9]
[Image: 21616117_1499723353444016_33022955507642...e=5A44A820]

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  The Top 10 Things You Should Never Google
Posted by: Ronshan - Yesterday, 11:30 AM - Forum: Times of Knowledge - Replies (17)

In most cases, Google can be a great help in finding something you need. However, sometimes it can work against you.

10. Your symptoms
[Image: 16059360-thermometer-1539191_1280-150510...908470.jpg]
First of all, let’s talk about your health problems. There are many websites that specialize in such content, and, of course, most of them are not managed by medical professionals. Looking up the meaning of your symptoms on the internet will definitely not help you. Quite the reverse — it will make you feel worse and panicked. If you have any kind of health issues, don’t ask "Doctor Google." Schedule a visit to a real doctor instead.

9. Anything criminal
[Image: 16059410-01386cbd-81f5-4441-b002-edb5583...908470.jpg]
© AMC  

Ok, this one is serious. You may try to look up things like “how to make a bomb“ or ”how to make amphetamines" out of pure interest. However, keep in mind that security and drug control services always track these kinds of searches, and your IP address can appear in such a database. You don’t want to get in trouble because of your curiosity, do you?

8. Cancer
[Image: 9312524320_75b75b0e5b_z.jpg]
This is the case where the less you know, the better you sleep. There are so many types of this disease, and most of them occur with symptoms that could be very common for many other harmless conditions. Most people experience such things as dizziness, weakness, nausea, etc, so you’ll probably mistake something else for cancer and start panicking.

7. Bedbug infestations
[Image: 16059460-armadillo-worm-bug-insect-15047...908470.jpg]

You’ve probably heard about these little monsters, especially from any kind of hotel reviews. And maybe even some of you have experienced their harm on your own skin. But have you ever thought what bedbug infestations look like? If you want to continue sleeping at night, you won’t look it up. Please, don’t.

6. Skin conditions
There are many diseases connected with the skin, and most of them look really bad. For some reason, you can find online images of almost all of them. However, it’s much better to stay ignorant in this case because this kind of content can be extremely disturbing. Please do not look up genital infections either.

5. Smokers’ lungs
Many of us smoke, and from time to time we think about the harm smoking does, especially to our lungs. The web is full of images of the abnormal lungs of heavy smokers, which you could possibly take too seriously and freak out. You can, of course, try googling this if you need a strong motivation for quitting, but it’s better not to.

4. Dangerous animals
[Image: 16059510-animal-1866944_1920-1504734552-...908470.jpg]

Please, stay away from such a list unless you want to acquire new phobias. There are a lot of really terrifying animals on our planet, and some of them will probably turn out to be in your region. Moreover, such a phobia may discourage you from traveling. You don’t want that to happen, right?

3. Your name
[Image: 16059560-social-1206612_1280-1505218943-...908470.jpg]

It’s not a big secret that in the era of the internet our privacy is greatly questioned. If you try to google your name, most probably you will stumble upon some unpleasant results. Bad photos of you, outdated information, irrelevant content — we take such things way too seriously. If you find something like this, you’ll want to delete it all. However, that’s not a simple thing to do. Maybe we should take it easy? Or simply don’t google it.

2. Blackhead removal
Well, this one is a bit different. It will definitely not scare you or get you in trouble, but it will take up all your time. You won’t be able to stop. It’s so weird that blackhead removal causes such visual satisfaction for many, but it sure does. So we advise you to stay away from this.

1. Giving birth
[Image: 16059610-pexels-photo-266011-1504734947-...908470.jpg]

We’ve all seen those scenes in movies. Women yelling loudly, doctors trying to calm them down — it all looks really stressful, even in a movie. However, the real process of giving birth is a hundred times more disturbing. It’s especially dangerous for women to watch and may even discourage them from having children at all. So don’t even try to search for this. This goes for Caesarians as well.

What to google then?
[Image: 16059660-11809510-50-0-1505492336-150549...908470.jpg]
However, instead of looking for the unpleasant things in this list, you can always have fun with Google. Just try searching for anything starting with “why,“ ”how," “do,” etc. The most popular searches will show up, and you will be surprised by what many people are interested in. Enjoy!

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  Sanson Ki Mala Pe Original Song by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan | Video Song With Lyrics | S
Posted by: Ronshan - 20-09-2017, 07:16 PM - Forum: Music Corner - No Replies

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  Different Traditional Ways Of Welcoming Grooms In Indian Weddings
Posted by: Ron - 20-09-2017, 09:45 AM - Forum: Lifestyle - No Replies

[Image: article-l-201792618563832198000.jpg]

One of the most exciting moments of any Indian wedding is the arrival of the groom along with his wedding procession. This wedding procession is commonly known as the baraat (especially in North India), whereas all the invitees from the groom’s side are known as the baraatis. Dancing on the beats of music, the groom's procession reaches the wedding venue, where the entire family of the bride eagerly awaits to welcome them.

Welcoming the groom is an important part of every Indian wedding. There are various rituals in different parts of India, which are followed by the bride’s family to welcome the groom and his guests on the wedding day. These rites symbolise the happiness of the bride’s family as they unite with the groom and his family. So, let us take a look at how the grooms and their baraats are welcomed in different ways across India.

#1. Gujarati wedding
[Image: article-20141235518102565425000.jpg][img=524x0]http://www.bollywoodshaadis.com/img-scale/670/article-20141235518102565425000.jpg[/img]
In a Gujarati wedding, welcoming of the groom is known as Ponkvu or Ponkhana. As the groom reaches the wedding venue with his family and friends, his mother-in-law receives him by performing an aarti. Following this, she playfully tries to grab his nose. An amusing welcome, isn’t it? 
[Image: article-20141235517195862398000.jpg]

The groom then enters the venue by crushing a few earthen pots into small pieces, signifying that he has the power to overcome any hindrance in his married life. The groom is then taken to the mandap, where Ganesh pujan is done followed by the rest of the ceremonies.
#2. Punjabi wedding

[Image: article-201792617232626606000.jpg][url=http://robinsaini.com/][/url]
The ritual of welcoming the groom and his procession in Punjabi culture is known as milni. The ritual is followed in both, the Sikh as well as the Hindu-Punjabi weddings. It is intended to introduce the family members of both the sides with each other. Once the baraat reaches the venue, the bride’s brother receives the groom and brings him down from his ghodi or chariot. And before starting the ritual of milni, an ardaas(prayer) is performed by the priest. Following this, the milni (meeting and introduction) of the main male members of the bride’s family is done with the respective male members of the groom’s family. For example, the milni of maternal grandfather of the groom is done with the maternal grandfather of the bride, and so on.
[Image: article-20141235517222162541000.jpg][img=524x0]http://www.bollywoodshaadis.com/img-scale/670/article-201792617232626606000.jpg[/img]

During each meeting, the two members exchange garlands and the bride’s relatives gift cash and clothes to the groom’s relatives. These gifts, known as shagun, are considered to be a token of good luck. The groom along with the baraat is then taken inside the venue by the bride’s family for other rituals.

#3. Maharashtrian wedding
[Image: article-20141235517255162751000.jpg]

Once the groom reaches the wedding venue with his relatives and guests, Seemaan puja is conducted by the bride’s parents. Seemaan means the boundary. While earlier this puja used to be conducted at the boundary of the bride’s home or village, but these days, this ritual is performed at the entrance of the wedding venue.
In this puja, the bride’s parents first wash the feet of the groom. Then they apply kumkum tilak (vermilion mark) and akshata (turmeric stained rice) on his forehead while performing an aarti. The groom is then made to sit on a square stool, chaurang, where he is showered with gifts and blessings by the bride’s parents.

#4. Assamese wedding
[Image: article-20141235517273062850000.jpg]

With friends and relatives on his side, the groom reaches the wedding venue. But, entering the venue is not an easy task for the groom or his procession, as he is welcomed by a shower of rice that is thrown on them by the bride’s family. The groom’s best friend is supposed to hold an umbrella and save him from being hit. He even has to pay heavy cash (shagun) to enter the marriage venue.
Once things settle down, the bride's mother performs aarti, and her sister washes the groom’s feet. The bride’s sister is also rewarded after completing the ceremony with a gift. The groom generally dresses up in traditional dhotikurta and cheleng ( a form of a shawl) given by the bride’s side. Next, the bride’s brother lifts up the groom and take him to the wedding hall.

#5. Tamil wedding
[Image: article-20141235517301063010000.jpg]

On the wedding day, the bride and the groom are supposed to take the mangalsnanam (ceremonial bath). This happens in the morning during an auspicious hour as suggested by the priest. The bride and the groom are anointed with kumkum, turmeric, and oil by their parents at their respective homes. Just before the time of wedding ceremony, the groom performs the ceremony of Kashi Yatra. Dressed in a veshti (the traditional garment for men), he pretends as if he is heading to Kashi, and is no longer interested in becoming a householder.
[Image: article-20141235517511864278000.jpg]

The groom is then stopped by the bride’s father where he tries to convince him to return. He offers his daughter’s hand in marriage, and once the groom is convinced, the bride’s father takes him to the mandap. After that, the bride's mother washes his feet with water, chandan and kumkum, following which, the bride is called into the mandap. This ritual is known as Pada puja.

Being a diverse country, the wedding traditions in India vary from place to place. But, no matter how different the customs are, they all celebrate the union of two families with the emotions of love and happiness.

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  The Alleged Love Affairs Of Bollywood's 'Queen' Kangana Ranaut That Lead To Controver
Posted by: Ron - 19-09-2017, 03:58 PM - Forum: Bollywood / Hollywood Corner - Replies (5)

[Image: article-l-2017926111251741117000.jpg]

She hails from a well-known and prominent Rajput family of Himachal Pradesh. This Pahadan beauty is one bindaas and straightforward actress from the showbiz world. Here she says one thing, and there it becomes the front-page news. Though she is an out-of-towner, still she made it to the top and is the queen" of the tinsel town. We are talking about none other than the one and only, Kangana Ranaut.

[Image: article-201792619482035300000.jpg]

She has bagged amazing roles and gave some outstanding performances, and has created her own niche in the industry. It just with her debut film, Gangster only that she won the Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut. Since then, there has been no look back for this girl.
[Image: article-201792619484935329000.jpg]
But apart from all the crazy work that she has done all this while, she has been in the news for her personal life as well. Whether we should say she is one unlucky girl in love or it was something else, her alleged love affairs have always been in the news. Here, lets have a look at her unfortunate and/or alleged love affairs!

#1. Aditya Pancholi
[Image: article-201792619490435344000.jpg]
Kangana`s first and the foremost affair that spread like a wildfire was with Aditya Pancholi. This was the time when she was a struggling to make a name in the industry. He was 20 years older to him, a married man and a father of two, but nothing could stop them from the romantic entanglement. If reports are to be believed, Aditya even paid Kangana to buy a new house, where he used to barge in and subject her to physical abuse.

Apparently, she was almost house arrested. Nonetheless, their relationship ended on an extremely bitter note due to the reported mental and physical abuse. But then, this didnt end there! The spat between the two continues even after years. With all the allegations and counter-allegations, this fiasco takes a bitter turn with each passing day. 
#2. Adhyayan Suman
[Image: article-201792619515335513000.jpg]
After parting ways with Aditya Pancholi, Kangana soon found love in Shekhar Sumans son, Adhyayan Suman. The lovebirds met on the sets of their movie, Raaz in 2009 and soon cupid struck between the two. But their relationship didnt last for long, and they parted ways. There were reports that the reason behind their break up was Shekhar who wanted his son to concentrate on his career.

[Image: article-201792619522935549000.jpg]
Speaking about beak up, Kangana was quoted as saying:

Quote:Adhyayan and I had a talk about our relationship and it was his decision to move on. It came as a shock to me. Its an amicable break-up
On the other hand, Adhyayan said:
Quote:At this point, I really want to focus on my career and professional commitments. Sustaining a long-distance relationship of this intensity is tough.
[Image: article-201792619572135841000.jpg]
And thereon, her unlucky love streak continued, and Adhyayan even went on to say:
Quote:I was emotionally badgered because of my relationship. Kangna only knows how to use, abuse and throw. She has flooded me with abusive calls ever since the truth about her fake claims came out. I have remained silent on her abusive nature for so many years, but she is crossing all limits now. Since I havent been taking her calls, her aides have been calling my mother and harassing her.

#3. Ajay Devgn
[Image: article-201792619584235922000.jpg]
Image Courtesy: Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai
After she broke up with Adhyayan Suman, she got involved with Ajay Devgn in 2010 during the shoot of Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai. And of course, Ajay would never leave Kajol for Kangana. So yet again, it was her no-strings-attached kind of affair with him. In fact, later in an interview with a leading daily, she committed that it was her mistake to be involved with a married man. And the reports then also stated that it was Kajol who warned the actor to mend his way or she will leave him. She said:
Quote:Dating a married man was a mistake
While people thought that she was referring to Aditya Pancholi in this statement, but a very few know that it was directed to Ajay Devgn.

#4. Nicholas Lafferty
[Image: article-2017926110022136141000.jpg]
Then, after this Kangana had a brief relationship with a British doctor named, Nicholas Lafferty, who came many times to Mumbai. They were seen together at various events and the dinner dates as well. The duo couldnt keep their long distance relationship for long and went separate ways. Speculations were that this was entirely a publicity stunt and not more than that, and some said that he was a rebound guy.

#5. Hrithik Roshan
[Image: article-201792619494835388000.jpg]
Now coming to one of the most talked about and the ugliest affairs and that is of Kangana and Hrithik Roshan. It is reported that the actress was involved with another married man, who was awaiting his divorce with wife, Sussane Khan. Hrithik and Kangana have been embroiled in this ugly spat like no one else. Their legal notice mess is probably one of the murkiest quarrels so far over an affair gone wrong in tinsel town  From their legal notices to the email accusations to the Aspergers claim and what not, this battle is taking a bitter turn with all mudslinging going on and on and on.

Phew¦! It seems that either Kangana has been unlucky in love or her destiny has something else in the store. Nonetheless, we just wish that her life and she gets out of the dirty mess ASAP! We wish her all the luck and happiness in this world.

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  It turns out that traveling makes us far happier than any material wealth ever does
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It turns out that traveling makes us far happier than any material wealth ever does
[Image: preview-6143355-650x341-98-1492156318.jpg]
Why do we head for the shops with such determination as soon as we have money in our wallets? With every new purchase we feel a little happier, but a few days later that satisfaction is often gone without a trace. We decided it was time to get to grips with this problem once and for all, and to make sense of how we can all find true happiness.

It turns out that the main impediment to happiness is adaptation. As soon as something we’ve bought becomes ordinary and unexciting, the level of life satisfaction we feel falls, and we’re forced to search around for the next purchase. This process is repeated again and again.
However, research carried out at Cornell University has found a way to break this damaging cycle. Psychology professor Thomas Gilovich has shown that we experience the same increase in happiness when we buy something we want and when we go traveling. But — and here’s the most important point — the amount of happiness we derive from our purchase falls over time, whereas the memories of our traveling experience continue to supply us with happiness hormones for much longer.
Going to various kinds of unusual events, going on trips, learning new skills, even extreme sport — all of these are an ideal source of happiness for each and every one of us. A new device or even a new car will eventually become just another ordinary object we own, or will otherwise become old and outdated. Every new memory, on the other hand, becomes a real source of joy that stays with us for our whole lives.

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  17 Texts From Best Friends Who Are Always There to Help
Posted by: Ron - 18-09-2017, 10:22 AM - Forum: Times of Knowledge - Replies (3)

If you have true friends, you are blessed. And if they have a wonderful sense of humor, you are doubly blessed.
[Image: 16002460-11898160-0-0-1503480328-1503480...680354.jpg]
[Image: 16002410-11974960-17-0-1503565759-150356...680354.jpg]
[Image: 16002360-11898660-2-0-1503480369-1503480...680354.jpg]
[Image: 16002310-11898860-3-0-1503480390-1503480...680354.jpg]
[Image: 16002260-11898960-4-0-1503480403-1503480...680354.jpg]
[Image: 16002210-11899060-5-0-1503480416-1503480...680354.jpg]
[Image: 16002160-11899160-18-0-1503565775-150356...680354.jpg]
[Image: 16001710-11900860-7-0-1503480456-1503480...680354.jpg]
[Image: 16002110-11900460-9-0-1503480483-1503480...680354.jpg]
[Image: 16002060-11901060-19-0-1503565790-150356...680354.jpg]
[Image: 16002010-11901860-11-0-1503480510-150348...680354.jpg]
[Image: 16001960-11975710-20-0-1503565806-150356...680354.jpg]
[Image: 16001910-11902160-21-0-1503565820-150356...680354.jpg]
[Image: 16001860-11902260-14-0-1503480561-150348...680354.jpg]
[Image: 16001810-11904210-8-0-1503480469-1503480...680354.jpg]
[Image: 16001760-11907110-4-0-1503480403-0-15051...680354.jpg]
[Image: 16001660-11908810-4-0-1503480403-0-15051...680354.jpg]

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  17 Emojis Whose True Meaning We Could Never Have Guessed
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The average modern citizen seems to know about two different languages as a minimum: their native tongue, and the language of emojis. Since emojis were originally created in Japan, many of them are a reflection of Japanese culture specifically.

We  are about to show you that even those emojis we use every day, believing them to mean one thing, were actually intended to express something else entirely.

[Image: 15254010-53301510-52-0-1501231337-150123...240939.jpg]
[Image: 15253960-53301610-53-0-1501231553-150123...240939.jpg]
[Image: 15253910-53301710-54-0-1501231822-150123...240939.jpg]
[Image: 15253260-53301810-55-0-1501232070-150123...240939.jpg]
[Image: 15253860-53301910-56-0-1501232292-150123...240939.jpg]
[Image: 15253810-53302010-57-0-1501232455-150123...240939.jpg]
[Image: 15253760-53302110-58-2-0-1501232968-1501...240939.jpg]
[Image: 15253710-53302210-59-0-1501233105-150123...240939.jpg]
[Image: 15253660-53302310-60-0-1501233887-150123...240939.jpg]
[Image: 15253610-53302410-61-0-1501234044-150123...240939.jpg]
[Image: 15253560-53302510-62-0-1501234161-150123...240939.jpg]
[Image: 15253510-53302610-63-0-1501234340-150123...240939.jpg]
[Image: 15253460-53302710-64-0-1501234477-150123...240939.jpg]
[Image: 15253360-53302910-66-0-1501234752-150123...240939.jpg][Image: 15253410-53302810-65-0-1501234611-150123...240939.jpg]

[Image: 15253310-53303010-67-0-1501234871-150123...240939.jpg]
[Image: 15253210-53303110-68-0-1501235128-150123...240939.jpg]

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  Jewellery Essentials For Hands And Arms That Give Bride A Princess Look On Her Weddin
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Jewellery Essentials For Hands And Arms That Give Bride A Princess Look On Her Wedding Functions

[Image: article-l-201782416430424184000.jpg]

Beautiful traditional jewellery is undoubtedly one of the most integral parts of the overall look of an Indian bride. It can simply make or break her look on the most special day of her life. And, as an Indian bride is supposed to wear different pieces of jewellery from head to toe, her hands and arms are no exception.

Yes, even the hands and arms of an Indian bride are adorned with lots of stunning pieces of jewellery on her wedding day. There is a huge variety available for wedding jewellery pieces for almost every body part. These are some of the best bridal jewellery essentials for the hands and arms of an Indian bride.

#1. Bangles

[Image: article-201549715563557395000.jpg]

An Indian bride can never look complete without having lots and lots of bangles on her wrists. And, here are three broad categories of bangles that Indian brides usually wear:

a) Chooda

Traditionally worn by the Punjabi brides, it is a set of 21 red and white bangles. Gifted to the bride by her maternal uncle, it is believed to strengthen the bond between the newlyweds and bring good luck for them. It is worn for at least 40-45 days after the wedding day.

 [Image: article-201549715582857508000.jpg]
[Image: article-201549715353456134000.jpg]

I[Image: article-201549715594457584000.jpg]

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b) Kangans

These are generally made of precious metals, like gold, platinum, silver, etc. They are worn on the wedding day as well as on other special occasions afterwards. They go well with the traditional Indian attire and enhance the look of a bride manifolds.

[Image: article-201549715384856328000.jpg]
[Image: article-201549715573157451000.jpg]

c) Glass bangles

These are also the traditional wedding ornaments that are worn by the brides in various cultures. They come in all colours, but shades like green, red and magenta are preferred the most by the brides. The glass bangles are basically worn to represent the bride’s wishes for the good luck and safety of the groom.

[Image: article-201549715392356363000.jpg]

#2. Bajuband

[Image: article-201549717443963879000.jpg]

A bajuband is an armlet worn by the bride on her upper arm. It signifies the vital features of a bride- her strength and her capability. It also gives her arms a dressed-up look. A bajuband usually comes in gold and silver, studded with diamonds or other precious gemstones.

Take A Look: Polki Jewellery Guide: Everything A Bride Must Know About Polki Jewellery

#3. Hathphool

[Image: article-201549715504357043000.jpg]
[Image: article-201549715532757207000.jpg]
[Image: article-201549717464364003000.jpg]
[Image: article-201549717472564045000.jpg]

A haathphool (hand-chain or hand-flower) was a very popular accessory back in the olden days, especially in the Mughal era. It is basically a set of intricately designed chains and finger rings, and is made of a precious metal. It gives her hands a heavily embellished look and goes very well with the already henna adorned hands.

#4. Kalire

[Image: article-201549715451556715000.jpg]
[Image: article-201549715453456734000.jpg]
[Image: article-201549715470256822000.jpg]
These are the small metallic chandelier-like danglers that are attached to the bride’s chooda. The kalire are tied to the bride’s hands by her sisters and cousins, and they signify their good wishes for the newlyweds. Also, there is a very interesting ritual attached to these beautiful pieces of jewellery. Before leaving her house, the bride shakes both her hands above the heads of all the unmarried girls in her family. And, the one on whom even a small part of kalire falls, she is believed to be the next to get married in the family.

#5. Rings

[Image: article-201549715500157001000.jpg]
[Image: article-201549716002757627000.jpg]
[Image: article-201549717512064280000.jpg]

#6. Arsi
[Image: article-201549716205158851000.jpg]

Another type of ring, arsi was brought to India by the Mughals. It has a huge base and a mirror embedded in the centre. While today it is just worn as a fashion statement, it was worn for a purpose in the past. As the face of a bride used to be covered with a veil, an arsi used to give her an opportunity to look at her groom during the wedding ceremonies.

So, now that you are aware of all these hand and arm jewellery pieces, go get some trendy ones for yourself and get ready to look like a royal princess on your wedding day.

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  Tere bin sanu sohniya - lyrics
Posted by: Ron - 16-09-2017, 08:27 PM - Forum: Music Corner - No Replies

One old favorite song..

Tere Bin Sanu Soneya
Koi Hor Naiyo Labna ,
Jo Deve Ruh nu Sakun,
Chuke Jo Nakhra Mera

Ve mein sara ghum ke vekhya
America Roos Malayasia
Nai kite vi koi v pharak c,
Har kisi de koi sharat c,

Koi Mangda mere si sama,
Koi hunda surat te fida,
Koi mangda meri c wafa,
Na koi mangda meri bala,

Tere bin hor na kise mangni Meri ya Balaan
Tere bin hor na kise karni dhup vich chaahan
Tere Bin Sanu Soneya
Koi Hor Naiyo Labna ,
Jo Deve Ruh nu Sakun,

Chuke Jo Nakhra Mera
Jiven rukya c tu zara
Naiyo bolna mein saari umar,
Jiven akhya c aankhna chura

Roovenga sanu yaad kar
Hasya si mein hasa ajeeb
Par tu nai c hasya,
Dil Vich tere jo raaz c,

Menu tu kyu nai dasya
Tere bin sanu eh raaz Kise to naiyo dasna
Teri Bin peed da ilaj Kise veid kolo labna….
Tere Bin Sanu Soneya
Koi Hor Naiyo Labna ,

Jo Deve Ruh nu Sakun,
Chuke Jo Nakhra Mera
Milya c aaj menu tera ek patra
Likhya c jiste tu sher Varish Shah da
Padke c usnu haanju ek dulya

Aankhna ch band c eh raaz aaj khulya
Ki tere bin eh mere haanju kise hor naiyo chumna
Ki Tere bin eh mere haanju Mitti wich roolna....
Tere Bin Sanu Soneya
Koi Hor Naiyo Labna ,

Jo deve ruh nu sakun,
Chuke Jo Nakhra Mera
sang by- rabbi shergill

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